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i did ovulation test kit. I was about to detect my peak fertility. What lasted for 48hours. But the problem is that there was no egg white. ?

LH surge detected on Jan 4, 2016. Timed intercourse : Dec 31, 2015 and Jan 1, 2, 5, and 7, 2016 after LH surge detected. what does it tell you?

, I have positive ovulation tests but no cervical fluid/ can I fall pregnant? If so, are my chances lower?

11 days of flashing, day 12 got a solid smiley, still testing positive 4 DAYS LATER? Clearblue advance digital OPK

14 days after ovidrel trigger shot 250mcg (6500iu). Just took clearblue digital preg test and it came back pregnant! Could it still be from trigger?

21day progesterone test shows no ovulation. BBT & Pos OPK suggest i did. Temp dip on test day but shot back up. Can fluctuations cause false negative?

23rd day of 34 days cycle showed progesterone level 36. What does it mean? Have i already ovulated or ovulating or gonna ovulate soon?

24 y.o female, healthy, 20 day length cycles, Took Ovulation testing kits daily, no LH surge on any day? What does that mean?

28-30 day cycle. Took clearblue digital ovulation test (not advanced), & had LH surge detected on day 8 and 11. Why multiple days? & so early?

3 nearly positive OPKs the last three days. Ovulation pain also. Would this mean I'm ovulating or nearly ovulating?

34/f hist of pcos. Taking metformin. Tracking cycles for 3 months. Positive OPK cd21 w/dark (almost black) spotting. Is this a true positive result?

4 days of positive opk's from Saturday. Got ovulation pain sat sun mon. No ovulation pattern on BBT chart. No pcos. Could I o without a temp rise. ?

6dpo ttc#1 no signs of af. Stretchy egg white cm. Positive OPK and used conceive plus. Could this CM be early pregnancy symptom?

According to OPK ovulated last week (starting tues) only tonight my nipples have become super sensitive. Is this still a sign of ovulation?

After CD5-9 on clomid (clomiphene) an + ovul kit result on CD12 and went to get my progesterone tested CD22 and my levels were 0.7... what does that mean?

All day before i tested for ovulation i had pressure in my lower abdomin. I tested positive for LH surge, has my egg left the ovarie? ?

Also sorry just one question my clearblue advanced ovulation detected and LH 3 for the past 3 days but my period is due in 5 daysi?

Am under natural iui treatment and was monitoring LH surge everyday and on Saturday morning I got a negative and in the evening on the same day at 6:00 pm got a positive. I done my insemination on Monday. Was it too late to achieve pregnancy or was it a r

An ultrasound showed I must have ovulated on Sunday. But my temp is still low and I'm still having eggwhite cerv. mucus 4 days later. is this normal?

Anyone got pregnant after more than one LH surge?

Based on an OPK and an ultrasound I believe I ovulated yesterday afternoon. This morning my BBT had not risen yet. I read it can take 12/24 hours after ovulation for BBT to rise. Is this true?

Can a HSG test affect when you ovulate? I had a test day 5 and usually ovulate day 13-15 however have not detected ovulation yet on day 15.

Can a OPK (clear blue easy) show high fertility when pregnant? All HPT thus far have been negative. it went from low to peak fertility in one day.

Can a repetitive smiley face on ovulation digital kit be a sign of pregnancy? I had smiley (positive result) on 3 feb and then 7and 8

Can an small abnormal ovarian cyst cause a false positive ovulation test? First day of positive OPK . Regular 28day cycle.Chart shows ovulation as wel

Can donating plasma days after ovulating hurt your chances of geting pregnant.Had a positive ovulatin test on 3/16/13 have a donation appt on 3/22/13?

Can I do OPK test in 1 hour gap?

Can I tell what day I actually ovulated based on when I got my period? If I get my period on cd 28 did I ovulate cd 14? I had a positive opk cd 15..?

Can the flu stop or delay ovulation. Got it in cd15 when i was about to ovulate?

Can you get 15 days of positive opk in a row ...what might be happening?..very confused

Can you get an early positive sign on ovulation while on clomid (clomiphene)?

Can you get pregnant with positive opk but no ecwm in a given cycle?

Can you ovulate right after your period or could the.Test kit be wrong? I'm almost pisitive thats when i conceved my other 2 children as well

Cd 13 hCG trigger, cd 15- 22mm follicle seen with crenations. And IUI done 3hrs later..When should I take the hpt? Does it look like a good cycle?

Chemical pregnancy 3 weeks ago and have anovulation but tested with strong positive OPK today. Is there chances to conceive ?

