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I can't pee while there is people in the bathroom, no matter how much I want to I just can't. Then I force myself and it hurts. Is it mental? Or what

what are some healthy tips when one bursting to void bladder how long should they wait & how but no around example in a car or such???

1.i am 20 and i am geting frequent wet dreams like once in every 3-4 days 2.after i am done peeing , it drips out 3-5 drops few mins later 3.backpain?

17 years old and a male.Every time I pee I dribble urine for 10 minutes. I went to the doctor and they tried flomax, (tamsulosin) miralax, exlax- no solution. Help?

28 years old male white fluid before urination if i hold it for too long urine flow is very low stops then again starts in drop by drop ?

30 years old always dribble urine throughout day coffee and alcohol make it worse been like this years but dribble all the time no matter what?

30 yr old female. No kids. Recent trouble controlling bladder... Slight leaking sometimes. Can't "hold it" long. When using toilet, can't stop flow.

33F. Lifelong bed wetting. Also, sometimes when I pee I feel like I've emptied bladder. But when I stand more pee comes out. Normal anatomy. Help?

5-20 minutes after peeing sometimes when I sit down in my chair I will leak a drop why? Had a cystoscopy showed nothing no infections

52 year old male. My urine is coming out with a much stronger flow than usual. Feels like putting a finger over the end of a garden hose. Advice?

58 yr old female. Don't get up at night to pee or wake up because of urge. But after up pee about every 10-15 min for 2-3 hrs. Would est vol 1 gal.

64 yo male hospitalized 3 months can now stand & walk but cannot urinate standing, just sitting using a pee bottle or sitting on the toilet. Ideas?

8yr old has curved penis when not erect. Needs to hold in urine to build up pressure in order to pee steady steam. Sees blood after urinating. Help!

A very minuscule amount of blood in my pee and it starts fine but gradually starts burning as I finish urinating. Why?

After 1 bottle of wate before bed, i get up about 2-3 times to pee at night. Does this mean my kegal muscles are weak?

After drinking alcohol, I have a hard time urinating.It is hard to start and takes a long time to finish.I strain to go and it dribbles slowly out.Why?

After ejaculation I notice I have?A harder time urinating for about 10 minutes?

After i pee, if i wait 1 minute &push, i pee a teaspoon & this can go on for a while, its like when i pee my bladder never empties, I have had many utis?

After i urinate once again urine drops coming continuously for 2, 3, times in a mint.Always i'm trying to push down side of scrotum to complete urine?

After I urinate, several drops still come out after a while, when I sit and lift my leg. I do the 'milking' to squeeze out the pee, still drips later.

After urinating small amount of urine remain in my penis which discharge slowly when I put pressure e.g sneeze. Is there any remedy for this?

After urinating when i stand up and lean forward much more fluid comes out?

After urination when i sit for work feel urine comes out in small drops and spoil my undergarments, occurs after 5-10min and then ends, is it a disease?

After urination, I still experience leakage of small amounts of urines, especially when I sit or squat. What is this condition? Any treatments? Thx

Almost 4 yo will poop in the potty great but not tell me when he has to pee. He used to do fine. now he has pee accidents unless I take him hourly. ?

Anytime i urinate i itch very badly, to the extent i can't sit properly, what could this be?

As a man what does it mean if i keep peeing every 5 minutes?

As I age, I pee more when I squat than sit. Doc says ok as long as I'm voiding (my PVR always in normal range). But why can't I void as much sitting?

At school i often needed the toilet but was not allowed to go so held urine for a long time. Now im 32 i find i constantly dribble throughout the day?

Bad habit of holding my pee for hours. Can this cause cancer or water retention? When i hold my pee i look very bloated and can literally see my tummy shrink while peeing. How bad is holding your pee?

Before I actually urinated some dribbles out , but only when I'm at work, I have a physical job?

Big bladder that holds much urine and cannot expelled enough during day. Can diurectics work?

Bladder doesn't seem to hold much urine before feeling the need to go to the toilet 30 female no kids, what could cause this? No incontinence.

Bladder is weaken and can't hold urine for long time and it also hurts if you hold your urine. Infection? How it can be cured? Medicines or naturally?

Blood on toilet paper after dribble of very painful urination... Urgent attention, or can wait until general practice opens tomorrow?

Bph on flomax and avodart (dutasteride) / when peeing some urine stays in urethra dribbles later /stays under foreskin/burns sometimes/should i force more when peeing or dry the head with toilet paper?

Burning in my penile tip, slow urine stream, i don't have uti, but once i ejaculated with semi hard erction at night asleep and urinated in 5 min as urged

Can a dropped uterus 1992 and caruncle outside of urethra and a Foley have anything to do with a feeling that vagine will dropout. Cant stand to long?

Can an urethral swab seriously damage the urethra? It's been hurting for 3d (while I pee & afterwards w/ walking) & is just now finally getting better

Can having an eating disorder hurt my ability for my bladder to hold in my urine?

Can hold urine cause prostatitis? I am a college student and have to hold urine during class. I need an answer cuz all sorts of info on internet.

Can holding urine for a long time habitually cause urinary hesitancy? If so, would it heal itself?

Can holding your urine for a long period of time cause fluid retention in the long run?

