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During defication i can't urinate, after excreting urination starts, when i push a bit urination occurs but really thin and slow stream, abnormal?Help

Electric shocks in my ovary no period for months urgency to pee and painfull bowels what's wrong ?

Ever since bladder infection,nonstop issues.Diarrhea for3months.MD gave can't fully empty bladder.sit, expel,wait10sec.expel etc. help?

Every time i cough or sneeze i'm unable to control my bladder & lose urine it's been goin on for bout 2 weeks now. Should i be concerned?

Every time i cough/laugh hard, I have bladder leakage. Why is it happening all the time? How do I stop it? I'm only 28, too young for bladder problems

Everytime I take Advil (ibuprofen) on empty stomach, I get a burning/pain in my bladder and urinary tract. Lasts maybe 2hrs. No bladder infection.

False urge to pee! i get nervous that I have to pee but don't have to! holding in the pee (that's not there) causes soreness of vaginal/bladder area!?

Feel bad at 92 if leak if aides don't wake me to void at night. Seems like they don't want me to drink, but my doctor does (recurrent utis and renal).?

Feeling continuously the need of urinate(even after voiding),voiding small quantities, sometimes lost some drops, no pain.Is it incontinence symptom?

Feeling like I have a full bladder and have to urinate but when I go to use the bathroom, I either can't go or there isn't much. Possible UTI? Pain

Feeling the urge to urinate with an empty bladder. The feeling is actually better when there is something in my bladder and worse right after I pee.

Felt like peeing 24/7 for 5 days/wake up in sleep/pee more than 24times a day. Antibiotics for bladder infection and urine tract inflame dont work! ?

Female 50 feels like bladder is pushing into vagina. Is that a real problem?

Female urination problem: can't seem to fully urinate, or it feels that way?

Female with 4mm kidney stone moving for 6mths. Burning sore urethra; worse at end of urine stream & after. NO infection. Why so much urethra pain?

Female with SB. Suddenly if I drink lots of fluids, I don't seem to urinate as much as I used to. Experiencing bladder pain. Should I be concerned?

For 6 days I've had pain at the end of urination and need to go even when my bladder is empty. My pee also smells in the morning. What is this?

Freq. urination-better one day, worse the next. No UTI. I have health anxiety and urination normal when I'm busy. Doesn't wake me. Should I see uro?

Frequent urge to urinate makes it hard to work in office. What are options?

Frequent urination about a week. drink primarily water, 5 times a night to pee. Feels heavy/touchy at opening end of urethra/pee hole. No burn no pain?

Frequent urination every 30 minutes. Pain in bladder and bottom of vagina. I have insulin resistance too. What can I do?

Frequent/constant urge to urinate today. Empty bladder each time it's large amount. No other symptoms. Infection? Any help available?

From a long time I have urianat problem that I can pee normal and l feel pain at my bladder and when I pee it is like V and I don't know exactly what ?

Full feeling in my bladder and peeing a lot . Does it have anything to do with diabetes?

GFR has dropped to 53, trouble urinating and swollen abdomen. What could be causing this?

Got tight bladder neck I have weak stream urgency constant and feeling of holding back pee. I do empty but I also may have OAB or something else too?

Got tight bladder neck, urge pee all time no pain. test neg. urge 10x worse when sat on toilet and bowel move. Is this also symptom? what else could b

Got veriscare for overactive bladder did everything doc told me to do my urine smells bad an pains into sides an stomach ?

Had a Foley cath romoved and have a uti. Able to urinate at first but is becoming very hard and painful to urinate. Urinating blood+clots. Fix itself?

Had a ruptured cyst. Still struggling with peeing and constipation. I have to push to pee. Could this be a sign that I may have endometriosis?

Had an erection & it went down. Had to pee & the force of urine was not that weak, but my urine stream went sideways right. Been having prostate issue?

Had edg, when they woke me they woke my bladder. I have had bladder spsmswhy?

Had UTI's in past several months now I think it's in my kidneys which hurts.urinate often. gastric bypass 1 ago w/ a lot of health issues now. Help?

