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13 days ago I had hysterectomy no uti and it still hurts to pee. Normal??

18 weeks preg. I had to pee last night but fell asleep. When i woke up in the morning my stomach hurt. Could holding my pee that night hurt my preg?

35 weeks and 5 days pregnant and vagina hurts, is this normal? Its not when i pee or when i wipe its like the muscles or something?

A few days ago I coughed when I was peeing & it hurt. Now whenever I pee it hurts whenever I push to pee. Whats wrong with me?! :(

Above my privates it hurts someone told me it was my blatter? ?

After i pee, my urethra hurts when pressure is but on it. When i bend over or push on it, it hurts. It has been going on for 2 years. What could it be?

Awoke w/ the urge to pee which hurt. Not 10 min later I had to pee again & the pain was there; the night before I didn't pee all the way... help?

Awoke w/ the urge to pee which hurt. Not 10 minutes later I had to pee again with the pain. The night before I didn't pee all the way... Help?

Can doing zumba hurt your bladder?

Clitoris constantly tingly. Peeing feels normal but i feel there is always pee left. Tested twice at doctor, no uti. Am virgin, what could it be?

Could a UTI make my back hurt when I pee?

Do I have a uti? It hurts when i urinate and even after i urinate it still feels like I have to go.

Does herpes make it hurt to pee?

Does using a vibrated on clit to much cause you to pee when u walk or cough?

Doesnt hurt or burn when I pee. Penis does ache like maybe sharp pain before I pee. I noticed discharge. STD?

Dr said I have a hernia where i pee at what to do is starting to hurt now , and my pee hole got bigger?

Every time I need to wee it hurt and itches before and after what can it be?

Every time i pee it hearts if i don't push it comes by it self but when i push it will hurt no UTI privet burns i'm very anxious?

Every time, for the past year or so, It hurts whenever I pee AFTER two or three days from my period. What should I do?

Everytime I have sex it hurts and i pee alittle after it and it burns i've had bladder infection antibiotics but it doesn't work. What could it be ?

Everytime I pee it feels like a razor is burning me and I can't have sex because it hurts, and it's not a UTI, I need help asap?

Had a tvh on sept25 its always wet down there lately. Could my bladder be leaking. It doesnt hurt to pee and i have the sensation to go.

Hello docs my penis paining a lot everytime i go for pee my precum is visible what should I do please help?

Hello how are you doing, I'm 23 years old and im experiencing some discharge coming out of my penis, doesn't hurt to pee, doesn't burn or anything?

Hello so my penis hurts when I pee, what should I do? But it's only when I pee and then sometimes stings after

Help docs? Why is it sometimes hard to walk after you pee with a full bladder?

Help! I have burning while i pee and my side hurting?

Help! my scrotum hurts when I sit , peeing!?

Hi im on my period right now and when i pee it burns a little and i dont know what it is, can you help me plz?

Hi, lately I been having pain with my bladder but its like before I end my pee it hurts and sometimes durning the night that I need to go to the restroom my vagina hurts for some reason.

Hlw doctor i have a problem with my penis balls it hurts when i pee?

How come I have the constant need to pee!?

How come it hurts badly when I pee and bladder spasms?

How come it hurts to pee after period?

How come my anal hurts so bad It hurts to even go pee ?

How is it that it hurts me sometimes when i pee?

Hurts to pee and peeing blood, what to do?

Hurts when I pee and I have to go frequently so what do I have?

Hurts when I pee like a uti. Been holding my pee in a lot more then I should be lately. What do I do? And I'm allergic to all the antibiotics 4 it...

I always leak pee after i sneeze and laugh. What can I do about this?

I am 21 yrs old lady, its now two months after my wedding, but whenever i urinate it hurts, have no itches but it hurts so much. Wat causes that?

I am almost 18 years old and I'm not sure if I'm pregnant. When I go pee it's normal. There is no pain or stinging or anything. But, then when I wipe,?

I am constantly peeing always have the urge pain n burning wen i pee and I have a yellow discharge?

I can't poop or pee without it hurting or stinging. It hurts to touch the perineum and I also hurts having sex?

I ejaculated while having to urinate really badly. Holding in my pee and ejaculating at the same time hurt. Now, constant urge to urinate, why? No std


I had my UTI for 9days with antibition from the doctor and my pee still hurts is that normal?

I had the sensation to pee but i couldn't pee. After that i noticed that when i peed i had a burning sensation right before i was about to stop peei?

I had UTI two months ago, now after i pee, my urethra is tickling/tingling/uncomfortable, that makes me wanna pee again. ?

