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Im finding it hard to urinate?Why is this?

Incomplete ejaculation, like something left in prostate, feel to pee after ejaculation and burning feeling, urine doesn't start immediately. Reasons?

Increased urge to urinate. Strange (not painful) sensation when doing so. Some blood w/ large clotting but may be unrelated. Std or bladder infection?

Intense heaches in the mid high part not forehead cum n go thrue the day even if i'm relaxing outback, plus i urine frequent with urgency what's up ?

Is is possible to stretch out a small bladder so that I don't have to go to the bathroom as often?

Is it normal for a man to feel as if he has to urinate when passing gas out his rear?

Is it normal for the prostrate, testical, And the urethra to hurt once in a while after a bowl movement? Im 25

Is it possible that I have cystitis? My bladder feels lower, fuller.

Is it possible to have frequent urge to urinate in 4th week of pregnancy?Always feel like my bladder is full.Completed one course of cephalexin too.

Is my bladder considered weak of leaks when laughing or crying when I am abnormally heavy?

Is poignant feeling in the penis shaft near the tip caused by kidney stone that move to the bladder? How long does it take to come out?

Is there any one specific test to find out tight pant realated lower abdomen pain, burning penile tip, urinary incontinence and constipation?In trouble!

Is there anything I can do to make sex less painful? I have a mild prolapsed bladder and rectocele. I get UTIs within 24-48 hours after having sex.

Is tight bladder neck classed as bladder neck obstruction? i get stop start urination and swollen feeling on and off, frequent urge etc.

Is urge to pee constantly normal after laparoscopy surgery for endometriosis ?

It has been extremely difficult for me to urinate for AT LEAST a few months now. It has increasingly gotten worse. I've had UTIs and kidney stones, but this is different. My urine is clear and there's no burning. It's gotten so difficult that I have to le

Its been about 4 months since i had botox done on my bladder. im still having bad complcations very hard to urinate, can't empty. what should i do?

Just do not no what to do I had bladder surgrey and ever since then the head of my penis has been hurting and I am also haveing problems with my urine it seems like I have to urineate ever ten minutes and I do not fell like I have empyied my bladder pleas

Just had gallbladder surgery and can't stop going to the bathroom to urinate this normal?

Just wondering if tight pelvic floor muscles might be cause of my symptoms (frequent need to urinate, premature ejaculation, peeing sensation etc?

Lap chol week and half ago. What are my chances for bile leak I have no fever but I keep having a uncomfortable feeling sometomes when I urinate?

Last week my father just passed away.Can i ask doctor for reason?Before he pass away, he felt headache, then hard to breath and urinary incontinence.Thx

Lately I feel something weird like contractions on my bladder when it's half full. It come with colon irritation and penis shrinking and brownish urin?

Lately I have Frequent visits to washroom, second and third visits required to empty little amount of urine. No pain or anything up normal. ?

Lately, my bladder always seems to leak or let loose completely when i push to defecate. Age 47. Is this an early stage of incontinence?

Left ovary removed. Now i pee all over my self. I also have to pee every 5 mins. Its been 6 months?

Lots of pressure after urinating, feels I still need to empty my bladder but cant. Could i be pregnant even though it would only be about 2 1/2 wks?

Male 60 can't empty bladder, sudden urge to go often. Low back pain during sex kills erection.?

Male(26) occasionally has urinary retention,frequent urges, & weak stream (no pain). Ejaculation seems to resolve Sx. Has no STIs. UTI/blockage?

Mild pain in bladder after urination and every hour urinate in evening , i m 37 years male what's the reason no uti.

Morning urinating problem, pain after urinating, uncomfortable feel while sitting, week stream.Are these symptoms of non bacterial prostratitis?

My 2 y/o son has constant light bladder leakage. How do you treat this?

My 76 year old father has been urinating blood for 2 weeks. He has also had some trouble voiding and has had back pain on occasion. Could this be bc?

My aunt is peeing blood and having bladder pains... im telling her to go to the doctor .should she? ..

