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I think I have phimosis. I can see my head but can't retract to my glands. I can pee and masturbate without pain. I'm really looking for a cure. Help?

the antibiotics gave me fungals on my penis head and foreskin the treated it like 2 weeks ago now when im done masturbating my foreskin hurt n burn?

70 year old male, foreskin swollen and inflamed...What kind of salve?

8weeks post high risk sex and my penis glans still has red patches under it;also there is redness under foreskin.Been treated for yeast but still has redness.No ulcers or painful urine so far. Advice?

9mth old uncircumsied penus too is a bit red but not swollen or anything. Is this from nappies & is it ok to put barrier cream on it?

A friend of mine used neosporin as lube to masturbate and now claims to have itching and burning and pain at the tip of his penis and a rash near tip?

A rash of some sort has formed on the glans of my penis, it's been there for months. What is it exactly and how can I get it treated? (no irritation)

Abrasion on head of penis, how to treat it?

After intercourse, i found a crack under the foreskin, at the joint of glans and foreskin. It was with blood and pain. There was also redness of glans. Is this due to some skin disease?

After masturbation, I noticed a blister on my foreskin. I believe it is due to friction. Also, what should I do with the blister?

After repeated masturbation, the tip of my penis just under the opening is irritated when it rubs against clothing. No burning, no puss. Trauma?

Are scrotal warts possible if you have had psoriasis on scrotum?

Are sore bumps a symptom of phimosis/balanitis?

At what age does the penis being to develop?

Both the sides of penis TIP is red, but there are NO rashes or anything. Never had sex, but I masturbate a lot. Can this be a problem? 18 Indian male.

Burning around penis foreskin and tip of penis. No STD or uti. I think it started when I switched to a new laundry detergent. Not sure though ?

Can a male yeast infection cause thick gelatinous semen and very easily irritated redness under tip of penis?

Can abrasions occur on the penis?

Can aloevera be applied on penis foreskin suffering from balanoposthitis. Any other thing which can be applied?

Can dry penile skin cause loss of feeling in penis due to rough masturbation and will lubrication and cream help to cure this problem . Help ?

Can excessive washing of the foreskin & penis cause irrattion & soreness?

Can gonorrhea cause swelling of the penis?

Can hazel witch irritate the penis if i'm trying to dry out a herpes sore below my foreskin? Another dr recommended it. Than you. I'm uncircumcised.

Can herpes present itself as just redness and soreness on the penis glans for 3 months with no sores?

Can I have balanitis without pain/discharge? Masturbation makes head have reddish patches. Foreskin reddish. Patches go away until masturbate again.

Can I put petroleum jelly on the head of my newly circumcised penis to get rid of the itchy feeling?

Can I use benzocaine on my childs penis 7yr old so that he does not feel the pain while i clean his penis?

Can I use brightness cream on my penis glans. My glans is little dark. Is it safe to use on penis glans?

Can i use Dexamethasone Neomycin on penis skin? I have very minute cuts below penis skin. It hurts during erection

Can I use triple antibiotic on fungal rash on my penis shaft?

Can liquid garlic help lichean plunus on penis?

Can lotrimin (clotrimazole) ultra stretch the skin of the penis? I have noticed that from a months of using it it makes the head of my penis wrinkle when flaccid.

Can men get a UTI from penis touching toilet rim?

Can meth cause infection on penis?

Can penis inflammation leave sterile?

Can penis rubbing on underwear cause irritated meatus?

Can poor hygiene lead to genital itching of penis head?

Can Protopic be used on the Genitals: Foreskin, Shaft, Head of Penis? Is mild tingling sensation normal?

Can ringworm infect inside penis/prostate?Will it cause prostatitis/prostatitis like symptoms?Penis head is warm, sensitive.Or is it friction?Help

Can sexual lubricant cause itching sensation a day after use and one pimple (white puss) under penis head 2 days after use. Frequent urination. ?

Can someone explain to me how come my penis itching?

Can STD make penis peel?

Can u get a ring worm on the gland of your penis?

Can use of Monistat topically in men, on the head of the penis, cause burning sensation/skin sensitivity and urethral irritation?

Can you get ringworm on your penis?

Can you get ringworm or fungal infection under and on glans of circumcised penis from sweating?

Can you put terconazole on your penis?

Can you recommend a good cream to treat irritation on the head of your penis?

Can you tell me how to cure burning on my penis?

Can you tell me how to know if I have penile yeast infection, sometimes it stings at the tip of the penis on the head?

Can you tell me reasons why I have had smegma build up and itching on penis. The itching only on underside of foreskin?

