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My boyfriend is having problems having intercourse and getting up will this affect have Ing a tubal reversal and what does he need to do ?

25 years old female, married since 4 months, trying to get pregnant but nothing so far.. What are the cost of basic infertility tests?

28, miscarried in last Dec,Trying for last 6months, but couldn't conceive.When to visit an infertility specialist?what are the steps of the treatment?

3 1/2 years ago husband got testicular xander they removed one testicle, no further treatment , trying to get pregnant for 3 yrs have not been successful can this be why I can't get pregnant?

3yrs back abortion on 7 weeks by pills and after 6 mons ttc with other partner still not sucessful is it called secondary infertililty ?

A couple of friends (both under 35, non-smokers, and in reasonably good health) have failed to conceive after 2 years of trying. A fertility clinic found no physical infertility issues. What are potential reasons for their failure to conceive?

After going through surgery to get a reverse tubal what is the percentage of being fertile?

After seeing a fertility doctor and being told nothing is wrong with her or her parter my friend is still struggling to conceive, any suggestions?

After treatment. From PID is it possible. Of becoming, pregnant?

Although my husband has a daughter and have had no luck to conceive could i be the one with problem?

Although my husband has a daughter we have had no luck to conceive could i be the one with a problem?

Am struggling to get pregnant again? What causes secondary infertility?

Any recommendations for natural options to get pregnant with one Fallopian tube. Trying for 5 years ?

Any way to know if you are infertile without seeing a doctor?

At 40, would I need fertility treatment to get pregnant ?

Before I do my 2 IUI I am looking at nutrition and wonder do fertility diets really work and where can I get the best info ?

Can a 21 year old undergo IVF to help her to get pregnant?

Can a woman have chlamydia for 8 years and not know? Even though she is going through IVF treatments

Can anyone get pregnant past 35 with fertility treatments?

Can Bacterial Viagnosis cause any damage to my Fallopian tubes or reproductive system if i had it almost a year? I got rid of it & I take very good care of myself. Im trying to conceive.

Can fertility specialist help u get pregnant or go to obgyn been trying for2 years?

Can i get pregnant after treating fibroid with luoron?

Can i get pregnant doing high fertility treatments?

Can I get pregnant with donor infertility treatment?

Can I see an endocrinologist for amenorrhea? Haven't had a cycle since 19. I'm now 37 & want to get pregnant. Insurance won't cover fertility special

Can i start fertility testing now since dh is in the military? He deloys in january for a year. We want to ttc when he gets back.

Can it be possible to have IVF if me and my husbad have both been sterilized?

Can past urethral dilation my husband had 2 years ago cause fertility and conception problems?

Can pregnant via IVF woman get root canal treatment? My wife is 42 years of age, and getting pregnant through ivf, hopefully in next few weeks. Is it okay for the health of the mother and the child, if my wife goes for root canal to a dentist while she i

Can using a laptop on your lap cause fertility problems?

Can you get a vasectomy at 22 years old?

Can you get pregnant as a virgin with infertility treatment not immaculate conception?

Can you get pregnant w/o infertility treatment?

Can you get pregnant with infertility treatment if no prior attempts?

Can you get pregnant without partner through infertility treatment?

Can you offer some advice about getting a vasectomy?

Can you please discuss the possibilities that can cause you not to be fertile?

Can you please explain fertility examination?

Could it be okay to get a vasectomy at 21?

Do anybody know where i can go to apply for a IVF study or how i can get help to do ivf.

Do fertility doctors ever tell couples they can not get pregnant because they have a immunological problem?

Do I have to see a specialist to get a tubal ligation ordered?

Do I need to ask something special to get a test for sterility/fertility?

Does a man also have fertility period?If yes, how would it be determined?

Does anyone know roughly how much getting tested for infertility costs (for couple)?

Does endometriosis always affect your fertility? I'm only 20 and would like to have children at some point, am i better doing this soon

Does everyone with pcod have to get HSG while ttc? Is there any way to avoid it? Any alternative? Can i just ask not to have it done?

Does PCOS cause infertility? I have it & I'm not married yet. Will tests help to determine? What medicine should I take to reduce my condition? Thanks

Dr. Khurram rehman said I have secondary infertility, so why wont my doctor help me, IV been declined to see a fertility specialist! what do I do now?

Fertility i want to go to the doctor to take a fertility test but I have no idea where to go or what to do. What excatly do they do to check fertility? I have been told numerous things and it sounds awful. Will it hurt? And I am a woman not a man

Fertility specialists, have a 1 cent polyp in uterus. Do u recommend trying to get pregnant first or go straight to removal and try after?  

