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Varied reasons 4 vomiting.Hard 4 me an my doc 2 narrow down.Doin labwork 4 that.When vomiting I pee on myself. , how do I control my pee?Uggh

(Virgin,M) feel burning in urethra after orgasms, fixed by sufficient urination otherwise urge n discomfort is there even if i cant pee. Explanation?

16, female. Hard to pee, frequent urge to pee, common uti's but symptoms don't go away after treatment. Swollen but painless glands in neck.

18 female, virgin. i have a heavy urethal discharge which is very annoying and uncomfortable along side with a very strong urge to urinate often.

18 male i had a cystoscopy to rule out stricture, still hard to pee. Not smooth and easy to get out like it used to. Strain alot, feels like a tumor?

2 mnths ago i urinate after ejaculation i had feeling of pain belw scrotm and burning and weak flow of urine.Taken 2 weeks antibio.But still problm.

2 y/ago i had a C-section and had some pressure when urinating. Now bad pressure when urinating and can't fully empty bladder. Only 22y/o?

21 yr old healthy female. I randomly got this feeling that I need to slightly pee, but only directly @ urethral opening. Not uti. Any ideas?

28 year old male. 30 min to 1hr episodes of spasms in perineum area with constant urge to urinate/defecate. 12 times/3 years. Blood one time. Test neg?

29yrmale.Weak lowerback n thighs during erection.and feel urge to urinate after morning erection hence have disturbed sleep.urine n kidney analy norma?

30 yr. Male with prostate problem? If i drink a lot of liquid, good pee then have painful pressure and have to pee more, each w/ weak stream o/w im oka

30yrmale.Lot of pressure since 2weeks in bladder&penis always.UrineAna,UltraSound,RFTnormal.Base of bladder bit painful.Have IBS as well.Is it serious

31y.O. Woman. Suddenly having trouble urinating. Can only relieve bladder when full. Takes a long time and concentration. Not a uti. No pain.

31yrmale.Itching at tip of penis&constant bladder presure once in few mnths.Every time renalFunc,urine anal/culture,US Scan normal.It stays for a week?

34 weeks pregnant & baby is on my bladder & causes painful & uncomfortable pressure in my urethra. Anything i can do?

37 weeks & 2 days pregnant, feeling urinating like pressure in abdomen.I mean full bladder lik feeling..But when urinating it was small amount only.Why?

44mm kidney stone in bladder severe pain in penis feel like something crawling in my penis. no more flomax (tamsulosin) to help any suggestions?urine flow is good

5 yr healthy f frequent urination for a wk dr did urinalysis normal should I worry about tumor pressing on bladder he felt her stomach ok what to do?

53 year old woman has symptom of intermittent urination for years. Pee all the way, stop at almost the end, then weaker stream. What's the cause?

5m pregnant, feels like bladder is blocked when full takes 5min to start to pee, bad groin, and bladder pain, not a badder infection had that test don?

62 yo female w/ stge 4 colon ca has frequent urgency to release stool or pee. She had colon surgery a yr ago. Why the freq bathroom trips?

Abnormal vaginal bleesing (4 weeks straight), pelvic pain (6 months), frequent bathroom trips, and feeling full very quickly? What could it be?

After a month of alfuzosin, have a feeling of unfinished urination, but full ejaculation. If it can be the sign of prostatitis? What is the next step?

After emptying my bladder I feel pain.Ii am female. The pain only lasts for 5 sec and there is no blood in the urine.?

After gall bladder surgery many years ago I am bothered with all over itching and stinging it comes and goes. What could be the reason?

After having a stomach virus during the weekend, I've been needing to urinate slightly more often. Why could this be?

After I urinate or remove waste away, my testicles pain and my bladder too. What's wrong? They only pains when I visit the toilet.

After lots of uti's, this one feels different. Like my uretha is blocked? At the end I have to squeeze to pee. Been checked for kidney stones - clear.

After masterbush i fill pain in bladder next day and frequent urination what couse?

After my cholecystectomy last week, when I finish emptying my gladder I feel pain, could it be realated? 22 year old, UTI maybe?

After passing urin some urine still left in urethra. It comes out when sitting or bowing. I was having a habit of face down masterbation?

