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Testicular ultrasound found hydrocele. Sometimes I also feel a lump(like one enlarged vein)Could hydrocele be compressing vein causing it to enlarge?

1 mnth back, twisted hrizontally lying right testicle to vertical.Urologist say no bell claper.No torsion.Usg normal.Still.Mild pulling pain in tissues

2 days ago i did varicocele surgery And i still feel warms on the cord if my left testicle It is normal Dr ?

20 year old male, swelling above left testis, no tenderness..

21 year old was treated for trsticular torsion a year back the doctor fixed the left testicle 10 days back got my right one fixed but it is hard?

3 year old son's right testicle much smaller than left. Doc sending to a specialist. What could be wrong?

5 days after my left-sided vericocele surgery, I have a patch of black and blue on the top of my left testicle that is numb and tingly. Is this normal?

5monthold baby.u/s showstestis like onboth sidesin abdomen.urologist says nonpalp bilat. testis.after warm bath and few times testis feltleft side ins?

7 scrotum us confirmed that I have no varicoceles. My right side testis veins and epididymis swells and tender to touch. Do I have epididymitis?

A mild dilation at left side testicular veins at 2.9mm. Is it varicoceles? Does this needs to be corrected? If left untreated does it affect fertility

About the spermatic cord.On my left testicle it is quite visible and 'big' on the right testicle it is not visible. Is there a worry or is it normal?

Aching pains above both testis Ultrasound shows no Varicocele, torsion or infection. Sac has now swollen slightly & left testis is sitting much higher?

After having right inguinal hernia surgery i feel like there is change in direction of erection.It is more toward left. Is this normal?

After open inguinal hernia surgery 3 weeks ago on the left side, my left testicle doesn't raise up anymore. It was normal before, worried.

After orchiopexy left testicle swelling and firmness noted. No pain.Is this normal?

Been 2 weeks since my microsur. Varicocele. And my left testicule and top veins are still swollen?

Been to 2 doctors, urologist still experiencing an ache in my right testicle. Ultrasound came back normal. Ideas? Dark purple vein bottom of sack

Can a big left side varicocel, after long time cause right sided decrease blood flow? if yes will blood flow in right testis be normal after operation

Can a large varicocel on left testis cause discomfort/slight pjain above right testis?Can the swelling on left push to the right testis and cause pain

Can a spermatocele affect the cremaster reflex? Have one above left testicle and it is hanging much lower than normal, also left one doesn't retract

Can a spermatocele cause your testicle to hang much lower than normal? Have one above the left one and it is hanging abnormally low and doesn't retract

Can a varicocele be located on the underside/behind the testicle?

Can big varicocele on left testis cause pain in right? I have been checked by 3 urologist, they all did uvSound and didnt find anything in right testi

Can epididymis tail be larger on left testis? And is the epididymis attached to testicle? Mine seems to be attached expecially on left side

Can I do gymming during mild thickening of epididymitis in my left scrotum? Plz advice

Can retractile testis move back and forth between scrotum and abdomen or it will only move between scrotum and groin area?

Can varicocele be misdiagnosed? Is there something which could look like a varicocele? My varicocele is in the right side of the scrotum and 4 cm

Can varicoceles in left testicle cause discomfort about two inch below and about 2-3 inches to the left side of belly button?

Cloudy urine, pain in right testicle and swelling right side testicular veins. What it could be?

Could BPH be making my right testicle much larger than my left one?

Could use your help docs! my epididymis has moved in front of my testicle?

Do right and left testicle have the same functions? Do they have different 'stuff' attached to them?

Doc said that pain in right testicle could be caused by big left varicocele putting pressure on it? How does this work?

Docs, what's a swelling on my left testicle indicate?

Does a vase-deferens swells or get infected. I feel pain in right testis and there is a vein which swells like straw. Had ultrasound, no varicoceles.

Does your spermatic cord swells and tender to touch if u have epididymitis?

