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I had unprotected sex with A guy around 2 years ago.took HIV test (9 mo. Later then 3 more mo. Later & 3 more mo Later)It came back neg. But symToms?

I think my partner has chlyda. cause I got tested postive. He got check 3x & still neg. Im clean now. Shuld I use a condom or just no sex at all?

. I went to the gp & had a urine sample because of the bleeding and it came back i had a urine infection but I am not burning or anything..?

1 nighter nov 22. After 30 days sore throat no other symptoms. Took 10 panel STD test jan 30. All negative. Throat still burns. Did i test too soon?

1 occasion of gross hematuria, no symptoms, urinalysis came back negative. Age 23. Should I push for further investigation? What could be cause?

10 days since getting unprotected blowjob.Itching/sensation in penis since next morning. Tested negative for gonorehea,chlymadia. Could it be herpes?

10wks pregnant, urinalysis came back as "Urine Leukocytes Abnormal" what could be the cause for this? Could I have a kidney infection? I'm worried.

12 days late for period went to the doctors on the 8th day urine test came back negative it is now thI have had all the signs are this morning. Is here but when I go to the bathroom itclear discharge?

13 weeks pregnant got a urine cultre positive to group b strep should i be in antibiotics now? My ob gave me some but unsure if i should

15 days my life is been hell. Afraid if I have STD or hiv. Got tested a week after was negative. But how can I b 100% sure i don't have it? Feelin sad

17 year old daughter has nipple discharge, blood test says normal, today a mix of blood with discharge, no infection found, are further tests needed?

19 yr old daughter has blood present in her urine. Tested clear for infection, blood tests also normal. Continued pelvic pain. Not sexually active.

1st HSV2 outbreak May 5, tested neg in blood,2nd test July 1, tested low pos. Unprotected sex w him 7x before since Feb 5. Only partner. Did he cheat?

2 days now been really tired, low back pain, noticed my urine is yellow and cloudy took a UTI test said my leukocytes are high. Should i go to my dr.

2 weeks ago my urine came back as having no signs of infections. Does a urine test scan for things like hiv?

2-3 weeks after intercourse 3 neg tests and stomach pains peein a lot m sore nipples wjat can it ne?

22 F, urine culture came back as negative and doctor is refusing to prescribe me anything for UTI pain. What are my options? What could this be?

22 weeks pregnant. Peeing sometimes every 5 minutes for 2 days now. Urine culture came back negative. Still peeing lots. Reason? Should I worry?

27,f,virgin.had a UTI months back & got it's been few weeks since getting UTI symptoms again.should I take a urine test again?

28 male urinating constantly for 2 months.I go every 30 min. Negative/ normal results for diabetes/gonorrhea/clamidia/liver. See urologist next week.

29y/o F had hysterectomy 2.5 yrs ago, having bloody and brown discharge, pelvic pain the past two weeks. Went to dr, swab test neg.. What is it?

3-yr old has had strong smelling urine ~1 mnth, since having a UTI. No other Sx. Urine testing has since come back negative. What could this be?

31yrMale.since 4days spam in bladder.All blood,urine,US test normal.Doc prescribed urispas-5 days.Could it be somethin serious as it has not improving?

4 faint po tests and a negative blood test,other blood work fine symptoms are constent sickness, urniating all the time, some tightness. Whats wrong?

4 yr old, severe stomach cramping some vomiting. Blood test, urine test and ultrasound came back ok. Symptoms started a week ago. What could this be.

4month oraquick test after(19weeks)-NEG. Conclusive? Fingered&tasted vag fluids? The girl tested @ 3 months after incident.was also negative. Clear?

4yo daughter-fevers come/ go for past few weeks, irritable,-wbc count=22 tested negative for strep, uti,and normal chest xray. Other possibilities?

5 pos.P test at home 2 neg at docs. Including blood test. Still symptoms: sore boobs nausea weight loss bloated & yeast infection. Any ideas?

5 year old sister had frequent urine accidents.Took her to urgent care & urine glucose test came back Normal.Could she still have diabetes?

