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10 weeks and 2 days pregnant, will we hear heartbeat?

10 weeks pregnant. Had 1 early miscarriage before 1 yr. reports are ok, fetal heartbeat 168. dr. said to have tidilan 10 thrice a day. why? plz help.

10wks 6days, low implantation, strong heart beat. What does statistics say about me maintaining this pregnancy?

10wks pregnant no fetal heartbeat and beta is 14, 000. What should I do?

11 weeks pregnant and Dr. Could not find a heartbeat with a fetal Doppler. Should I be worried ?

11wks no fetal heartbeat, can it comeback?

18.4 weeks pregnant with twins but not feeling any movement is it normal?tlmidwife checked heartbeat at 18.1 which was normal.

2 ultrasounds, 5 weeksthen 7 weeks only 1 heartbeat 72bpm, heavy bleeding and cramps, could it be a vanishing twin miscarriage with no twins on u/s?

24 weeks pregnant, i hear my heartbeat in my left ear, its on/off, done thyroid tests &all normal, hemoglobin 9.4, is hearing heartbeat normal in pregnancy?

24 y pregnant women on 3rd month with twins one of them has no heart beat , what is the prognosis and what should be done for her ?

26 weeks pregnant and baby has hydrops around lungs and heart. What is prognosis?

28 wks pregnant.Ob measurd bp was ok bt my resting heartrate was 120-125bpm.Asymptomatic.ECG for palplitations 2wks ago normal.Is this harmful to bub?

39 weeks pregnant; is 168 a good fetal heartbeat?

5 weeks pregnant my hCG is 7042, would i be able to see my baby or a heart beat on an ultrasound?

5wks pregnant. Have heart murmur/ectopic heart and copd. Will it be safe to exercise? History of 3 miscarriages and 1 live birth.

6 weeks 6 days pregnant. Had a ultrasound. Baby no heartbeat. Does that mean a miscarriage?

6 weeks and 5 days fetal heartbeat is109 bpm. Is it normal?

6 weeks pregnant no feal heartbeat on ultrasound?

6 weeks pregnant transvaginal ultrasound was done, good heart beat, and baby was in sac, should i worry about an ectopic pegnancy?

6 weeks pregnant with twins. One babies heart rate is 105 and the other is 115. Is this normal?

6 weeks pregnant, when should we go to doc for ultrasound to to know the baby heartbeat?

6weeks and 4days pregnant my first sonogram revealed that my babies heart rate was 99bpm. Should i be worried?

7 weeks pregnant spotting for 5 days had ultrasound on day 3 of spotting, fetal heart rate 154, could this still be a sign of miscarriage?

7 weeks pregnant. Scan today baby measuring only 7.8 heart rate slow. Will I miscarry or could it be late implantation?

7wks 4days pregnant and baby heart beat 136. Is that good?

7wks pregnant if baby has no heart beat should i be in pain or bleeding?Had an u/s the baby was seen but heart wasnt seen moving. I only get dischage

8 weeks pregnant with twins(my first), my first [email protected] and 3days showed their heartbeats at 129bpm and 132bpm, is this a normal and healthy?

9 week pregnant heart keeps beating really fast is that normal am scared due to two previous miscarriages ?

9 weeks \u0026 1 days pregnant what is the % of having a miscarriage after seeing and hearing a strong heartbeat of 171 ?

9 weeks & 5 days strong heartbeat of 174 can the heartbeat stop / baby dieing without me knowing?

9 wks pregnant. On Fetal doppler at 8w5d heartbeat was 190. Today FHR was 180 BPM. Is this OK for it to drop so much?

According to the ultrasound data i'm 8w2d the ob used a doppler to try to hear the heart beat but couldn't find it? Is it too early to hear the heart?

After conception when can the heart beat of baby be heard by ultra sound ?

After having sex on my ovulation my heart beat has increase, could i be pregnant?

After hearing fetal heart beat and heart beat is above 130 at 7wks what does miscarriage chance drop to?

After the birth of my second child -difficult labor- baby had irregular rapid heart beats.?

Am 10 weeks pregnant, is it possible to hear the baby's heartbeat using a home doppler now?

Am 17wks pregnant, hearing my babys heartbeat almost everyday, my last us was 6 weeks ago.Is hearing heartbeats consider a gd sign that baby is doing ok?

Are early heartbeats dangerous?

Are there any signs that the baby still alive before doing ultrasound to hear his heartbeats knowing that I m in 11 sa?

At 34, 346 hog blood level could a heart beat be heard transvaginal ultrasound?

At 6 weeks the Dr said unborn had no heartbeat it was a miscarriage going to happen the next week Dr said I was still 6weeks that my baby wasn't growing. Er confirmed I'm 8weeks but still no heartbeat worry or is my baby heartbeat coming in slow ?

At 6 weeks what should a fetal heartbeat be?

At 6w5d pregnant is it possible to have a growing fetus w 145 heart rate but no yolk sac?

At 7 weeks pregnant I had an ultrasound. The fetus had a heartbeat of 167. At 8 weeks it still had a heartbeat. At 9 weeks fetal demise happened. Why?

