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diagnose w/ ectopic when no baby was seen on Transvaginal ultrasound @ 5 weeks & levels continue to double. Possible misdiagnosis?

went to my dr for a u/s and im 9wks im only measuring 6wks via vag. u/ h/b.hcg 16000?

@ 8 Weeks gestation fetal hr was 175, 17 days later hr is 130 should there be any concerns? this was a vanishing twin pregnancy

@7wk scan saw the heartbeat @117, also saw a blood clot in the sac, gestational sac at 9wks with baby at6wk 2 d. Anything to worry. On bed rest now.

>40yo. Triple test hcg=30165u/l calculated risk 1:83; a soft marker, cardiac lesion, noted. Chances for down's?

12w scan. Baby measuring 12W 6 days. Ivf transfer. Should have been 12W today. Have been diagnosed with GD-very mild & A1C was 4.6. Is it bad baby measuring 6 days ahead? NT scan & blood was GD.

13mm x 9mm x 12 mm gestational sac size is this normal when their is no embroyo or heart beat present? Im 6 weeks + 4 days

13week us says posterior placenta low lying nuchal thickness 1.5mm dr. Advised downsyn screen blood test. Very afraid. May my baby have any disorder?

20 wks. Level 2 ultrasound found 2 small choroid plexus cysts. All other w baby was good. I am 28. Did not have quad screen. Should we be concerned?

20wks sonogram showed mild fetal hydronephorosis 3mm in both kidneys, im 31yrs, 1st pregnancy, havin a boy, quad screen was normal, is it serious?

23w5d ultrasound babies head measures 22 weeks and the rest of the body measured normal. Should I be worried. My doctor said brain anatomy was WNL

25wk fetal boy; us shows eif, and both dilated kidneys 5.2mm/5.8mm pyelectasis, normal quad screen testing, should I be worried? Is this serious?

28 week ultrasound showed asymmetric brain ventricles on fetus.. Within normal range (7-8mm) Everything else ok. Should I be worried?

28 wks of a healthy pregnancy. Scans + a voluntary Panorama test ok. Only BPD consistantly on the 97%tile, visible brain structures ok. Need I worry?

28 years old, nuchal translucency with blood showed trisomy 18 risk 1:1300. Dr said it's fine, but i'm worried. Does this seem high?

28yr old, high risk for downs1/72, hCG 4.4mom, no markers in 22 week us, NT 2.3mm, nasal bone seen, what are chnaces of having ds baby?

29 weeks pregnant and measured at 34. What could cause this and should I be worried? Dr said my belly is sitting high. This cause me to measure lg?

29 years old, bilateral cpcs and mild renal dilation in my 19 wk ultrasound. What is my adjusted risk for trisomy 21,13 and 18?

29th week fetal weight is 1500g is it normal?

3 early ultrasounds. 1st us at 6wk 3d measured only 6wk. 2nd at 7wk2d measured 6wk4d. 3rd at 9wk3d, baby measured 8wk2d. Is this concerning?

3 miscarriages. Fetal karyotyping normal. D&c revealed uterine septum, but have healthy 7 y/0. What tests should i/we have next? $ is an issue.

30 wk ultrasound, found baby's septum pellucidum absent. What does this implicate? What concerns should we bring up to docs at MRI screening?

32 weeks 5 days pregnant.Baby normal.Cephalic. Afi is foundout by usg is 10cm.Is this a normal value?

32yo. 1st trimester scrn show 1:750 for trisomy on u/s but blood work show 1:396. Doc say norm range, but offered xtra test 4 PC of mind. Is baby ok?

33 weeks 4 days pregnant, did scan &findings - gestational age 32-33 wks, placentalocation : posterior, grade : 2 please help what the grade 2 mean?Is ok?

33 wk pregnant, Dx hydronephrosis of 1kidney, was 10 last month now 12. Wants weekly ultrasound and 2xwk fetal mon. Excessive?

34 weeks pregnant today. Measuring "low amniotic fluid". Baby is measuring 5 pounds, likelihood of complications of delivered now? Induction? C-sec?

36 week usg shows cerebro placental ration(Dopler parameters) around 1, it normal? should i worry?

36+4 and measuring 42 so having a scan tomorrow Will they induce me and what could be wrong?

3rd u/s done @ 28w2d, at apt the next day was told growth & fluid were normal but my fundal height measured 33. Dr not concerned, what could this mean?

4.5 wks pregnant bleeding & colic for 48 hrs,irregular contour of gest. sac (size 5cm), no yolk sac, poor residual reaction, cervical polyp.any hopes?

4.5 wks, bleeding & colic for 48 hrs,irregular contour of gest. sac,no yolk sac, poor residual reaction, sac size .5 cm, cervical polyp any hope?

42WF. Had a second miscarriage (first one at34)pathology report revealed genetically healthy fetus(7wks)who should we see to find out causes .help!