6 months mild blood in urine, painful twinges when urinating. Ct & u/s showed nothing. Urinalysis = no bacteria, not pregnant, not std. Possibilities?

6yr old never had uti got test today negative her protein said 30 she was a lil dehydrated is protein normal what could cause it it's been 30 a month

A Few Months Ago I Was Tested Positive For Trichinosis However I Have Order Before My Period And My Husband As Burning When He Pee.

A while back I got tested for HIV 3 months, and then 4 and a half months after a random New Year's Eve hook up. It was negative both times. Am I ok?

After each sex, when I go for passing urin, starts beeding continuosly with some clots..semen and urin culture report shows nothing..what may b reason?

After month of waiting to do HIV test, finally got it back and was tested negative for all std's. Can i forgot about that and move on?

All my cultures came back negative so what is this discharge from?

All test for std's are neg, cystoscopy & X-ray neg! sitting for long time irritates prostate or perineum & blood in urine/ semen occ. What do I do?

Always normal pap. No HPV test tho. Been with same partner for 14 years. Most likely would I be negative for HR HPV anyways? Even with past partners?

Always Yellow watery D/C that smells of urine after period, recently had a culture and urinalysis done and came back negative, what could this be?

Am 12week pregnant my chlamidia came out positive ny husband denies cheating i believe him should I start treatment be4 taking another chlamidia test?

Am so worried to my problem after sex belly pain what urine test I do urine test name?am 38 years male married .after sex i feel pain belly

Am sory to say dis, i had unprotected sex on 1st august 2013, how long should I stay before going for HIV test. Thanks.

Any advice? What std's does the q-tip test for in guys?

Appendix area swollen my urine is blood and my period came late i'm not sexually active and when i walk i'm in pain help x?

Asked yesterday but question was not really answered. Which comes positive first for syphilis RPR or cia?

Baffled by how I got possible sti?

Been getting strep after oral w/ same guy .everytime. I was tested last time and everything was negative. What can this be? I am so paranoid.

Been having uti symptoms and my urine test came back as lactobacillus 50,000-75,000 and that was flagged, but nurse said I don't hav a uti. Opinions??

Been married 1 year. 6 months into relationship tested neg 4 hiv. I have not been wth anyone else since marriage an assuming he hasn't either. Retest?

Bladder issues. Urine test and blood test came back negative. Would it be wise to ask my doctor to do a parasite test? From sitting in a public hottub

Bleed old blood for 7 days and continuing. Neg cyst & stones. Preg. Test last week, neg. Neg for kidney & bladder infect. What is causing this?

Bleeding during sex with new partner. Recently was tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea both came back negative. What could be the cause of the bleeding?

Blood and urine sti tests return clear but pain in testicles and lower back present. Been given 2 x daily doxycycline 14 days on day 7 and worried?

Blood in urine, pain when peeing. It's been 1 1/2 weeks since tubal ligation?

Both got checked for chlamydia came back clean a month later both positive no cheating is this possible? M and F, both checked 6 months prior clean

Both my husband and I got tested for STD and it came back negative, but every time I have unprotected sex with him few days after I get a smelly disch?

Burning feeling when I pee and feel bloated. got tested for a UTI and the test and culture came back negative but still hurts. What else could it be?

Burning sensation after peeing but two negative STD tests and negative urine culture so what else could it be?

Burning when peeing so I did an at test home kit and it was positive for UTI what should I do but I have cystitis so I don't know which is causing it?

Burning, abdominal pain, and discharge. lab results were negative. symptoms are still here but not bad and menstrul came today. what's wrong with me?

Burns to pee. Penis hurt for around 2 days after sex. Mild epididymitis. STI tests negative. UTI test shows high leukocyte zero nitrate what could be?

Called for my urinary results And came back negative . I still have discharge and a foul smell . Scheduled to Go again Wed . What can it possibly be ?

Can 5 day pain without UTI SX but positive UTI test be confused with appendicitis pain? Negative Labs and Ultrasound but I worry it's my appendix.

Can a doctor see you are pregnant thru a pelvic exam before a blood test or a urine test can come back positive?

Can a kidney infection or UTI cause ovulation tests to come out positive everyday or close to it?

