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Boy 12 with recurring chest infections every 2 wks what could be happening??infectio

"im going to be having a vaginal biopsy tomorrow for my frequent infections i was told there is a possibility of having a vaginal mass why is that?"

2 days of kidney pain, thats mostly gone but i have burning in urethra now. no fever. urine odor is also different, should i make a DR appt or wait?

6th kidney infection in less then a year...Dr thinks they could be caused by endometriosis...Is this possible? Suggestions on what to do next?

A while ago i had a kidney infection and whenever i need to use the restroom i have the pains that i had when i had the infection.

After I have sex for a long period of time..It feels like I have a bladder infection for about a day. Any suggestions to avoid this?

Any tips on how to avoid bladder infections?

Are recurrent but treated utis during pregnancy dangerous and why would they keep coming back?

At the ER so far i been told I have a bladder infecton do u think its best if they remove my stent now since its causing infection?

Bacteria infection took anti-biotics, went away. Now wake up to pee 4 times a night. Scar tissue? Prostatis? Nerve meds 4 overactive bladder not work.

Been spotting for 4 days. Then I realized I have the urge to urinate often as if I have bladder infection also there is something like mucus. Wht is t?

Being treated for a kidney infection, can that effect your period and when it comes?

Bladder pain and burning sensation after pee. 3 weeks. Pain comes and goes. Urine culture - no infection. Gynae - clear of any infection. What causes?

Bladder, UTI-like pain 2 months. Neg for UTI, but pos for vaginal infec. Will Flagyl cure this, and is it common to feel UTI-like when it's vaginal?

Burning I have burning when i uninate or when i hold urine. I also burn when I am sitting up right, why is this? I have been checked for a uti, and any major std, what is it and how can it be treated?

Burning in my urethra,except for when I urinate.No UTI's,STD's bladder/kidney infections.Seems to worsen/feel better with Diflucan (fluconazole).What could this be?

Burning sensation like bladder infection . Has been going on for over 2 months. Not UTI and not ic or any other urinary problem. Help !?

Can a bladder infection mimic a short period?

Can a major yeast infection cause UTI like sympt such as burning or slight pressure?

Can a person pass stool from the bladder? Have had a UTI for a few months and been on a half dozen rounds of antibiotics, air in urinary tract, pain through back and side, nausea and vomiting, urine looks like theres a lot of stuff in it and smells like s

Can a urinary tract infection make you feel numb down there on one side ?

Can a urinary tract infection make your stomach bloated or look slightly bigger?

Can any doc tell me what's it like getting a urinary catheter?

Can any type of vagina infection cause frequent urination? twice at night in bed, 4-5 times during day.

Can being overweight cause a UTI? I've had bladder infections at least once a month for 8 months. It keeps reoccurring even with medication.

Can bladder infection symptoms come and go?

Can bladder infections turn into kidney infections?How can you tell? My lower back is killing me and my MS fatigue is crazy worries me something is up

Can e-coli lay dormant and then suddenly cause kidney infections?

Can flushing your system get rid of UTI and kidney infections?

Can going in the ocean while on your period cause a bladder infection?

Can herpes effect the urethra? Can it make it feel as though u have UTI symptoms?

Can I call my gyno about a urinary tract infection instead of seeing my gp?

Can I use a hot tub when I have a uti/ bladder infection?

Can I use the hot tub when I have a uti/bladder infection?

Can large labia minoras be why women get frequent UTIs/bladder infections? Maybe the bacteria gets trapped?

Can my boyfriend be the one causing my chronic uti's?

Can my husband's chewing tobacco cause a bladder infection or UTI?

Can nervousness cause the feeling of a UTI infection ?

Can prolapse bladder cause frequent yeast infec. Pap smear normal. Always have quite a few but lately been more frequent. If not what am I doing wrong?

Can summers eve cover up symptoms of UTI or any other infections?

Can the bladder infection go away without medication?is one of the risk factors is having had before UTI?because I had it

Can u get a bladder infection from alcohol?

Can u get bladder infection frm a lake?

Can you die from bladder stone that can't be removed due to the pain it is causing, and that also keeps causing infections?

Can you get a baterial skin infection if your girlfriend has had trouble with utis? It has hurt to urinate only once.

Can you get pregnant if you have bladder infection?

Can you smoke while haveing chlamydia. And how can you tell if your body is back to normal when you have a bladder infection?

Can you swim after getting a kidney infection?

Can you tell me about bladder/uti infections so bad that its being ruining your life?

Can zpack make me urinate frequently ? I'm on day 4 of 5 & up 5 times a night. I have upper respiratory infection. Altho I have thick discharge lately

Can't stop being sick with kidney infection?

Chronic ear/throat pain, yeast infect., bladder infect. & constipation for 2 years & for 3 weeks have had nausea and frequent urination, what's wrong?

Coffee cause uti? I get frequent utis, intimate last night and in some pain today. Will coff. help in development of uti or just worsen existing ones?

Constantly plagued by cystitis symptoms since op last April. Had catheter. One infection treated with antibiotics. Ural helps bit. Cranberry. NO! Help?

Could cancer make it painful for me to urinate, or is that more likely to be an std?

Could my UTI reoccur? I have previously been treated for a UTI and an STD. My symptoms now feel liKe a UTI. The pain started after I had protected sex

Could you tell me if gallbladder infections go away on their own?

Cystoscopy showed urethra swollen feel it & it comes and goes no infection so what causing it?