5 months pregnant. On amniotic fluid sample test, "fetal karyotype was found to be 47, ##, +21 indicating down syndrome.". Should i go for abortion?

5 weeks 6 days last beta didn't quite double was 12000 thento 18000 did ultrasound but didn't see a fetal pole. Does this mean a miscarriage?

5-6wk us. Fetal pole? Possible twins / vts? Fibroids? Blighted ovum in upper left? Http://i67.Photobucket.Com/albums/h315/reelady/photo2_zpse8b51724

5wks shows only gest sac in ultrasound dr prescribed cobal f and aspocid 75mg daily will this medicine affect my baby I have a history of miscarriage?

6 & 1/2 weeks preg.I was told my baby's heart is too low it's 117 & that I have abnormal shaped sac with blood on the wall, will I have a miscarriage?

6 &half weeks, on off spotting brown, abnormal shape sac, baby's heart 117, blood found on the wall. What does this mean? High preg levels

6 monthold babyboy.non palp intra abd.testes.u/s shows normal intra abdominal testes.can it be accurate? if not why?what's visualized in u/s then?

6 weeks 3 days hCG 38, 519 and fetal heart rate 124 . Ultrasound said 6w 1d just want to make sure everything sounds good 4 miscarriages past 1 live?

7.6 weeks pregnant- u/s showed viable embryo, but " questionable abnormal morphology of fetal head, truncated appearance." could this be anencephaly?

7w4d showed heartbeat and crl-13mm in the follow-up scan. Earlier scan at 5w5d wecould see only ysac and gsac. Is this growth ok?

8 week scan baby measures 7 weeks 5 days- heart rate was 218 once remeasured it was 211. Should i be worried? Previous pregnancies: 1 live 1 miscarriage

8th month pregnancy mild fullness of fetal kidneys measuring 6.5mm is it serious?

8wks measurements for a fetus is 1/2 in right? If so why did doc say I'm 8 w when fetus measures 1.7in?

Age 32, 57kgs, Asian.Triple test result GA 16.6 wks, AFP MOM .87, HCG MOM 1.24, UNCONJUGATED ESTRIOL .51. Want to know my baby’s risk for trisomy 21.

Age 33. If fibroadenoma stability documented using sono, what is usual monitoring? Does monitoring include maamo AND/OR sono? Repeated mammo safe?

Aged 32, 20 week preg, found fetal choroid plexus cyst during ultsound, doc recommended materni21 plus test, awaiting result, scared as hell.Y the cyst?

Am 20 weeks pregnant, had my quad test negative, 1 in 130 for ds, but had echogenic bowels and eif in the heart in the us, what's my baby's risk to have ds?

Am 33 weeks pregnant my recent scan was taken on 16/08/2014 in which heart rate is 143. How will i identify my baby gender?

Am 36w amniotic fluid index is 9.5cm.tkng l-argentine and proanthocyqnide granules.when will AFI increase? Worried.

Am I at higher risk for placental calcification for 2nd pregnancy? My first was born @35.5wk and placenta was almost completely calcified. Non-smoker

Amniotic fluid @ 33 weeks was 22cm. Ob didn't discuss with me. I saw u/s report. Should she have told me? Would this cause pre term labour @ 35 wks?

Any chance this is an error and embryo still is ok just not visible on second scan? Us tech noted oblited ovum and kicked us out to go to physician :(

Aog 29 weeks every test result normal , in new scan the result is bpd , hc is >97th% ile hadlock for aog , afi 22.38 high normal/ what is risk?

Apregnant woman who spend 9 months with the extra 2weeks and 2 days. The last ultrasound show that the placenta is okay hb 9.5 is there any problem?

Are 3d or 4d ultrasounds bad for the baby?

Are fetal defects such as cleft hands detected through an anomaly scan? Had scan 8w ago all good now my baby's hand look like lobster claw on us pics

Are sonograms safe? And 4d?

As the margin of error for a scan that indicates a ga of 7w3d is typically +/- 5 days, is it possible for the estimated ga to actually be 6 days off?

At 11w4d my NT measurement was 1.7mm. Is this within the normal range for this gestation? Nasal bone was also present. Waiting blood results.

At 13w ultrasound baby seems squished in gestational sac (not measured), it seems small for baby. Can this be normal? Is antroverted uterus a factor?

At 21 wks 3 days pregnant anomaly scan, baby measures HC 19.9 cm and weighs 482 gm. with 158 bmp. Is the baby measuring small? Is the growth OK?

At 32 weeks pregnancy my baby developed mild ventriculomegaly & mega cisterna magna. Torch is good except it is + for CMV IgG and - for IgM any conect?

At 32wk+1d ultrasound, baby's hc is 28.02cm while bpd is 8.17cm. Why is hc so small for ga but bpd isn't? Does it fall into the %tile of microcephaly?