Can you tell me what can cause my penis urethra to be puffed up and how to fix the problem?

Can you tell me would anyone know what this rash is on my penis?

Chances of one having herpes without any blisters or sores but balanitis on foreskin and penis head?

Circumcision? I have a uncircumsized 4 year old who keeps grabbing at his private parts and tells me his inside is itchy. He won't even let me retract it because he says it hurts too much. Could this be am infection? I am thinking of getting him circumcis

Contact dermatitis on penis will not go away. What do I do?

Corona glan of my penis is sensitive and red looking ? Will I have to be prescribe with a cream?

Could excessive and rough masturbation cause balanitis penis aches after masturbation and is in pain and is red and scarred and appears swollen?

Could it be right that vasline is a best medicine to overcome penis skin dryness please hep me?

Could ringworm happen on penis?

Could use your help docs! my bulbourethral gland itches do I have a std?

Could you ever have an STD rash without it affecting your penis?

Could your penis get infected by masturbating with lotion?

Cured ringworm infection on penis skin by antifungal cream, can it reoccur?Can it cause tingling and burning inside penis and prostatitis symptoms?Help

Diagnosed with yeast infection and phimosis, penis skin has got inside. Help?

Do I apply Cotrimazole on my penis head ?

Do I need to worry about herpes? Had one night stands 17 months ago. No blister or sore so far. Just balanitis on foreskin and penis head for 3 months

Does chlamydia give you a rash on the tip of your penis because i had chlamydia and I have a rash i realy don't know what it could be?

Does penis fungal/ulceris infection could lead to HIV?? Doctor gave him the canesten cream he also have some purple and white on his penis

Does vagina cream harm penis?

Due to dry masturbating my penis foreskin swelled, could you please help to reduce it ?

During sex, my penis bleeds and secondly there is white dry creamish formation on the penis. ?

Every few months 3 y/o sons uncircumcised penis red swollen painful. No uti. Painful urination only sometimes. Dr says trying to retract and normal. ?

Every few months 3 y/o uncircumcised sons penis red swollen painful. No uti. Can urinate fine. Dr says trying to retract and normal.

Food has something to do with fungus on the penis?

Foreskin is dry and has cuts, don't know what to do, should I be concerned?

Foreskin is red all the time but after masterbation it gets even more red and sore, uncircumcised.?

Glans penis with cut reoccurring. Had sex with wife 2 months ago with yeast infection. Pls help?

Had biospy five years ago 3 different seems still no answer says I had perivascalur dermititis on glans and under gland of penis no itching pain scars?

Had sex about 10 month ago, I have recently gained a rash on the head of my penis which irritates when not putting moisturiser on, also circumsized?

Had sex with a girl with yeast infection. Since then, masturbation makes penis head and skin red. Red patches go away but return when masturbating. No pain/discharge. Is this balanitis?

Have had a friction burn on my penis head for about 5 months.Seems to get better until I masturbate or have sex then is becomes irritated and blisters?

Have swollen itchy skin near head of circumcised penis after masturbation. Have nystatin cream from doctor will this clear up ? Itches very bad

Hello doctor,I have been having this problem of white flaky skin in an around my penis since a year. I am a 30 yr old uncircumsized male. Pls help .

Hello good day. I would like to know what are the remedies for dry glan of penis?the foreskin is seems to be sticking on the glan when slide open. Tq

Hello i would just like to known what i can do about having a friction burn on my penis ?

Hey doctor i developed a UTI in penis head after masturbating do you think it is cause of irritation of the skin how to cure this ?

Hi . My penis foreskin is very itchy everytime. How do I deal with this.

Hi can old urine or sweat make u sore under foreskin & on glans?

Hi doctor i have slight itching on my penis head and foreskin for past few days. is that serious or it will be just urinal infection.

Hi doctor,I have a infection in foreskin of my penis, appears red. glans not affected becomes difficult to retract only when erect. what cud be soln

Hi from last 5 days I am having problem with foreskin of my pennis it seem it is cracked its burning and itching used coconut oil but no benefit?

Hi i think I have yeast infection on my penis head how do I cure it i'm so scare?

Hi there can u tell me if bepanthen ointment soothe burning feeling under foreskin & glans?

Hi there can having a salt bath heal up penis thrush in men?

Hi there can hydrocortisone 5 % cream treat balanitis with burning feeling under foreskin redness to glans?

Hi there can smegma make your penis sore & burning?

Hi there can u put zinc oxide nappy on penis glans with sorness?

Hi there can u tell me if it is normal for my penis glans to be senitive in the shower when water hits it?

Hi there can u tell what it means when your foreskin is itchy after showering is it normal?