Can i buy a bladder catheter and set it up myself? Or another way to cleanly collect my urine without going to the hospital or using a bucket / cup?

Can I train my bladder to stretch and hold more fluid by holding in my urine when I feel the urge to go?

Can it be harmful to hold in urinating for a long time?

Can there be tablets available to stop someone from peeing their pants?

Can we hold urine till bladder get full..?

Can you get a hernia from holding your bladder too long?

Can you have a stricture if you have normal flow/fast? the bottom half of my stream sprays 5/10 times going pee but other times no spraying?

Can you slowly become bladder incontinence I feel that sometimes I'm not able to feel when I'm using the restroom, And not feel when I'm full?

Can you tell me if throughout a physical does the doctor make u pee in a cup if yes do we have to pee in front of the doctor and ur parent?

Can't move bowls for 8-9 days at a time. What could this be? Last time i had to drink the nitrate stuff in order to go I have no urges.

Can't see doc till April 22 don't have uti but I have frequency& when I urinate I dont empty all the way I have to stand and push hard to get it out?

Can't sit for more than 1 hour without needing a wee. When i urinate, I have some dribble about 1 or 2 minutes after. What could be the problem?

Can't urinate in public toilets unless completely alone.please help?

Can't urinate in public.Please give me some advice to heal?

Cant completly empty bladder, pee first go ok but it stop and i have to push the rest out but only a little go out urethal dilatation week ago, no uti?

Constant urge to urine(sometimes only a bit), leak also. How do I handle this with depends?

Constantly needing to urinate - any OTC to help with this?

Constantly peeing at night, get up 4-5 times. How long should I avoid fluids before bed? Should I hold pee in to get used to not going at night?

Could a long squirting session cause a uti?

Could a urethral spasm stop flow of urine when doing straight self catheterization?Or what might cause this to happen? Fullbladderwhen slfcing but urine flow comes inshort spurts&then stops altogether

Could giving up cigarettes have made my bladder weak?

Could you tell me what happens if i hold my bladder in for long periods of time?

Could you tell me why it is healthier for the prostate to pee while sitting down?

Daughter is 13+for 5 minutes after urinating she dripped a small amount of pee slowly from her urethra after and couldn't control it, is that normal?

Do I have stress incontinence if I can hold a liter but leak when sneeze or cough?

Doc when i pee and finished it still dipping out slowly slowly for a while and i used tissues to wrap my instrument to avoid drops of pee .

Does hydrocephalus cause urinary incontinence where ya poop come out like water.

Does trying to hold my pee longer make my bladder stronger?

Does urine sugar attract ants on a commode seat.?

Dont sweat much & now started with vesicare (solifenacin) for bladder irritation. cant exercise longer thn 5mins, keep sipping water. Need to open body pores? Help!

Drops of urine drops after urinating even after 3-5 min trouble i want solution which doctor consultant ?

During peeing if urine drops is fall on our it necessary to wash them?

Even if i don't drink anything i still leak is there something wrong with my bladder i know that use to happen when i was pregnet but i don't think i am?

Every time i pee it burns and i go frequently. And when i urinate sometimes only small amounts come out. I have to push the remaining out. Please help?

Few drops of urine stain my underwear after pee, especially when i strain the abdomen like sitting or squad down after pee.What is the problem?

For a while i've been "leaking" just before using the restroom -- like my brain or bladder jump the gun i start peeing too soon. Is this normal?

For the last few months I have notice when I use the restroom whether it be #1 or #2, the odor is stronger than usual, what could be the cause of this?

Frequently dehydrated, constantly needing to use restroom (3+ times a night).need to use restroom 5-7 mins after drinking something, very suddenly?

Had catheter now harder to hold in urine. Why is that?

Hello, I am a female 31. I have to push to get all my urine out. It had been like this for years. When I was younger I used to hold my urine for lo?

Hi I am 33 year old and I have two kids.After birth to both kids i notice that I have a urine retention I have to sit atleast 20 min in restrooms to?

Hi would bladder control or being unable to hold it before I get to the toilet be a problem with a broken tailbone?

Hi, my friend thinks they have an over active bladder but they are not sure, they can't control/hold in urine and tend to wet themselves, any advice?!

His penis hurts when he pees--what could be the problem?

How can I tell if i empty my bladder. I have to pee really bad but when i try I have to strain real hard?

How can you stop a drip of urine leaking out onto your clothes even after shaking your penis?

How come sometimes my pee comes out slow when I have to pee bad but other times it doesn't I usually have fast stream not prostatis either ?

How come when I pee sometimes the bottom half is wide and spraying but others times it's just straight and normal flow ?? Not from masturbating either

How do I break the habit of holding my breath while peeing I read a tweet now I get anxiety when I pee???

How do you pee if body cast?

How does a father teach a son to pee standing up and have good aim and to use urinals?

How is it possible to train my bladder to only want to urinate at certain times? Is there any danger in holding urine in for extended periods?

How long do docs recommend I should I hold off a UTI ?

How long is it healthy to hold in your pee?

How long should I be able to hold my pee?

How many times a day should someone pee? I have heard as many times as needed and 4-10x a day.. what is it??

How to hold back hunger for a very long time to get ketones?