Have a bad UTI that antibiotics haven't cured. Finding it hard to urinate and constantly feel very strong urge to go. High temp. Low abdo pain?

Have a stem on the middle of my penis which causes me to pee alot, how can I fix my peeing problem.

Have a super pubic Catheter and constant infections, can you have a SPC for ever, what is the other options apart from intermitent. Retention & pain.

Have about 1 month or more that i feel pain at the end of urination, when bladder is not totally full.Im male 26.No smoker.Afraid of bladder cancer :(?

Have been going to the toilet too much last few months I've taken tablet for over active bladder but feel pain around left ovary what could cause this?

Have burning when I pee not all the time though had a prostate exam/no std/now on Xanax/what should I do to fix problem or is this right I do have CP?

Have CKD stage 3 and feel pressure on the anus while urination?

Have had bladder problems for over 3 years, frequent urination b4 bed. Had MRI and got bulged disc can that cause bladder problems ?

Have Prostatitis.Even Bladder is Full DONT FEEL URGE to go toilet,just feel pain type in pelvis,then go toilet void large amount of urine,What happen?

Have raised bladder neck. Tamusolin (flomax) and betmiga (alpha blocker) don't seem to work still feel always pressure need to pee. What's next to try?

Have spina bifida many utis have cath had sweating shaking and not being able to eat in a lot of pain no fever dr says its just a uti..What do u think?

Have the urge to urinate always even though bladder is empty.I wouldnt say pain, but iys more like the urge to micturate. Should i be worried?

Have tight blad neck and suspect OAB. On meds a while, can 1hr-2hr without urinating. However, constant sensation from uretha to pee, all tests neg?

Have to pee constantly but can't empty my bladder fully. Pressure feeling on my bladder. No pain or oders or burning. What could this be?

Have vulvodynia.On 100mg Pregabalin.Last 2 days need to urinate often.Feel like not emptying bladder properly.No burn but tiny white particles in. IC?

Having exteme trouble starting, pushing & keeping a flow of urine, bladder never feels 100% empty. There is no blood or ANY pain at all. What is this?

Hello, my wife is 25 years old. She has been having troubles with her bladder basically she tends to go to WC too frequent for urination.

Hello! Is there a correlation between hemorrhoids and enlarged prostate when it comes to defecating and urinating? Thank you!

Hello..i have lower pelvic pain in the morning only..i do empty my bladder throw the night so its not that i am 52 been married 32 yrs STD is out help?

Help! frequent urgent urination- went to doctor.... (30yr/f) i went to the dr. A few months ago because I have been having a frequent urgent need to urinate for about a year. It's never a large amount of urine, and sometimes it's even difficult to go. The

Hi akash(M),age 22.My gall bladder n urinary bladder is partially in distended state n there is bowel gas also.What it means?Need tips

Hi am type 2 diabetic the last few days I have been urinating and after I'm done urinating I have lots of pressure like I still have to go I and 55 ?

Hi am type 2 diabetic the last few days I have been urinating and after I'm done urinating I have lots of pressure like I still have to go I and 55 I ?

Hi been told by doctor have fribroads can this cause problems with the bladder I get like a knife pain before going the toilet an after can u advise ?

Hi doctor, I have been having blood spot when urinating. My urinary track and bladder become painful. I have consulted many times. Will Mist pot help?

Hi I'm 34 I have various medical bladder has beeb in retention 5 yrs I self catherise. .I've pain in both kids and round at the front going around to by back. My bladder stinging and I keep getting bladder spasm. .I feel nausea?

Hi i'm a 30 year old man and lately i've been having problems starting my urine flow ...Sometimes I have to push to start..I do have a inflamed kidney?

Hi, I have: constant urge to urinate, interrupted flow and have to push it at the end, No infection, I have tried bladder control.

Hi, my concern is what's the preliminary diagnosis of a patient who has painful urination and a fever of 101.5f and nearly constant urge to urinate?

Horrid.. pain in prostate, constant urination, constain strain. 21 yrs old. been on loads of meds antibio. nothing helps. can straining cause polyps?