After sex i must pee so often. Its like my bladder is swollen.

After urination I still feel a little pressure in my bladder ?

After urination, i feel that bladder is not empty so, i press bladder and small urine drops comes out.urine color doesn't matter No pain no sensation.

After using catheter, the whole day i suffer with uncomfortness and little pain every time i urinate . Why is that ? Any solution for this problem?

After years of diuretics use for heartfailure why suddenly is it so painfull and almost impossible to pee? Had bladder infection but this has cleared

All of a sudden I am having issues urinating. Even with a very full bladder, gtting started and keeping the flow going requires straining. Do I need t?

Always feel like i need to urinate. Sometimes i have to push to empty my bladder. Slight pain in bladder and stomach. Urine test came back normal.

Am single I suffer urgency to go to toilet is it relates to prostate inflammation? I feel burn urine all time and when stool pain and burn Please help

Are isolated bladder issues common in ms? I've noticed that I have a weaker urinary stream and I've had some dysesthesias in the arms that come and go

Are there habits that make dropped bladder more likely?

At 100ml my bladders irritated&wants to be emptied,but i sleep through the night and can hold doesnt hurt when i wake up.whats wrong?

At night I feel like I can't empty my bladder at all. I don't know if this is normal for man at 60?

Been feeling same pain as when i had prostatitis but without any urinary problems. Dr said could be from past colostomy. Ok to take leftover flomax (tamsulosin)?

Been on Cipralex for a week then stopped and having difficulty passing urine with low stream, it hurts and is very painful. How long will this last?

Been peeing a lot for ~12hrs, but not as much as w/ a UTI, and no pain or small output. How long before I should worry it's more than an irritant?

Been urinating frequently, bladder still feels full after urinating, fluttering in bottom of abdomen, heavy periods with lots of clots not pregnant tu?

Bladder botox sched 4 mar31 but urologist wont if symptoms r bad. Severe urgency hav 2 pee every 10mins peeing 20+times a day no relief what to do?

Bladder doesn't fully empty during bowel movement and frequent urination afterwards. I should go to a urologist or gastroenterologist.varicolectomy dn?

Bladder feels full and i'm always constipated after i p bladder stil feels ful what culd b the problem?

Bladder irritation constant and when full slow weak stream. Infection negative, prostate normal what is it?

Bladder pressure... can come after waiting 5 min to use toilet &then pain can cont 4 few days, no UTI ultrasnd clear bladder emptying prop what can b?

Bladder still hurts aftter bladderlift 6wks ago.Is that normal?

Blader full often. Empty an need wee right after. Burn/twinge Uretha.Feeling need to feciate when pain.Sieman urine test negative Diagnosed with lowT?

Bloated stomach, feeling urge urinate, double void feel blocked no uti no bph tests all normal from urologists. Itch uretha no sti. What is it?

Buring urination, frequen 6 yrs- gaps of few months at times. Suspec ic, dr thins dehydration drink a min of 1lr day can that cause so much pain?

Can a bio film bladder infection cause urge incontinence? feel sometimes like wet pants. any.medicine can help?

Can a tight bladder neck go back to normal on med and bladder training like my doc said? Or will I have until need surgery? He said try train bladder

Can a UTI that i had last month thats gone now cause inflammion to the baldder which is the cause of my frequency and urge to constantly urinate.

Can bad bacteria thats found in the bladder cause frequent urination and a feeling of pressure and fullness in the bladder?

Can burning in the tip of penis, pressure in rectum, and kidney stones all be related?

Can buscopan make urinary urgency & frequency worse? I've been taking it for 5 days & my overactive bladder symptoms have gotten progressively worse.

Can constant desire urinate no uti, bladder tests normal, flow normal, on and off testicle pain be prostatis?

Can flomax (tamsulosin) cause feeling needing always pee and sore abdomen? Always feel have to hold back urine or go every 20mins

Can freguent & urgent urination be a sign of a gallbladder going bad?

Can I have prostate problems at the age of 19 yrs old? because right now i am having some urinary issues.. like small amount of pee comes out.

Can Overactive Bladder cause: constant feeling of urgency doesnt go away? occasional split stream urination?