Dull ache in right testicle, mainly in the spermatic cord/epididymis area, swollen and sensitive spermatic cord and epididymis with cloudy urine.

Dull ache in right testicle, mainly in the spermatic cord/epididymis area, swollen and sensitive spermatic cord and epididymis, pressure+heavy feeling?

Enlarged right testicle and veins after masturbation(2times/day, noticed enlargement <1hr) .Even that testicle is slightly hanging down and painful.21y?

Feel pain at the base of penis and in both sides epididymis during arousal and after ejaculation. Sometimes testis cord swells also. Pls. Advice !

Feel small vein or tube Unde testis is it bad?

Feel soft structure behind left testicle, not on right. Differences between the two testicles?

Feeling hard tube above and beneath testicles & it tenders if touched. Slight burning in testis veins after urination and swelling in veins.

Floaters in vision, used to have polyps, left nostril generally blocked. My left testicle is small and maybe torsion few years ago twists freely? 22yr

Following trauma, can an epididymis actually waste away (on one side), or will it only shrink?

For weeks now I have had problems swollen left testicle also urinating problems swells when stood looks red aches spermatic cord swollen?

Found in scrotal us: left side testis vein are mildly dilated but having pain and swelling on right testis vein for the last 8 months.

Got u/s done and nurse said no bloodflow in lump on top of right testicle on epididymis most likely cyst or something else? Is no bloodflow good?

Grade 3 vericocele on left,had inguinal approach vericocelectomy a month ago.Now got 1 vein swollen on right.Having pain around left groin. Wht to do?

Had 6 scrotal us & result is all ok. Just had scrotal us & found that left side few testicular vein are dilated but having pain/swelling on right vein?

Had 6 scrotal us but nothing found, having pain and swelling in right side testicular vein for 8 months. What could it be?

Had 6 scrotum us but no varicoceles were found even not found when checked physically. What is the cause of my right side spermatic cord swelling?

Had a scrotum ultrasound a few months ago for right testicle swelling. Would they have noticed any tumors if present? I didn't ask at the time.

Had an ultrasound of my testes, they are normal but on left side, the lining of scrotum was really inflammed, where I have the pain, what could this be?

Had bilateral hydrocele surgery 4 months ago, lump is still above left testicle and has made some parts of the testicle painful to touch. What to do?

Had ligation of varicocele for pain in my left testicle a month ago. Since then large veins have appeared on my penis that are painful. Why?

Had spermatic cord denervation surgery on right side, and pain has since developed in contralateral testicle. How? Are two sides of groin connected?

Had testicular ultrasound .Found hydrocele on both of them.Sometimes feel a lump(like enlarged vein)Could hydrocele press vein causing it to enlarge?

Had varicocelectomy yesterday(left testis)urologist said discomfort in right testis was caused by big left varicocele, when will discomfort dissapear?

Have bigVaricocel on left testis, have mild pain in right for over a month, 3 urologist find nothing, could pain be causd by varicocele in left testis?

Have read that left and right testicle have different veins attached to them. Can I feel that with my fingers from the outside?

Have staph on cowpers gland area and seems to be causing pain on left testicle what do I do?

Having on/off RT testis veins swelling/warmth feeling and watery semen also. I m worried is there any blockage in epididymis/ejaculatory duct?

Hello doctor, my us scrotum and testicles exam showed epididymis cyst 0.4 cm on both left and right sides. Can it be a cause of infertility?

Hello Sir, I am recently enagaged and my marriage is around september mid My question is I've varicocele in my left testis for more than 10 years , also 6 years back there was tortion in my right testis For tortion of testing i was admitted to the h

Hello, I have a cyst in the left testicle. It's dangerous? How is it formed?

Hello.Sometimes my left testicle becomes painful after masturbation.Is there any problem and what is it?

Helo i have medium size one blue vein right next to my left testicle and it is visible after shower and when i stretch my scrotum is this normal?