How can I better conyrol my bladder I am becoming incontiment of the bladder i don't even feel it coming and am only a 31 year old woman.

How can I get relief from my bladder infection? I can't stand up without the urge to pee

How can you get bladder cancer if you're constantly urinating?

How come I keep having spontaneous bladder pains?

How does a peson with an artificial bladder feel the need to get rid of urine?

How lonf can it take to see major improvment in tight bladder neck symptoms using betmiga and flomax (tamsulosin)? still feel constant need pee

How to make it less painful to urinate after catheter been taken out?

How to prevent big prostate causing difficulty urinating?

I am 10 weeks pregnant and when i empty my bladder (in the mornings when it is extra full)i get pains in my abdominal for a while after. Is this norm?

I am 13 weeks pregnt and having some discomfort in lower abdomen plus difficulty when trying to pee. I had a UTI at week 5. Could this be a UTI again?

I am 23 yof and get woken up at night because of the urge to urinate. What can rhis be? Sudden change

I am 23, female. I have a slow trickling urine stream, feel not relieved sometimes. Happens in the morning and also during the day, no pain. Thanks?

I am 33 years old and have interstitial cystits I woke up to void and realized i had lost control of my bladder and bowels while sleeping lots of pain?

I am 38 yrs oid female burning sensation when urinate and also pressure on my rectum like I have to go potty. It happens most often after having sex.?

I am a 34 y.o woman, & have the urgent need to urinate (I sometimes can't make it to the restroom). I have never had problems with this before.

I am a diabetic. I have an intense burning and pain in my penis when i sit to poop and push to pee after my initial stream. Been tested all negative?

I am a tingling, crackling in pelvic area, bloating when eating and after going to bathroom its slightly decreased, blader leakage?

I am feeling inflammation in my right kidney. Will this inflammation goes away itself by drinking a lot of water? I am using Flowmax.

I am having difficulty urinating after a laparoscopy?

I am having difficulty urinating and am having to go offten. Went to my PC and I have no STD or uti. They said im too young for anytype of prostate problem. Im 32 by the way. I have to sit down when going and it takes forever to finish. Please help.

I am having pain in my abdomen during sex in a particular position.Also faced urine infection last month and having little pain while emptying bladder?

I am on treatment for UTI but it's worse now then before treatment,have urge to urinate CONSTANTLY,small amounts, even while on antibiotics, no pain?

I am taking pees in the middle of the night at least 2 times, do I have a bladder disease?

I am weeing quiet a bit i feel as my bladder is full but not much comes out could a colposcopy i had done irritate my bladder heavy feeling on bladd?

I can pee normally but its not as strong as it was as if my muscles are contracted i empty my bladder its fine but i feel that its so weak what is it ?

I cannot emptymy bladder fully and need to stand up to finish. This is difficult when you are a female?


I don't need to pee often, but when I do it's urgent.Once stream done, need to push more out so i get 'relieved'.Stomach, low bck pain.Cramping. Msg plz?

I don't not have feelings in my bladder to void but I have the feeling in my penis what could cause this problem ?

I experience burning in the tip of penis and pressure in rectum, kidney stone related?

I experience frequent, sudden need to urinate + bladder spasms/light incontinence. I'm female and only 30. It's been going on for almost a year.

I feel a heaviness on my bladder, frequent need to urinate but only a little urine. Should I increase my HRT dosage?

I feel a slight pressure in my bladder & just had a semen like discharge when I was having a bowel movement. I'm 45. Could this be a prostate issue?

I feel as if my urine travels backwards in my stomach before urine ? After urinating a pain is still left ! Problem ? Details

I feel blood congestion in prostate region , like increase blood circulation and disconfort , also idnot sleep on either sides cuz ifeel urge to cum?

I feel like I have retension in my bladder . I go to the bathroom but still experience heavy leakage while jumping laughing etc how do I fix this?

I feel pain my left kidney Dr . says that it's normal but not own place it's down and urine vain seaze many times, ever urine bladder not empty.