At 7 weeks pregnant what causes the heartbeat to be low?

At 9 weeks pregnant fetal demise happened. The fetus did have a normal heart beat for 2 weeks prior. Is it normal to misc. Once the h.B. Is present?

At how many weeks can i hear my babies heartbeat. I had a transvaginal scan 5w5d and they didn't hear heart beat. I am now 6w from conception.

At my 11 week ultrasound baby had no heart beat. They said it stoped developing at 6 weeks. What is the longest it can take to pass naturally?

At my first doctors apt I heard my baby's heart beat with a Doppler in my lower abdomen does that mean I'm about 10 weeks pregnant?

At my first ultrasound at 8 weeks baby's heartbeat was 170bpm and the one i had today said baby was 191bpm. I'm concerned?

At the first weeks of pregnancy my baby heart beat was very fast but today im 38 weeks and her heart beat is less than before but my dr say it normal.

At what week after conception can u see a heart beat on a transvaginal ultrasound?

Baby heart beat 120 in minute is that normal baby or down syndrom?

Baby heart rate 149 at 31 weeks ultrasound tech said that is in the middle of normal. This worried me. Is it normal or not?

Baby heartbeat is 174 does this mean girl?

Baby's heart rate 103 at ultra sound on 6 weeks?

Bloodpressure and heartbeat highlimits in women pregnancy thank you in advance.

Can a digital fetal heart rate monitor show numbers even if you're not pregnant?

Can a fast pulse beat in the neck an early sign of pregnancy?

Can a fetal doppler detect womb sounds, maternal heart beat, and umbilical cord (abdomen the size of a 26 week pregnancy) with a pseudo pregnancy. ?

Can a fetal heart beat be seen at 5 weeks pregnant?

Can a fetus survive without a heart i went to the doctor today and he said that my baby has a hole n her heart and that it wasn't a heart murmer because people can't be born with a heart murmer and that a fetus doesn't need a heart to survive n the womb

Can a fetus' heart beat be detected during the early stages of ectopic pregnancy?

Can a peson feel their babys heart beat in theirneck when pregnant?

Can a two-day old baby survive with a 3-chambered heart?

Can an ultrasound miss a fetal heart beat when it's Measuring 7wks 1 day. I'm returning in 4 days, chances of seeing a heart beat?

Can husband hear heartbeat of the baby at a early stage of pregnancy? If so, how many weeks?

Can I be sure an ultrasound will detect my baby's heartbeat?

Can I have umbilical, womb & placenta sounds w/my heartbeat, from fetal doppler if I am not pregnant. Have not been able to detect fetal hb.I am obese?

Can there be heart beat in molar pregnancy?

Can u really hear ue baby's heartbeat at just 51/2 weeks by ultrasound?

Can u tell sex of a baby by how fast the heartbeat is?

Can you have a a EKG done on unborn baby while pregnant? Will it tell you the baby's heart rate or yours?

Can you hear placenta on fetal Doppler if not pregnant?

Can you only hear a babys heart beat through a vaginal ultrasound?

Can you still have a baby when you have tachycardia all the time?

Can you still miscarry the fetus if you hear a heart beat of 143 at seven weeks one day and were measuring exactly right?

Can you tel with the fetus heartbeat if it is a boy of a girl? This morning i went for ultrasound the heartbeat was 148. I am 9 weeks pregnant

Can you tell me if i could use a fetal doppler to listen to my heart?

Can you tell me is visible heartbeat causes early death ?

Can you tell me when does the heart bit of a fetus start?

Can't find heartbeat with home Doppler at 18 weeks.

Chances of misscarage after 6 week healthy baby heart beat?

Chances of missed miscarriage after hearing heartbeat at 8w3days? Heartbeat was 173bpm..

Chances of pregnancy loss after fetal heart beat?

Contraction of 125 amd baby's heart beat going down how sevre is the contractions?

Could you explain what is doppler babys heart monitor?

Could you tell me what happens to a fetus if it doesn't have a heartbeat?

Crl 14.4mm. 7 weeks 3 days pregnant. Heart beat 160. Is this normal?

Crl of fetus was 6.2cm and 149 beats per minute. Where does that put my baby's age?

Dear doctor    My LMP Date is on 26 feb 2014.almost 12 weaks now.but there is no heart beat for my baby.what to do in this stage? Pls help my

Does an irregular shaped gestational sac mean miscarriage if baby is measuring 6w5d and heart beat 126? I am 6w6d.

Does baby heartbeat slow down in the night?

Does fever affect heart beat of 8week fetus?

Does the babys heart beat per minute determine the sex of the baby?

Dr what will be the success rate of injecting clexane daily after 2 very early miscarriages? Now on week 11 with right growth and heartbeat also

During what trimester does a baby's heart start to beat?

Durning my first ultra sound there is no heartbeat or fetus, I am about at 7 weeks, what's happening? I am 20 years old and very healthy

Early pregnancy ultrasound showed baby right on at 8 weeks 1 day but with a heart rate of 185bpm. I though 120-180 was normal. Should i be concerned?