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"is it possible to enlarge penis size my penis size is about 5.5 inch i want to make it big an natural tips"?

@ dr.Thomas heston. True, but the girth of porn actors in motion doesn't seem fake.What's inside a larger penis that is different from an avg size?

21 years old have always had a very small penis but 2in abnormally huge erections 9in my growth stopped around 17 yrs old and now I have noticed a girth increase when I was 20. Normal in both regard?

21yr old male i mastrubate 3-4 times a day . However in the last few days i am not getting as erect as before. Why???

26 years old/male. Circumsized penis. Length at erection 4.5 inches. Has been shirnking due to poor mastrubation techniques. Help in restoring size?

7 year olds penis still retracts into fat pad. He is circ'd. Normal penis when pushing on fat pad. Pedi say all is normal. Will he grow out of this?

9 year old penis is buried in fat pad. Docs said would outgrow it. Hasn't happened. Does this resolve with puberty? Doc says penis is normal. Worried!

A 14 year old boy has a skinny penis which is 2.5 inches long flaccid and 4 inches erect also the head of the penis is still attached to the foreskin?

Abnormal penis size as teenager?

Actual length of penis for intercourse may kidly describe?

Actualy our pinis need how much of lenth?

After repeated masturbation size of my dorsal vein is lareg than earlier, n head of my pennis is not filling with blood, i hav healthy habits good bmi?

Any ideas why my penis have large and sometimes orange puffy growths on it?

Are there any women who would break up with a guy if he was "blessed" with a small penis?

Can pubescent boys be given dihydrotestosterone to ensure they get a bigger penis?

Can a obese man with small penis satisfy his partner in intercourse?My penis size is 5 inchs in length and 2.5 inchs wide erect stage is it enoughto

Can a penis grow larger due to a lot of sexual activity?

Can a thumb size girth like 3" (which is much below than average size of 4.5-5") is enough for women ? I have heard girth matters a lot?

Can cerebral palsy affect growth during puberty? Specifically feet, penis and scrotum size?

Can circumcision stunt penis growth because sometimes when i'm erect it feels like my penises skin is so tight and not natural, and it's only 6 inch?

Can i increase my penis size from 4.5 inch to 6 inch.If i can how?

Can i satiesfy my wife with my very small penis..?Please answer me, .Solution for big penis

Can I still have aver. penis size if the problem is in Genetics or hormones, if I get medication?? im 16 yrs old. 3 inches when erect and its thin..

Can penis pump help me growing my penis a little bigger ?

Can phimosis affect penis growth? (shape, length, etc.) age 19.

Can the cold weather decrease the erected size of the penis?

Can the length of penis change after circumcision (not loss from skin)?

Can the mons pubis hide your bone pressed erected length measurements?

Can u guys help me out to make my penis bigger by penis elongate exercise videos can a male doctor help me out.

Can weight loss affect penis size specially (penis width)?

Can you guys tell me how big can penis enlargement surgery get you and what is the min. Age?

Can you please tell me what exactly is classed as a 'small' penis?

Can your penis grow if you exercise it? What do you recommend?

Circumcision, does this change penis size afterwards?

Could a hydrocele operation make my penis grow a little bit?

Could a mangum condom work on a regular sized penis?

Could one testicle grow to be 5 times as big as the other one from excessive masterbation?

Could use your help docs! my dick is small, need help with growing it?

Could you explain how to grow a big penis?

Dear doctor...i am 22 years old and i have planned to go for a date with my girl and iam really worried about my length and thickness of my penis...! ?

Did I do this to myself? When I was 12 I read stretching ur penis gave it length so 12-15 i stretched my penis, I'm 16 my penis is 73/4 in.girth 4.8in

Do penile implants make your penis shorter?

Do some foods or drinks shrink your penis or sack?

Do some men have a wider diameter penis so that pain during sex is unavoidable?

Doc. My penis is only 3.7" in circumference and looks like a thumb. Is it enough to feel vagina and satisfy women? How much is avg. girth?

Doctor I am 30 I am having 3.5 inch penis in size what shall I do?

Doctors, I am 18 and each of my testicles are about 1-1.5 inches long and not very wide. My penis is 5-6 inches erect. Am i normal? Or small scrotum?

Does a mans penis curve bit more during erection as he gets older, if so at what age ? Mine curves slightly down but always been the same,

Does a thick, big penis give a woman more pleasure during sex than a smaller one?

Does amount of leg hair on teenage boy relate to penis size?

Does an operation exsist to lenghten a penis? =)

Does diabeties affect penis size? I'm only 16 and it's 4inchs

Does it hurt when your penis develops during puberty?

Does masturbating in childhood mean that you will have a smaller penis growing up?

Does penis size matter to have sex ?

Does putting a marble on penis really work to give girl more plessure?

Does race and origin have a lot to do with penis size ?

