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2 months ago i had epidymitis in my right testicle. Only epidymitis. Took 7 weeks cipro (ciprofloxacin). Recent US showed normal epidymis BUT orchitis. Why? Cause?

4 month old boy, diagnosed with right testicle - hydrocele and left testicle - atrophy. Could it be due to Orchitis?

4 month old diagnosed with (1) left testicle atrophy (2) right testicle hydrocele with normal blood flow during ultrasound examination and report from radiologist and pediatrics. Can surgery be performed for left testicle atrophy for 4 month old?

6 weeks ago testicles hanging low. 1 week later they r hanging high. Ultrasound showed will urologist investigate further?

A report on usg of scortum : impression :- left epididymitis with simple cyst in tail region. ?

After having 6 scrotum us, 5 urinalysis, 2 ut us, 1 CT scan finally, doctors found that the dilation of my right side testis veins is due to uti. ?

After testicle torsion is fixed, how do doctors determine if the testicle is dead or not? Does an ultrasound show whether a testicle is dead or not?

An urologist physically examined my testicles and found nothing wrong. Does that mean I have no testicle oddities?

Any relation with microlithiasis pancreatitis and testicular microlithiasis?

At age 20, Scan revealed left epidymal cyst, left varicocele, small right hydrocele. Will this greatly affect fertility now in my 30's? Never treated.

Calcinosis of the scrotum, will they come out?

Can doppler ultrasound detect injury to the scrotal -testicular ligament?

Can a groin pull result in epididymitis?

Can a scrotal edema be removed?

Can a scrotal ultrasound almost always show if someone has testicular cancer? If not what do they do? Just remove everyone's testicles?

Can an epididymal cyst or inflammation of the epididymis or hydrocele cause swelling of inguinal lymph nodes ? (less than 1 cm)

Can an US detect scar tissue at all? (Scrotal testicles) also, is orchitis very noticeable on an US even when it's JUST starting?

Can epiddymitis inflammation have an effect on the testicle and cremaster muscle? Can it be seen on ultrasound?

Can I die from scrotal swelling if I ignore it?

Can MRI detect a micro tear in inguinal canal which a usg can't and can it detect mild inflammation/swelling of vas deferens in pelvis when usg cant?

Can MRI scan of the testes detect injury to the scrotal-testicular ligament?(gubernaculam)

Can my doctor tell if I have a hydrocele by doing an ultrasound?

Can normal vascularity be present on ultrasound in ischemic testicle?

Can residual inflammation or damage from epiddymitis on the testicle muscle be seen on ultrasound?

Can testicle muscle damage be seen on ultrasound?

Can ultrssound detect tear in the inguinal canal?If not what else can?

Can wear or tear of spermatic cord be seen on ultrasound? And is it attached to the eppidydimal?

Cause of regular testicular swelling?

Could a testicular ultrasound be misread?

Detected grade 1 vericocele ? help me?

Do cold sitz bath affect testes my right testis pains.Ultrasound showed microcalcification whereas i m taking antiobiotic please help me...

Doctor my right testis pains while sitting a lot &while walking.Ultrasound showed microlithasis.Early varicocele found in left testis.Plz help me!

Does a normal color doppler ultrasound completely rule out testicular ischemia and testicular abscess?

Does a normal ultrasound following epididymitis and scrotal trauma imply that the testicles are alive or could the normal ultrasound be false negative?

Does an ultrasound show every detail of the scrotum region? If not, what else can?

Does u have any painin testis, spermatic cords or scrotum swelling if u have kidney issues? Infections or disease of kidney?

Done ultrasound for undescendent testis,but couldnt be traced,urologist said it was'nt present by birth is it possible???no where it was seen by uts?

Dr i had pain in rt testis.Ultrasound showed bilateral testicular microlithasis.Will it affect my life in future.Is it dangerous please tell truth answer?

Dr i m 22 have a right testis pain.Ultrasound showed microlithasis and early varicocele on left testis 3mm & on valsalva 3.3mm.Plz clearify im worried?

Dr lin. orchitis nitrofurantoin follow-up.Had scrotal ultrasound for pain and inflammation. Showed orchitis only. No std. No other issues/mass. ?

Dr told me I have bilateral testicular atrophy, is here anything that can be done?

Full blood count 10 sept normal. aching on Testicle. had ultrasound 15 Oct normal. Lump on testicle 20 Oct. What r chances it is cancerous?

Gradual testicular pain for 4 months. US + MRI negative. Suspicion orchitis + epididymitis. Surgery for confirmation or antibiotics? Celiac disease.

Had 7 scrotal us, out of 7, 5 us are normal and in the remaining 2 us early varicoceles were found. Which report do I follow?

Had a scrotal ultrasound done on left side. Found a couple of stones. Could this be testicular cancer?

Had a ultra sound results said i have bilateral epididymal cyst on my right testicle . It's uncomfortable and around the size of a marble?. What does this really mean and does that require surgery? Help!

Had an ultra scan of testis which shows grade 1 extra testicular varicocele left side. Does it need treating I'm also exp discomfort in testis and ab?

Had hydrocele, and an operation three years ago on my right testis, but still the testis stays horizontal. Recently did ultrasound and it is ok. Help?

Had left testicular removal in 2007 due to testicular cancer and now diagnosed hydrocele in right testicular. What is the safe effective treatment ?

