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I feel pressure in my vaginal area and trouble emptying my bladder i'm 51 years old could this have any thing to do with menapous

I feel sharp pain in urethra when i urinate, but the pain goes when i urinate after drinking a lot of water, urine always doesn't flowout of penis easily?

I feel some pain in urinary bladder while I have a urge for defecation. No pain during urination. What could be the reason nd treatment nd tests?Help!

I find sperm coming out slowly like urine (not typical ejection) without any orgasmic feeling, when moving my bowel (#2). Not painful. Is that normal?

I frequently urinate..May see urologist..I have no pain when i pee..Also, should I also get a test for diabetes? Do i need to fast?

I get severe bladder and vaginal pain when my bladder isn't full and i get the urge to pee and while and after urinating. What could this be?

I get sudden urges to urinate. I told my doctor about it. Urinalysis shows no infection. I will intake fluid and will need to go a short time later.?

I get up 3 times a night to pee, mild frequency throughout the day, no pain on ejaculation or in bladder. Diagnosed with prostatitis, could it be ic?

I got frequent urination. My all reports are normal.No diabetics. Age 24. When bladder empty feel some thing itchy. Nothing in full. Whats wrong here?

I got to force my urine out even though my bladder feel full.

I had a cystoscopy and uretha dilation yesterday and the pain is getting worse! What can I do? 15 and female

I had a hysterectomy on the 9th of December 2014. It's now 9weeks past and I suffer from a leaking and overactive bladder. What causes this?

I had a lap appendectomy Saturday night, I'm now home recovering but notice almost like air from my bladder coming out sometimes while urinating. Is this a typical thing that can happen post-op?

I had a micro discectomy 17 months ago. I have began to get cramp in my left calf, and my bladder has become weak...Emptying during sex. Please help?

I had a robotic assisted hysterectomy & a cath for 24 hrs. Now I feel like I have to urinate constantly & am very uncomfortable. No burning & urine i?

I had bladder issues but I have just recently found out i was expecting. I have strong urges to urinate w/ urine leakage causing extreme pain help?

I had broken ankle surgery 5 weeks ago & since have experienced nightly frequent urination. Urinalysis was clear, no uti. Could swelling cause this?

I had pain in lower stomac and testicles after urinate sometimes and meals after a long break. What is the solution to solve this issue?

I had sex 2 nigts ago & it was more rough than usual. I've started to have the urge to urinate and seems I can never empty my bladder but no pain/itch?

I had surgery yesterday. I've been urinating a lot. Is this related?

I had trouble peeing for months already. I figured out if I press down on my inner labia next to the urinary hole, it stimulates pee to come out- why?

I hav lower abdonimal pain and frequent urination in small quantity. I'm driver i hold pee smtime for long time. Is it bcz of that.

I have a constant irrition of the tip of my penis, I had a CT scan done. No stone but blood in urine. Is constant burning on tip of penis related ?

I have a constant urge to urinate and pressure with no bleeding or pain. I drink approx. 128 oz of water a day. What could this be?

I have a dribbling problem and frequent urine urgency... Sometimes i feel severe pain in my left leg as welll. Please tell any effective cure !?

I have a kidney stone (5mm) in my bladder. I feel like I have to pee all the time but only go a little but it isn't a bladder infection. What is it?

I have a pain in my urethra near the pelvic bone region. It is bearable n I have an urge to urinate frequently. I drink 3 liters of water a day?

I have a painful urination with a weak stream and also pain after ejaculation for few secs. i had a ureteroscopy surgery for stones before 3mnths.

I have a problem to urinate on demand. I get tested for drugs twice a week, but struggle to urinate when I need to...

I have a seemingly overactive bladder due to my Officially diagnosed IBS condition... I feel the urge to pee all the time... Can hold it annoyed?

I have a weak urination. I feel the bladder always full even if I have just finish to burning,pain or hematuria.what could it be?

I have always had a weak bladder it has got weaker and I find myself going to the toilet a lot more often what can I do?

