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17 years old and unable to retract foreskin. I got my foreskin behind the glans today while flaccid, and saw lots of smegma. Any tips. ?

21yr don't have phimosis and can retract foreskin to base of glans. but there's excess foreskin.i don't want circumcission. any problem in sex life??

After circumcision is it better to have more inner or outer foreskin? Is inner foreskin above scarline? Should frenulum remain after circ?

After the foreskin of the penus is removed there occurs a balloon on the penis. Is it normal?

Am a 43 old uncircumsize male I have cuts on my foreskin how I treat it slice cuts on foreskin?

Are there parallel sensory structures in the uncircumcised penis and vagina?

At what age should an uncircumcised boy's foreskin retract, and how does one determine if the opening is too small?(phimosis ) thank you

At what tanner stage for boys can the front foreskin of the penis retract?

Can a circumcised or uncircumcised penis cause more pain during intercourse?

Can a tight pelvic floor cause the penis and scrotum to be retracted?

Can applying moisturizer such as vaseline on penis hampers penis erection??????

Can i having a circumsicion on my penis could lower the sensavility on the glandule?

Can my foreskin shrink?

Can silicon patches or sleeves help dekeratinize the penis glans? If not do you know what would?

Can smegma effect your penis prepuce & can it give u philmosis?

Can someone tell me how to know if my frenulum bending my penis?

Can there be a massive difference between a circumsized and an uncircumcised penis?

Can urologist perform circumcision if you have buried penis?

Can you have PPP on the sulcus? (Skin below the head of the penis)

Can you tell me is a foreskin restoration penis still a damage penis?

Can you tell me is an uncircumcised penis considered normal?

Can you tell me when your penis returns to be flaccid, the glans should cover itself again automatically or manually?

Cant retract foreskin with erect penis although it can be done when flaccid, So can I first retract my foreskin and then make the penis erect ?

Could a tight foreskin stunt penis growth?

Could it be healthy to have scars on my penis?

Could phimosis influence the size of the glans?

Could use your help docs! my foreskin retracts normally when my penis is not erected .. But when it erects it does not retracts fully. Confused?

Could you tell me what is the purpose of the frenulum (penis) ?

Could you tell me what is the skin that attaches the foreskin to the glans on all sides (not the frenulum)?

Do i need to be circumcised again if there is foreskin attached to the corona of my p***s?

Do i need to remove foreskin from my penis before sex?

Do japanese retract their foreskin with string?

Do you measure stretched penile length from the base to the tip of the fore skin or tip of glans?

Doctor, I have white spots inside my foreskin not on the glans or below the foreskin but they are inside my foreskin.. They are not at all painful or?

Does circumcision help prevent penis odor ?

Does frenulum or skin bridge on penis reduce in size?

Does not cleaning under your foreskin cause penile cancer?

Does the foreskin if the penis develop along with the penis?

Does using baby oil on the glans of the penis actually promote smegma?

Find out I have a hyperpigmentaion on my penis.Do I have to circumcise?

Foreskin can be retracted over the glans of erect penis (7.5"), however it's uncomfortable & sex is more pleasurable when I do not. Should i? Why/not?

Foreskin didn't stick on penis after circumcision..Is this normal?

Foreskin is intact is it hygenic?

Foreskin of my penis does not open at all?

Foreskin on penis is tight on penis. I can pul it back to reveille the penis head but when erect it's too tight. And my penis is small around 3/4cm ?

Greyness under glans of penis, should I be concerned?

Hello , my son's penis has phimosis and his foreskin can't be retracted, is there any trestment for this? I have a picture if you would like to se

Hello doctors, there is foreskin attached to the corona of my P***s i'm not sure if it's paraphimosis or not. ?

Help please. When i will take off the bandage from the circumcised area of my penis?

Hi Doc why does my penis hole open up when I erect? I never had this before but I remember having my penis tip caught on the seam of my underwear.

Hi there can u tell if smegma cause a burning feeling under foreskin & on penis shaft?

Hi there is it normal for a adult foreskin to completley cover over the glans?

Hi there is it safe to u Bepanthen cream on my penis glans?

Hi, I m 23 yrs old. I have a attached foreskin with my causes me pain while having sex.......

Hi. I was circumcised at 17. Before that my penis head was pink. After circumcision there are brown skin patches on my penis head. what can i do?

How bad is it having penoscrotal webbing on a penis?

How can I care for my uncircumcised baby's penis?

How can I clean smegma for uncircumcised?

How can I clean smegma under hood (females?

How can I clean uncircumcised penis?

How can I make penis glans go away?

How can I remove smegma off my penis?

How can I stretch my penis foreskin?

How can you remove foreskin of penis?

How can you remove smegma attached to penis head?

How do a circumcised and a uncircumcised penis differ?

How do I fix the discoloration on penis from my circumcision?

How do I treat a penis frenulum tear?

How do you clean smegma out of your penis?

How do you remove the gauze stuck to your penis after circumcision?

How far should my penis retract?

How hard should the glans be during erection?

How i clean penis and foreskin?

How long can an uncircumcised penis skin can be stretched?

How many times a day should I wash my penis with salt after it has been circumcised?

How sensitive is foreskin or uncircumcised penis?

How shall i be circumcised so that there are no moving or bunch up of shaft skin and bare glans when flaccid and erect?

How to break the seal of penis or foreskin?

How to care for an uncircumcised penis once the foreskin is able to be retracted?

How to clean a cirmuised penis?

How to clean dry smegma under foreskin?

How to clean under the foreskin and the head of an uncircumcised teenager?

How to go uncircumcised to circumcised?

How to remove foreskin without circumcision n sex? I want to remove foreskin over glans and explore glans?

I am 16 years old and my penis foreskin does not come down, should I be concerned?

I am 18 and my penis foreskin doesn't retract.what should I do ? I haven't masturbated ever in my life.

I am 21 and my foreskin still does not retract over the tip of my penis and has never done when erect or soft should I be worried about this.

I am 24 years old and my foreskin won't fully retract when it's erect. The opening of the foreskin is too small. Is there a health risk?

I am 33, and have a scar on the penis tip covering both glans and foreskin, and thus prevents me from retracting foreskin. Can the scar be removed?

I am a 16 year old male boy I am uncircumcised my forskin is not tight but my frenulum is still attached is this normal I will be turning 17 soon ?

I am a 19 year old male. I have noticed a tight foreskin since I was a teenager. It can retract when flaccid but not when erect. It can be painful.

I am a circumcised. My penis bends forwards when erect my frenulum and skin on bottom of penis feel very tight when erect.

I am circumcised.However, the skin covers more than half of my penis glans when flaccid.Does it have something to do with the intact frenulum?

I am circumsized, is there anyway of repairing nerves in the head of the penis?

I am uncircumcised and always have been retracting the foreskin from the penis glands. Is this the right way to clean under the penis head.

I am uncircumcised and my foreskin covers the full head of my penis when flaccid and erect. Is this normal? I am 19.

I am uncircumcised.When I pull back my foreskin, at least 40% of it is still attached to the corona.What can I do to separate the foreskin from it?

I bleed from the bottom point of my penis foreskin, what to do?

I can't get my foreskin down when my penis is erected. What does that mean?

I had anal sex with wife and in morning my penis was badly wounded with cut and blood on glans penis & outer skin I am not circumsized penis help pls?