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very hairy but testos. always fine <0.69nmol/l, so is shbg. hormones ok. Are my follicles sensitive? Reg.long cycle period (36) and thin, no acne.

100mg Clomid (clomiphene) cd3-7. +opk cd15. Progesterone draw cd20. Progesterone levels at 13. Doc wants it over 15. Is 13 normal? Can i still have good pregnancy?

15dpo beta hCG =15 Progesterone = 2.8 IUI cycle with Ovidrel trigger and Ovidrel 250 booster 3dpo. Am I pregnant? Should I be worried?

19yr.Does elevated LH always means pcos.while i have no other syptoms exept anovulation since 4 months?even in sooner pcos didint apear..pls explain

1st month on clomid, (clomiphene) & progesterone on 21st day was 0.2. Does that mean it's too low for ovulation and there's no way i can be pregnant, or what?

2 days ago took blood: 181 pmol/l estrodoil. I think its low? Bcoz im in mid cycle because im sure i ovulated today (discharge etc). Lh 5.6 FSH 4.8

21 cycle done progesterone test 53.Before on 3to 8 took fertomide .Is this result due to intake of fertomide.

21yr f hairy. Took blood tests it came testosterone 0.69nmol/l which is gd. All bld tests gd. No acne, slim & ovulate regularly but long cycles 35days?

26girl. Irregular late cycles. Last month it was 60 days late. Lazy ovary low FSH low lh.How can I be cured?Would it lead to infertility?

27 yrs old, on 5 th day of period my LH 6.52, FSH 5.20, prolactin 10.91, TSH 2.9, what is it means, can I concive naturally?

27 yrs. Ttc for 5 months. Had blood test for fsh, thyroid & bmp. All good. But cycles are 50 days apart. Should i wait until 1 year bf more testing?

29 years old, irregular periods,15 days prior my periods my FSH was 3 ui/l and LH was 21 ui/l. are these values normal?

29 years, female TSH: 22.64 Delayed menses every time Trying but no success in pregnancy Plz suggest?

2nd round Clomid (clomiphene) 50mg. Day 21 progesterone >191.0nmol/l. Does this result mean i released two eggs? Does it mean i might be pregnant?

2very late periods in a row for 1st time. Now FSH 6.1miu/ml, e2 63pg/ml, LH 3.2miu/l. 3kg wight gain, TSH ok. No pcos, no stress, but not ovulating. Why?

3 miscarriage (no living). Menstrual cycle 30-42days. DHEA-S 11.5umol/L (<9.8 normal). All other hormones normal. No male traits. No PCOS. U/S clear.

34 yrs,diagnosed with POF,period stopped for 7 months,FSH 5 months ago was 56,AMH=0.3,taking DHEA, period came back last month.How should i proceed?

37 year female, attempting IVI - 3rd day hormone tests show prolactin 38 ug/807 mui & FSH 15. Could pro. affect FSH? Having headaches, short periods. Want to get pregnant! What steps do I take next?

4 weeks 4 days prego. 1st date of last menst.Cycle 2/28. Progesterone levels 8.47 and hCG 377. Conceived 3/11, 12 or 13. Normal or way too low?

40 yr day 5 of cycle, FSH 6.18, LH 4.8, estradiol 46, Progesterone .25, TSH 3.33 (down from 4.464). Trying to get pregnant, ok for ovulation & trying?

41 years old. Had amh., FSH & estradiol blood tests & they came back normal .Hsg is fine. What are the chances of having a kid w/out taking hormones?

599 mcg/dl dhea sulfate, normal prolactin and TSH levels. Got late period after 3 months? Doctor ruled out pcos? What else could it be?

After a strange 2 day period should my LH levels still be high? And last 2 weeks? Not pregnant no pcos but thick endometrium and abdominal pain

After IVF failure and after stopping progesteron, if my period did not come what does that mean and can beta hCG test be wrong.?

Age 30, Cycles between 23-28 days and spotting between. Hormone, thyroid levels & pelvic ultrasound normal. What's wrong? Want tostart TTC and scared

Am 34, i did some blood tests on my 21st day of cycle (my cycle this month was 33days) the result for progester was 9.32 ng/ml is that normal or low?

Am unmarried arnd 28 yrs old my flow of cycles decreased from 6 days to now 3 days my USG said in 2013have large follicle in right ovary my hormones FSH LH Progrsterone was normal by gyno now its continuously decreasing am i going to infertility?

Amenorrhea + hypothyroid. Reverse fsh/lh withdraw bleed from provera (medroxyprogesterone) but re says nxt step dye test? Can u not just manipulate a mature follicle + ovu

Apparently I have an estrogen and prog deficiency. I also have a double-triple lh:fsh ratio and irregular cycles. What causes what, how do I treat?

Are opks and blood progesterone tests enough to 100% confirm ovulation on clomid (clomiphene)? I'm concerned my doc isn't monitoring via ultrasound. Should she be?

