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10+-6days weeks pregnancy crl 3.9.Fhs 162.Growth of fetus is acc to gestational age .Is growth normal♥?

1st u/s was [email protected] (but measured12w+4d) then the 2nd one, based on lmp, the u/s tech said 17w+4d, but then said i was measuring 18w. Accuracy?

2 ultrasounds ..One at 11w1d crl 44mm ..One at 12w1d crl 56.3mm.. Edd 18 august. If i ovulted 5th december would these crl mesurments be different?

30 week fundal height measuring 32 weeks , is something wrong ? Will baby come early ?

38 weeks pregnant but measuring 40 is that alarming?

A doctor said the average crl of 9 week fetus is 5cm. Is that a bit too large for 9 weeks?

A gestational sac measuring 12.37mm is I how many weeks approximately? I thought I was 5 weeks 2 days.

Are all fetal measurements from a 12 week ultrasound done by crl - crown to rump length?

Are measurements of the head abdomen and femur accurate at 30+ weeks ?

Are my measurements okay? Male, 5' 6", 165 lbs.

Are the measurements that precise on ultrasounds that it can show the difference between a 12wk fetus and a fetus that is 12wks and 4 days?

Are there reasons that a gestational sac would measure 2 weeks further than the crown rump length suggests. CRL 4 mm. Sac 29 mm. ?

Are ultrasound measurements of renal length in adults reliable?

At 10 weeks i measured 14 weeks in fundal height. My bladder was full at the time, how much would that affect how big my uterus measured?

At a 7 week scan our fetus only measured 3.5 mm. Is this cause for concern?

At an ultrasound, what determines if you are 12 weeks or 12 weeks + 4 days? Are measurements this precise? And the accuracy correlates with your LMP too?

At my first u/s on july 29th i was told i'm 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant and the measurement from crown to rump was 4.6cm when did i conceive?

At my last prenatal visit my midwife gave me a fundal height measurement of 21 CM does that mean I am 21 weeks pregnant?

At my last prenatal visit my midwife gave me a fundal height measurement of 21cm. Does that mean I'm 21 weeks pregnant?

At what gestational age of fetus should the bpd measure approximately 4.1cm (41mm)?

Baby ultrasound was measured in 'pt'. What is that in centimeters?

Babycradia with no spectrum.6weeks this normal in pregnancy.CRL 3.8mm?

Before I miscarried my ultrasound read: Gest Sac: 29 mm 8w 0d CRL: 4 mm 6w 1d +/- 0w 4d Could I have a COMPLETE molar pregnancy? Or is only partial an option? My gestational sac was measuring large and a crown rump length was measured.

Can 12 week dating scan be off by 2 weeks? Could a 10 week gestational age fetus measure as big as 5.6cm?

Can a 12 week fetus (62mm) be mistaken for a 10 week fetus? Or is this outside range of error?

Can a 12 week fetus be confused with an 11 or 13 week old fetus? (crl 62mm)

Can a crl measurement of 66.8 be for a baby of 12 weeks and 3days?

Can an 8 or 9 week fetus measure 6.2cm, or is this too large?

Can an 8 or 9 week fetus measure 6.2cm? Or is that too big for this gestational age?

Can an ultrasound measure baby weight? I had an ultrasound done and the doctor used it to estimate my baby's weight. How accurate are these estimations?

Can first trimester dating ultrasounds be a month off gestational age? ( if taken at 8 weeks) could I have been 13 weeks and they measured 8?

Can measurements taken from an ultrasound lead to a wrong estimation of gestational age?

Can stethoscope be used to detect fetal pole?

Can the reading of a 10 week gestational age be wrong? Is it possible that the crown can be larger than other fetuses?

Can we asses the baby gender by ultra sound measurements. Attached is a file with my 21weeks report?

Can you tell me how precise are ultrasounds about fetal weight?

Could a fetus measuring smaller than average mean miscarriage?

Could an ultrasound mistake a mole for a fetal pole? If crown-rump length is measured - is there definitely a fetus? It was measured at 4 mm.

Could gestational sac measure small due to dehydration? The baby is measuring normal with a normal hb but the sac is measuring almost 2 weeks behind.

Crl measurements is 63.9 making it 12 weeks and 5 days. Did i concieve 12 weeks and 5 days ago?

Do all fetuses in 1st trimester measure the same or can there be wide variation? A12 wk fetus couldn't measure 8-9 wks;too wide a difference in mm?

Do all fetuses measure the same approximate size up until 12-14 weeks?

Do fetuses grow a millimeter per day in the first trimester?

Do fetuses in the 1st trimester measure the same or can there be a wide variation in mm?

Do ultrasounds let doctors measure babies?

Doctor said that a 12 week fetus couldn't be 2 weeks off and confused with an 8 or 10 week fetus.Is there not a range of error with ultrasounds?

Does crl measure the exact age of the baby from LMP or does it measure from growth in uterus once implantation occurred?

Does the fetus have to be a certain size (mm/cm) in order for the nuchal translucency (ips) ultrasound to be performed?

Done usg at 11 weeks uterus size 14.4-8.5-6.8cm .Does it means growth of baby acc to gestational age is it normal?

Embryo growth 3.5mm in 8 days and measuring 7 weeks today. Is this okay? Previous measurment 4mm measuring 6.2 days.