I have an enlarged prostate but drinking lots of water does not eliminate the burning sensation while urinating. Is there a way of relieving this?

I have an overactive bladder and recently started having trouble with peeing myself while I'm asleep what can I do about this?

I have been experiencing difficulty urinating, a weak stream, and dribbling. Sounds like a basic case of getting older to me (47). Should i check?

I have been having issues with urination, normally this is caused byback issues but i cannot urinate and have been falling asleep on the toilet at nite?

I have been having pain in urethra when urinating and clitoris generally during day along side dizziness and a higher than usual heart rate.concerned?

I have been urinating very often like every hour but I'm not having discomfort like if I had a UTI. What could possibly be an explanation for this?

I have constant feeling of wanting to pee after gallbladder surgery.?

I have crystals in my urine examination ++ with uncomfortable feeling in my bladder (visiting the bath for several times in the day) what can I do?

I have difficulty emptying my bladder. Urine analysis came back fine two different times. Some discomfort as it feels like I have to urinatebut cannot?

I have excess urination , close to 6 times a night. During urination, a little congested pain is slow.?

I have felt like got full bladder constsntly needing to go for wee not passing much there is no pain smell or other symptoms with it I am female age43?

I have frequency, urgency syndrome already. Lately my back hurts bad and there is some blood in my urine. Could this be related or from something else?

I have had bladder cancer in the past , now find i wake up every night and need to urinate should I have this investigated?

I have had tests and my bladder senses urine too much Nd bladder neck out of sync vesicare 5mg not stop cnstnt urge urinate?

I have Interstitial Cystitis, each time after I eat I feel feverish, almost flu-like, should I be concered? What is causing this?

I have painful urination & always have the feeling to urinate. Seems like urinary retention.. Do you know what's the problem? Pls help me..

I have pcos, a large hiatus hernia, keep getting utis & kidney stones. I feel like the doctors think i'm annoying them. I go at least once a fortnight?

I have pressure pain down there and seem to not be able to empty my bladder what can I do ?

I have prostate enlargement problem.Frequant urination. Stomach pain. Hard to breath. When i climb a small lader I am breathing fast?

I have redding of bladder neck. Prescribed Flomax (tamsulosin). Now keep feeling like need to pee and go a lot per day. is it normal? thought was to stop

I have sciatica, bladder incontinence and urge issues, and my two big toes have been numb for months. Any ideas on what these 3together could mean?

I have started having urge to urinate and pelvic pressure around the same time that I have started swimming 3x a week. Could they be related?

I have the need to urinate and after I am done i still have the sensation that i still need to urinate; but only a few drops of unine occues. What can I do? What are the reasons for this?

I have this constant urge to urinate even when my bladder is not full. It's like my female genitals. Please what do I do? Thanks

I have tight bladder neck stop start urinating, feeling pee all time, and split stream sometimes and sometimes small line of pee. All caused by this?

I have to catheterize 3* a day to pee but when I'm done I still feel the urge and pressure that I have to go is it possible I'm still retaining fluid ?

I have trouble completely emptying my bladder.Additionally it causes a trip to the bathroom every 5 min. I have no pain.What could be the cause!

I have urinary incontinence lower back pain and feel like I have to urinate frequently defecateing and coughing up blood. What are the pos?

I keep feeling the urge to go again once i've urinated. Could this be bladder cancer?

I keep get spasms in my urethra I think coming from bladder what can cause it?

I keep peeing and feeling like I have to pee right when i'm done peeing. Can it be from kidney stones or BV infection.Feels like bladder spasms.No uti?

I m 23 virgin female. Every moening when i urinate i get a weak urine flow n it normal. During d day the flow is it a prolapse?

I m male did sex last night and sleep without wash, next day i got frequently urinate and mild pain in bladder after urinate what's the reason.

I may have a prolapsed bladder. I have to urinate consistently and feel like something is falling. I am due to have a colonoscopy, should I cancel?