Can pooping irritate my pelvic floor disorder? makes me feel like i need to pee 24/7. Is this 24/7 feeling to pee common in PFD males?

Can right bladder neck cause - pressure in bladder, feeling of holding urine back constant, sometimes sore. Double voiding lot. Bladder empties tho?

Can semen buildup or issues on reproductive organ cause urinary issues where one is constantly have the feeling to urinate?

Can tramadol cause difficulty urinating? I am on 100mg for my knee. Even with a full bladder I have to work really hard to get urine out.

Can you train your bladder to stop wanting to double void? feel uge to pee constant, testes pain sometimes and split stream sometimes. Prostate normal

Catheter for 2 months causing bleeding, will take it off tomorrow to see if my dad can urinate by himself, any tips for him to be able to urinate.

Cause, no urge 2urinate, just get a presure an have 2 get 2 restroom asap can't hold it, pushes on bowels&visversa also, no leakage when cough ect, mult sur?

Colon and urology tests are clear. Organs appear normal. Doctors have no answers as to why sitting makes my abdomen hurt. Urination is painful.?

Constant feeling of having to pee, going pee makes it worse. UTI,Std's,diabetes,CTscan,Cystoscopy, all negative. No change after antibotic. Now what?

Constant feeling of having to pee. Urologist did a full checkup,cystcopy, urodynamic found nothing wrong. Now what? He said to come back in 6 months.

Constant feeling of having to urinate. Going pee makes the feeling worse. UTI,diabetes,STD's,Cancer etc has been ruled out. Any thoughts?

Constant irritation bladder feeling. Can bladder neck cause this? Doc said Botox to relax bladder neck? Tabs not work even though ret ejaculation

Constant pressured feeling in urethra (need to pee+arousal) So bad that it wakes me up at night. Bladder sometimes hurts. Hazy pee + signsofblood. Ty!

Constant swelling-feeling in rectum. Worse with erection. Problems urinating/always feeling like not fully emptied. No enlarged prost/low psa. Seen 5 urol./5 years now. Possible tumor in rectum...?

Constantly feel urge to urinate all time. Will this be my right bladder neck or can overactive bladder also cause this?

Continual urge to urinate not productive. not STD .no pain or discharge .having huge life stress.?causes

Could a seroma in my abdomen be causing me to urinate frequently ans suddenly?

Could chronic prostatitis make it hard for me to urinate for 3 years?

Could prostatitis make me feel like my bladder is always full?

Could solely raised bladder neck cause - frequent urination/feeling never empty, pressure, knot feel? Flomax (tamsulosin) not helping or other meds.

Daughter-16-had large stool stuck in rectum. It passed. Since then, bladder spasms, hard to start pee, weak streams, no uti. Saw Urologist. Any ideas?

Dear sir i smoke cigarrete from 9 years now adays i feel stomach .abdominal pains .blood and sperm in pee what this problem please answer me?

Diagnosed with prostatis 6 mnt ago it comes and goes antibiotics not working ,now after I pee I have pain in lower abdomen & penis especially whie moving afterwhile goes away is this causby prostatis?

Do I have a stricture ? My pee sprays everywhere when I'm just about done peeing no other symtoms

Do we sit on our prostrate? When I sit sometimes, I feel gurgling sensation in my prostrate area. Is it blood or urine that gurgles? Thanks. Male 33

Doc said i have cystitis but test is neg? Pressure n burning feeling above pubic bone worse wen bladder full. Need to wee more often but only dribble

Doctor ihave severe ticklish feeling in left lower abdomen in the bladder as if i need to urinate immediately i pass urine frequently in large quantit?

Does a bladder exam rule out urination problems? He ruled out stricture but i still strain when i pee. Its hard to get it out. Im 18 years old

Does frequency &leakage have anything to do with back problems between l3-s1?

Does it make my UTI worse if I often press down quite hard on my bladder to check if my bladder is empty? Or hurt my bladder to do this?

Does lower ab pain, and very limited urination after drinking water all day mean that I am having urinary retentention and/or bladder distension?

Does ovarian cysts cause vaginal pain when feeling an urge to urinate or just in everyday activities?

Does taking supplements(protein shakes) can causes uti, stones, or any other urinary tract/prostate problems? I feel burning sensation in right testes