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About formalin (used to preserve dead bodies)? Is it toxic or carcinogenic if you have to work with it?

Any advice? What substances are used in the place of formaldehyde?

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Are the ingredients in aerosol anti perspirant harmful for you when compared to regular anti-perspirant. Aerosol has lots more ingredients is Butane!

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Can 1 tube of bengay with 30 percent of methyl salicilate when overused be toxic?

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Can a toxin bind to an mrna? Does it make it more dangerous?

Can chemicals in the water cause autism?

Can cyanocobalamin be harmful or toxic?

Can cyanocobalamin be lethal or harmful to the human body if it cannot process the cyanide component? If yes, should one avoid cyanocobalamin?

Can formalin solution be harmful?

Can I treat abpa with aromatic oil inhalation?

Can inorganic compounds like fluoride and chlorine be absorbed through skin and inhaled? What are your expert opinions?

Can something such as a substance be carcinogenic and have anticancer effects at the same time?

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Can there be any toxins or poisons that neutralize each other?

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Can you please explain why isopropyl alcohol is harmful to the skin?

Can you tell me about mercurochrome iodine or merthiolate and are they still manufactured today?

Can you tell me how aldehydes and ketones react together?

Can you tell me how ethyl-ammonium bromide react with ammonia?

Can you tell me is cologne poisonous or toxic in any way?

Can you tell me what kind of pesticide is hydramethylnon and is it linked to autism, as some other pesticides are suspected?

Can your kidney fail due to being near pesticides and herbicides as farmer?

Contain 3.0*10^18 atoms of carbon. How many atoms of hydrogen does this sample contain?

Could cyanocobalamin be toxic?

Could I use activated charcoal for heavy metal toxicity?

Could you provide me with effects/alternatives of BHA/BHT, Triclosan, Pthalates, Benzene, or Phenols. As many as you can please?

Ddt and other pesticides and herbicides?

Do fake eyelashes with glue have dangerous ingredients like formaldehyde?

Do aluminum compounds that are ingested produce a metallic odor in urine?

Do carpets emit toxic chemicals?

Do plastic jugs/containers contain harmful chemicals?

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Does patron tequila have chemicals or gluten?

Ethylene glycol poisoning - is that only from antifreeze?

Help about thiomersal; is it converted inside your body to something toxic?

Help please! is alcohol the only chemical used to fight germs?

Help please? What harmful effects does ethyl acrylate have?

Help please? What is the difference between toxicity and toxicology?

How can I prevent my friend from sniffing dendrite (a glue consisting toluene and other intoxicants)?

How can I stop my friend from sniffing dendrite (a glue consisting toluene and other intoxicants)?

How carcinogenic is formalin?

How come aluminium is considered unhealthy for deodorants but zinc ricinoleate is considered natural?

How do atropines serve as an antidote to malathion poisoning?

How do complementary doctors treat chlorine bleach overdose?

How does organic have more nutrients? Is it because the pesticides and chemicals in spray bug repellents for plants lower the nutrient content?

How harmful are agriculture chemicals on human skin?

How harmful are halogens to the body (like chlorine and fluorine), really?

How harmful is the synthetic drug spice: "potpurri"?

How is xenon an anesthetic if it's an inert inert gaswith no function?

How poisonous is the smoke created by microwaving?

How to determine if a substance is poison using chemical and physical properties?

How toxic is potassium cyanide?

I bought BioActive nutrient and it has a sign 'extragent ethanol 60%', does it mean the product contains ethanol?

I drank some insecticide containing deltamethrin. What should I do?

I have ammonia, phenylenediamines and resorcinol in my eye, help?

I have heard how benzene is known to cause cancer and it's a derivative of petroleum so is there any amount of it on vaseline?

I have prescription antiperspirant from my doctor. How likely is it to overdose or have aluminum toxicity?

I know neoprene is considered a toxic chemical, but is it toxic to use neoprene dumbells for a workout? If so, how is it toxic through using dumbells?

I overused a 2 0z tube of bengay with methyl salicilate. Is this a toxic amount if it contains 30 percent of this chemical?

I read that tattoo ink may contain Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Does exposure to these chemicals guarantee cancer? Can the body rid itself these?

I think I inhaled a fungi called sordaria. Is it toxic? What should I do?

I want to know what is the difference between poison, toxin, and venom?

I work in a "farm" industry. Is it safe to work with fertilizers (ammonium sulfate, Zn, Mn, etc) or with herbicides and pesticides while pregnant?

If exposed to agent orange and other toxic chemicals. life cause muscular dystropy?

If peroxide are idine is swallowed can it be poisonous?

In chemistry, what is a compound?

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Is it true that ALS can be caused by the oxidation of the greenhouse gas methane?

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Is it true that eggplant may cause cancer because it contains oxidation agents?

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Is talc 'extremely toxic'?

Is there a cure for agent orange (dioxin poisoning)?

Is using ethyl chloride for narcosis harmful?

Lab chemicals highly toxic and harmful?

Mercurochrome, methiolate or iodine to prevent infection, which is safer and least toxic?

Most of the human body is made of organic compounds but why is tooth enamel inorganic?