February 23 2014 due date. Did i conceive in april?Only gestational sac seen june 29 measured 5 weeks 6 days.

Fetus measurements: 57mm 12 weeks gestation / 62mm 12 wks+4days gestation. Are measurements this precise to have this difference in size in 4 days?

Fetus measures one week ahead. When i can say that i reach the viability? When baby measures 24 weeks on ultrasound or when i am 24 weeks past LMP?

Had my growth ultrasound at 29 weeks pregnant baby is measuring in the 13th percentile and is lbs 2 lbs 9 oz..they said she was this ok?

Had ob ultrasound. What could a large head measurement mean?

Hello according to my lmp, fetal age is six weeks but according to usg, it shows 6 weeks 6 days...Is it correct or not?

Help with nuchal translucency Gest age is 12w+1d. CRL is 52.2 NT is 0.9 FHR is 145bpm. CRL also says 11w6d due date 12 28 14. What does this mean? Low nuchal translucency means what? Results ok?

Hi there, We had our first ultrasound today at 9 weeks 2 days. The baby is measuring (crown to rump) an accurate 9w2d, but the gestational sac is 8 ?

How accurate are crown to rump length measurements on an 8 and 12 week ultrasound ?

How accurate are first trimester ultrasounds at 8w1d & 9w5d done 2 weeks apart? And how much can it be off by?

How accurate are the charts with crown rump fetus measurements? What does it mean being in the 5th, 50th and 95th percentile?

How actuate are the ultrasound measurements?

How big (length & width) is a transvaginal probe?

How do doctors measure a baby's development with ultrasound?

How do doctors measure molar pregnancies?

How do they measure nuchal translucency?

How far along is a gestational sac measuring 1.12cm?

How far along is a gestational sac measuring 13mm?

How far in pregnancy are you if foetal pole is measuring 1.8mm at first scan please?

How far off can an abdominal ultrasound be on an average weight woman, at determining due Date? If it is measured at 8 weeks, could it really be 6?

How is a due date derived from an ultrasound that measures fetal age?

How many days out can a 13 week ultrasound be? Baby crl measured 65.6mm. Could it be out by more than 10 days?

How many weeks pregnant if gestational sac measures 1cm. On the length?

How much are first trimester ultrasounds off by? 8w1d & then 13 days later another at 9w5d

I am 11 weeks pregnant according the LMP. Had ultrasound yesterday, baby is measuring 11w5d, the sac measures 10w5d. Why the difference?

I am 14 weeks pregnant. I measured my fundal height, and I could feel my uterus up to my bellybutton. What could this mean?

I am 15 weeks pregnant having twins . One twin is healthy and is crl measures 80mm and other twin crl measures 45mm and has no aminotic fluid. Pls adv

I am 21 weeks pregnant measuring 19cm, what does it mean?

I am 32 weeks pregnant and my fundal height measured at 32 is that right?

I am 36 weeks pregnant. Ultrasound showed 6lbs1oz. My fundal height is measuring 35 cm. It's been perfect until now. Is this normal when baby drops?

I am 36 weeks. Ultrasound showed 6lbs1oz. My fundal height is measuring behind at 35 cm. It's been perfect until now. Is this normal when baby drops?

I gained a pound but my measurements are still exactly the same ?

I had ultrasound on 01/20/14, with the baby measuring at 4.8 cm, is this accurate for a dating of 11weeks 4 days fetus?

I have a a sac measures 4.5 weeks and the baby measures 5.5 weeks, is that a chance of twins?

I saw on my 38 week growth ultrasound that the baby's bpd was in the 9th percentile, yet everything else was 30-50th percentile.Nobody mentioned it to me.Is this just normal variation?He's not breech.

I think I should be 7 weeks, 4 days, the sonogram says 6 weeks, 3 days. Could it be off by that many days (8 days), this early, using crl measure?

I was told my baby is on the high percentile at ultrasound. What does this mean?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant. Midwife told me my uterus is measuring 22. Does this mean my baby is measuring small? Could this change my due date?

I'm 28 weeks but measuring 31 what could this mean? I don't have diabetes and its my 3rd baby

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and am measuring 38cm when they did the fundo-symphysis measurement. Why do I have to have a scan?

I'm 36 weeks pregnant. My fundal height measured at 35 cm. on the ultrasound the baby measured 35 weeks 5 days and estimated to weigh 6 pounds 1 ounce?

I'm 8 weeks and 4 days fetus measures perfect my sac is a bit smaller than should be not drastic. Does this mean miscarriage?

If 1st trimester u/s are off by a week, than would this mean fetus gest age would be off? Would fetus be 11 or 13 weeks then when it measured 62mm?

If a baby's crl is 1.64 CM how many weeks and days does that measure?

If baby is known to be measuring behind compared to ivf-calculated due date, should I wait until baby actually measures over 11 weeks for the NT scan?

If baby measures 10 days ahead than the LMP, then how many weeks pregnant i am? Weeks after LMP or the amount of week baby measures?

If crl is measuring small...could that affect your edd or conception time frame?

If i am 14 weeks pregnant will my baby measure at 12 weeks or 14 weeks based on ultrasound.

If i'm 20 weeks and the doctor measured my uterus as 22 CM when it should be 20 CM does this mean that my dates are wrong?

If its said that a 12 week old fetus measures 57 mm, than what is the gestational age of a fetus measuring 62mm?