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3rd pregn two previous misc which lasted till only 5 weeks both this time I am almost 14 weeks and have heard heartbeat.never did b4chance of misc?

I've been on methadone 4 5yrs and doing well. I'm terrified because I'm 15wks pregnant and I want to have an abortion. Do I have 2 tell them?

"hello doctor , my gf is 3 weeks pregnant and she has ab negative blood. Can she do a termination? Will she have babies in the future? Thank u for u

0- and ttc had a miscarriage at 8 weeks what should I do with next pregnancy to be safe Thank u for your help.

1st pg was a premature birth, 2nd was a miscarriage. What are my chances of having 1 of those occurring again in this pregnancy?

2.9cm retained pregnancy product 2 weeks after miscarriage. Still bleeding. Gyno gave antibiotics and advised to wait 2 weeks. Do you agree?

20 of July i had miscarriage and this month im pregnant agian .what should i do to avoid miscarriage in early pregnancy please .iam very nervous ?

23yo female last pregnacy resulted in a stillbirth at 38weeks placenta stopped working. Preg again wagt are the chances of happening again?

30 yrs old. 2 first trimester miscarriages & a chemical pregnancy in past year. Should I see a specialist before ttc again? Chances of another m/c?

33 wks pregnant irregular painless contractions,positive ffn test, 1 CM dilated, baby well into pelvis, 6th pregnancy,will i give birth early?

34 weeks 6 days pregnant, went to my ob today and told me to stop the asprin (50 mg).Is it safe to stop? Pls reason.Had missed abortion earlier.

36Week pregnant , i had constipation on my first trismester , why now i had it again?

4wks prego. i have two healthy kids 4&7, but 2013 i had ectopic and chemical preg. whats my chances of another ectopic?

5-7 weeks pregnant. Miscarriaged dec 11th what are the chances of having another miscarriage? Small cramps every once in A While. Sore nipples. Hungry

6 weeks 5 days preg. 1st pregnancy. Been throwing up off & on for 2 days. Is this normal? It is so bad it scares me that it might be a miscarriage?

6 weeks pregnant now. Hcg was 100 4 days ago and 75 2 days after. I've had no bleeding and minimal cramping, what are the chances of a full term preg?

6 weeks pregnant. Had some spotting but doc saw heartbeat and wasn't worried. Chances of miscarriage?

6 years after mirena, (levonorgestrel) 1 early miscarriage at 6 weeks and 1 chemical pregnancy afterwards. Should i be worried? How soon can I try again?

6weeks pregnant had to terminate the pregnancy.after miscariage .tvu product of conception retained.can i have infection?

6weeks pregnancy, 3sacs on u/s, only one has pulse, are the other 2 going to continue?

6weeks pregnant Diagnosed with threatened miscarriage because of cramping and back pain baby has heartbeat what are the chances of healthy pregnancy?

6wks pregnant , had a light period 2wks ago. I have been monitored by my obgyn every 2wks. No more blood! he said no intercourse but is arousal ok ?

8 weeks pregnant , does doing noz cuase a miscarriage ?

8 weeks pregnant no symptoms loosing discharge 3 previous miscarriages is this normal ?

8.4 weeks pregnant. Saw heartbeat at 7 weeks and all ok. No bleeding. What is the chance of having a missed miscarriage at this point?

9 weeks pregnant no heartbeat told i will misscarry because of bleeding how long should I wait for body to release the baby on its own?

After 2 early miscarriages (6weeks and 8weeks) what are the list of tests suggested. My doctor wouldn't recommend any until 3 times but I would like ?

After a normal pregnancy I suffered two miscarriages in a row. What can I do to insure a normal pregnancy the next time?

After looking up symptoms, I miscarried, although I hadn't realized I was pregnant. Can a doctor tell whether or not I had been pregnant and miscarrie?

After mc how soon ovulation happens again? I had a natural miscarriage no d&c needed on april 6/ i stop bleeding on apr 13 had sex on the16 my be pregnant

After miscarriage if I don't get my period within 4 weeks can I have sex again. Will I get pregnant. I had ultra sound only lining remain. blight ovum?

After taking mifepristone is der a chance of being a pregnant?

