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32yr old penis and scrotum shriveled & lost alot of sensitivity can still get erect but not as hard as it was and scrotem stays tight been 4mnths now?

17 years boy's age recently is having a narrow glass penis shape when semi erect but gets normal. When. Fully erected . Is there a problem?

2 corpora carvernosa join at head of penis , where they join near/in head be felt as more sensation during erection and Sex though rest is all hard ?

21yr mastrubate 3-4/day in last month hair has thinned & soft erection that goes away quickly. If I stop mastrubating will I be ok.Do I have ED??

21yr old male i mastrubate 3-4 times/day .in the last 2 days i have been having soft erection and it goes away quickly. Do i have ED? WHAT CAN I DO???

28 m unmarried, i feel urine flowing out my penis, shaky legs while standing, i press penis for stopping urine leakage, its too embarrassing.

3 months ago did vigorous masturbation, woke up next morning with big upper shaft swelling. Subsided in few hours. Ever since, bent flaccid+semi erect?

3 months ago. Long vigorous masturbation caused swelling then bend in flaccid and semi erect penis? Full erection is fine. No pain. Is it peyronies?

4 months ago I masturbated vigorously for an hour and ever since, I've had new penis veins and a few hard veins. When will it return to normal?

About how stiff is a fully erect penis supposed to be? Im not sure if mine is too soft or normal but its softer than it used to be.

After ejaculation once during sex i am unable to do it again properly in a bed as penis dosent become that hard. My age is 29. Kindly suggest.

After excersing , is it normal for your penis to harden a bit?

After having varicose surgery when my penis errects i can feel a very hard thin vein on penis too much pressure in it what could be the problem?

After straining myself on kegels, my penis feels numb, and its hard to achieve erections or pee. is this a PC muscle strain or worse?? How do i heal?

Age 31 & uncircumcised. In recent years I have lost sensation in my foreskin. I get erections but no longer nocturnal ones. Should I be worried?

All the erection is equally hard so why does the head area feel more sensitive / hardness feeling compared to the rest of penis is that just way it is?

Alright so here's my problem with erections blood will get to head with stimulation then there's a inch in half that gets hard like blood vessels are stone and then its expanded by base to fix it for intercourse I have to sqeez quite hard at base and head

Am I gay if when ever I look at tighty whities I get an erection?

At the time of penetration i loose erection and hardness, although normally i got full erection. Plz suggest me to cure this?

At the time of penetration I loose erection and hardness,and normally i got full erection ,may be time also less?

At the time of sex my penis wont stay hard enough but when i watch porn or masterbate it stays very strong is it ED or what I am facing help me?

Been 2 months my penis has been flaccid. wont get hard under any condition.2months ago, I would masturbate almost every day. Now once every 3-4days.

Bent my penis during sex months ago.. Erection hasn't been as hard since and sometimes find it difficult 2 stay erect. Im only 24, help?

Can flesh blood come out when attempting to urinate with erect penis?

Can getting constant boners help making you penis longer?

Can low testosterone make the penis shrink? Because mine seems to be shorter and more girth. Erections hurt and it hard to keep them. No sexual drive.

Can my corpus spongeiouim get torn while trying to get an erection by squeezing real hard so it pushes more blood into penis head, I felt a pop?

Can my husband rip the muscles in his penis by over using a penis pump?

Can rough masturbation cause weak erections if I give it time will it be back to normal ?

Can someone explain a pudendal nerve block to me? I've heard no more erections, but will my penis feel numb to the point it would freak me out?

Can sudafed cause erectile dysfunction? I've been taking it for days and my penis looks like it's shrinking almost. My balls are very tight! how long?

Can the penis shrink if I am not getting morning or spontaneous erections? I have been completely impotent for nearly a year now and have got smaller

Can there be a possibility that the tissue in my penis has lost its elasticity? Penis stays shrinked up. I still can get erections.

Can tramadol make my penis hurt?

Can tying an elastic band round the base of your penis help you maintain an erection longer?

Can you lose sensation in your penis if you get circumcised?

Could be BPH making my penis and balls get swollen?

Could you tell me why my left nipple is hard and erect with no arousal or cold weather?

Dick won't stay hard?

Do I have Peyronie's disease? My penis got smaller and at the base it seems to be harder. Erections hurt and it hard to keep them. Ejaculating hurts 2

Do you know which Ayurvedic medicine is best for getting a rock hard erection?

Doctors. i am 21 and i have a numb penis. orgasms are discomforting. cant fully release sperm. just painful. could a CYSTOSCOPY have caused this?!?!?!

Does Corpus cavernosum run to the glands of penis?Y does the corpus feel harder during erection near glands though erection al Hard?More nerves there?

Due over masturbation i can't get erectyions and my pennis head become numb no erection even i see porn n small pain on tip of penis please help me ?

During erection my cavernosa dorsal view where it joins head I have more nice sensitive feeling compared to head, I'm circumcised, is that normal ?

During erection my penis gets erected straight some what parallel to body!! Is that an issues?

Embarresing but... I masturbate daily.. If i dont my testicles seem to swell until they literally become skin tight... and it hurts... what's wrong?

Erection , all hard no problem but feels more sensation / hardness at head/tip when I'm on my own or having sex is that normal ? When do you answer

Erection in missionary sex or alone-Where penis joins glans from dorsal side, always more nice pleasure sensation there though rest is all hard, ok?