I have blood in my pee every now and then my lower back hurts bad and my testicles hurt and i pee every 5 or 6 min?

I have a friend That his pee hole would hurt him sometimes when he goes to pee?

I have an erection that has lasted a while now and it hurts when I urinate?

I have bad pain in my vagina when i pee?

I have bladder cancer why does my side hurt and it still hurts when i pee?

I have bladder pressure feeling very bloated having to pee constantly no period for a day not pregnant doesn't hurt when i pee?

I have discharge only in the morning and no burning when I pee I'm scared and I don't know what to do ?

I have so much discharge everytime i fart it comes out or pee , why so much?

I have the strange feeling after I pee. It is not painful to pee and my pee is a normal color so I do not think it is a uti. What could it be?

I have the urge to pee and when I pee it hurts and all of it doesn't come out and if i press a little it leaks pink.... and I still have pee?

I have the urge to pee constantly and i actually do pee every few mins. My urine smells like onions but it does not burn or hurt when i pee.

I have to pee so bad but nothing will come out unless I force it too. It doesn't hurt and isn't a uti. ?

I have tp pee every 30 min and it barley comes out and hurt & I don't have an std.?

I hold my pee in a lot and yesterday i was holding my pee and after i went my bladder area felt sore and i felt like i was leaking?

I lost my virginty and I have been going to the bathroom alot, back pain, i bleed when i pee, and it burns/hurts when i pee. Is this normal?

I need to pee but nothing comes out and if I don't pee I pee myslf and I burns it just started today?

I pee a little every time i sneeze? Why?

I pee lately when I stand up after I feel like I need to pee more. If I stand I can pee more into toilet paper but if I dont do this I ache, not a uti?

I shaved my vagina for the first time and now it hurts when I pee?

I sneezed while peeing yesterday and there was a little blood and now it hurts to pee. Will this heal on it's own?

I'm 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant, when I wake up in the morning for a pee it really hurts and hurts my belly when I sit down and it even hurts after I pee when I got to sit on the settie for about a minute?

I'm 17, a female, and I am sexually active. I've been peeing a lot lately and it hurts at the end. It doesn't burn, the inside hurts. Like my bladder.

I'm getting up to pee every night around 3, 4 in the morning, is this normal?

I'm having problems peeing and when i can pee i can only do it when i'm standing for some reason, any ideas? It doesn't hurt when i go pee

I'm peeing blood and i can't hold any water down. Coming out of both ends. It really hurt when i pee. I'm peeing blood and i can't hold any water down. Coming out of both ends. It really hurt when i pee.

I've just been masturbating and now I cant have a wee and it hurts?

If i hold the sides of my vagina open when i pee it does not sting but once pee touches that side out stings what is it?

If i keep pushing in my beltline will it cause me to want to pee?

If u have a UTI does it hurt on inside I have urge to pee all time just pee alittle but doesn't burn when i pee?

Im having pain when I pee and in the vagina?

Is it bad if your penis hurts when you pee sometimes?

Is it normal for it hurt when u pee?

Is it normal for my pee to be really hot?

Is it normal to hurt when i pee around just before my period?

Is it normal to pee only twice a day? And tun when I do pee only a little bit comes out but doesn't burn?

Is it normal when sum times my pee splits into a stream i scared. It doesn't hurt when i pee at all?

Is it okay when your pee is warm?

Is it possible to not empty your bladder all the way? It doesn't hurt to pee but sometimes i pee 5 times in 3 min. How can I fix this?

Is peeing once a day bad?

Is there a reason it hurts when I pee?

It burns when I pee I had sex three days ago it only burns when I pee and gets worse right towards the end then goes away.?

It doesn't hurt to pee or wipe but it hurts. At times I don't have any pain other times it really hurts. I do have a 2 month old baby and breastfeed ?

It hurts a little bit when I clean my vulva after I pee. What should I do?

It hurts and itches where i pee! what's going on?

It hurts in my stomach when i pee on my period, its not like a burning or anything, it actually hurts deep im my belly when i pee, what is this?

It hurts in the middle of my urinating tube .........I hurts when i pee ..What can it be..?

It hurts to pee after working out and not peeing for awhile?

It hurts to pee and I have to go in little spurts every 10 minutes. Whats wrong?

It hurts wen I pee and I wanna go pee but I can't??? Idk what to do??

It hurts when I pee at the end. I have been peeing a lot lately. ?

It hurts when i pee I have an itchy urethra. What could be wrong?