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16 yr male,uncircumcised, frequent Urination,pos-void dribbling. Urinelaysis neg,doctor no concern, symptoms come and go for weeks. ?

2 utis within 5-6 months july and december with burning and blood. After intercourse I have frequent urination no blood or burning. Vaginal itching.

20 yrs old. Bad pain in kidneys, very frequent urination, pain in kidneys when urinating, blood in urine, going on for 3+ months. No infection. ?

23 y/o female. What does it mean when you have to urinate frequently? Like there's pressure on my bladder? My urine is normal. No other symptoms.

3 days ago i had blood in urine. Now no, but still have frequent urge to urinate and slight burning. No health insurance. Do i need antibiotics?

34 m. Slight tingling/ irritation in uretha on urination and ejaculation -seems to get worse at night. Urine analysis didn't show anything. Any ideas?

5 year old with frequent urination and accidents x 4 days. No pain, no fever. Urine culture negative. Sugar also tested in urine and was ok. What could cause frequent urination with negative urinalysis?

6week duration.urge to urinate/frequent urination/painful bladder/pressure&pain in urethra.Urine/STD tests neg.responded to Meds, but returned.why?

9 year old girl lower abdomen pain when urinating. No fever, no burning, no blood in urine, does not urinate more frequently than usual. UTI?

A lot of blood in urine for 6-7 hours, pain during urination. Now, 6 days later, urethra is irritated still. No UTI. Can this be a bladder stone?

A response to the doctors response what should I do? The symptoms of a UTI include, fever, chills, burning with urination, urinary frequency, blood in urine and having to get up at night to urinate frequently. This requires antibiotics. Blood in the ur

A week after my period, i felt pain while urinating for the first time and after 2 days i had blood clot in my urine..UTI or STD?..need help please

About 36 hours ago i was having UTI symptoms, urge to pee, pain after urination. Now the symptoms are lessening to almost gone. Still need a doc?

About a week ago I went to the doctor for a UTI, then I passed a kidney stone, now I still have burning, and frequent urination, but it's not cloudy.

After 10 days of Cipro (ciprofloxacin) for UTI (bacteria and white blood cells in urine), I still have freq. urge to urinate and feel pressure below. Residual?

After a 4 month ecoli uti, i now have weird tickling? Sensation in my urethra and very tiny traces of blood on urine test strip?

After a UTI 12 months ago which took 5 weeks to clear I have been left with a constant urge to urinate and what seems to be urethra irritation.

After I pee have feeling of dripping which becomes discharge.sometimes mild groin pain and cloudy urine with with grit in it. No sti or uti?

Am premenepausal and leaking urine. today morning after urinating a burning sensation on my private part and some blood. Help?

At times during intercourse, a watery liquid will gush out. Sometimes has a urine odor, bladder not full, no typical urine sensation. What is it?

Back pain fevers cloudy and foul smelling urine painful urination swelling in vaginal entrance history of bladder/kidney infections. Ideas?

Back pain, pelvic pain, frequent urination, slight urine odor, and yellowish discharge. Could it be a UTI or kidney infection?

Bad smelling urine. No pain, blood or anything associated with infection. What could it be?

Bladder infection? Always have to pee, burning, barley go, slight blood, (very light)

Bladder pain , mostly before urinating; urine feels somewhat hot, is sometimes cloudy, also feel feverish. Help please? Also have WBC in urine

Bleeding from vaginal hole, while having burning sensation from pee hole, & slight cramps what's wrong with me? Had urinalysis & CBC done, abnormal.

Bleeding vaginally on & off in urine starch cramps tired blood taste in mouth hard time urinating like a UTI i'm diabetic could it just be uti?

Blood in urine, burning sensation when urinating, no fever. Is that uti?

Blood in urine, burning sensation when urinating? Any OTC meds until I get antibiotics?

Both flank into front ache. Stinging when finish peeing. Urine culture said no bacteria growth. Had blood in pee. No fever. Some testical/groin ache. ?