Can a sore throat and runny nose be signs of hiv? Recently got tested for chlamydia came back positive and took pills. Negative hiv test but nervous!!

Can a UTI be caused from something other than bacteria? Dip-test & culture came back negative, but I have urgent pee feeling and discomfort. No stds.

Can antibiotics from having a urinary tract infections cause my period to be late. Negative test also I have cramps in my side with headaches?

Can bacteria from a UTI come back if you have sex too early?

Can constipation cause UTI syntoms? I fell like i have UTI got a urin test done but nothing, i have notice im extremly constiped.

Can i get HIV if a girl sucked my penis for about 2 minutes?And i got an HIV test they used a tri-dot kit and it came back negative after 11 weeks ?

Can i get tested for uti while on period. its hurting and burning so badly when urinating and on my period. not able to interpret uti home test strips?

Can the incubation period of chlamydia be longer than 1-3 weeks. Coz i got diagnose through urine test and only have sex with my husband of 2 years?

Can you do a UTI test if you're on your period? Pretty certain I have UTI & don't want to put off going to the docs for a test/antibiotics coz i'm on

Can you get a false positive chlymidia test? I was treated for it in college but I had only been w/ one person who had only been w/ me w/ a condom.

Can you get accurate results if you hold onto your pee for 4hrs?(still the first pee)its 6w after Intercourse,It came out negative.Should I trust this

Can you get hep c through unprotected sex? My ex told me he had it after we got done. When we were dating I'm assuming he had it since he shot up drugs but I want to make sure I don't have it!!!

Can you go to the doctor one day and get tested for strep and it be negative, but the next day have it?

Can you have kidney infection and uranalysis comes back negative?

Can you infect others if your HPV test came back neg?

Can you know how long you have had HIV and how you got it if you are positive?

Can you stop doxycycline after 1 day? It was a precaution for chlamydia, but tests came back negative. Always heard you shouldn't do short cycles. Tnx

Can you tell me what can cause a perimilarty test to come back positive if you know you did nothing wrong to get hiv?

Chronic ab pain and bloody diarrhea. Dr says I need a colonoscopy, but constant false positive pregnancy tests prevent this. Virgin. Help?

Clear penile discharge only on a morning slight discomfort after peeing 2 STD test negative have had 2 uti's in the last two months what's going on?

Cloudy urine for couple weeks, got tested a couple days ago and came back normal but wasn't cloudy that day.Now is again. No other symptoms, thoughts?

Constant stinging when urinating had tests done no UTI. And had ultra sound of kidneys they're good 2 what other tests will be needed?

Cont back pain, peeing a lot, weird tingles in legs/feet, higher bbt, craving steak, insomnia..I had a false UTI & negative urine pregnancy test. Help?

Continuous feeling of full bladder even if just emptied. Negative preg test and clean urine test. What could it be?

Could I have a STD if i got tested 2months ago, 2weeks after unprotected sex, and my resluts came back negative bt im still having the same symptoms?

Could I have sex on the 23rd and be testing positive on the 1st feb23rd of leap year and testing positive march 1st ?

Could I have trich to this guy I have been having sex with called me the other day to tell me that his current girlfriend had trich. He said he tested negative but she was positive. He took the medication anyway.. I have a appt to get checked should I be

Could i still have something wrong with my kidneys if my urine came back negative?

Could I take a test at home for herpes type 1 I got tested positive but I've been dealing with my girlfriend for 7 months and she don't got its hard?

Could it be because we didn't waite the 6weeks for her to get chlmyda?

Could mono be something else? Hi there. I went to my university clinic today and tested positive for mono. However, my ex boyfriend just recently found out he has hsv-2. I always used condoms with him, but could this mono but not mono? Could it be from hi

Could you tell me if tests came back normal, would doctors still take out the gall bladder?

Cramps and Bleeding after sex for only a day since last 1 month. Also latest swab test is ok with no infection and smear test done 2 year back was ok?

Culture came back negative for herpes, is it possible these are wrong?

Daughter 2.5yrs old wants to pee frequently, we did urine culture test was negative. What else could it be?