I needed a full bladder for an ultrasound. As i was waiting i notice that my kidneys started to ache is that normal when a bladder is completely full?

I often cough and pee on myself is it from back problems?

I often have to go urinate, when I'm in the toilet, I often end up pushing urine out due to feeling like I haven't finished, I'm terrified..pls help?

I passed kidney stones and feel a little burn sensation down low and my urine smells bad? what should i do.. see a urologist?

I pee when I laugh hard with friends, is this stress incontinence?

I seem to have chronic prostatis. how long till this goes? pain in testicle always peeing and feeling full in uretha

I suddenly developed a relatively constant urge to urinate which is only somewhat reduced after I empty my bladder.

I used the bathroom today after 8 hours of sleep. I have a feeling that my bladder is not emptying itself all the way. Why are the reasons/causes?

I used the restroom and had a shap pain behind my bell button and it started towards the end of peeing/emptying of bladder never has this happend b4?

I used to suffer from reoccurring utis, sometimes made my bladder weak and sensitive. I feel like I have that urge lately and spasms even. Endep10??

I was in a car wreck in dec. I tore my bladder and was catheterized and now my bladder hurts very badly when I pee sometimes. Why and how do I fix it?

I was told I have kidney stones and it's close to my bladder. Lately i've had frequent urination. Is this a sign it's stuck or that it's coming out?

I was wondering is it normal to squeeze air of of your penis, because my husband has that issue after he urinate he has an urge to do so.?

I'm 18 years old and I recently began having trouble emptying my bladder. I have trouble starting and trouble getting all the urine out. ?

I'm 30, male, & I have overactive bladder. I keep feeling urge to pee & i can be in bathroom for a good hr. No meds help. What's causing this? Thx! :)

I'm 34 years old male. My problem is pain during and after urination. I feel difficulty in urinating when my bladder is really full?

I'm 65 male. Mentioned the pain on my right kidney. I dreamt i was standing somewhere to pee and then actually peed in bed. Happen twice over 2 weeks?

I'm a 36 year old male. For the past 2 months been having this problem. After i urinate it drips more than usual, feels like it shrunk & won't stay?

I'm diabetic last time i checked my A1c it was 6.1 i don't urinate as frequent as before is that normal cuz my #'s are lower?

I'm having persistent bladder pain, burning across my body and i haven't ejaculated in 8 months. Determined as nothing urological. What now?

I'm having really odd bladder problems. No burning, but seem to be not finished peeing when done?

I'm having some irritation when i urinate - what's going on?

I'm not sure if it's my bladder or not, it's really sore right below my bellybutton and just a bit higher then my vagina. Is it a bladder infection?

I'm scared for female cystoscopy- painful?

I'm suffering from a constant urge to urinate and erectile dysfunction. My test levels are normal and I bladder is normal, no infections. What do I do?

I've been nausea when I have sex and my bladder feels full all the time & when i pee it still feels full what could be the problem ?

I've had a cystoscopy to rule out interstitial cystitis but am still having chronic pain in the abdomen and through the urethra as well as into my vaginal area. I feel the need to urinate frequently and am still seeing doctors to try to figure this out.

I've had overactive bladder for 5 yrs & the past month has gotten worse i'm peeing 20+times a day & have severe urgency every 10 minutes what do I do?

I've recently had a bladder sling. Now sex is painful. Is this normal?

If I wait too long to pee and my bladder is super full it is painful to pee. Only happens occasionally. Hist ehlers danlos 3 and 2 c sections?

If u have a buging disk can it cause u to not know when u have to urinate or make u urinate your self a little and not be able to have bowel movement?

Im 12 weeks pregnant and had scan yesterday, i now can't urinate properly my bladder feels really full but only a little comes out i can't empty my bladder.

Im 32 weeks pregnant, and when i was voiding, i sat forward a little bit to finish urinating , and i had a sharp pain from my up pre-clampsia 2008?

Im feeling a lot of bladder pressure and urge to urinate, even though i just went. Could i not have passed my stone yet? Its not pain, just pressure o