Bright neon yellow urine, lower abdo pain, pressure in vagina, sore during intercourse, drinking 2-3ltrs water per day, cud I have a kidney infection?

Burning feeling all day after bowel movement and ejaculation?Urinalysis and Urine Culture Test clear. Issues from 6 years after varicolectomy.Solution

Burning sensation at the start of urination, moderate pain in the 2 testicles, weak urine flow , can doxycline help pls?

Burning sensation when sitting/standing up. Frequent urination. Thinking yeast infection? Negative for ghonnarrea and chlamydia.

Can a UTI present as a pressure or bloated feeling in the bladder but no burn when peeing?

Can a UTI present very suddenly and severely but without discharge, odor, burning or cloudy urine? Just pain to where I can't lay down at all

Can a uti/bladder infection cause dark stool? Only symptoms I've been having in frequent urination. But know I noticed dark stools.

Can birth control cause you to frequently pee? I've been experiencing urgency but its not like UTI symptoms.

Can certain bladder infection symptoms be signs of pregnancy. Back pain, cramping, no stinging when urinating, no cloudy/bloody urine?

Can constipation cause pressure in the pelvic region for females?...almost a feeling of "fullness" 19 year old, negative for UTI, urine urgency

Can Flagyl cause frequent urination? I have urinated 8 times in the last 4 hours and I go a lot each time. I am on it for BV. Urine is clear&odorless

Can highly acidic urine cause burning pain?

Can holding the urine for long can cause uti, and can soap burning also cause?

Can holding urine for a little longer causes burning while urination?

Can i have sex while having a mild uti? I only have frequent urgency to pee. Also can i pass it on while having sex ?

Can im b12 cause sickly sweet urine smell? No s/s infection present and no pain or burning.

Can morning after pill cause excessive need to urinate, blood in the urine and burning pain when urinating?

Can piles cause burning sensation when u pass urine?

Can you have a urinary tract infection without pain? My only symptoms are light pink bleeding and horrible pressure as if I have to push to urinate

Chills and painful urine?

Chills hot flashes low fever frequent urination no pain, burning, or smell. Always clear urine. ?

Cloudy discharge pain in left testicle when urinating urine tests neg for stds & infection. what could this be?

Cloudy urine mid to end of flow, some times very slight pain in testicles / penis. This happens ever few days. Is this a uti, prostatitis, other?

Cloudy urine, foul fishy urine smell, pre/post urination pain, hardness n pain in right epididymis after urination. Puss cells no varicocles. Help..

Cloudy urine, held my pee in for a couple hours, some discharge, lower abdominal pressure. What is this ?

Concern about kidney?Frequent urinary, cloudy urine, semen and burning, ruq and rlq and back pain.Cipro (ciprofloxacin) for10weeks.Urine culture negative-symptoms still?

Constant urine infections?

Constant UTI blood and protein in wee, wee frothy could I have glomeruloneihritis?

Constantly peeing abdominal pain and spotting and underwear right after peeing? Could this be a urinary tract infection?

Could an untreated UTI lead to something worse? Tested positive for trace protein/blood in urine. Urine odor, odd sensation after urination.

Could frequent urination be a sign of an std? Sometimes urine is dark, but mostly not. I use the bathroom at least fifteen times a day, and its not simply the urge. It doesn't feel like a urinary tract infection; no burning, no feeling of urgency without

Could I have prostatitis, or kidney stones, or what? I am a 19 year old male. I had some lower back pain and occasional burning of my urethra during urination for weeks. I went to the doctor and after urinalysis tests; he said that i didn’t have urethri

Dark urine pain while urinating?

Day 1 Blood n clot mixed in my urine, Painful(groin) n constant urge to urinate, Fever. Day 2 Frequent thirst n urination, No blood, No pain, No fever

Diagnosed with uti. Went thru anti-b and urine screening was clear. Still have some burning after urination, seems to get worse more i urinate daily?

Discomfort in the urethra having urge to urinate with very little urine flow . No discharge. What can this mean?