Clear blue ovulation test says i'm in my fertile window. Regular 40 cycle. But have pcos. Does this mean I should be able to consieve?P

Clomid (clomiphene) cyclePos. Opks cd 19 and clearblue digital conf. w a smiley. Cd20 neg opk. Can u ovulate twice w clomid (clomiphene)? Should I keep testing for a few days?

Clomid (clomiphene) day3-7. Positive OPKs starting day10 n still now at day16 (I no im not supposed to keep testing) But no temp shift yet. Is this a failed cycle?

Could i be pregnant with a boy if i had sex on sunday night(high lh) and my LH dropped or became low( checked with ovulation kit) on tuesday night.?

Could i be pregnant? Hello doctor, I am on my first round of clomid, was put on 50 mg from cd 5 to cd 9. Ovulated on cd 15. We did intercourse on a day before i ovulated and the day i ovulated.Gave blood sample on cd 21 and got to know that progestero

Could you miss your LH surge and get pregnant somewhere in the middle?

Currently based on calculation I should ovulated CD16 - Cd21. I have used OPK test kit n show positive on CD 13-16. On 16 I had white Egg discharge.

Cycle is 35days long my opk have been faint until yesterday now they are dark but Clearbluedigital still negative Can i ovulate on cd30 today is cd27?

Day after period ended i used clearblue advanced ovulation and got peak reading cd5. Is this too early to ovulate?Usually don't get peak until cd12-17

Do i ovulate on depo shot i used opk kit cam back light positive ..took shot in may2015?

Doctor ordered Clomid (clomiphene) days 5 to 9, clearblue digital opks starting day 12. Is this early enough to catch any possible surge? I am on day 13 now.

Does a +ve OPK indicate top fertility day? What's the max time aftr that for conception to happen? How reliable are opks?

Does a no LH surge mean that i can not get preganant ?

Does breast congestion in 20-23 CD mean the ovulation occured?

Does Clomid (clomiphene) effect length of LH surge? I normally have 4 days positive OPKs(unmedicated), can it effect it enough 2 need 2 test multiple times a day?

Does LH 40 mean I am already ovulating?

Does the LH surge (monitored on opk) drop before, during or after you ovulate? My OPK tested positive yesterday but negative today- have i ovulated?

Does trigger shot override LH surge? Opk was + at 7 am and trigger shot sched. At 11 pm same day. Iui procedure 36 hrs after shot.Was it too late?

Dr which one is better if on ttc, in fertile days sex daily or on alternate days ?? I have cyst and this month OPK is positive

Eggwhite CM 7 days past ovulation? I checked with an OPK to see if i was ovulating again but it was negative.. So is this a sign of implantation?

Every month I have positive opk 7-10ish and then again like on 14-18. (just a example) do I ovulate 2 times? Which one do I trust?

Fertility Dr said I was all good to ttc @43 even with the odds.Using BBT & OPK test. Nauseous off & on between 5DPO & the end of 7DPO. Is this normal?

For what reasons would a BBT spike not match up with other charted fertile signs, (including eggwhite CM, high/soft/open cervix, and positive OPK)?

Got a + OPK on cycle day 8. Went to do a preg test but picked up a opk by accident and it's super positive. Am I ovulating again?

Got a flashing smiley face on ovulation test (high fertility) but it's only cycle day 8. Are my chance high of conceiving if I have sex today?

Got a unexpected positive opk earlier than normal but managed to have sex the day after positive opk, is that still good timing?

Got almost positive opks for day 1 and 2 of testing. Got an obvious dark positive OPK on day three. Do i go by day 1, 2 or 3 to determine the surge?

Got full ferning the day before ovulation is due but got a negative opk? I test with OPK every morning, noon and night. I have tested 6 days in a row

Got LH surge today how long am i fertile should I have sex right away?

Got the smiley face on my ovulation kit today. When is the best time to have sex once you get the smiley face?

Had (+) LH surge on 12th day of cycle (tested with clear blue ovulation test) while taking sprintec. How is this possible? Will i get pregnant?

Had a +opk on cd 13&14 had some aching those days. I'm now 5dpo and having the same achiness, is it too early for implantation to occur?

Had a progesterone test done on day 21 came back today with a level of 36.2 and consistent ovulation what does this exactly mean?

Had a short 3day period(normally 5)now on cd8 and got a positive opk. Normally ovulate on cd21 of a 35day cycle. Could I be ovulating this early?

Had Clomid (clomiphene) 100gm CD3-CD7, today test ovulation kit got positive result. The 4 tests before were negative.Cycle 38days.Today CD16,is it ovulation sign?