And what if we dont bleed after using misoprostol 200mcg first dose, how many chances are there for ectopic pregnancy? or it is common thing?

Any ideas if I can have a normal pregnancy after having pre eclampsia in the past?

Are there any risks to my new pregnancy/baby if I have fallen pregnant approx 3 weeks after a methotrexate shot for an ectopic pregnancy?

Are vaginal ultrasounds safe during early pregnancy? Can they cause miscarriage? Had mild cramping for a day after getting one done and it scared me.

At 7 wk pregnant/ would inserting a nuvaring guarantee a miscarriage ?

Being diagnozed with DVT and on a clexane for 6weeks till now. At the moment 33w1d pregnant. Must have csection. What week is the best for it?

Blighted ovum 5 weeks tuesday took misoprostol and rubella shot. When to try pregnancy again. 3 yrs b4 miscarriage d&c 5 weeks preg. Really want baby.

Cab eating chicken during planning pregnancy and conception effect in miscarriage or abortion?

Can a urine determine if you are pregnant 5weeks after giving birth?

Can a UTI cause bleeding durring early pregnancy and is it harmful to the child?

Can antihistamine affect embryo implantation and cause miscarriage ? Tested + bhcg then miscarried. Didn't know i was pregnant and took antihistamine.

Can antihistamine cause miscarriage in early pregnancy ? Took aerius (desloratadine) not knowing i was pregnant after 1 week i had a miscarriage !

Can duromine cause miscarriage in early pregnancy if you continue taking them even when you know that you are expecting?

Can i still be pregnant if I have hypothyroidism? I have 1 chemical pregnancy. Im 27, 7months ttc..Im losing hope..

Can Lomexin provoke miscarriage in early pregnancy ( 4-5weeks )?

Can microgeston fe 1.5/30 harm a fetus in early pregnancy? Im taking it and not sure if pregnant until another week. I missed my period already.

Can missed miscarriage happen in second trimester? Had one in jan. now 17w5d preg and worried all the time about this baby I just want everything b ok

Can you get pregnant after a miscarriage? I had unprotected sex abut 2 weeks m/c, and now i'm nausea. Like the previously pregnancy.

Can you have hcg 14125 9 days after conception or is it preagnancy from previous intercourse?

Can you please explain the gestation period for tb?

Can you tell me which are the risks of my pregnancy since i just finished chemotherapy 2 months before conception.?

Chances of a miscarriage? I was 12 weeks pregnant, my first kid. I ended up having (i think they called it a spontaneous miscarriage.) a few nights ago along with a d&c. I heard the heart beat about 20 minutes before actually having the miscarriage.. I wa

Could i be pregnant me and my husband are tryna have a baby, my last menstrul was on 10/06/2011 it came early last month dose that mean i might be pregnant.

Could I have another miscarriage if i was to become pregnant, because i had a rip in behind my uterus the first time? This was my first pregnancy and i had a miscarriage a month ago i was only 12 weeks and 3 days along, i had the miscarraige because i had

Could I still be pregnant with multiple pregnancy if big for dates?

Currently 6 weeks pregnant. had one previous miscarriage. Is it ok to jog?

Did an abortion 3 months ago regret it to my heart. Want another baby but second period is late and no pregnancy what's wrong? I need a baby badly

Dnc on 7th mar,2015,hcg 118 i still pregnant?what else can i do to ensure that i'm not pregnant...

Do 4hr flight travel and long 2hr car travel leads to miscarriage at time of missed period?chances of miscarriage at next pregnancy?any risk to next?

Do you continue to have pregnancy systems after a miscarraige?

Do, s and donts in earlt pregnancy?

Doc considers me to be high risk preg. I have to get 3 vag ultrasounds a week apart from each other. Is this too many? Worried it will harm pregnancy

Does ascorbic acid in vitamin C really help terminate a pregnancy? The reason i ask, i think I am pregnant since I have not had my period and I am supposed to have it right about today or tomorrow. If I am I have decided to have an abortion but I am not

Does Duphaston confirm pregnancy? My doctor prescribed it 2x a day for 5 days. I had a withdrawal bleeding after 3 days. Am i pregnant?

Does duromine cause miscarriage if taken in the 1st weeks of pregnancy?

