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11.01 tsh. And 15 week pregnant. Will this affect on my baby?

Abdominal obesity can affect pregnancy to happen?

Am about 6 weeks pregnant and my BMI is about 31 ..Could that affect my pregnancy and the health of my baby or increase the chance of any miscarriage?

Can a pregnant woman's mood affect her fetus' development?

Can adderal affect pregnancy?

Can Ampiclox affect conception?

Can an an enlarged uterus after pregnancy affect future fertility?

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Can apendicities operation affect conception?

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Can atamet affect pregnancy?

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Can diabetes affect pregnancy?

Can epilepsy medicine affect a pregnancy?

Can grave's disease affect a pregnant woman?

Can home insemination affect the baby?

Can hydrocodone affect conception?

Can masturbation hurt pregnancy or affect chances of conception?

Can my having a polycystic ovaries can affect my baby if i'm breastfeeding her?

Can my pregnet symptoms affect my partner?

Can neropothy affect the vagina?

Can psoriasis affects pregnency how if yes?

Can sex(not pregnancy) affect the breast size?

Can stress and nervous experiences , difficulties between me and my partner , affect my pregnancy, or make me lose it?I'm 22weeks pregnant.

Can sunburn affect the baby in pregnancy?

Can taking ciprofloxacn 500 mg 2x a day for 5 days affect my chances of conceiving and implantation?

Can taking progesterone during pregnancy affect the developing fetus negatively? Do pregnant women sometimes use progesterone or progestin?

Can the change of your hormones affect pregnancy tests?

Can the thyroid affect a pregnancy ultrasound?

Can thinking affect the growth of my baby? I am 15weeks pregnant passing through emotional problem

Can uti-related anti-biotics and other medication affect the outcome of pregnancy tests?

Can worms affect pregnancy or baby?

Can worms affect your ability for conception?

Can you please discuss cytomegalovirus and how does it affect pregnancy?

Can you tell me about pregnancy, could this affect the baby?

Can you tell me how pills (I took Vermox when I was 4 weeks pregnant) affect a 4 weeks old fetus? when do organs begin to develop? what are the risks?

Cold and fever 38 degree during ovulation affect conception or reduce chances of conception? Panadol (acetaminophen) affect conception?

Could an abortion affect a womens ability to lactate if she where already breastfeeding?

Could andenomysis affect my ability to become pregnant?

Dear Sir, What should be the thyroid test parameters during pregnancy. And does it effect the unborn in any way?

Do cysts affect pregnancy or affect a person from not conceiving.

Do multiple abortions affect a woman's ability to get pregnant?

Does a deviated uterus affect your ability to have a normal pregnancy?

Does a mother's state of mind prior to conception affect the fetus?

Does being sick affect the fetus ? 32 weeks pregnant

Does conceiving after 17th day affect child health. I am having a cycle of 28th day.

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Does nephrocalcinosis have any impacts on pregnancies? Please, need some answers?

Does pregnancy affect depression?

Does pregnancy affect the mother's eyes?

Does pregnancy affect the thyroid and vice versa?

Does pregnancy affect the thyroid and vice versa? Will high levels cause the fetus any distress?

Does pregnancy affect your scoliosis? Please, need some answers?

Does Rheumatoid arthritis affects the pregnant women and her baby ?

Does shisha affect the first sign of pregnancy?

Does sweeping affect fetus at early pregnancy?

Does the blood moon affect pregnant women ?

Does the mothers weight gain throughout pregnancy affect the size of the fetus?

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Glaucoma, trying to conceive and pregnancy, can glaucoma affect this?

Herpes and pregnancy, could this affect?

How a frequent ultrasound affect pregnency?

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How could mercury affect a pregnant woman's health?

How did asthma developed? And is this will affect my pregnancy?Or for the baby? How did asthma developed? And is this will affect my pregnancy?Or the baby?

How do antiphysicotics affect a womans hormones in her 40's? Dont they negatively affect an already stressed thyroid?

How do diseases of pregnancy interrupt homeostasis?

How do fibroids affect pregnancy?

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How does bulimia affect me if i'm pregnant?

How does bulimia affect me if i'm pregnant?