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"can i get sick or catch a disease if 2 flies landed on food exposed for hours cooked potatoes and carrots 40 year old female?

A few bites into turkey burg before realizing it's raw in middle despite thermometer saying 165. Should I worry about sallmonella? Probiotics help?

A foodborne illness is a disease that is transmitted to people by food and water, right? So what if I drink shots of tequila with meals?

A friend says she gets sick from gluten that's in the air ( in a store after baking), gluten spores she said. Is this true?

After exposure to contaminated beef, how long does it take for vCJD to develop?

Are ( Sexually transmitted diseases) transmitted through swimming pools? What about sharing glass , spoons, eating or drinking leftovers ?

Are all thermophiles gram-negative? Can you share some sources?

Are fresh herbs dangerous since they are not cooked to kill bacteria?

Are fresh vegetables washed just before eating still able to infect humans if they were contaminated before washing? how do you know if they are safe?

Are people allowed to eat small mammals in the u.S., such as guinea pigs?

Are there viruses/parasites which can kill or eat other virus and parasites, when injected into infected person, like king cobras&king snake eat snakes?

Assuming the sprout i bought is contaminated with salmonella or toxigenic ecoli,etc. Will cooking sprouts kill them? Is the risk only in raw eating?

At what temperature and for how long will it take cooking to kill the botulism spores in food?

At what temperature does creutzfeldt-jakob disease virus in beef get killed when cooked?

Besides washing and cooking food thoroughly, are there any other ways to avoid a listeria infection?

Besides washing and cooking food thoroughly, are there any other ways to avoid salmonella?

By having a reptile do I decrease my life span because of diseases they carry like salmonella. Can i get it over and over if in exposed to it allways?

Can a person acquire a pathogenic bacteria &/or virus from swallowing chewing tobacco spit?

Can a person catch Hepatitis B or C from sleeping in a bed that was contaminated with large amounts of bodily fluids from somebody infected with those diseases? Sleeping in the bed within hours of the fluids being emitted.

Can a woman die from leptospirosis contracted by drinking from an infected soda can?

Can adults get botulism from honey? Is it true that honey contains botulism spores?

Can alcohol protect against food borne illness?

Can ascaridia galli infect humans, i accidentally are slightly undercooked chicken?

Can cooking food longer and at a higher temperature prevent gastroenteritis?

Can drinking water kill rabies virus?

Can eating ink kill you?

Can eating raw garlic everyday help fight against a HPV infection that causes warts????

Can EBV be transmitted through food sources?

Can ecoli and listeria survive outside food/refrigeration?

Can flesh eating bacteria live in cold water?

Can fresh cherries and milk cause cholera or lead to death?

Can herpes survive being microwaved? Example: if a person with herpes got their saliva in your food and then you microwaved it, are you still at risk?

Can HPV be transmitted by eating food, after smb. With HPV was eating it? Or is there too small amount of virus and it cannot be transmitted for sure?

Can I get a prion disease from eating calf brains or only by handling uncooked ones?

Can I get salmonella poisoning from a turtle bite?

Can I get sick by eating human blood in my food (e.g. HIV or hepatitis)?

Can I get staphylococcal infection by eating soiled food?

Can i prevent food poising if i drank alcohol with food?im traveling to india and getting anxious. doesnt alcohol kill germs and bacteria and parasite

Can I reduce my chance of an infection and sepsis if I cook my meat well-done?

Can I tell my primary school students that typhoid fever is equal to salmonella food poisoning?

Can Lasa virus be killed through contaminated cooking food?

Can listeria develop on spoiled food that wasn't previously infected, or does it have to have already been present before the spoilage occurred?

Can Lyme bacteria live outside an infected person in blood? Is transmission possible from blood that got into food an hour before eating. Microwaved.

Can salmonella contaminate your garbage disposal?

Can STDs be spread from sharing eating utensils with people while eating?