Does plan B abort the fetus or flush it out like a miscarriage?

Dr taking daily injection till 34 weeks of pregnancy to prevent miscarriages by antibody positive is harmful to baby? I had 2 miscarriages before.

Ex lax cause miscarriage?

Expecting twins, m 7 weeks pregnant n no fetal pole fir 1 sac with light bleeding. What r chances of miscarrying?

Fetus died at 6 weeks. Today I'm what would be 12 weeks 3 days. Missed miscariage, still has not passed yet. When should I consider a D&C?

First pregnancy was on july 14 2012 had miscarriage 7 weeks a long, have not got pregnant ever since, my gyn did blood work everything is good?

First time pregnant after 3 early MCs 34 yrs. Is it advisable to have my hospital for delivery 1hr away. This pregnancy proceeding normal. Few answers?

Found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks. I do not get my period, miscarried at 11 weeks doc says baby stop growing at 8.5. reasons for miscarriage?

Found out I'm pregnant yesterday. I believe I am 4 weeks pregnant. Not sure about my conceive date. Will I be able to see an embryo?

Friend just had missed misscariage(stopped heartbeat) at 7 weeks for the second time.What is a list of all potential causes?

Got pregnant through IUI 2 times bt both ends in early miscarriage.what shud we do now as we egarly want a baby?when to try again?

Had 1st c-sec 7 wks ago. I read online many women have miscarriages after their c-sections why does that happen now I'm worried for future miscariges

Had 1st miscarriage Sept 3 with 2 d&c. 2Nd miscarriage Nov 3rd. Took a home test and it's pos. What it's the likely chance I can carry to term?

Had a chemical pregnancy 3 months ago. I am now 3 wks, 6 days pregnant (found out yesterday). Will this happen again?

Had a healthy boy 4 1/2 yrs ago. Had a miscarriage 3 wks ago. Does this mean I can have another miscarriage? Also when can I start trying again?

Had a mc 4 months ago. I am now 4 and a half weeks pregnant. What are the chances i will mc again? I'm very scared it will happen again.

Had a miscarrage in feb of 2013, LMP 03/19/13, & am pregnant again, what is my chance of keeping/loosing this one? We really want another.

Had a miscarriage dec 2011 and one april. 2012 if I am pregnant. Right now what is the chance i will miscarry again . I have had 4 live births before?

Had a miscarriage in july, had my 6 week follow up and was fine. Had sex and now i'm having cramps. What's the cause?

Had a miscarriage last year started taking prenatal vitamins two days ago, what is the chance of having another miscarriage...Afraid?

Had a miscarriage Oct.14th at 8 weeks. Was first time ever pregnant and 38. Want to try again after my first menstrual. I was told that is safe. Is it?

Had a stillborn at 38wks last may due to placenta stop working. Currently 24wks preg what is the chance of it hapening again. In this pregnancy?

Had am miscarriage on 30th of march and had my period on 28th of april, is wellwoman pregnacare conception advicable for me to take or its too early?

Had an abortion at 14 weeks. Keep getting very faint positive hpt up to now. 5 wks post abortion. Is it likely that i am still preg?

Had csection. Scared of bleeding. What is risk in next pregnancy?

Had many early miscarriages and currently 6 weeks preg. Seem to decrease in preg symptoms. Normal or possible miscarriage?

Had miscarriage at 7wks then unprotected sex 8-9days later, what's the chance of conception? Is it safe this early after miscarriage? I'm 26

Had one full term pregnancy and then 2 miscarriages I'm about 6 weeks pregnant again, is it safe for me to have sex or should not?

Had PID in 2004 i had two boys since m now 4weeks pregnant again im worried about etopic as my history with pid?

Had previous missed mc now 7 weeks pregnant seen heartbeat what are chances of successful pregnancy. Backache, tired no sickness no bleeding ?

Had surgical abortion 5weeks ago had unprotected sex 14days after and 19 days after abortion im testing positive could I be pregnant or it's hcg?

Has anyone with a history of preterm labor had the progesterone shots in their next pregnancy?

Have 2 ectopic preg, z doc told me he hadn't takes out all of z tube in z last one,, am now preg.. what I'd my chance to successfully preg no synthom?