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The past couple of days I have felt increased bladder pressure, even after emptying it. I feel a strong contraction & sensation when done urinating. ?

Tlh on 2/5/2013 last bm on 2/2/2013 w/ no urge to have a bm. Have Foley for urinary retention. Running a fever and have ab pain & blood in urine. Appt?

Tlh w/ ovary removal yesterday. When i try to urinate i can't, even if i bear down to do so and have the urge to urinate. Is this normal?

Today, noticed when I urinate at end feels like bladder is pinching. Had frequent urgency too. Is this a UTI? Please advise asap

Top reasons why a male would urinate a lot? (stds, diabetes, prostate, uti.. Any others?) been urinating much, bladder feels full, urge to rr often

Trble urinating.Get feeling of bladder fullness, & wen I go it trickles out slow & takes long time to empty.Causes for this?Child birth?Kidney stones?

Try to evacuate bladder as much as possible. If i get mildly aroused, it feel like bit of urine leaks out.Can the urethra be bent when not aroused?

Trying to pass a 1mm kidney stone & drinking water as instructed. Feel the urge to urinate, but can't. Feel discomfort in penis area. Is this normal?

Unable to control urinary sensation & napkin wet on two areas? Is it diverticulitis?

Unable to empty bladder completely, still feel like I need to pee. What could be the cause?

Unable to fully empty bladder in cold weather-results in more than dribbles. Now experiencing severe pain in perineum after sneezing. Related?

Uncomfortable ejaculation and now premature. Been checked all comes back clean.This has been going on for almost 1 yr. Had scope up urethra all was good. No strictures or signs of blockage. Frustrated?

Ureteral stent.It all of a sudden hurts a lot In my bladder and feels like something is falling out of my vagina.had stents before never this feeling ?

Urethra having spams no pain when urinating but always feel the need to pee had bad pain in kidney last night have duel collective system in L kidney?

Urethral sensation from lexapro (escitalopram). Off for a month. Now back. Urine tests normal. Doc says anxiety. Chance of cancer? No pain or flow problems feel good

Urgency after tea, I have been suffering from urgency with slight discomfort when i urine. Feel like urgency today i had green tea and it got worse. Had a hip injury after that urgency/urethral lbp?

Urinary incontinence and pelvic pain. Urologist can't detect issues. Light dribble during the day. Heavy at night. Don't feel it.

Urinary retention started @end of pregnancy&still sometimes have to strain towards the end if my bladder is really full.What has happened?How to stop?

Urination issue after ktp vocal cord surgery 5 days ago. Stopper pain meds 4 days ago. Go frequent but very weak stream and dribbling. Should I worry?

Urine dribbling has any thing to do with oa of right knee.

Urine that sometimes thin stream and feel bladder pressure. constant urge urinate. feel discomfort after ejaculate can it be prostatis?

Urodynamics came back clear. Doc thinks not have overactive bladder as peeing a lot straining but cause by tight neck. Is likely? What options?

Urologist ruled out stricture but under my penis it feels like somethin is making it hard to pee and i strain alot, could this be causing my brain fog?

Urologist says sponge kidneys and stones in each kidney .Why does it feel very uncomfortable when I have to urinate ? Just a sick feeling in my body?

Urologist says tight bladder neck causing all my issues. On meds and he said try retrain my bladder to stop urgency.Can tight blad go normal over Time?

Uti test neg cystoscope normal bladder normal but constant desire urinate and some block feeling prostrate small what can it be?

Was diag 3/14 with 3x4x5mm stone. Took last alpha blocker today (3/20) feel pressure and urgency and sting in urethra like something stuck. Passing?

Wgat is the name of this codition, where a person retains urine in the bladder but does not feel like urinating?

What are problems in men that causes constant trips to bathroom?

What are symtoms of a urethra strictute my pee comes out slow 30 percent of the time but the other times fast no prostatis does this sound like 1?

What are the signs of a UTI. I have frequent urination,my bladder feels like its not getting empty all the way.I feel pressure and discomfort when uri?

What are the test that might be done, to find out why I have bladder pain, testical pain, and slow urination, that ends in dribbling.?

What can be causing me to have a bad urge to urinate, then only managing to get a lite dribble, and the urge doesn't subside? With pain in testicles?