My bladder gets sore and painful after I urinate on a full bladder during the middle of the night. This happens only occasionally. Is this normal?

My bladder hurts all the time, when i pee, when i sit down, ect. I can't empty it all the way my dr has me cathetering myself, no infection found help?

My bladder muscle always feels tight 24/7 but not full. tested but no UTI or anything. and i have urgency to urinate each 1-3 hour. it feels so tight!

My daughter is having a micturating cystourethrogram/ will it hurt?

My doctor talked over my head. We are confused. What is neurogenic bladder?

My father for 2 years now can't control his pee sometimes it leaks out and he has accidents no pain nothing it just leaks what could this be?

My father had kidney stone operated through laparoscopy. Since then he regularly complains of fluctuating burning sensation at the tip of his penis. ?

My father is 77 years old. After urinate he has pain. ?

My feelings or urge to eat or drink, anger,, happiness, bladder fullness, ejaculation, pain are not the same as it used to be. which doc to see?

My husband has pain in penis and urine retention his penis is curved slightly towards left.there is also increased frequency of urine.treatment??

My husband wakes in the middle of the night having to urinate. It is now more frequent. He is 40 no health issues. Could it b bladder or prostate?

My mom's bladder still feels full after passing urine & she has occasional "accidents" from her back passage. She has suffered with diverticulosis.

My pee is dark and bladder hurts what is the problem?

My pee smells terrible (like ammonia)! I've been having extra urgency and frequency. I go at least 2 times at night. Is it my IC or something else?

My prostate contracts feels like it was breaking down fluids mostly wen i push to let more urine out what's up im 26 ? Pee frequent urgent also

My prostate size is normal but why i've difficulty of passing urine? It feels that something is opening forcefully. Then pain in scrotum after urine.

My question is about my urethral meatus cyst, i have this aince birth, i dont feel any symptoms, pain or hard time in peeing, does it need a operatio?

My question is about my urethral meatus cyst, i have this aince birth, i dont feel any symptoms, pain or hard time in peeing, does it need a operation?

My question is dribbling of urine come from my sciatica nerve when i think i'm done peeing I do suffer from sciatica?

My son does not urinate sometime for hours even in am. He has had deflux . He says he can't or doesn't feel the need. Is this related to deflux. ?

My son seems to have hemorrhoid sand frequent and painful urination right at the same time. Any connection? Will cranberry juice help?

My urine flow at night is very slow when i wake up to pee. Seems ok during the day i'm a 35 years old mother of 3. There is no pain, fullness after.?

My vagina feels full and heavy and i need to urinate frequently. What is causing this?

My wife is suffering from vaginal inflammation whenever urinates. She feels like urinating frequently. What's the problem and please suggest remedy soon?

New bed wetting occasional pain with urination. No emotional problems no infection ultra sound shows bladder wall thickening. What should urologist do?

No appetite. Reoccurring uti's, dizziness, migraines. Kidney stones removed. On endep10 for frequency but they make me extremely groggy/tired. ?

No uti, no prostrate issue, all tests ok.Have feeling to urinate all time after going, Bladder tests normal. Sometimes stiff back and itchy uretha?

Not able to urinate as much after drinking alcohol, while my friends always feel the urge. Does this indicate anything wrong with my kidneys?

Not emptying bladder fully then needing wee soon after. Burning an weird twinging anus an penis. Urine and sieman sample negative. Anxiety Suffererer?

Now been 5 weeks flomax (tamsulosin) after doc said tight bladder neck. Peeing every 30min feel need go all time. Sore testicle neg for infection. What is it?

Occasionally feels somekind of ejaculation obstruction , little semen, few urine drops after urinating, light pelvic pain , IBS history?

Odd sensation in bladder when coming towards end of urination, 2 weeks after laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy, why is this?

Omg my urethra is stinging ! i pee very frequently & have urgencies right after i go. I'm 34 weeks pregnant with no uti. What can I do?!