Do I have a urinary track infection? My symptoms include light pink blood, burning sensation after urinating, I have read many articles have said uti

Do i see bubbles in my urine if I have an uti?

Do you have pain in the vagina with a uti. 2 days ago had blood in urine. That is gone. Now have pain and urge to urinate . No burning?

Does the Nexplanon cause uncontrollable bladder and cloudy/burning pee? I've had it since Aug 2015. ?

Dr, urinary problem that is semen is going with urine and cause pain also. ?

Dribbling of urine after voiding.. Sometimes it burns sometimes doesn't.. No itching. Urine colour s normal. Does anxiety causes increased urination?

Experiencing frequent urination from last 15days....My blood sugar levels are normal....Color of urine is normal and there is no burning sensation..

Feel some burning, but urine dip and urine culture all totally normal. Can burning possibly be from a yeast infection?

Feeling weak, tired, lighthead (weightless head), no pain in urination, but leukocyts in urine. Is it uti?

Feels like I'm peeing out a brick, pressure. Hurting urethra, Cloudy urine, burning AFTER peeing, doctor said it WASNOT a UTI. What else could it be?

Female with infrequent and little urge to urinate, pain in urethra accompanied by numbness too. Started after masturbation, urine showed no UTI. ?

First 6 days blood in urine. Now constant penis pain, incontenace, small stream, urgency, tissue bits in pee but no UTI after scope 30 days ago. Help!

For ~4 days I had mild r/s flank pain, worse when urinating, w/2 episodes of cloudy urine only. 2 days later, symptoms are almost gone. Do I need Dr.?

For 2 days I've had a strong and strange smell to my urine and it's cloudy. Have had flank pain off and on. What could this be? No fever or vomiting.

For a few weeks my urine has a strong odor that will clear a bathroom, it's a mic of yeast and ammonia. I have no pain when i urinate nor back pain?

For a long time I have had back pain cloudy urine urinary urgency leaking urine cuz i don't make it to toilet. Lately i don't feel when i leak or pee?

For about a month having cloudy urine and foul smelling urine without burning. Pain lower right sidehad strip test no uti?

For the past month I have had the "heavy" feeling of an UTI infection and at the same time I have an urgency with my bowels. ?

Freq urination. Bad abdominal pain. Urine clean. Blood normal. Chlamydia/gonn neg. what could this be?

Frequent urge to pee. Mild stinging constant feeling. Not uti. 28 f no kids. Std? Or something else?

Frequent urge to urinate and pain in the clitoris immediately after also have a bloody mucus discharge?

Frequent urge to urinate but urine test comes out negative? No pain or bleeding

Frequent urge to urinate, lack of urine stream, discomfort around urethra, and milky white discharge. No UTI, STD or cultures present. Other causes??

Frequent urination and full feeling but not a UTI my 6 year old daughter has to urinate frequently but has no signs of a uti. I took her to the dr on 12/18, they ran a urinalysis which came back normal. The dr did examine her and found irritation on the

Frequent urination burning penis. Negative tests for STD diabetes, uti. Was told it may be tress. I can't sleep with this feeling?

Frequent urination for two weeks. No pain burning odor or odd color. Recently had a kidney function test & a urine test & the dr didn't say anything?

Frequent urination with cloudy urine, slight burning sensation, spotting, yellow discharge. Whats wrong?

Frequent urination with little coming out. Urge to go. No pain. Urine culture negative. What could be wrong?

Frequent urination, lots or urine, no smell, no color, no pain, didn't consume a lot of beverages, started today. Uti?

Frequent urination, no discharge nor dark colored urine, pain in penis when wiping buttocks. What might this be ? Can it go away on its own?

Frequent urination, not much coming out, and visible blood. Uti or kidney stone?

Frequent urination; burning & itching. Constant headache. Discharge. Foul unregular smell. Sudden cramps. Blood in urine? Husband might be cheating

Frequent urination. Abdominal pain. Urine culture negative. Back of tongue yellow w/ bumps. What could this be?

Gooi think i must have interstitital cystisus very sore bladder when peeing frequent and smell pee?