Had LH surge one day aftr period. Then 10 days after that anothr surge. Could the 1st be an error with OPK stick? The 2nd surge had ovul symptoms.

Had peak reading on clearblue advance OPK on cd 5&6. I continued to test and had no more peaks. Could this mean that ovulation happened that early?

Had positive ovulstion test and sore breasts on Wednesday, didn't have a temp spike until Saturday, when did I likely ovulate?

Had sex 2 days before ovulation and also 1 day before ovulation. Could I have got pregnant? Think id be around 3 DPO now, now symptoms?-normal? Ttc!

Had sex sunday night with LH surge, LH dropped tues night. Tried luck wednesday night. Planning for boy, any possibility ?

Had temp rise on unmedicated cycles. didnt do opk. thought hCG shot would give a + anyway. taking progesteron since 2.5dp shot 3 days now no temp rise?

Had ultrasound on monday. Follicles 21, 20, 17, 17. Ovidrel shot at 10pm mon., IUI wed at 10am. Bbt chart shows ovulation on tues if true will IUI work?

Had unprotected sex on day i got my LH surge on my clear blue ovulation test... What are the chances? High low..

Had unprotected sex Sunday at 11pm, positive opk at 7am Monday. Wednesdayhad negative opk but had ovulation cramps. Are my chances of pregnancy high?

Have been ttc for 10 months, using ov detector and charting temps. The ov detector confirms ov but my temps do not go up. Could this be low progestero?

Have been ttc for a few months, I have pcos and I have been doing ovulation test daily not getting any positives. What do you think of soy isoflavones?

Hcg is at 2 , why do I have pos OPK test for 3 weeks straight? On cycle day 44 no period normally cycles r 28-32 days! What level turn OPK pos?

Hello doc, i ovulated on cd17.My cycle is exactly 29 days.I had 1 OPK test left out so i took a test tday cd23 and showed positive.How s t possible?

Hello dr, today I am in cd 13 and got positive on ovulation predictor.When will i ovulate and when to have sex to maximize conception?Cyc is 29-32 days

Hello i took Clomid (clomiphene) 150mg 4/28/2014 and i got ovulation test positive on 4/30/14 so i had intercorse so is possible to get pregnant? When I do hCG ?

Hello, Was told I have a 4cm hemorrhagic ov cyst. Been trying to conceive and got my first pos preg test today. Can the cyst cause a false pos result?

Hello, yesterday morning I had a blinking smiley on OPK test, this morning was pos smiley and this evening is negative?.did i.already ovulate?

Hello, I am trying to conceive and have been using opks. I have +opks from cd 14-now(22). Normally i only get two days positive. What is going on?

Hello.BBT shows ovulation at cd12, temp much higher since.OPK positive cd13.On cd12 OPKs were darker than usual,still negative.Which should I trust?Tx

Hi I am trying to fall pregnant just a bit confused. I had EWCM on wednesday and Thursday but today I got a smiley face on my opk indicating ovulation?

Hi i got my lh surge friday evening (smiley face).Next day at noon(Saturday) tested and no lh surge.had intercourse Monday and Tuesday night.Could I still get pregnant?? Thanks

Hi, i am 29 yrs old women trying to conceive for past 3 months , I used ovulation kit and ovulated 4/5th may, on 10th midnight I felt pain in lower ab?

Hi, I have been monitoring my ovulation with clear blue ovulation tests. On Saturday I had a positive, however Iv been heavily bleeding since?

Hi, my cycle has been 32 days for the last 4 cycles. This month the opk turned positive much earlier than expected (Day14), is ovulation on the way?

Hi, my husband & I have been actively trying for a baby using an ov prediction kit etc... I'm now 2wks late for my period but the test show neg, help?

Hi, what does it mean when your ovulation kit hast two faded lines for two days? Am i ovulating or are my hormones low? Hoping to get pregnant. Thx p

Hi! My period was august 4. I did clearblue ovulation test and got my high peak on August 11. Would that be accurate? I feel like I'm ovulating now.

Hi. I had all ovulation signs 2 days ago but my temps have dipped for 2 days in a row. When would I have ovulated? Went from 97.1 to 96.9 each morning

How accurate are ovul. Tests? I am using clear blue one day i had pos LH surge on day12 my next cycle i had a pos LH surge on day 16 is this "normal"?

How accurate are ovulation predictor kits for pcod patients?Took Clomid (clomiphene) 100 on day 3 -7 did ovulation tests on18th day of clycle till 23rd still -ve