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had tubes cut 14 yrs ago, had lining of uterus burnt few yrs ago, no period since,dr did blood,urine,abd.scan neg. Still feel pregnant, could i be?

1 period since Dec. not pregnant, been to gyn, said not to be concerned until 3 missed. Had 2 ultrasounds, found a cyst but otherwise normal? Worried?

14 weeks pregnant. GBS +, suspected PPROM last week, gush of blood and fluid. Dr said no treatment but wait and see since so early in pregnancy. Ok?

15 days late now, still no period, not preg- went to hospital they did a CT scan and said I have a cyst on my ovary and to follow up why am i late ?

16 old had ultrasound for delayed periods. Showed no uterus, l was told it might be retroverted, if its retro would the test show any sign of uterus?

17 year old daughter had ultrasound test after nipple discharge and blood symptoms. Nothing of concern detected. Is this ultrasound test relible ?

17/Went to the gyno to check for BV,she asked about my period/period flow,and she said she needed thyroid exam/ultrasound of lower abdomen.Whats wrong?

21 weeks pregnant, how to differentiate between aminotic fluid and discharge?How to find out . Pls help

25 never had a period, have a 40 year old looking uterus. Waiting for hormone replacements and cat scan. Can i get pregnant now or in future ?

25 yrs.Brown spots and very slightly bleeding instead period for 1wk negaive qualitative test and +ve quantitative(45) ultra sound say(mass in uterus?

28 yr old, brown spotting between periods, mostly mid cycle. Transvaginal u/sound showed small fibroid. Smear normal. Why is it happening i'm worried?

29. Is it easy to distinguish between early preg and fibroid on ultrasound w/o preg test ? fibroid seen, no preg test. pain n my ovary i shouldn't hav

32 yr, virgin, irregular periods for 3 months with brown discharge for 2 weeks, mostly after masturbation pelvic scan normal, blood test normal. ?

33yrs, periods stopped over year now, spotting and discharge! Had ovarian cyst but last scan showed they were gone, bloods normal! Where's my periods?

34 years old. Period flow has become lighter some unusual pelvic pain, urine, blood and transvaginal ultrasound normal.Can i still concieve.

35 weeks pregnant and having a large aomunt of discharge why?

35ttc, 2 days late, 2 neg OTC tests, burning ovary, regular cycles, period symptoms, fatigue (8 mm cyst in uterus) advise?

39yo. For the past year, I have a normal period, then 7 days later ANOTHER 2 day period. Normal pap, normal vaginal sonogram. Should I be concerned?

3wks pregnancy, cervix sensitive, should I be concerned?

4 months period not regular, spotting in btwn period, report showed cyst with 3.4cm in left ovary, doc said i ovulated recently and normal, any treatme?

5 weeks 5 days pregnant. Spotting brown discharge 4 a week, twice a day when i wipe. Cervix closed, gest. Sac seen with su, ovarian cyst. Thoughts?

5 weeks 5 days pregnant. Spotting brown discharge 4 a week, twice a day when i wipe. Cervix is closed, gestational sac present, ovarian cyst. Thoughts?

5 weeks pregnant. Bleeding for 6 days now.. Heavy period like but no cramps. Doc can't do scan but internal exam shows cervix is fine. Is this normal?

5days ago had a discharge but no period , got an ultrasound 2 days ago showed no pregnancy. Could the discharge have been implantation?On implant

7 weeks post sex, multiple negative pregnancy tests and had a pelvic exam yesterday and obgyn said cervix looked normal. Should I feel at ease now?

8 weeks pregnant & on prometrium (micronized progesterone) due to vaginal bleeding at 4 weeks. Heartbeat at 6 weeks, another ultrasound scheduled next week. Miscarriage risk?

8weeks pregnant with fibroid it too early for a cervical stitch ?

Abdominal twinges, no pain. Possibly pregnant, would have conceived late sep. Had CT scan done a month ago it showed nothing. Would it had shown preg?

About my biopsy of the uterus i just got a biopsy done of the uterus yesterday and i think i may be in the early stage of having a baby. They did have me take a pregnancies test but it came back negative. I want to know if I am in my early stages will t

After a pelvic ultrasound 2 days ago doc found a cyst and today have spotting and cramps. My period is 6 days early? Miscarriage, implantation, or ???

After a pregnancy loss now I have endomerial hyperplasia with calcification. Can I get pregnant anymore?

After a year of severe cramping and blood clots during period I had an ultrasound that showed 3.5 CM fibroids. Will progesterone help?