On flomax (tamsulosin) .4mg and MIRABEGRON 50mg. Cystoscopy came normal. Still having to force pee out and sometimes get straining bladder. Pee a lot. What is it?

Pain in bladder area, bladder feels full but not much urine comes out + weak stream. No frequent urination but when urinate feels pain.

Peeing blood. Hurts towards tthe end of urinating..... Bladder feels ccompletely full constantly. .... Help?

Please i urinate frequently many times often. i went to hospital for diagnosis and i was told there is nothing wrong with me. what should i do?

Possible pcos diagnosis, sudden urges for multiple bm a day and sudden urges to urinate. Connected?

Pre&post urination bladder area pain.feels bladder fullness but less urine. Right testis veins inflamed after urination& back to normal within 30 min?

Pregnant female. At 5month .Gastational age .She had urinary bladder and ureteric stone. And she feel loin pain after each meal . Whats the solution ?

Pressure in bladder when lying down like a UTI feeling but not?

Pressure in left abdominal and swollen constantly urinating a lot of fluids hungrier and sleepy is this due to this new found of diabetes I have ?

Pressure on my bladder when i sit down. What does this indicate?

Problem in urin flow its stop midflow. During sex i feel urinate...Pls advise.?

Prostate and physical exam all checked out good, very weak urine stream, difficult to start, stopping and starting, sprays..what's wrong?

Prostatitis symptoms, but dre always checks out fine. During erection feel swelling in rectum. Weak urinary stream, feeling of not emptying. Did cystisc. And MRI of bladder, nothing. 5 years of this..

Pulling pain JUST before urine stream starts that dissapears as soon as urination begins, Ive had this ever since my cystocele repair in 2015. causes?

Reason for concern? 37/f feel the urge to urinate, but can't get the stream startred. Then when i finally do, i'm back at it 1 hour later.

Recently I have started having urinary leakage while running. Terrible urinary urges with an empty bladder.

Recently, I am experiencing involuntary urination at night during sleep. I had undergone urethrosystoscopy 6 months earlier. How serious is this?

Sciatic nerve pain i heard it messes with yr bladder well I have been dribbling a lot i think i'm done but more urine will come out is it from sciatic?

Sensation like I'm about to wet my pants. did I pass a kidney stone, what to do?

Several times a year when urinating get stabbing pain in perenium up through penis followed by urge to urinate and dribbling. goes away-muscle spsm?

Shortly after i urinate, if i bend down to pick something up the urine leaks out a bit. What is this? I'm male and i experience no pain in that region

Should i see a doctor if for the past two months i experience urgency to urinate and then an inability to empty my bladder? It's not painful, just new

Since i've been on gabapentin, I have been unable to empty my bladder completely. Now I have pain and burning when urinating. Is this a side affect ?

Since yesterday around midnight I have slight discomfort in my bladder , slight urge to urinate. 22 years old, no history of urological problems.

Sixty yr old man, chronic bph, kidney stone 4 months ago. Burning distal penis, freq urge and painful urination made worse by running and tennis good ?

Sometimes my boyfriend passes blood while he urinate what could be the reasons og this?

Spazims in bladder after days of having inflamed colon and gass is not sore but feels like I need to pee or the muscle is contracting is irritating ?

Still have burning when I pee not all the time though had a prostate exam no std and now on Xanax (alprazolam) what should I do to fix problem or is this right?

Suffering frequent urination for 5 months UTI, diabetes or kidney issues..feel constantly the urge even after peeing..took many antibiotics..thx?

Suffering from interstitialcystitis.7 weeks preggo.Sharp pulling pains in vagina worsen because of ic. Frequent urination. Will it harm the fetus.

Terrible symptoms lately. Can't sleep wake up at least once a night typically with a full bladder. Urinating very freq. not diabetic. Wat else can be?

That burning type sensation that i ve to pee but little pee comes out and i get relaxed after it. No othe symptom of uti. Im virgin teen male...??

The past 2 days I´ve had a frequent urge to urinate. No bladder discomfort or pain. I´ve been rather stressed out and anxious. Could that be why?