Erection is all rock hard but in missionary position end of corpus cavernosum I feel more sensation where they meet glans from dorsal side , normal?

Every time after jogging or any physical activity, i realise my penis gets a bit hard. Is this normal?

Every time i masturbate I have to flex/clench my penis inward to be able to orgasm, is this bad?

Everytime I have a stomachache,my penis will get fully erect and the pain will goes away but the erection stay.Drs couldn't tell me why?What can I do?

Everytime i'm having sex after the first round penis weak I cannot do further what can I do?

Flaccid penis feels firm and heavy and sometimes hangs long and lifeless. Urine gets stuck at head and always have to force it out.

Flaccid penis feels very lifeless. Does not feel normal. Sometimes when standing flaccid penis feels swollen and firm.

For a healthy man, during the process of erection, the foreskin will pull itself down and the forehead appears?

Four years ago i tride these jelqing exercise only did them three times on the last day i felt a pull and had tingling at the bass for months. Also can only achieve about a 70% erection. What could it?

front of penis feels more sensation feeling during erection though its all hard is cause the neves are trapped to prevent blood from escaping

Getting erected with no stimulation, then calming down and erecting again without ejaculation.After few time testicles starts to hurts and swells. Why?

Got electric shock to scrotum 8mo ago. Difficulty orgasming w/o mental stimulation and penis/testicles feel less sensitive than 1yr ago. Prognosis?

Hello Doctor, I've a limp penis. Would you please give me some advices to make it straight and healthy ?

Hello dr. I'm 27 and a big guy. I'm overweight but losing. My penis goes inside me and now when erect the shaft it tight and cracks. I am cercomsized ?

Hello! Uhm, I have a problem concerning a tight foreskin. When my penis is erect, it is impossible to urinate and I feel that this may cause sexual problems as well. I have been trying stretching exercises, but I heard they cause scarring and can worsen t

Hi when I get an erection in the morning or generally I can nicely feel the edges of my cavernosa more than rest of penis is that normal with men ?

Hi Doctor. My foreskin does not slide down the head when erect. But it does when not. I am not able to enjoy sex that freely because of this. Pl help?

Hi dr my friend used to masturbate by putting his penis between his legs and pressing it hard till he cums.. Now he can't do it any other way curable ?

Hi I am indian.If there is no bone inside a man's penis(i am not sure, guess so), how does blood flowing to the penis alone make such a strong erection?

Hi i ave a cyst or lump. On my corpora cavernosa, and its not letting me have an erection?

Hi im circumcised when im erect my glans is very red and super sensitive its very hard to walk when im erect please help?

Hi, rehan . Doctor my problem is my peniss touch sencitive when i think about sex same time feel like in peniss to fall . Please help?

Hie,i have a very small penis which retracts inside after erection and when erect it doesnt go past 6cm.its so tiny.what might be the problem and can ?

How big an injury to flaccid penis can cause damage or venous leak. I hit area mainly right above penis, hurt for 20 min then got full erection after?

How big an injury to flaccid penis would create a venous leak. I hit the area, no bruising after. Able to get a full erection within the hour after. ?

How big of an injury would cause a venous leak to flaccid penis. I hit the area, there was no bruising and able to get erection shortly afterwards. ?

How can I get my penis back hard less then 24 hours?

How can I put an end to erections?

How come my penis is stiff when not erect. It it is soft but is is not squishy like usual. My urologist already said i didn't have peyronie's disease.

How do you make the penis hard if you have stress?

How does a penis stay hard without a bone?

How does one get a rock hard errection?

How hard does an erection need to be for sex to be pleasureable for a woman? Is the penis supposed to be moveable or completely rock hard?

How is it possible that my penis bents to the right when I have an erection after my circumsision? I had a surgery 6 weeks ago. By swelling maybe?

How long does your penis have to be to hit the cervix?

How to fix bent penis when irected and how to stay healthy down there?

How to get rock hard errection?

How to hide random erections?

How to make my penis more stiff?

How to make strong penis vessal to get rock hard erection. Is any oil or gel in market to make rock hard penis. Thank you?

How would a doc be be able to tell a thrombosed penile vein from artery. I still get hard erections , noticed it swollen was advised to take aspirin?

Huge vein on top of penis not going away after 4 years from masterb too much. now curves when it gets hard. how do I make it go away without surgery?

Hurt penis a few months ago..It's ok now but it never stands up straight when erect anymore. It just lies down on my stomach..Also it's not as hard?

I am 17 years old and have been unable to receive a full erection for over 6 months to a year. My balls are sore and my penis is weak. What is wrong?

I am 17 years old and have been unable to receive an full erection for over 6 months to a balls are sore and my penis is weak. What is wrong?

I am 18 and started consuming protein and in less than a week i noticed my penis getting weak erections.?

I am 21 and i still have no tough penis it does not stand hard and thus preventing from having sex so is it a desease or what?

I am 21, during penis erection my foreskin doesn't come out completely and when it comes down, head of my penis get enlarged than normal.Need guidance?

I am 22 years old and having a problem with my penis because it became dry, smaller and soft if it is not in erection. How can I cure this?

I am 22 years old and my erection is not hard like before. I have morning erection but they are not hard enough. Can someone tell me how can I cure it?

I am 22and my erection is not hard like before I have morning erection but they are'nt hard enough can a lot masturbation cause this n how to cure this?