After how many days of missed period i can have a pregnancy test? I hav been married five years back and hav bicornuate utreus with non communicating

After intercourse I started bleeding. I have an ovarian cyst. Pregnancy test is negative. Does that mean the cyst is popped? No pain just blood.

Age 56. No periods for two years. Just had 1 day of bleeding. Went to Gyn. Transvaginal ultrasound result: Textbook Uterus. Should I have more tests?

Am a studying doctor, went for follow up of my ovarian cyst saw a sac in uterus but am 3days due for period, negative test on 28day could i be pregnant?

Am i pregnant if i hav +urine test but no sac in us.Uterus lining is thick.I had4 abortion and 3 live birth.Lmp on7/7/13?

Am i pregnant?Im having blood milky white discharge, i had my period for 1 day, and im having all the pregnancy symptoms, I have ovarian cysts but - pt's

Am trying to conceive at the moment and may or may not be pregnant.Having symptoms but no positive Hpt.Two weeks late with my period.Have been off of bc for 2 years.Have had problems in the past with large blood filled cysts on my ovaries causing me to ha

An ultrasound has shown me to have a 4w6days sac in my cervix, however a blood test by the gp taken last wk was negative. Can you explain why please?

Are there any other ways to test spotting & bleeding after intercourse in 47 YO? D&C? Don't want another EMB as in yrs past.Transvag US neg,sm fibroid

Been having pregnancy like symptoms. Took femara (letrozole) about 3 weeks ago, had blood tested for progesterone day 21 level, came back .4 and had ultrasound done which showed nabothian cysts and multiple bilateral ovarian follicles, which my dr said I

Bleeding and cramping at 6 weeks pregnant, ultrasound shows no fetus but ER dr said my uterus is closed, does that mean theres still a chance?

Bleeding between periods for 3 months now. Papsmear & Ultrasound tests normal. Only found PCOS. What could it be?

Bleeding for 2 months i went to the hospital they did tests and no cysts or fibroids and not pregnant a week later got my period what could be wrong?

Bloody discharge days 14-18 of menstrual cycle for past year. Heavy periods past 3 months. Nothing on ultrasound, pap. Need worry, second opinion?

Can a doctor mistake a fibroid for a fetus on an ultrasound? Found fibroid which is new for me, but have been worrying for 2 months. Negative hpts

Can a early pregnancy show up as an ovarian cyst on a CT? Was checked for kidney stones 3 days later faint + on test then heavy bleeding, miscarriage?

Can a scan detect asherman syndrome. I have had no periods for a while but really bad period cramps usually at the time it is meant to arrive.

Can a sonagram be off like month or two if I was five months when I found out and have irregular periods . ?

Can a transvaginal ultrasound miss a pregnancy 9 weeks after last contact? Gyn saw nothing and blood test negative so i'm not pregnant right?

Can a vaginal ultrasound be done while I'm spotting or on my period??

Can an ultrasound detect if a woman got pregnant in late september as opposed to mid-october?

Can corpus luteum or follicles be mistaken for ectopic in transvaginal ultrasound ? Negative test , lower ride abdomenal pain , really anxious

Can i be sure i'm not pregnant w/ negative hCG blood test 5&6 weeks after contact and nothing on vaginal ultrasound 6 and 8 weeks after contact?

Can i get a vaginal ultrasound while having my period?

Can i spot/bleed as a result of internal examination durin gpregnancy. Is it normal to start spotting a week before you find out you are pregnant?

Can kidney cancer cause missed period?

Can pregnancy be mistaken for a cyst? On 5/4 i was 4 wk preg, the 6th i started bleeding and 5/21they said i had a cyst and no baby now I have + test?

Can you have a uterus 7.3 X 4.8 X 3.0 and be 15 weeks pregnant, even when urine and blood tests and ultrasounds are negative?

Can you see anything on vaginal ultrasound at 5 weeks after intercourse. I was told my uterus was empty. also urine test and negative..Pregnant?

Can your period cause fluid to build up in your uterus?ultrasound confirmed fluid in uterus,not pregnant.dr said was from period weeks before.

Colposcopy done 7/22/14. Have had sex since then no issue. Today 8/3/14 bleeding after sex not on monthly period. Pregnancy? Uti? Nothing to worry?

Could a tube pregnancy show up on a CT scan as a ovarian cyst? Preg test faint + but I also had heavy bleeding could that also be a miscarriage?

Could i be pregnant? Long story short, i had a tubal ligation in 2008. I recently haven't had a menstrual for 9 weeks now. I went to the doctor and he ordered an ultrasound and blood work. The ultrasound lady said she didn't see a baby, but I am experienc

Could i still be pregnant with a false urine test that the dr gave me in the er? I was told i had a uterine fibroid and scatica nerve today at the er.