What can be done for pain in your anus--it's very painful to sit or stand and urinate frequently?

What can cause not having a urge to hav a bowel movement or having to urinate just a pressure when bladder full, complete hyst many yrs ago an cont 2da?

What can cause stiff lower back, desire urinate, feel like never finished, all tests come back as ok (OAB etc) no infection. desire urinate 24/7?

What can I do for a weak blader I keep peeing on my self?

What condition is characterized by urine getting stuck in my uretha?

What could it mean if i woke up this am with a painfully full bladder and after urinating the pressure has stayed all day?

What do I ask for if i need a full exam on everything thats connected with urinating? I feel like my kidneys or bladder is giving up on me

What does it mean if you are not able to pass urine for 2 days but feel like you have a full bladder?

What is causing me to urinate frequently? (no pain when I pee, normal color, normal stream, peeing not too short not too long of time, have sciatica)

What is physiologically causing the pain that begins and ends with urination, in the presence of a UTI?

What is the diffrence between a full bladder feeling and and a baby bump? Is the bladder close to the belly buttion or is the bladder? I'm so confused

What is wrong with my bladder? I've had a urine sample & all came back fine, but for 2 weeks I've had a feeling of fullness and keep needing to go

What to do about pain in bowel with inability to pass for a couple of days I have been experiencing painful urges to go but have only passed mucus. The urges are somewhat frequent and I am sometimes unable to control them. What can I do to relieve this?

What to do if I am finding it hard to urinate?

What to do if i'm having a bit of problem in urinating. It irritates.?

What to do if there's been a constant urge to urinate for 3 wks, with zero relief! not a uti. 23 y/o female! please help!?

What will happen if u experience pain whenever i pass urine post removal og catheter?

What would cause a man to drip blood after ejaculating. Prostate problems run in the family, it burned for him to pee after the blood and he had a burning pain for a few minute after he peed. No pain or burning before he ejaculated.

What would cause hesitant urination. It's not exactly difficulty, but kind of requires more focus lately. No stones or obstructions.

When i pee my bladder is emptying and at the same time i feel my right testes veins is filling up. What is this?

When I urinate I have a very lengthy flow. I have no burning or pain...just long flow. I will think i am done and it starts up again maybe 3 times?

When i urinate is it normal to smell like ammonia? Does this come alone with diverticulitis and cramping in my back where my kidneys are?

When i urinate it flows for a lengthy time. i have no burning or pain, it just keeps coming. i think im done and then it starts up again?

When I urinate it flows for a long time. I have no burning or just keeps coming. I'll think I'm done and then the flow becomes strong agai?

When i urinate, i feel some urine is left inside bladder and i have to push the bladder from downside with hand so that remaining come out.

When I'm almost done peeing pee sprays a little no std, no pain, fast stream no frequency but I had a cystoscopy a year ago is this normal??

When my bladder gets full in my sleep, why am i being woken up by a painful urethral spasm?

When my bladder is full pee will either come out fast or the stream will be weak. I have no prostatis urethrtis or infection or pain. Is this normal ?

When my bladder is full sometimes pee will come out fast sometimes slow does this sound like a stricture I have no pain??

When the stone finally does pass does it feel like it blocks all urination and you have to push it out?

While urinating I sneezed forcing the flow. Now I'm in great discomfort, hurts to urinate but no blood seen. Will this clear in time?

Why do I always have the urge to urine even though im NT eating anything and i always have abdominal pain. Why is this so?

Why do I feel liquid flowing downward sensation from above bladder. It happens after 2 hrs of ejaculation and urinating twice.

Why do I feel pressure on my bladder and have to urinate at night more often?

Why do I feel spasms in my prostate or bladder when taking androgel?

Why do I have a leaky bladder? I'm only 16, but i find myself leaking throughout the day, and it's been like this for a while. I've had a uti.

Why does having a full bladder during labour prevent the baby from coming out. Wouldn't you just urinate since you're pushing so hard?

Why does my bladder feel full and constant wanting to urinate?

Why does my full bladder feel pain after I empty it during the night? also, I wake up and pee at least once a night, is that ok?

Why does my urine stream gets deviated towards left?

With medications can tight bladder neck resolve itself? ive had it 6months now and still feel need go toilet very often and strain to pee.