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21 yr old male i am afraid i have Frenulum breve. the penis head bends backwards when erect. is there a treatment without surgery?

5 months ago my erection developed a upwards bend of around 45 degrees causing trouble with intercourse. What is it and how can I fix it?

A sligth down curved penis, anything to see a doctor about?

actually i am having leftward curve penis buy my sex life is quite good.. but i am feeling to ask is this curve is normal or i need to consult for thi

Any ideas as to why my penis elongates (not erects) then twists and leans to the right pointing downwards, immediately after I pee?

Any scoliosis tips to help feel more normal?

Are all penis upwardly curved?

Are there any ways to straighten up a penis that goes down when erected? Thank you.

Because i wore briefs when i was a child, my penis is rotated to the right, can I fix this?

Can a urologist treat a downward bending penis?

Can i elongate my penis by streching it hard daily?

Can there be a way to straighten a penis without surgery?

Can they fix a curved cervix?

Can u straighten a upward curving penis?

Can you tell me how i can make one penis straight when bent without the use of any instrument?

Can you tell me how i could fix a rotated penis?

Could bending my penis upwards effect my downward curve?

Did wearing restrictive briefs until after puberty cause my penis, when erect, to curve straight up? No plaques or pain so don't think it's peyronie's

Do I have an abnormal penis if it is curved?

Do women prefer an upward curve or a straight penis ?

Do written prefer a curved penis over straight?

Does a slight "u-curve" curvature provide any kind of extra pleasure?

Does anybody have a downward curved penis? Is it less common than an upward curved penis?

Does having a bent penis affect copulation process?

Does masturbation only by use of one hand always (left or right) causes penis to be curved? If so then what is the solution?

Does masturbation only by use of one hand always (left or right) causes penis to be curved? If so then what is the solution?

Exercise for down curve penis to straight?

Exercise for get straight penis from bent penis?

Flaccid penis slightly bent to the right as a result of a long vigorous masturbation, abnormal bend more pronounced in cold conditions, why this?

For the past several months I have been having pain in my penis when I am erect. Penis has About 20-30% curve to the right from the base. What's next?

Hello doctors.I have a problem my penis is in curved shape.I want to make it straight.So hows its posible.Is there any medicines or practise for it?

Hello I am a 20 year old guy and my penis slightly bends towards left .Its not peyronie or anything. How can it be fixed ?

Hello sir, I am 19 years old and my penis is bent towards left and i feel quite uncomfortable.So can it be fixed without surgery?

Hello, I have curved, bent erect penis problem. Does man 1 man oil work? What's your recommendation? Thanks.

Help docs? Why is my penis at a downward curve?

Hi i'm 16yo, a few yrs ago i fell on an erect penis now it curves down slightly my erection is weak on the bottom side at a certain spot what is this?

Hi my penis erect downward I want to know what could I do to erect upward without surgery ?

Hi, My penis (6.8'') has a downward curvature of 30 - 35 degrees and so I'm very concerned about my functionality. Is this ok? What should I do?

Hi, my penis has downward curve but i want it to be straight or upward curved , i don't wanna any surgery i wanna fix it by doing some excercise .?

Hi, my penis is bent from the base to the left and I have a slight curvature as well. Can this be rectified by using braces/exercises without surgery?

Hi! I had a varicocelectomy performed on me back in November. Ever since then, I've felt my penis stiffer and more curved than before, and some discom?

Hi. I am 17 and I've noticed for awhile that my penis when erect like to bend upwards toward my stomach, but its straight when semi-hard. This normal?

Hii...My penis is curve to left around 20 percent so how to make it straight?

How can I curve the penis upwards?

How can I have an upward curve penis?

How can I make my penis straight again, it became crooked 1 month ago after a fall?

How can I straight a curved penis?

How can you straighten my penis?

How could i deal with my curved down penis?

How do I fix a curved penis to make it straight?