Cramping and nausea 11 days after endometrial biopsy. All test results are normal. No sign of infection. What is going on?

Cramping and spotting all month, most months of the year. Not pregnant, pap & bloodwork & imaging results all clear. Any other reasons why this is happ?

Cramping, back pain and nausea, no period for 3-4month, spotting old/new blood, not pregnant, no std/sti, 1ovary cyst, 1uterine polyp. No answers?

Dark brown blood for 4 days after period. Is this normal. Been having it since pelvic abscess for 4 years ago that was in fallopian tubes. Any link?

Diagnosed with 4cm dermoid cyst 4 wks ago. Got positive ovulation test on day 28 of cycle but now bleeding 3 days later! Cycle has been weird for mths?

Did a scan which said I have ovarian teratoma. I have pregnancy symptoms and menses are late two months. Could the scan be wrong? Two +ve hpc

Do i must have an ovary ultrasound juz to know if the coz of my spotting and cramps are not related to ectopic pregnancy "since" pregnant test is (-) ?

Do I need transvirginal ultrasound, not transabdominal? Have irregular bleeding but it could be caused by pill. How do you know?

Do you think i need to visit doctor for tilted uterus as we are ttc for 2 years now but no luck. Blood test were normal so i don't no what's causing?

Doctor did Inhibin A Non maternal blood test, came back 4.3 pg/mL. I am not pregnant but have ovarian cysts that need surgery. Is the result normal?

Doctors told me that my miscarriage was due to my travelling in the first stages, How it will be sure? How can i know it due to utres weakness?test?

Does cervical cyst cause bleeding after sex? My STD test negative. I keep spotting?

Does flow of vagina confirms pregnancy?

Does it significantly matter if u don't have an empty bladder for vaginal ultrasound? Doc said not pregnant through it 8 weeks after contact, neg test

Does pelvis ultrasound shows that women had sex before or any thing through this test doctor get that women had the sex?

Dr is any chnce of misscarriage if i have a small fibriod in utres? I had 2 very early misscarriages and all test came normal excpt this fibriod.chnc

Emergent cerclage done at 21 weeks.have transvaginal ultrasounds once a week.if it has not messed cervix, is it likely the next ones won't mess also?

Enlarged lower abdomen with breast tenderness. No birth control or obese. Tubal rings.Prev cervical precancerous cells.Neg pregnant test. What can it be?

Feeling intense pain/cramping after a transvaginal ultrasound. reason for the ultrasound was missed period and heavy dischage after leep. Ideas?

First day of last period was january 18 which makes me 13 weeks ultrasound says 10 no way that's right. I had implantation on feb 3?

Fluid found in my uterus on a ct scan. I can't be pregnant since I had a tubal ligation February 2014. My last menstrual was March 10. Should I worry?

For 15 days ive had + OPK test. What does this mean? I had a hysteroscopy done 8 wks ago due to ashermans. Should I be concerned of infertily?

Friend had early misscariage at 4-5wks.she attributes it to many vaginal ultrsounds.she's pregnant again,brown discharge.risk with vaginal uktrasound?

Genital rub no penetra no ejac.5&6 weeks later negative blood hCG test.6 weeks after contact gyn saw nothing on vaginal ultrasound. 100% not pregnant?

Gynecology question: What are the benefits of having transvaginal ultrasound during heavy period, as compared to without period?

Had 2 ovarian cysts a yr bef pregnancy 14.5 & 7.5 cm. Now at 15 wks preg and at 11th wk us only 1 cyst of 6 cm is seen. Is there a risk for pregnancy?

Had 5hpt tests positive quantitative less than 10 had a ultrasound they saw nothing I did went to different dr. Found2 fibroids in uterus pregnant?

Had a dnc one year ago didn't have a period since found out i was pregnant was sent to have blood work done and my hCG is 159, 012 how many weeks am i?

Had a pelvic scan on day 15 of my cycle and no egg seen . Does it mean I have ovulated?

Had a pelvic ultrasound that showed a gestational sac tubes been tied for 10 years and took 2 home pregnancy tests w/neg results what could it be?

Had abnormal vaginal bleeding and was told it was fibroids, period has not yet come, what should I do? Took pregancy tests, negtv female 24 black

Had my ultrasound scan today and they have told me that I have polycystic ovaries, im wondering what happens next?

Had negative hpts and sonograms for 5 months but my uterus' swollen and feel occasional kicks. Tested for fibroids and my thyroid, negative. Any ideas?

Had pelvic exam, while my doc was checking me she said that my cervix was soft. Said possibility of being pregnant about 5 to 6 weeks but neg blood te?