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"Reverse" hydrocelectomy? I am distressed by high, hard, lumpy remains of Jaboulay method. Worse than hydrocele. Can this mess/mass be cleaned up?

3 months ago i had a vericocele embolization. I am unhappy with the results, how can I tell if it was successful? Other than from being with a doctor

33 year old male. Diagnosed with varicocele in left testicle at age of 18. How serious could problems with reproduction and fertility be?

34 yrs Undecended testcles If i go Surgery Drop it down is that may cause problem or Is it ?

4 month old, left testicle atrophied. Consulted pediatric urologist, next step to secure normal right testicle with mild hydrocele "contralateral orchiopexy" recommended. My question, is it safe for 4 month old? Will there be any complexity?

5 days after my testicular torsion operation, my wound is bleeding. Should it bleed?

5 month old baby boy.1ped.urologist diagnosed bilat. nonpalp testis.ordered kareotype test.2nd ped. urologist say one side palp so as my pediatrician.

5 month old baby.full term.ped.urologist says bilat. nonpalp undescended testis.ordred karetypong for gender evaluation. 11 daysnow.intersex possible?

5month old baby.U/S saysboth testis in abdomen.urologist says bilat.non palp udt.but i feel his left testis in hand after bath&timeshowis it possible?

6 month oldboy.bilat.intrabd testes.laproscopic orchiepexy suggested.whats the success rate of procedue and %of becoming father later.u/s shows testes?

78 yrold male just had gallbladder removed...Now his penis is totally inverted, & testicles enormously swollen?. This has been 4 days?

7m old baby undergone laproscopic orchepexy for bilat. undestestis.both broight down.can it go up? if so how soon it can and how to find it out?

8 weeks ago I had a bilateral hydrocele repair done followed with multiple complications one being a Haematoma is it possible it could could enlarge?

9 days since hydrocele surgery. I think I'm having a speedy recovery. Very minimal discomfort. Can I masturbate? Don't want to ruin surgery.

9 years old boy has hypoplasia of testes+belly fat+almost obesity.Testesteron is 55% out of 100.Hair grow on testes. Is it curable to normal size?

A friend of mine suffered from testicular tosrsion and doctors removed his left testicle..Is there anything to worry about future doc?

A varicocele and hydrocele surgery will be obvious on my storcum for the rest of my life ? Or it will appear a little bit on it ?

Abdullah was born with penis connected to the scrotum sack and urinating slot between penis and scrotum. Is surgery success rate high? Is it affecting his future sexual life? Advised time for surgery?

About one year ago i got varicocele problem i did surgery with this surgery i got hydrocele . about six month ago i did surgery but problem remain.

After a lab scan i was confirmed to have hydrocele,. Can i boost sperm count, without surgery on hydrocele ?

After an ultrasound, I have been told I have a varicocele - is it worth have an operation to get it removed?

After anal fistula to be operated. Is it okay next to my varicocele to treat? In this case. Is it better if embolization is the Mx than to surgery?

After having neurolysis of the spermatic cord surgery a couple weeks ago I've noticed I'm still slightly swollen. I don't know how to support my scrotum, without buying anything. I'm not working and don't have any money. Your help is grateful and apprecia

After how long should spermatogenesis be normal after vacicocele operation and how does smoking affect it?

After hydrocele surgery to my son 5 years old dr that do operation said that everything is ok now! Must to think i for fertility problem for my son?

After hydrocele surgery will me get more erections?

After surgery it is founded that my 2 yrs son have only one any problem with his sex life and fertility.can one testis compensate 4 mising1?

After undescended testicle surgery in adult hood the person can be a father?

All my life my testicles use to hang low. Now for the last 2 months they hang high all the time. Ultrasound normal. What is wrong?

All my life my testicles used to have a normal low hang. Now for the last 2 months they hanger. Ultrasound revealed nothing. Why this happen?

An eight year old boy has femoral torsion. Can you suggestsome pediatrician or an orthopedician?

Answer from urologist please.9 Hydrocele abt 3x than other teste. urologist said to leave it, bc no pain, and long recvry. Other said it gets bigger?

Any advice? What surgery of testicals is safe?

Are there any medicolegal cases, when medical staff has shown negligence in diagnosing 4 month infant testicular torsion resulting in loss of testicle. Initial Newborn screening showed both testis normal shape and size. And now after 4 month they diagnose

Are there any sides effect of not doing the communicating hydrocele repaire?

Are there non-surgical ways to fix a varicose vein on my scrotum and preserve my fertility?

Are vericole, cyts on testicles and long periods of not releasing semen related?

At 17 i had an undescended testicle removed from my groin, the other one appears fine about 18ml. I am concerned about my fertility. i am now 20, also?

Best endocrynologist for systs surgery in both testies. I live in pakistan?