Can the brain eating ameoba survive on dust?

Can the live cultures in yogurt cause disease when eaten regularly?

Can touching listeria contaminated food, then touching my baby or putting my finger in her mouth give her listeria? What age is list. not dangerous?

Can uncured hot dogs contain listeria?

Can vegetables potentially infected with salmonella be washed and used?

Can vodka (or any alcohol) protect against food borne illness?

Can you contract food borne illness by handling raw meat w/ a small open cut or will the raw meat just cause infection of the wound itself?

Can you get a prion diseases from gm food?

Can you get food poisoning off touching a kitchen tap?

Can you get herpes from sharing food even if the food was not bit out of?

Can you get MRSA from eating or drinking after someone?I have a relative who just found out they have this.Doc said its not airborne caused by kidneys

Can you get salmonella from a snake?

Can you get salmonella poisoning from getting dirty turtle germs in a cut?

Can you get salmonella poisoning in the bloodstream through a paper cut on my hand?

Can you get scabies from eating food that someone touched, or is this highly unlikely?

Can you kill the herpes virus with any foods or by fasting?

Can you pass HPV through sharing drinks and food with family members?

Can you tell me about the flesh eating bacteria found in la?

Can you tell me this: 1. Is raw milk a carrier for intestinal, lung, or liver flukes that can live in humans?

Concerning restaurant food handling: Is any bacteria that is transferred from a person's dirty hands onto food destroyed by heat from an oven at all?

Could anthrax spread by consuming cooked infected meat?

Could CMV be transfered through food?

Could Scarlet fever be contracted by drinking contaminated water?

Could you get giardia in us through contaminated water?

Could you tell me if one were to eat human meat from person who had hiv, would the eater get HIV from it?

Could you tell me what are some common illness causing parasites/microorganisms found in creek water?

Describe ways of reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses dining out?

Do even expensive restaurants hire immigrant helpers? Id so, is there greater risk of food poisoning?

Do people swallow listeria germs with food everyday?

Do those veg rinses not help prevent the foodborne illness?

Does putting hot sauce into food lower the chances of catching food-borne illnesses?

Does putting ice into whisky prevent the spread of cholera?

Does the product airborne work to prevent germs?

Dropped food on clothes that may have hepatitis or HIV body fluids then ate it am i at risk?

Every time i give my baby who is 6 1/2 months finger food or any lumps she is vomiting loads she had salmonella about 5 weeks ago please help?

Feeling ill after cleaning out mainline to the septic tank and being exposed to raw sewage. Can this cause actual illness?

Foodborne illnesses can be prevented by doing handwashing and keeping surfaces clean. Plz list the cleaners and describe the practices?

Handled pet turtle right before eating 1.5 hours ago. Possible salmonella exposure?

Has there been any cases recorded where clostridium tetani infected human with tetanus by eating food? Thanks

Hep c, stage 3 liver, virus count: 700000. Would different foods affect my condition. If so, what kinds of foods should I be eating/staying away from?

Hi docs, would germs in food die when frozen?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is enterobacter cloacae and what causes it? Could it be caught from eating or drinking something contaminated?

Hi, is there a water borne bacteria that can cause a liver diasease?

How can food become contaminated?

How can i avoid ebola? i am 60..... please answer assap

How can I avoid spreading shigella in my restaurant?

How can i get rid of parasitic infection. done 100+ hours of research and been eating garlic to kill them. I believe i have roundworm and flukes?

How can I prevent malnutrition as a normal person who has little time to cook?

How can I treat cryptosporidium I drank contaminated water?

How can the food be disinfected from shigella?

How can you prevent getting listeria foodborne illness when pregnant?

How common is the flesh eating disease in urban areas?

How do eggs get infected with salmonella?

How do I clean my utensils after eating to protect someone with a peanut allergy?

How do I disinfect my cellphone and remotes in order to clean off giardia or other protozoa parasites (suppose they are there)?