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1 year after inguinal lap. Bilat. Hernia repair, i still have "pulling" pain sensation on right spermatic cord and "lifted" testicle. What to do?

10 days back had testicular fixation surgery (right one)no torsion was just precaution . My testies is hard to tuch no pain or swelling is it normal ?

10 days post opp on double left inguinal hernia, my left testicle is three times its normal size and the tubes swollen and painful is this normal ?

10d since my open inguinal hernia repair. A painless, hard lump, like a thick cord has appeared in my scrotum (side of incision). What could it be?

10months baby has bilateral inguinal hernia large , and undescended both testes , operated forvsd 3 moths back when it is possible to be operated?

12 weeks since dual inguinal hernia op. 1 testicle still enlarged & sore. Urologist says it will eventually subside. Pls advise?

2 months after bilateral lap. Inguinal hernia repair, i feel my erection twisted to the right, and right test hangs higher than usual. Is it related?

2 months after bilateral laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery, my right testicle hangs higher than left, and spermatic cord is still sore, normal?

3 months post hydrocelectomy (Jaboulay method). Testicle has affixed itself midway up scrotum. Can it be surgically reposed to bottom of scrotum?

3.5 weeks After bilateral robotic inguinal hernia repair would right testicle and spermatic cord be in intermittent pain through the day? concerned.

3+ mnths since lap. Inguinal hernia repair, base of the penis still sore on the right side, sperm cord achy, erection twisted. Was normal b4. Related?

6 weeks after inguinal hernia repair left testicle still swollen. Dr says up to three months. Is this normal? Dr not concerned. I am concerned.

7 months after successful hernia repair. My right testicle is still 3 times original size, no pain. Will it return to original size?

7 Weeks after bilateral Lapo Inguinal hernia surgery, and I still have pain on sides of scrotum up the inguinal canals? Some days better than others.

After lifting or a lot of walking I am getting swollen testicles 11 months after hernia surgery?

After 5 months after lap inguinal hernia surgery, i still feel pain in cord structures just above the testicle. As if someone is squeezing it?

After a left inguinal hernia repair, why are my left testical and scrotum now bruised?

After having open inguinal hernia surgery my left testicle does raise up. I'm worried it might be the spermatic cord?

After testicular torsion surgery, how does the testical attach to the scotrum after the stitches are dissolved?

After testicular torsion surgery, will the testicular still be able to move about? Will there it feel any different after surgery?

After varicocelectomy, testicle swelled for about 2 weeks and 3 months later is half or less of original size with recurring pain. Is removal needed?

Age 23 Operatd for bilateral varicocele 2 mnths back(microscopic).ligated swolln veins dropped into scrotum aftr surgry how long for veins to subside?

Before angunial harnia my testies are small can after surjery its grow big?

Cam I masterbate right after orchiopexy?

Can a doctor tell if you pulled a hernia from masturbating?

Can a groin pull which leads to pain in the scrotum and a testicular trauma which lead to a groin pull cause inguinal hernia?

Can a hernia bulge into a testical, have a hernia and swollan testical?

Can a hernia or a pulled muscle cause my penis to leak?

Can a hydrocele or varicocele in adult cause a little swelling in the groin?

Can a previous surgery of inguinal hernia lead to fibrous tissue on the left side of the penis and its curvature ?

Can a retracting testicle or injury cause compression of the genitofemoral nerve and cause groin, scrotal pain? Will it improve with time?

Can an ingenuial hernia cause constant retraction and motion in the testicles?

Can an inguinal hernia cause hydrocele to form, my scrotum looks very full and testicles feel like water balloons. I have a left hernia btw?

Can hydracele cause pain in your groin or the vas deferents?

Can hydrocele be caused from a slip?

Can my groin lumps be a result of a sporting hernia?

Can one opt between scrotum incision and groin incision when getting orchiectomy?

Can the external inguinal ring, the inguinal canal, the internal inguinal canal all be evaluated by mri?Physical exam revealed no hernia, but i m scared

Can varicocele be caused as a result of an umbilical hernia. Have a small, soft painless lump in belly button and pain/swelling of veins in testicles. ?

Can you tell me how much time until a hydrocele goes away after left inguinal hernia repair?

Can you tell me how surgery for testicular torsion feel like?

Could an inguinal hernia surgery cause right side varicocele? Or is it coincidence to have it 6 mnths after?

Could inguinal hernia surgery cause a change in the direction of my erection? I notice it points to the right now.

Could mesh from an inguinal hernia surgery cause chronic pain at the base of the penis/scrotum area? If so, what can be done? (other than painkillers)

Day 4 after Hydrocele surgery, scrotum is the same before surgery. Hydrocele feels and have same size like before. Is it normal or is something wrong?

Did inguinal hernia repair a week ago and I feel my penis is shrinked and feel pains on my right testes at the moment... Is this normal?

Does bilateral hernia repair make penis more prominent?

Does having left inguinal hernia surgery cause a varicocele?

Does inguinal (groin) hernia causes testicular vein dilation or pain & swelling in testicular veins?

Does inguinal hernia surgery shrink the size of your penis?

Does the ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves enters through the processus vaginalis along with vas deferens in the inguinal canal in males?

Does trauma to the testicles causing hernia, and surgical removal, always leave behind a hematocele resembling testicular cancer that lasts many years?

Dr removed what they called "fatty tissue" from testicle during hernia surgery. It was unrelated to hernia. Dr said it can cause pain. What was it?