Bilateral nonpalp intraabd. testis.6 month oldboy.penis size normal.Doesit means testastrone secretion normal and which implies test is normal?

Bilateral nonpalp undesecned testis.6 month old boy.kareotype proves male.u/s shows both testis as intra abdominal.doc suggested laproscopy.what risk?

Bilateral undescended testes uppermost part of inguinal canal 4 year old son. how long is surgery? any other options befire doing the surgery? Risks?

Bilateral undescended testes. No pre-op exams, is that normal? How do I know there will not be an allergic reaction to anesthesia? Will he wake up?

Born with cryptorchidism. Orchiopexy at age 5. As i aged remained very small & is tender. 42 now. Any concern & is prosthetic worth considering?

Boys ages 4-12 and all have had a few minor testicular traumas with pain less than 3 mins. Any chance of tissue damage, fertility, or puberty issues?

Can a "growing" varicocele render infertility? Should pain with it be cause for worry?

Can a hydrocele surgery cause infertility or impotency..? How much risk assiciated (in % ). Thanks

Can a inguinal hernia affect sperm and pregnancy success?

Can a man be infertile if he surgically had his testes drop after birth?

Can a man having spinal anesthesia varicose vein surgery and have normal sperm? Can we try to conceive?

Can a man with one left sided testicle have healthy babies?

Can a misplaced testicles be fertile?

Can a person do masturbation after the varicocele surgery i mean after 4-5 days of surgery?

Can a spermatocele make you sterile?

Can a testicle that normally descended at birth ascend up into the inguinal canal later in by age 3-5? What is this symptom called? Treatments?

Can A Urologist Determine/Study if you have any abnormal lumps on the testicles ? If soo how will he or she cure it ? If there's any cure ?

Can a varicocele be cured without surgery?

Can an apendix surgery bring infertility problems in men?

Can any doc explain why can't I have a orgasm after haveing hydrocelectomy surgry?

Can being hit in the testicles cause fertility problems?

Can burst appendix in childhood (age 2) cause male infertility?

Can communicating hydrocele go away until teenage in boys??thank you!

Can communicating hydrocele surgery cause fertility problems to boys?

Can having a hernia in testical area affect a man's sperm count?

Can hydrocyl be cured without operation?

Can I have an orchiopexy done if I have bell clapper deformity so theres a high risk of torosion?

Can I have masturbation after inguinal-hernia operation?

Can I have most of the vas deferens removed during my vasectomy?

Can i masterbate after hydrocele removal?

Can i masturbate after 3 days of a varicocele surgery on my left testicle? It will damage anything if i masturbate now ? Im so worried Thanks Dr

Can i reduce my testosterone by getting a vasectomy or testicle removal surgery?

Can i shower after 6 days of testicular torsion surgery ?

Can i still impregnate a woman even though I have varicocele in my left testicle while the right testicle is healthy?

Can laparoscopic surgery be done on a hydrocele i want answer yes or no please say answer doctor ?

Can minoxidil canuse testicle problems?

Can my husband fly an aeroplane two weeks after varicocelectomy surgery?

Can my left sided varicocele cause mme to suffer from hypogandism as I have a testosterone reading of just 100?

Can one check if his spermatic cord is blocked? Want to check a crime is not done by doing a vasectomy with out my consent. Really worried & need help

Can operation of appendix can cause infertility to men?

Can pus which permanently blocks the epididymis or tubes in testis remain there permanently without me feeling anything?

Can regional anathesia be used for orchiopexy or testicular torsion surgery. General anathesia sounds terrifying ?

Can single testes with hydrocele lead to infertility?i had sex with my wife several times,now she missed her periods..urologist said chances are rare?

Can somebody get a hydrocele operation and penile implant at the same time?

Can someone tell me how people get testicular torsion?

Can stop and start technique in masturbation block up the vas deferens.?

Can the size of testes decrease after the age of 25 if yes then due to what reasons tel in detail?

Can the starting of testicualr torsion fix itself?

Can u take horse chestnut supplements for a left varicocele, although i already had a varicocele embolization, for recurrence purposes @ healthy Veins?

Can undropped testicle cause any problem with fertility?

Can workouts cause varicocele recurrence after 5 months of ligation surgery? Or is the recurrence has something to do with surgery itself?

Can you bathe after a hydrocele operation?

Can you give me more info on experience with undescended testicle surgery?

Can you have hypospadias and cryptorchidism together?

Can you have your testicle fixed if it doesn't properly pump sperm?

Can you tell me how I could cure an epididymal cyst except surgery?

Can you wait to treat undescended testes? If so, how long?

Could a sex-change operation be reversed?

Could hernia surgery affect a man's fertility?

Could hydrocele be cured without surgery?

Could i smoke after hydrocele operation?