Diagnosed through urgent care that i had yeast infectionin the bladder feels like a UTI but was cleared of that can you have a yeast infection of the bladder that doesn t have itchy vagina just pain in the bladder pelvic area no pain while going tot he ba

Diagnosed with a urine infection but i think it might be in my kidneys too. How do I get checked?

Do I have a unrinary tract infection or can this also mean I am about to have my perod? I am a virgin. When i go use the bathroom it is okay until I am almost done and it feels like something is just about to fall out.

Do I have a urinary tract infection still? Okay i talked to a doctor on here and the person said it sounded like i had a urinary tract infection, my period came on monday and was coming off now i went to use the bathroom it stilled burn but there was fre

Does having sex with someone who does not shower every day or sometimes everyother day increase the chances for a bladder or kidney infection? What %

Every month I have kidney infection. Vomiting dehydrated. Urine looks like tea smell bad. Several antibiotics at once. y does it keep happening?

Every time a UTI is coming on I get dizzy, chills, headaches and depression. Will have to see urologist as they are reoccurring after antibiotics :( ?

Finally got rid of uti. Yet I feel like I still have it. Also said my kidneys were functioning about 50% bc of all the kidney inf.what do I do?

Following a upper respiratory infection a couple months ago, I have had mild / sporadic burning in tip of urethra and bladder. Urinalysis negative.?

For two years now ive had burning when I urinate ive been tested for bladder infections,also urinary track infections and nothing?

For what length of time can I wait with a bladder infection before seeing a doctor?

Frequent infections, what should I expect in workup?

Frequent urination at night, lower back pain. Not responding to antibiotics for uti. Other causes? 18 y/o girl, otherwise healthy. Not pregnant.

Good morning, I have some concern about my health. To start with I had a UTI back to 2011. Since then I get infections every 1-3 months.

Had a urinary tract infection, took medicine for that. Now i keep having burning what is causing that? What is causing the discomfort?

Had chamlydia and have herpes had antibiotic but every since then i still keep getting frequent urination ?

Had two bladder washouts last year for e. Coli infection. Things are better but still got symptons. Why hasn't it worked?

Had two cystoscopy and two bladder washes. Still have same symptoms. Red and inflamed uretha. All stemmed from ecoli last summer.

Have pain and stinging in bladder but have been treated for uti week agoand treated for thrush ?

Having a bit of blood mucous in my left nose only not as often yet i do not have not have others symptoms, i just gt recovered from UTI Urinary Tract?

Having regular urinary infections. V strong & bad smelling, often leads to kidney pain & fever. Samples coming back "borderline". Nothing in cultures?

Hello docs! can you tell me what could my frequent infections mean?

Hello docs. I was wondering can utis resolve themselves?

Hello doctor,i have been diagnosed Urinary Tract Infection during early months of my pregnancy amd went on a 2 week coarse of antibiotics..Now i am 5 ?

Hello Dr. I am taking doxycycline for a possible bacterial infection. But I am getting a buring sensation just after urination every time.Isthisnormal?

Hello I had a E Coli UTI last month cured by 1 week Alprim but I still constantly feel like I have a full bladder and frequent urination. Please help?

Hello, my bladder feels very stiff and hardened due to previous uti's, causing me to have a problem with urine voiding.R there any possible treatments?

Hello, I'm 37 I have a cyst on my thyroid I have a recurring uti and can't think straight what can I do.. why can't I stop the uti's from coming back?

Hello, what if you sit in urine that you just urinated out and the urine gets on the tip of your penis or goes back into the hole of your penis, can you get a urinary tract infection or a bacterial infection, or an infection of any kind

Hello! i had sex with a guy, turned into bladder infection/kidney. Got antibiotics but still is irritating and uncomfortable. Help!

Hey there I'm a 20 year old woman. An for the last year Iv had problems with peeing. As a child I did have a couple kidney inffections. The symptoms I?

Hi dr, am 35yrs old married with kids.Am incontinent of urine.Will get up in middle of nite socked.Was given antibotics for uti.But problem persist.?

Hi dr. I have burning urination and ultra sound show me cystitis when i take treatment l fell better after then 1 month signs return?

Hi i have cystinuria. I recently Was diagnosed with a bladder infection. I was given antibiotics, but now I am seeing streaks of blood when I wipe?

Hi i use a intermittant catheter and wondering if herpes can get into the urtha easily this way?

Hi there this is my question. I woke up this mornings by with terrible pain like in bladder region. Assuming it was bladder infection I've taking antibiotics I had on hand that's less than 3 months old I had from the last infection. It doesn't really burn

Hi there, do you know what can cause very smoky smelling stools & urine? I have a parasite infection which I have been treated for with very heavy antibiotics, however this happened before & after treatment. Only get it when I'm not feeling well. Could it

Hi there. I have a had symptoms which seem to correlate with bladder infection but something feels different and its not going away, water, cranberry?

Hi, I have pain when I urinate and it is very painful for me to have intercourse. My vulva is also sore however it's not a yeast infection. This has been going on for two years and many cultures have been done and it is not a urinary tract infection and n

Hi! i think I have a really bad yeast infection or bladder infection, I have to pee every 15 min. But without burning or itching.It also feels like?

How bad is my bladder infection? Will i be fine ?

How can I alleviate the symptoms (esp the urgency to urinate) of a UTI at home? I won't be able to see a doctor until tomorrow.