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therapist quit on me, said I need specialized treatment, but he helped me so much, why would he quit on me when he helped me so much, am angry at him?

2 year old with sensory processing disorder. Want to learn so I can help her in addition to her therapy. Any recommended reading? Thank you

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Are there any good group therapies that help with tourette's?

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Are there good alternative therapies for major depression?

Are there medications effective in treating persisting, unprovable existential thoughts in teens with OCD?

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Aside from aa and counseling is there any medical tx available for overcoming alcoholism and how do I ask my dr about it?

At what point should a person dealing with anxiety, consider medication?

Avoidance tactics and strategies - why do you do them?

Bingeing for 27 yrs always in therapy incl cbt, ret, group, analysis, oa, ssris, bupropion, diaphr.Breathing, yoga, meditation, exercise...Is there still hope?

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Can mindfulness-based cognitive therapy treat depression?

Can obsessive compulsive disorder be treated with cognitive therapy or is medication use more common?

Can people with multiple physical illnesses still be a hypochondriac? Besides therapy and antidepressants any other treatment?

Can someone recommend a cognitive behavior therapist who specializes in insomnia in the buffalo, ny area?

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Can there be any way you can require someone to take anger management classes?

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Can you advise for pschotherapy please?

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Can you tell me what does cognitive behavioural therapy involve?

Can you tell me what is involved in cognitive behavioral therapy?

Can you tell me, are some therapeutic methods to avoid/cope with anxiety?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for ptsd. Thoughts or opinions? Is it worthwhile?

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Cognitive behavioral therapy not working, what to do?

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Could cognitive behavioural therapy work?

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Dbt for self-harm is not an option for me at the moment. I do not believe cbt is helping with it. What can I do to stop?

Deardoctor, i would like to know something about cognitive behavioral therapy.

Debilitating hypochondriasis, tried psychotherapy,occupational therapy,meditation,anti depressants,yoga,benzodiazpanes ,nothing works ?!what do I do?

Do all phycologists do cognitive behavioral therapy? Or is this something I have to ask for? What is it?

Do any of the docs here have experience using hypnosis to treat/cure paruresis?

Do any physiatrists offer talk therapy or are they just there for medication?

Do any psychiatrists have experience using ketamine for treatment resistant depression? This seems to be a growingly popular and relatively successful treatment / approach.

Do any rehabilitation centers focused on the treatment of depression?

Do you believe medication is always required in cases of major depression?  if not, what 3-5 behavioral changes are key to managing depression?

Do you know if there are any cognitive behavioral therapy people I could talk with for free?