Are you born w/ estrogen insensitivity? Would F w/reg periods since 13, normal pregnancy, norm estrogen levels in bloodwork done few yrs ago have it?

Bbt chart flat, progesterone level tested on cd21 was 9.7ng/ml, also i had a LH surge in cd9, was there an ovulation? Any risk of weak implantation?

Bhcg level 2.2ml on 23rd day of my cycle after I did IUI on 13 day. Does that am negative? Or any posiblities?

Blood taken a few days before menstral cycle started. OB says estrogen high should I be concerned? HCG《0.2, FSH 15.8, LH 55.1

Blood test just before period. I have reguraly irregular periods and quite hairy. Lh 1.3 u/l FSH 2.9 u/l oestradiol 140 pmol/l, prog 3.90 nmol/l good?

Blood test on CD 21 - LH 10, progesterone 67, estrogen 887. Have I ovulated? When did I ovulate? Thanks heaps

Bloodwork result day3, FSH:6,01 LH:3,09 Estradiol:71,05 prolactin 21,07.what is my chance for conceive naturally?is my estradiol too high for day3?

BMI 23.2. Aug - FSH 1, LH .2, Nov. FSH 3.8, LH 2.3. periods every 4-6 months.( july and late Nov) TSH 1.44 MD advice eat more protein- Reasonable?

Can a family doctor prescibe Clomid (clomiphene) if progestrone levels are .7 nml/l on day 23 and 28. I had a blood test done. What are the chances for preg?

Can a pcos pregnant woman make these test LP-IR Score, HOMA-IR,C-Peptide to detect if pcos is due to insulin resistance?

Can a pcos pregnant woman make these test LP-IR Score, HOMA-IR,C-Peptide to detect if pcos is due to insulin resistance?

Can a progesterone test of 15.5 ng/ml 7 day post ovulation means the women is not entering perimenopause or other tests needed? Can it occur at age 34

Can a woman's T3 (liothyronine) with hypothyroidism fluctuate between ovulation to implantation?

Can endometriosis detected with hormones (estradiol, progesterone, fsh,lh) test and a pap test? If its normal, is ther still a chance of endo?

Can estrogen levels be checked on day 22 of the menstrual cycle?

Can family doctor prescribe clomid, (clomiphene) all testing was done just not ovulating. Day 23 and 28 progesterone blood test was 0.70 nml/l. Hsg is now clear.

Can getting off the progesterone-only bcp affect my TSH after 2 cycles? If so, how many cycles can it take to recover TSH to norm? No prev. History.

Can i be pregnant with a progesterone level of 150?

Can influence of fem. Sex. Hormones to insulin sensitivity be so strong to cause hypoglycemias (ovul.) and hypergl. (bef. Menstr.) in a healthy woman?

Can losing 10 pounds in 4 months cause late period? Currently 99 lbs? Got period 3 months late? Dhea sulfate level 599 mcg/dl? Normal prolactin/tsh?

Can low progesterone cause ovarian cysts? I had a m/c in march, no ret. Prods & still haven't had a period. The longest cycle i've had ever is 45 days

Can pcos cause low levels of hcg? Having regular cycles for years once I started taking metformin. Tracking ovulation with opk's.

Can PCOS happen suddenly after years of regular periods? Now three months without one? Sent off for thyroid and prolactin blood tests Friday.

Can progesterone suppositories frm day 14 influence prog level in blood on day 23 mine ws 12.9 wid Clomid (clomiphene) did I ovulate?

Can saw palmetto supplements help in reducing androstenedione levels in pcos and help with irregular periods and hairloss?

Can you be pergenat for 14 weeks with 1> hCG and getting period please i need dr answer thank u?

Can you ovulate for 5-7 days if so what would be the symptoms thanks?

CD 22 Progesterone levels came back at 10.3. Does this indicate ovulation? if so is it a decent number?

CD25 progesterone level 14; no fertility meds. Usually have breast tenderness after ovulation, but not this month. Could this mean I'm pregnant?

Clmd 50m 3-7. Redid day 10 bloodwork bc missed last month. Lh 6.9 FSH 5.2 ... I do have pcos; from my understanding this is not very bad though is it?

Concerned about my ovarian reserve. My mother stopped having her periods at age 39. My fsh/estrogen was 10.5/67 day 3. What other tests can done?

Could i be pregnant with a progesterone level of 150 ?

Could i still get pregnant if 21 day blood test shows .3 progesterone levels? Have had 2 rounds of Clomid (clomiphene) 50mg, over a year of trying.

Could the bleed during my ovulation be caused by a high prolactin level?The ovulation kit reveals positive at the 12th day.Am i ovulating for sure?

Cycle day 14 on menopur, progesterone level 1.2, estradiol 68. What does this mean?

Day 23 my progesterone level was 0.7 nmol/l my cycle is 34 days regular.. Can i still have ovulation i still go for blood work day 28? Thanks!

