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1 negative home test, 1 positive home test, and a negative blood test after 66 days without sex (almost ten weeks) Pregnant or not pregnant?

1 positive urine test followed by 9 negative tests and 1 negative blood test. Periods are not missed. Can i still be pregnant. I have bloated abdomen!

19 days after ovulation, blood tests for pregn > negative; can it still be to early to detect in blood tests? Plse help

1day before blood test in IVF can I do home urine test?

2 1\2 weeks late, urine test showed faint line, but blood test had level 0.1, could I still be pregnant? Is blood test more reliable?

2 positive Urine test and 1 positive blood test for pregnancy, today Nov 19 I have a negative urine test and my period came. Cab I still be pregnant?

2 urine test positive, 1 negative, 1 blood test positive with hcg of 27 then today blood work hcg of 9 what could be going on?

2 weeks after miscarriage and get blood test for pregnancy test, what would be the result, negative or positive?

2weeks ago i had a negative urine and blood test this week positive urine test am i really pregnant?

3 days late.. Neg test.. Should I get blood pregnancy test?

4 ultrasounds, 9 hpts and blood test are all negative, but I look five months pregnant and still have pregnancy symptoms, why?

7 days I missed my periods. Can I take a sample of my morning urine and test it in the afternoon or should I just test my afternoon urine?

8 days late for perioed -ve home test can i do blood test to be sure in 9th day?

8 days still no periods. Negative home pregnancy tests . Could it show positive on blood test?

9 days late negative test no symptoms can i go for blood test?

9 positive preg tests followed instructions exact neg blood test 2 weeks ago just repeated the blood test whats the chances of 9 tests being wrong ?

A blood pregnancy test is slightly positive. Should i take it again?

About bhcg blood test, how much more accurate is it compared to the urine test?

After you take a blood test for HIV and test negative will they call you or if you test positive will they call you?

All types of pregnancy symptoms but ultrasound and blood test did not detect could i be pregnant?

An early negative blood test but two positive urine tests weeks later. What should I do?

Are blood pregnancy tests accurate 2.5 months after intercourse?

Are blood tests for pregnancy always accurate?

Are blood tests for pregnancy done at the gyno?

At what stage of pregnancy will blood test be positive?will it ever be too late for the test or only too early?

Blood pregnancy test 7 days after intercourse and 8 days before period. Will the results be reliable ??

Blood pregnancy test do you have to fast?

Blood pregnancy tests detect pregnancy sooner than urine pregnancy tests, correct?

Blood test at 9 weeks less than 0.6 hcg, negative hpt, two positive ovulation tests. Am I pregnant?

Blood test for pregnancy came out positive. Is it 100% accurate? Will i see a baby during ultrasound? Can blood test be false?

Blood test for pregnancy came positive is blood test 100% accurate and will i see a baby in the ultrasound?

Can a blood pregnancy test be wrong if done too early?

Can a blood pregnancy test be wrong?

Can a blood pregnancy test be wrong? Could it be to soon?

Can a blood pregnant test show up positive before a urine pregnant test? How early can the blood test show positive?

Can a blood test be positive after 6 days of sex if i was to be pregnant?

Can a blood test be wrong for detecting pregnancy 2.5 months after sex?

Can a blood test from your gyn tell your if your pregnant before a at home test?

Can a blood test give me a positive pregnancy result while an over-the-counter urine test gives me a negative result?

Can a blood test show positive 7 days before expected period?

Can a blood test turn positive at 2 weeks pregnant an 3 days ?

Can a doctor detect if I am 1 month pregnant without using the urine or blood test?

Can a hCG blood test be negative if you are 5 months pregnant?

Can a hCG blood test say you are negative if you are 5 months pregnant?

Can a kidney infection cause a negative pregnancy test?

Can a normal urine test detect pregnancy ?

Can a pregnancy blood test be done too early ?

Can a pregnancy test (urine) be done at anytime of the day?

Can a pregnancy test positive through a blood test just 5 days after intercourse?

Can a regular blood test detect if you are pregnant or not ?

Can an occult blood tests be done during the menstrual cycle?

Can be blood test -ve after having six +ve home pregnancy tests?

Can blood in the urine affect a home pregnancy test?

Can blood ir pregnancy test detect one week pregnancy?

Can blood test show if I am pregnant. If urine test showed negative?

Can blood tests determine pregancy at 2-3weeks pregnant?

Can blood thinners cause a false pregnancy test?

Can blood work detect your pregnant at three weeks?

Can diuretics cause false negative in a blood pregnancy test?

Can do blood hCG test at home through pregnancy test kit? Is this possible

Can i be pregnant and it not show up on a urine test?

Can I do a blood test 5 days before period?

Can i drop blood on a urine pregnancy test and still get accurate results? If not, where can I get a blood pregnancy test?

Can I have a pregnancy test anytime I want what I mean is even its not my first urine of the day, even at the afternoon? Can I test?

Can I have with lupusin pregnancy without the positive blood test?

Can i make pregnancy urine test one day before period?

Can I order it myself I want to do a pregnancy test (blood test)?

Can i request a blood test to confirm im pregnant?

Can lupus give you a false negative pregnancy blood test? I have all the symptoms of pregnancy and no uti.

Can pregnacy test determine uti?

Can pregnancy blood test give false negative. 3 days late, urine test negative and blood test negative too?

Can someone help please? My urine test for diabetes was postive. But the blood test was negative. What does that mean?

Can we rely on urine home pregency test if it comes positives or we should also get done our blood test for 100% for confirmation?

Can you be pergenat 15 weeks with negtive urine and blood test ...!

Can you be pregnant after negative urine tests and a negative blood test?

Can you be pregnant even if as blood test and urine test says your not?

Can you get a positive on a hCG blood test 6 days before your missed period?

Can you get accurate results with a blood pregnancy test 3 weeks after conception?

Can you have a negative blood pregnancy test, and still be pregnant?

Can you still be pregnant after a negative blood test from doctor?

Can you still be pregnant with negative urine and blood test?

Can you tell me how accurate are pregnancy blood tests?

Can you tell me how reliable is a blood test to detect std?

Can you test positive for pregnancy when you're only 2 weeks(blood, and urine)?

Could a blood pregnancy test be wrong?

Could a blood pregnancy test confirm I'm not pregnant 2 and a half months after sex?

Could a doctor miss a 12 week pregnancy on pelvic exam and negative urine tests?

Could I be pregnant if many urine tests said negative and a blood test done two and half months after sex?

Could I be pregnant or something else? I've had several positive HPT but negative urine test in office and quant hcg was only 5.

Could i be pregnant with a negative blood test?

Could I still be pregnant and a blood test not catching it if its negative?

Could i still be pregnant if i took a urine test & blood test and they both say negative?

Could possible pregnancy be detected through blood work levels even if the test wasn't to find a pregnancy?

Could you be still pregnant after a negative blood test and no sign of period?

Did not have period for 4 months, done urine and blood test for pregnancy came up negative. What is going on?

Do doctors ever ask to repeat blood tests that are normal?

Do I need a blood test after 5 negative home pregnancy tests? most recent 28 days after missed period. Is urine test just as accurate as blood test?

Do I need to take blood test with fasting to confirm my pregnancy?

Do regular blood tests show pregnancy?

Docs, could a blood test or urine test detect chlamydia?