Fluid around left testicle. After inguinal hernia surgery. It only 4 days since surgery. Is this normal? Is it serious? And will it go away on it own?

Had a hydrocele surgery. 5 days after surgery I masterbated and 1 day later now have pain and swelling at the top of left of scrotom. Is this normal?

Had a right inguinal orchiectomy a week ago. What is still down in my scrotum that is swollen?Shouldn't anything that was cut be in my abdomen?

Had an exploratory surgery in my scrotum last august, still have stinging pain at times in scrotum. Could a nerve have been hit when closing?What now?

Had hydrocele surgery 2 weeks ago for the second time. 2 days after drain removed, the tail of epididymis is tender and larger then usual. Infection?

Had inguinal hernia surgery little over month ago. Still have A LOT of fluid in scrotum. Is this normal or will i need it to be aspirated?

Had laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair about 3 weeks ago. My right testicle is enlarged and the cord is swollen and tender. Whats wrong?

Hard lump near the back of testicle after hydrocele surgery 10 weeks ago?

Hard lump near the top of testicle after full recovery from hernia repair and hydrocele surgery? What could it be? I do not think it is swelling

Have on & off pain of my left side of my scrotum. Swelling around an above the testicle. Surgeon says he doesn't think it's a hernia. What than?

Hello --59 yr old male in good condition has inguinal hernia rt side. Has history of testicle torsion age 40. Doctor says leave hernia alone ???

Hello, I am 23, male, had an inguinal scrotal 3D Mesh hernia surgery 7 days back. Is it safe to masturbate now? If not, how many days should I wait?

Hi after 40 days of my hydrocelectomy there is still swelling as double or triple than other testicle and pain in the firm part of that ? what I do ?

Hi i was wondering if i had variocele?

Hi there..i had varicocele surgery 2 and a half months ago but i feel there is some kind of vein there varicocele recurrence?

How long does it take for scrotum penis swelling to subside after hernia surgery?

How long does it take for swelling in scrotum after hernia operation to go down?

How long does lump in groin associated with hydrocoele last?

How long for swelling in scrotum after hernia operation to go?

How long is the testicle swollen after inguinal hernia surgery?

How long should the testicle be hard and swollen and inguinal hernia repair and removal of a cord lipoma? Little to no pain just hard and swollen.

How long until my varicocele disappears?

How much does a hydrocelectomy hurt?

How soon after hydrocele surgery will my scrotum be back to its normal size?

Husband had inguinal hernia surgery little over 3 mths ago. Testicle not scrotum on side of surgery still very swollen. I am aware testicles are not the same size but this is much larger than prior to surgery. Should swelling be gone? What could this be?

Hv left sided ingiunal hernia hv noticed significent penis reduction as hernia enlarged?

Hydrocele from hernia, how long to go away?

I am 16, and had laparoscopic varicocele surgery,everything was fine but 6 days after i masturbated and my testicle is bigger, swollen and it pains ?

I am 22 years of age I have undescended testicle above my penis on the left ...Will orchiopexy surgery clears it .I doubt both are not same size ?

I am 3 weeks post sigmoidectomy and have painful testicles?

I am experiencing pain in my left testicle 8 months post hydrocele correction surgery, only at he back of testicle, what should I do?

I do my varicocele operations 3 days ago. But i have still have some discomfort problem same like before the operation (warm on testis).is it normal?

I done hydrocyle laparoscopic surgery my right testicles now on e year complete now when my cock jumping time i feel pain in testicle what is reason?

I done hydrocyle laparoscopic surgery my right testicles now on e year complete now when my cock masterburate time i feel pain in testicle what reaso?

I had a bilateral lap. Herniotomy. Everything was normal after the op. And i had no swelling etc, 2 months later i feel my testicles have become small?

I had a inguinal hernia repair 2 days ago I've a blue-dark spot just above my right testicle is it normal? & When can i masturbate?

I had a laprascopic herniotomy 2 months ago. After 2 months my testicles appear to be half an inch smaller than what they were pre op. Is this normal?

I had a left inguinal hernia surgery in 2010. I feel pain when i ejaculate a doctor told me that it might be a scar tissue. Do i need a re-operation?

I had a open hernia repair surgery 6 days ago, today I noticed that my Penni's is now swelling, I know that the scrotum can be, it's that normal?

I had a torsion surgery 5 days ago.I feel pain when touching the place above the testicle. I think its spermatic cord. Testicle doesn't hurt.Normal?

I had a varicocelectomy about a week ago. Do the veins eventually go away or do they remain in the scrotum? I had a subinguinal incision.

I had a vericocele embolization awhile ago and the vericocele is fixed but now my scrotum is sagging. How can I fix this and get a "tighter" scrotum ?

I had an inguinal hernia repair nearly 4 months ago. Over the last few days, the testicle on the same side has swelled again. Should i be worrie?

I had an inguinal hernia repair today, and i feel some sort of tissue or soft lump in my scrotum. Is this normal?

I had an inguinal hernia surgery before 3 years.I want to know how does a scar tissue develop in surgical side or around spermatic cord?

I had an inguinal hernia surgery in 2010, feel pain at surgical side when i ejaculate.How can I find out if scar tissue is compressing spermatic cord?

I had an inguinal hernia surgery in 2010.Feel pain & weakness in incision. What to do if vas deferens or spermatic cord is scarred into the mesh?