Does size matter? Do women prefer bigger penises or can a small penis be adequate/satisfactory for a woman and allow her to orgasm?Always wondered lol

Does the clitoris vary in size and does hymen build up again after sex.

Does the size of my penis could prevent me from having kids?

Does too much sex with a male with a large penis cause boils?

Does unprotected anal sex cause penis get smaller in width after it was big? Or pressure of anus muscles on penis cause that ?

Dose the size of your penis matter when it came to sex?

For women does the size of the penis matter in whether they can orgasm? Or is it still possible with a smaller one?

Found long mass, half index finger size, between foreskin & penis- below penis head. Am I Allergic to Permethrim 5%? Blood clott?

Friend is 23 old he is on hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and he end up with small size of penis he lives in saudi arabia is there is treatment in usa?

Have a 2.75 in penis when erect. I'm not overweight...32 yrs old. Stopped growing before puberty (11 yrs old). How rare is this?

Have do you attain a bigger penis size naturally with no outside medicine or crazy pills. Any tips?

Have i really not went through puberty at the age of 20 and with the following information? I am a 20 year old male and my penis is 2 inches long (non erect), my voice is not deep, my testicals have not dropped or look bigger from years ago, and I do not

He doctor my penis size is small. Plz referred me any supplement for make my penis bigger? My penis size is only 3 inches. I am worry about it. Pleas

Healthy ways to extend your penis?

Hello Im 20.I visited an urologist since my penis is small and he wrote hcg 5000 per week and vitamin e 100 per day.Does it really increase penis size?

Hello i am 22year old male i have problem with my penis. I think te size of my penis is too small. Its diameter is 2cm length(long) 8cm. I worried?

Hello doctor i'am bala. 24years old. I have some proplem in my penis. My penis length is very small. Normal size 2inchs only.?

Hello i dont know if i have a problem with my penis but my penis is basically like kids penis when its in normal form but when erected its big im 16?

Hello sir... My penis size is 5.2 inches in length but my penis is connected to head with a thin skin . I want to cut that and increase my size ?

Hello sir/madam i want to know about the penis size mine is 5inches length and 5.2" in gerth cn I have a healthy sexual life with my partner?

Hello, i am a 19 year old man with a 5.6 inch pens and a small scrotum .... I want to ask if my scrotum can get larger and my penis get longer?

Hello, sorry but haw can we grow our penis?! I am not satisfy! can you help me please?! how long should my penis be?!

Helo sir my penis size is small and small testicles I am going to old my age is 24 what is treatment i adopt.....?

Hey is 1.5 inch (not erect) 2.5 inch (erect) a normal penis size for a 12 yr old (not into puberty yet) ?

Hi am 16 and 17 in may am worried about my penis size as its only 4 to 5 inch when hard is there anything i can do to help grow plus am circumcised ?

Hi am messaging you for a friend of mine he has a buried penis and the skin is stuck to the bell end. He has been circumcised when he was younger.Help?

Hi doc I have a query how do I grow penis length and grith my erected size is 13cm I want it more big and fat?

Hi doc my penis shrunk about one inch for 3 month in the past my penis was 5 inch and now become 4 I do not know why?please help me what do I have to

Hi doc, how do I elongate and enlarge my penis as it is really disturbing my marital life?

Hi I am 25 and my biggest worry is the size of my penis which is just 3.5inc.Is there a way to induce growth again?Really worried. Please help.

Hi i feel my sexual power is weak! and also the size of penis is small . Is it possible to increase the size of a penis?

Hi i m 21 year old my penis size is 4.5 when erect should i satisfy any women?

Hi i m 30 years old and i m very worried abt my penish penish is 2.5inch flaccid 4.5inch erection and circumferen es is 3.8 plz help?

Hi iam male 18 my question is can male grow there penis size with food?

Hi im 20 years old and my penis size is only 2.5 in un erect and 5 erect. I haven't seen it grow since i was around age 12. Im very conserned.

Hi im 23 years old and my pennis is about 3 inches i don't kno y and i would like to kno how can I grow my pennis to a normal size?

Hi sir am 22 years old. I am suffered from nightfall 3 to 6 times in month .my pennis size is also to solve above problems naturally?

Hi sir i m really unhappy with my penis/dick please tell me some what i do my wife feel good with me and it to small and slim :(?

Hi think that I having a micro Pennis all my life?? When it gets hard n erected is little big but not normal size still I am 34 years old I never bein

Hi, i m mohi. My question is about my penis. My penis is small and thin. How can I large and girth my penis in natural way. Please help me.

Hi, why most scientific studies measuring the size of the penis (erection and flaccid) does not push in fat pad thank you?

Hi. I'm a 43 year old male and for the last 5 years my erection size has been getting smaller. Can you tell me why this is please?

How big does the penis have to be for the woman to achieve satisfaction?