For a person that's been diagnosed with PID and treated will it be hard to conceive again or would I have to take fertility pills?

Had the laparoscopy done said needed no work my reproductive organs look great. Why am i not getting pregnant?

Has anyone ever had hsg?

Have been ttc for a long time. Should i go to a guino first or to a fertility specialist? I do not want to waste any time

Having 38 days cycle, after scan gp says im having possibility of having pcos.Ttc since 7 months.But doc says try at least 18 months before seeing rei?

Having pain before, during & after cycle. GYN suspects it's Endometriosis, also Trying to conceive. Should I get 2nd opinion?

Hello can I get chlamydia treatment while pregnant ? I'm 12 weeks with twins

Hello, I am a 31 yr old female and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for just over a year. I have appts in a few weeks w/obgyn and reproductive center since i was certain there is something wrong with me for taking this long with no resul

Hey i have endometriosis, i had 2 larascopy surgery and my dr wont give fertility pills, last surgery she told me get a opk to try to get pregnant, ?

HI Doctor, we are trying for baby from one year, we did some tests referred by our dcotor.. My wife absolutely fine and i have problem with sprem quality and Motility. Will it be really possible to improve quality and motility? or just try our luck to c

Hi,Im diagnosed with PCOS. Wht r the best natural options available for me to get ovulate in the first place? sham. trying to conceive for 5 yrs. there is no specific problems diagnosed from any doctor. cud you pls help me out?

How can boys fertility be tested at home if you don't want to go to the doctors?

How can doctors investigate couples who are infertile?

How can I get a fertility test if I am a male?

How can I get help for my fertility problems?

How can I get pregnant after having a tubal and do not want to have surgery for a reversal? Is it possible to try something natural?

How do andrologists get your semen during a reproductive exam?

How do you determine if you have pcos? Can it ever be resolved? Can you still get pregnant?

How does a couples get an official diagnosis of unexplained infertility? Been off birth control since 07/2010..Done hsg, ultrsounds, semen analysis

How does a fertility clinic get your sperm sample?

How does a gynecologist determine if your infertile or your bf is?

How fertility specialist check me for conceiving ?

How likely is the infertility factor with my husband?

How likely will I be able to conceive after the procedure d&c, what will my fertility be like?

How long after I have a vasectomy reversal can my wife get pregnant?

How long does an "egg" remain in the tube before it is transferred to a uterus? My wife and i are looking into ivf. Before seeing a doctor, we are trying to gather as much information as possible, and this site has been a great source over the past couple

How long endometriosis treated of single couples who wants to concieve very first.What is earliest possible to b fertile in this case?

How long should I try to conceive before seeking the advice of a fertility specialist?

How many days after unsuccessful IVF may my gyn take smear for checking on chlamydia?

How many days are required to get know whether conceived or not?

How might i go about finding a fertility doctor?

How much does it cost at obgyn for a male to get a fertility test if i don't have insurance?

How often should I be having sex in order to conceive?

How quickly do you worry about infertility?

How soon after cervical cautery can my husband and I TTC? It's to treat an erosion. And will the procedure affect my fertility? Already have 1 child

How soon can i get the ivf, and what's the cost?

How to find.Out of.A female is ovulating or not beside swlf test kit.What could be the reason for not ovulating and ways to overcome this issue?

How will doctors determine if a woman or her partner have fertility problems?

How will doctors find out if a woman or her partner have fertility problems?

How would I know if I am unable to conceive? Are there any signs besides not becoming pregnant that point to infertility?

I am 23. My fiancé and I have been try to conceive for 13 months. I am not currently undergoing any treatment. Should i be?

I am 26 year old I am trying to conceiving but not got success tell me what's the problem is it normal in some cases?

I am 27 yrs old & trying to conceive since 1& half year.Does laparoscopy help to find the cause of infertility?The ultrasound results are normal.

I am 28 year old I want to get a vasectomy?

I am 34 years of age. Had a mc at 10 weeks.Trying 2 conceive after DC since 3 months.Should I see a fertility specialist considering my age?

I am a 27 year old married women. I am unable to conceive.We have consult various doctors. Nothing is diagnosed.What step I should take as home remedy?

I am a 42 year old single female who wants to get pregnant; I don't have any fertility issues I know of; wheres the best place to begin?

I am having infertility issues so i decided to see my doctor. I was diagnosed with pcos. I am scared i will never become pregnant. Any advice?