At 33 weeks growth scan babys HC was measuring 3wks ahead, AC - 1wks behind.AF normal,cord flow normal,NST it likely IUGR?

At 6w4d, diagnosed with blighted ovum in transvaginal U/S. Should I get a second opinion?

At 9 weeks pregnant fetal demise happend. I read on an ultrasound report that a subchorionic hemorrhage was present. Could it have caused the misc.?

At a 5w2d scan post ivf, the sac measured 8.5mm, which is almost 4 days behind according to my ob. Is this within normal variation for ivf?

At a 5w2d scan post ivf, the sac measured 8.5mm. I was told this is 4 days behind. Is this within normal range for an IVF or low enough to worry?

At last US I had a subchorionic hemorrhage. I was 7+1. SCH- 2.06cm x .70cm and Gsac-24.48. Is this SM or LG? Will it affect baby? How can I help it?

At my 10wk appt, the doctor saw my baby, no heartbeat, blood tests to showed levels were 72k one day and 62k two days later, what does this mean?

At my 20 week us i was told my baby has a choroid plexus cyst and a small fetal stomach. Odds of trisomy 18? F/u is in 4 weeks for routine us.

At my 5w5d pregnancy u/s they could see a fetal pole with flickering (heartbeat?) but they said it could just be my maternal blood flow and not a hb?

At my last ultrasound, my baby's head measured 33cm, belly was 34cm, and femur was 7.9cm. How much does my baby weigh? I was 37 1/2 weeks at the time.

At my us at 13w5days, the NT measured 1.42mm + nasal bone good. But they said moderate ds risk due to 4.7 hCG reading. Is this common?

Baby gender in 37 weeks scan report, the foetal heart rate is 135, and in the 24 weeks scan report it measures 148, how to find the baby gneder?

Baby had no heartbeat on 9 weeks 2 days after a detailed scan in hospital - cystic hygroma. What are the causes that lead to this ?

Being in the 95th centile for normal but upper limit of amniotic fluid. This concerning? 33 weeks measuring 22cm.

Biparietal diameter of 2.4cm. fetal heart is 154b/min. placenta is anterior. high-lying. is it normal for 14weeks and 1 day pregnancy..? thank you...

Both foetal kidneys show slight pelvic dilations about 0.3 cm and foetal growth is satisfactory. Duration of gestation is 36+3 weeks.Should I be worried ?

By my lpm i'm 5w 3d and my hCG levels are 920. But I have a ultra sound done and they were not able to find anything. No gestational sac or anything. ?

Ca-125 result 44. My last result was 42 and that was almost 2 years ago. Then had transvaginal ultrasound -all good. I'm almost 45 - have 3 kids.?

Can a 5 week ultrasound b mistaken for 6-7 and an 11 week ultrasound b mistaken for 12-13 weeks? Or is it rare for both to be off that much? Accurate?

Can a 9 week fetus possibly grow slow and measure at time of ultrasound at 7 weeks? And be normal?

Can a diet low in iodine cause small fetal head @ 32 weeks? I'm concerned that tech said head is small but doctor said she's on track. I'm scared!!!!!

Can a sonogram at 6 weeks show incorrect data. I had the tech say it's an abnormal embryo and I conceived naturally. There was a heart rate of 122bpm.

Can an ultrasound at 12 weeks be off by 3-4 weeks? If u were 12 weeks, and its showing measurements of 8-9 weeks than your due date would surely change

Can an ultrasound be off by 5-7 days forwards? Or backwards? Or both??

Can early ultrasounds be wrong by 5-7 forwards or backwards...

Can endometriosis cause raised CA125 (110)was 190 (3weeks ago)and CEA (5.0)levels? AFP(non maternal)was 3.0 I have 8cm and 4cm, possible endometriomas

Can one tell the baby's gender by looking at the ultrasound report film obtained at 18 weeks 6days of pregnancy from level 2 scan.

Can the measurements of an 8or9 wk fetus measure "big" and be mistaken for a 12wk fetus? Do fetuses have similar growth patterns at this early stage?

Can we benefit from dopplar study of umbilical vessels at 27th week of pregnancy?

Can you really measure head and femur lenghts in ultrasound? What does that mean? I had an ultrasound done on my 26 week old baby and the doctor said the femur length measued 26 weeks, but the head an abdomen were 29 weeks. Is this a sign of a deformity

Cloudy gest. Sac @ 7wk6d u/s. Hb detected baby measures 7wk2d but gest sac measuring 2 weeks behind. Was told will miscarry. Why cloudy? Is there hope

Could gestational sac measure small due to dehydration? Or is it a serious abnormality with the baby?

Could I have been 14 weeks pregnant when my ultrasound said 12+5. My 20 week scan showed an abnormally large fetus for age. Born 3 weeks early, 9pds?

Dating scan showed that I'm 5 weeks 6 days with a fetal heartbeat of 160 bpm. Is this high, or could i be further along?