Day 3 of cycle. 38 yrs. FSH is 13.4 Should I be concerned? Started Clomid (clomiphene) on day 3 as well. 3 pregnancies, 1 full term, 2 miscarriages

Day 3 of cycle. 39 yrs. FSH is 10.5 Oct result was 13.4 Is it normal for such a big fluctuation? Does this increase my chances of getting pregnant?

Day21 Progesterone 15.8 Estrogen 380, I am 39 ttc are these nbrs ok or will the high estrogen inhibit conception? Do I need progesterone cream?

Diagnosed with PCOS, on progesterone to regulate period, second month with normal cycle but cramping HORRIBLY! 800mg Ibpf not working Is it normal?

Did Clomid (clomiphene) day 5-9. Has day 19 sono and blood on wednesday. Progesterone level came back normal. What does this mean?

Did Glucose tolerance test(s) and hormones, testosterone etc all normal. Only LH a little high. Have PCOS, spotting/bleeding, normal pap. Is it PCOS?

Do estrogen levels shoot up on day 26 if your cycle is irregular and 37 days long? When do estrogen levels shoot up and decline in a normal cycle?

Do u think I test for progesterone level early Clomid (clomiphene) day 5-9 progesterone level 3.6 day 20 instead of 21?

Does day 21 progesterone level give you any indication of pregnancy? Or just that you ovulated? Mine was 43.4; trying to conceive for 5 months. Thanks

Does it make sense for progesterone to be .4 and estradiol to be 237 on around day 12-14 of cycle? What is abnormal if anything? What are normal level

Does metformin 500 mg cause delayed/missed periods?Had regular cycles before being put on merformin.Hormone levels were off so gyna put me on metformi

Does progesterone level of 2.7 on day 28 of cycle mean it's low-started spotting same day & then heavy pd on day 30? Does it cause nausea-had x 4d now

Does testing the FSH levels during mensturation check for all the eggs in.Your ovaries or the one egg that is being passed thru during.Your period?

Does the LH surge remain elevated through ovulation or does it go back to normal and then the egg drops?

Don't ovulate.Used Clomid (clomiphene) to conceive then miscarried due to low progesterone levels.Been 15mths since bcp & progesterone levels have stayed low.Help?

During pregnancy how much need progesterone level in body? 8.7ng/mg My doctor told I'm ovulated

Endometrial hyperplasia simple not responding to 100mg progesteron day 10 onwards of cycle; 7 days in start bleeding more than ever?

Even if with a normal luteal phase of 14 days,if my doc ask me 2 take progesterone 5-6 days post ovulation,will it affect my cycles/health/fertility?

Female testosterone mine is 25. Is this normal? I'm 33 blood taken third day of cycle.

Female.19yr.healty.havnt seen menstural cyccle 4 months..prolactine 16.1,LH 15.07,Fsh 4.22.why i dont see?while everything else r normal even sonology

Finally confirmed w. 2nd test, estrodiol (less20pg) and prog(.26ng) both under their respective ranges below the follic phase, CD 8. PCOS. How to fix

First anovulation in january, i took primolutnor, got period. Fsh 7, 1miu/ml e2 36pg/ml day 3. Reason for anovulation? Is this sign of perimenopause?

First time on Clomid (clomiphene) and progesterone suppositories from ovulation. One spot of fresh blood at 5.5 days post ovulation. Bad sign for pregnancy?

Fluctuating tsh for 2 years.Period irregular.Mid cycle bleed, pain before 10 days period last for 2 days.Dx ovarian cysts, tsh 12 t4 .7 due to hi tsh?

Fm49, periods were regular but in april came for 15d, june 17d, july 5 days with transamine, sept just few drops, done serum FSH 48mlu/ml. What means?

Follistim has miraculously stopped my chronic spotting during my follicular phase. What is the physiology behind this? I have normal estradiol levels.

Fsh 33 progesterone 0.6. What does this mean. I'm 36 years old and want to get pregnant?

Fsh 7.7 \u0026 LH 8.5 . 4 days before period. Regural 28 dys cycle. 28 yrsold Is that good or bad? !

FSH 83 LH 34 in Jan, told menopausal, taken before a missed period.2nd Test,week ago, 5th day of period FSH 5.7 LH 11.2. Mild menopause symptoms. ?

Fsh level 4.9 lh 3.7 prolactin 134 but oestoadoil 90 pmol what does the oestoadiol mean is this bad I bleed on cd 13/14 cycle red blood durin sex?

FSH level 49.0 havent had a period in almost three months can I conceive still?

FSH of 60 & 45 after d/c loestrin 3 mon ago. Endometrial biopsy normal. Still light bleeding. Could this be ovulation?

Fsh score of 60 just off mirena (levonorgestrel) for 6 months and no period.. Do I have premature ovarian failure?

Fsh7, 1miu/ml e2 36pg/ml, prolactine and LH also ok, but last month 23dys late period and this month 7dys late. I am not ovulating, why? Perimenopause?