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. is it possible testicular torsion if no swelling and no pains?

Aching pain in testis and inguinal areas, 3 uvsounds rule out torsion, epididymis & varicocele or abdo problems but discomfort continues after 2 month?

After ejaculating, I have pain in my testicals.

Boyfriend has testicular pain and a lump on his testicle. Should he see someone?

Boyfriend has testicular pain and a lump on his testicle. What doctor should he see?

Can a varicocele cause pain that radiates deep into the scrotal and perineal area?

Can Accutane cause testicular or groin pain?

Can acute cystitis cause testicule discomfort and pubic area pain?

Can diverticulosis cause testis lump or pain?

Can excessive masturbation lead to testicular pain?If I have testicular pain in 1 testicle as the only symptom(no swelling), could this be an std?

Can gastritis cause swelling and pain in one testicle?

Can genitofemoral neuralgia cause testicular pain in contralateral testicle?

Can hemorrhoids cause testicle pain?

Can hemorrhoids cause testicular pain ?

Can hemorrhoids cause testicular pain?

Can herpes cause testical pain?

Can herpes cause testicle pain?

Can HIV cause testicle pain?

Can lupus cause testical pain?

Can masturbation cause epididymitis? If not, then how can masturbation cause testicular pain? I have chronic pain from time to time. only right side.

Can pain near your left hip be the cause of epididymitis.

Can STD cause spermatic cord pain?

Can testicular torsion cause only mild pain?

Can varicocele cause pain when lying down?

Can you explain if it's possible to have an STD that only causes testicular pain?

Can you tell me if i had a testicular torsion, would it be painful right away?

Causes of pain in testicles?

Constant abdominal pain, doc says it's testicular torsion. Thoughts?

Could hydrocele cause abdominal discomfort?

Could it be possible that I mistaken testicle pain as hip pain?

Could it be something bad if I have testicle pain?

Could my intermittent, excruciating testicular pain be caused by a hydrocele?

Could prostatitis cause severe pain in my scrotum?

Could sciatica cause testicle pain?

Could testicular torsion always hurt severely?

Could there be a connection between pain in testes and sciatic?

Could you have an STD that only causes testicular pain?

Could you relate to my testicle pain every month?

Do people with testicular torsion have a lot of pain?

Doctor does urethra blockage cause testis pain?

Doctors r/o inguinal hernia, diverticulitis, and testicular torsion. Observed epididymitis. Cause severe pain in LL Abd. when sneezing/coughing?

Does a sciatica hurt a testicle?

Does a spermatocele cause pain?

Does herpes cause testicular pain?

Does masturbating can cause prostatitis, epididymitis or pain in testes or its veins? What are its other causes and treatment?

Does orchitis almost ALWAYS have pain or aching in the testicle? Is that the main/common symptom?

Does testicular torsion always present swelling and pain?

Ehat STD can cause testicle pain?

Having discomfort in abdominal and around testicals?

Hello I have mild testicular pain from last 1 year almost....plz help what to do ???

Hello! I have pain in my testicles and I have a lot of gas. Does gas cause me to get pain in my testicles? When I fart the pain in my testicles lower

Help with pain at ejaculation and in testicles?

Hi docs, would epididymitis (testicular pain) go away on its own?


Hi Dr , am having pain in my left testicle and my wbc is 12900?

Hi, i have testicular pain?

How can finasteride cause testicular pain?

How do I prevent pain of my testies?

How long does the pain from hydrocele last? Its been about three weeks now. Testicles still hurting from time to time. When will this be over?

How long would testicular pain last?

How much should I worry about scrotal pain?

How much time does testicle pain last.?

How painful is testicular torsion? I've had some soreness in my testicles, more on the left one the pass couple of days I'm worried I may have torsion

I am experiencing testicles shrinkage, testicular pain (quality: persistent discomfort) , scrotum swelling, genital lump (penis or scrotum) (quali...

I am experiencing testicular pain (quality: persistent discomfort) and groin lump.

I am experiencing testicular pain.

I am having testicle pain and they don't look normal. Advice?

I do have a in groin hernia and my testicle is in pain should I be worried?

I have had bad testicle pain I don't know what's wrong?

I have had on and off testicle pain for months, 2 negative ultasounds could i have prostatis or urethra stricture ? do those cause testicle pain help

I have pain in my abdomen and in my testicles, why is that?

I have pain in my abdominal hernia, and its also shooting pain to my testicles and urethra. Is that normal?

I have pain in my Left testical and bladder. The doctor thinks it is infection but isn't sure. Could it be torsion or a hernia?

I have pain in my right testicle and an inguinal hernia has been checked, but not found. What can the pain be? Its discomforting.

I have pain in my testicles?

I have pain in my testis?

I have pain on my testicles when I do sex?

I have severe groin pain for the last 1 yr and the testicles swell up almost daily.

I have sometimes pain in my perineum and testicles. Also have some pain when doing testicular self exam. Can it be testicular cancer?

I have testical pain. Had torsion before, but can it happen again?

I have testicle pain, what to do?

I woke up due to pain in my testicles could this mean I have torsion of testis?

I'm 22.I had orchidopexy for right testicle to prevent torsion a year ago. Now when i mastrubate having sharp pain for testicle to abdomen. Pls help?

I'm experiencing testicular soreness. What could it be from?

I've been having diarrhea and testicle pain. What is wrong?

I've had 2 weeks of epididymitis treatment yet I still have inflamation, pain in flicking the testis and sometimes pain above the testicles. Normal?

Ibs and scrotal pain are related?

If I have a pain in one of my testicles, what kind of doctor should I go to to have it examined, and at what urgency?

If pain disappears during a torsion does it mean the testicle is in necrosis stage or was it an episode of intermittent testicular torsion?

If you have gonorrhea and swollen testicles and testicular pain what do I do?

Im having pain in my testicles, and I don't know what to do. Please advise?

Is a spermatocele always painless? Or can it cause pain and discomfort?

Is it normal for testicle pain 2 weeks after a vasectomy? could that be associated with a scrotal hematoma?

Is it ok to have testicular pain after masturbation? Can puberty causes testicular pain?

Is it possible for a testicular torsion happen without pain?

Is it possible for gas to cause referred pain in the testicles?

Is it possible testicular torsion with no testicular pain and no abdominal pain?

Is it possible that testicular torsion can't cause any pain or because its twisted it causes a severe pain?

Is it worth a trip to the doctor for testicle pain?

Is masturbation the cause for testicle pain?