How do I make my penis curve upward slightly?

How do I straighten a downward curved penis ?

How do I straighten a penis which has a curvature that was forced gradually in childhood?

How do you fix a curved penis at home?

How do you treat a down curved penis?

How is penis curvature diagnosed?

How might I get a curved penis?

How much curvature of penis is normal? Recently my penis curves10 degree, it was little more straight than now.Is this curvature due to p.D.?

How should I go about fixing my crooked penis?

How should penis be placed in underwear? Upwards or downwards? Rightwards or leftwards?

How to make bent penis straight by home exercise?

How to make penis curve upward?

How to make your penis curve up?

How to place penis in under wears (heads down or upwards) in few porn films i noticed it was bent upside which one is good and normal?

How to treatment of curved penis?

Husband was diagnosis with peyronie's about a yr. Ago. Is there anything he can do to help it? His penus is bent downward and makes intercourse difficult.

I am 18 years old and I have a bent penis..Any remedies?

I am 19 and my penis is little curved towards left . Can it be cured without surgery?

I am 33 yr old right from childhood my penis is bent and 45 deg curvature is there.Slight inconvenient during sex.How to straighten it?

I am a mid-thirties African American male. My penis curves upward at a severe angle. Is my penis the norm ?

I am experiencing curved or bent penis during erection.

I am worried about the degree of my penis curvature. it is 40 degree upward from the horizontal. the curvature starts from the middle. is that normal?

I don't have peyronies but I have a slight left bend. Is there any cure?

I had penile inplant after the surgery my penis is bendin?

I have a bent penis, can I fix this?

I have a bent penis, is it normal for my sexual life. Bent is slight towards left.

I have a penis that bends downwards. Is that normal?

I have a pretty big curve in my penis when erect and I'm not sure if it is normal?

I have a very very abnormal penis. Curves?

I have curved penis . I don't think its pyronese because theee is no scar or no pain. The penis is curved to left and a bit downward with a little bit?

I have lost 65 lbs in past year. I am 65. Now when erect, my penis no longer is parallel to ground but points downward at 70 deg angle. Why?

I have my penis bent leftward. Why is it so? Please suggest a solution

I have my pennis tilted left.Why is it so ? Please suggest a solution.

I have some worries about my erection anglewhen I am fully erect I have penis point downward with an angle about45-60degreenot upward like most ppl?

I just want to confiirm with you, that my penis has bend towards my left side... Will this make an impact in my sexual life?

I masturbate atleast once everyday. When I lie facing upwards, my penis won't stand straight, even if erect. Will this affect my marriage?

I masturbate by rubbing penis on thigh with fist. is bad for me. Has caused curve of penis is this bad that it's curved also will cause it cause prob?

I masturbate with my right hand but my penis is curved to the left, did I make it that shape?

I masturbate with my right hand but my penis is curved to the left, did I make it that shape?

I may have a plaque in penis as my penis curves more than before&sometimes i feel a little pain when penis is flaccid. Will this plaque increase?

I may have peyrinies plague... ive noticed that my penis starts to curve/bend and that it hurts bending it down, what should i do to stop it?

I may have peyronie's disease as my penis bends a little more than before&sometimes feel pain on left of the base. Will this lead to ED in near future?

I think my boyfriends penis is permanently bent. Why?

I'm 39 years old and my penis curves more to the left than it used to. Is it normal for my penis to curve more as I get older or not?

I'm 39while erect, i can purposely bend my penis to a 90 degree angle, without discomfort. It's rather awkward when trying to insert. Is this normal?

I'm wondering why are women's hips curved while men's are straight?

If I have a bent penis, how can I correct it?

If I notice Peyronie's disease plaque on my penis. Should my penis definitely bend when erect?

If your penis does not curve up while erect is that a problem?

Im only 17 years old and my penis cuves about 20 degrees to the right when erected but it doesn't hurt or anything is it normal for that type of bend?