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I am 34 years old my alkaline phos level is 278 what is normal level?

3 yr daughter w/ chronicle elevated alk phosphate level. Lab today show alk level 234, BUN 22 & creat 0.25. Alk level been elevated sense age of 2.

30 year old male troponin I level 0.03 ng/ML. Is this normal?

5 year old with high levels of bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase, high bun/creatinine ratio and high MCV and mch. Low levels of co2 and creatine?

According to a lab test my serum creatinine level is 1.5mg/dl and serum uric acid 3.5mg/dl. Is it high?

Alanine transaminase levels of 48 what does this mean?

Alkaline phosphatase level 151. Is this normal?

Alkaline phosphatase level is 360 of a pregnant women while she is going through 35 weeks. Creatinine level is 0.71. Is ap level okay for her?

Are elevated ALT levels dangerous?

As I have diabetic it is under my cotrol (105) and I hve serum creatinine level as 1.34 my age is 45 so having a serum level upto 1.34 is dangerous ?

Blood results: alt/sgpt serum level=40 iu/l, serum alkaline phosphatase=43 iu/l, serum bilirubin level=2 umol/l, serum urea level=2.3 mmol/l. Normal?

Can a charley horse cause your CPK level to be elevated?

Can a women having high serum creatinine level breast feed ?

Can an elevated uric acid be a factor on increasing creatinine level?

Can elevated bilirubin levels cause anemia?

Can globulin levels rise if there is an infection.Thanks?

Can hypothyroidism cause high alkaline phosphate levels?

Can pancreatitis occur without abnormal serum amylase level?

Can prednisone cause ALT levels to increase?

Can pregnancy alone cause elevated liver enzyme levels? Alt level was 54. Is this considered high?

Can someone please tell me if my serum magnesium level of 1.00mmol/l is within the normal range. Many thanks?

Can the creatinine level be elevated due to furosemide consumption? Please advice..

Can the flu cause elevated psa levels?

Can troponin t level 12 level be good or bad?

Can you die from elevated troponin levels?

Can you have elevated levels of urobilinogen without being ill?

Can you tell me how is the blood globulin level raised?

Can you tell me how to get my liver to produce the globulin to raise the albumin/globulin level?

Cause of elevated RDW level of 15.4% and normal MCV level in blood?

Cortisol 14 ug dl normal?

Could elevated bilirubin levels and being vitamin d deficient have anything to do with each other?

Do all patient need a maternal serum AFP level test?

Do athletes usually have high bilirubin level?

Do orgasms cause higher levels of immunoglobulin A?

Does anasthesia rises cretanine and blood urea level?

Does creatine show cortisol levels?

ECG normal and Trop I level 0.04. Doctors says it's normal. Is 0.04 level okay ?

Globulin level: 4.5, Albumin level: 3.9, Total Protein: 8.4, Albumin/Globulin Ratio: 0.9, AST: 68, ALT: 105. What do these levels mean?

Help can calcitonin have any effect on serum phosphate levels?

Help please! could being dehydrated give an elevated creatnine level?

Help please? What is the normal range level of diabetics?

Hi , my sgpt level is 73 can you please suggest me how i control this level.

Hi is copper plasma 106 mcg/dl a normal level ?

Hi sir need to know is 195.81 ng/dl is normal t level?

Hi, how can i decrease sgpt level?

How can I reduce creatinine levels?

How can my sgpt levels be lowered?

How can you decrease CPK levels?

How could we take the creatinine level?

How dangerous can an elevated IgM level in a 4 year old be?

How do I lower amylase level?

How do I raise my kidney level up from a 39?

How do you interpret a bun level of 5.0(mg/dl)?

How do you lower sgot levels?

How do you reduce a SGPT level of 106 in two weeks?

How long would creatine kinase (ck) levels in blood be elevated after exercise?

How to decrease creatinine levels?

How to decrease globulin level?

How to keep CPK muscle enzymes down low levels?

I always ve fever and headache. I ve high bilirubin level after blood test but sgpt level is normal. Is the fever caused by the high bilirubin level?

I am 19 years old with an alkaline phosphatase level of 160. Is this normal ?

I am 25 yrs of male. My sgot level is 28 .And sgpt level is 45. Are my parameters normal or not. If not what disease i m having?

I am 31 year old I have elevated levels of homosysteine (48).What can I do to decrease it please help.

I had a creatinine level of 20.0. Is this normal or abnormal?

I had serum amylase reading high; what else can it be if it's not pancreas?

I have a hct level of 35.4 and a RBC level 3.80 is that normal levels?

I have an increasing ca 19 9 but low lipase and amylase levels. Could this indicate PC?

I have bilirubin level of 32umol. Previously it was 30umol. My doctor says it is not too high and has not suggested anything. What do u recommend?

I have elevated serum globulin.. What ate the risk?

I have ms. I had a metabolic profile done. Sodium and protein levels were below normal levels. What does this mean?

I m 45 yrs old my creatinine level is low in 40s what should I do is it dangerous?

I tested my hb level its 12.1 so am i normal what to do to sustain the level?

I was diagnose with pancreatitis can that cause my microalbumin levels to rise?

If my SGPT level is 56% what would be the HCV level?? plz help

If your levels of cystatin c are low what can you do to rise them?

Interpret a bun level of 5?

Is 1.03 bad creatinine level?

Is 1.21 creatinine level low?

Is 5.9 % of HbAlC a good level?

Is 800mg a high dose of tegretol if within serum level?

Is a 2 creatinine level dangerous?

Is a 5.0 pH level normal?

Is a co2 level of 16 normal?

Is a creatinine level of 1.53 ok.?

Is a low level of bilirubin in urine normal or not?

Is a total bilirubin level of 10 normal ?

Is a total bilirubin level of 10 normal if mg/dl Units are used ?

Is a total bilirubin level of 21umol normal?

Is alcohol tested by the level of creatinine level in your urine?

Is an albumin level of 5.5g/l something to be concerned about?

Is hi48 sgpt level alarming level?

Is it normal if your bilirubin level is 6.4?

Is raised creatinine levels associated with hypothyroidism ?

Is troponin I level of <0.02 level good or bad?

Just want to know lab symbol for ammonia levels?

Last month globulin level was 6.9g/dl , this month it is 5.6g/dl.. albumin level also 2.6 now..last month 2g/ advice?

Medicine for high alkaline phosphatase levels?

My albumin level is 4.8 is it normal?

My albumin/creatinine level is low 3.5 what i wanted to do to increase the level ?

My alkaline phosphatase level is 129 what does this mean?