Had left testicular removal in 2007 due to testicular tumar. Yestrday diagnosed hydrocele in right testicular. Will it develop into testicular cancer?

Have testicular varicocele on both sides. If secondary, what exactly could cause them? Have may-thurner syndrome-possibility? What else can I look for

Hello sir i want to know if filariasis can also cause hydrocele?

Hi , i had a recent doppler of scrotum and my testis dimensions are rt:28x25x18mm, lt:29x31x19mm...Is it normal for 25 yo male?

Hi. I was diagnosed with testicle varicocele 7 years ago. Usually there are brown spots in my semen for many years. Is that related to varicocele?

How accurate is a scrotal ultrasound at ruling out scrotal hematoceles?

How can I find if my spermatic cord is twisted? What are the symptoms?

How do doctors determine if a testicle is dead?

How do I identify I have a dead testicle?

How do you describe an appendix testis? Is it a normal finding?

How do you know you have vericocele veins at the core of testis what are the symptoms and what possible test is there to find out?

How does a doctor do a testical exam? Do they actually look at your penis and scrotum? How is one done on a male?

How easily would a testicular abscess be picked up on a scrotal ultrasound? Even a small abscess in the testi? Easily noticed?

How easily would a testicular abscess be picked up on a scrotal ultrasound? Even a smaller abscess? Easily noticed?

How is a backflow of URINE up through the vas deferens into the epidymis causing epidymitis diagnosed? What tools will accurately diagnose this?

How is enlarged testicular veins treated?

How is undescended testis diagnosed on ultrasound?

How to not be embarassed during testicular ultrasound?

Hydrocele surgery 6mo ago. Testicle bigger than other. If it does NOT glow with transillumination test, is it just healing,or did hydcle return?

I am 18 yrs old nd my one testis is larger than anothr.. That it is symtoms of hernia or a cancer?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and did a scan that says fetal abdominal Ascites and bilateral fetal scrotal hydrocele were noticed?

I did raiological ray for my testes result testes normal size. Bilateral varicocele widest vein on each 3mm no refluxing no fluid in scrotum now what?

I found something tethered to my testicle what might it be?

I got a testicular ultrasound?

I had a varicocelectomy a week ago and the swelling is reducing but the varicocele is still there. When will I see results?

I had an ultrasound on my testis that found Epididymal calcification. Do these cause symptoms and should I be worried?

I had testicular torsion on left side testicle.They couldn't find it in ultrasounds and surgery was suggested.What to do now?What precautions?

I have a hard testicle , however AFP levels are normal as well as blood work , the doctor suspected hernia , what should I do ?

I have a hydrocele in my right testicle. I have had ultrasound to confirm this. I can't feel my testicle too much fluid. How do I check for cancer?

I have a hydrocele that feels hard. I had an ultrasound 5 years ago, and it confirmed the hydrocele. How often do you need a follow up?

I have a lump on my testicle and fluid in my scrotum, got a ultrasound and was declared benign, but the doctors wouldent take it out why?Canitturncanc

I have a swelling solid in my scortum of testis what will be that?

I have an undecended testes left side. at my age could it be possible to correct this? it is located at my groin according to my ultrasound test

I have an unknown swelling in my scrotal sac. What should I do?

I have been checked with bilateral small vericoceles on the testicals what should be done after the findings?

I have bilateral small hydrocele what can i do dr.

I have swelling on left testicle I have had a scan is not cancerous but I have 5 cists is there any easy way to make it better?

I have tubular ectasia, tiny calcification ,mild hydrocele on rt testis and bilateral epididymal cysts as us report.had penile cancer 4 yr ago. help?

I have undecended testis by birth I got usg of whole abdomen, MRI scan at 3 Tesla and 5 tesla but couldn't find anywhere my left testicle.will it harm?

I know epididymal cysts are relatively common and benign, but what about other testicular cysts? Ultrasound show 'cyst on testicle' 2 x 1 x 2 mm.

I need a testicular ultrasound. Is it possible that a male tech may be sent to do it?

I read scrotal ultrasound has low sensitivity for diagnosing testicular ruptures resulting from blunt trauma. How can I then know if there is a ruptur?

I was told I have a isolated right varicocele, and no treatment needed. But i've read that a right varicocele needs to be investigated. What do I do?

I'm worried I have testicular cancer, I have researched and found that varicocele is a possibility, it is in the vein of my right testicle and aches?

I've had epididymitis for over 13years , I just got treated about 2weeks ago , but the doctor did an ultrasound and they said my blood flow and testicle size and echo texture are normal ,the right epididymal head is normal but I have a small 3mm cyst in b

I"ve varicocele in left testicle and of grade i after doing ultrasound, i have50% of sperms are immobilie upon spermogram, is it due to this varicocele?

If the spermatic cord is broken from testicle would it be obvious? And could it be diagnosed by physical?

If a man had mild orchitis would it still be easily noticeable on a scrotal ultrasound? What does it look like to the radiologist on the ultrasound?

If epiddymitis swelling has done damage to testicles, can a ultrasound show anything unusual? Can it show any change as well?

If my testicles size are normal according to us scan is that mean i do not have klinfelter syndrome ?

If there was testicle pain orr swelling in a testicle from chlamydia would that show on a scrotal US?