Hi Doctors, 1. I had TORTION OF TESTIS in left side in 2011and left was not removed. Dr. told that the left is ATROPHY. Is there any problem for me later. 2. HYDROCELE in right side and had surgery. Operation made 2 weeks ago. If there is any future probl

Hi I had Varicocele embolization 15 days ago. My left testicle is still swollen and am in a lot of pain. How much longer do I need to wait for recover?

Hi my right testis is 43x25x31mm and left testis is 43x22x31mm and right epididymal head is 20x8mm and left epididymal head is8x7mm is it cancer..?

Hi, Dear please help me I have white injury side of my testicles?

Hi, my friend had an appendectomy on wednesday morning. He now has a swollen and purple testicle on one side, what could this mean?

Hi,good evening,Im suffering from spermatocele cyst in the size of 34mm in the right testicle and a 7mm cyst in left testicle,do I have to remove it?

How can a big left sided varicocele(grade 3) increase pressure to right renal vein and cause some pain in right testis? (anatomical question)

How can a big left sided varicocele(grade 3) increase pressure to right testis and cause pain there?

How common are inguinal hernias in younger men?Also, would the location typically cause pain at the VERY base of penis (crevice area right near penis)

How does big left varicocele affect right testis an cause infertility to men, does the left varicocele decrease function, blood circulation of right?

How much lower is it normal for one testicle to hang than the other? Visibly lower normal?

Husband had varicocelectomy 6 days back. Feels numb on the left testicle. What is an arterial compromise? Plz guide us

I already had a surgery for varicocele before? But i still have worm like veins in the bottom of my left testicle..Is it normal or is it still varicoc

I am 16 years old and I found my testicles are different sizes. I am a right handed and my left testicle is lower than right and smaller.Is it normal ?

I am 18 and had a testicular surgery a few years back. 3/4 of my right testicle was removed. Is it possible that i might have slightly lower t levels?

I am 46 yrs old and am taking fosinopril and my right testicle has swollen painlessly. What should I do?

I am diagnosed with inguinal hernia on left side. Who will be the right specialist to see about it? Is it a urologist?

I am experiencing genital lump (penis or scrotum) (quality: localized to testicle or scrotum) . It is in the front, and feels sensitive. ?

I am having enlargement on left side of penis that is scrotum but the testicles are normal due to enlargement left testicles pushing to right side?

I am masturbating sine 8 years now i have a lump in left testicle and swollen veins in left testicle moreover i also feel pain in the veins of left testicle and left abdomen and in lower chest.low sex drive also.what is wrong with me?

I confusingly twisted my comfortably lying right testicle.From horizontal to vertical.Holding top scrotal sac and testis.Ligament torn/injurd?

I did varicocele surgery 5 days ago but i still can fell some veins in the lower side of my left testicle Its is normal ? Can i masturbate now ? 10x

I did varicocele surgery and i still fell warms on my left testicle?

I had a inguinal hernia repair 4 weeks ago.(left side) My testicle is still swollen and a odd shape and very tender to touch. Is this normal?

I had a varicocele embolization 6 years ago, I still suffer from varicocele pain quite often is there any way i can do a orchiectomy(left testicle)?

I had a varicocelectomy 3 weeks ago yet on the 2nd week i began to feel the same dull pain of varicocele and i feel dilated veins in my spermatic cord?

I had an undescended left testicle removed at the age of 19 following a groin hernia my right testicle is of normal size would this effect my fertili?

I had my left ureter re routed 17 days ago and my left testicle is very sore and hanging higher...Doctor had to move my bladder to reattach the ureter?

I had operated 8 years ago from varicocele. Now, i have enlarge vein? at bottom in left testis but not from the top. What's that? Feel heavy somtimes

I had testicular distortion surgery 5 days ago, my right testicle was twisted. It was saved but now after 5 days my left one is sensitive to touch?

I had the hydrocele operation on my right testis four years back, and since the testis has grown, yet the right testis stays horizontal. Any help?

I have 1"length x 1/2"width left testis while my right testis is twice as big as the left one. Could i still impregnate a woman with this situation?