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pain with urination ( stinging or burning sensation) , vaginal itching, vaginal tenderness and pain during sex. okay to treat with monistat?

23 year old male frequent urination, no burning or pain when urinating, no Cloudy or foul smelling urine. Is still likely to be UTI ?

3 days after sex had frequent urge to urinate for 1 day. 1 week later fever and chills. no sores present. Slight burning in right groin. Herpes?Other?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with dysuria?

Bladder discomfort daily, but no pain with urination, frequency, urgency. Worse in am. Uti or ic?

Burning & pain "down there" during urination but no uti, any idea what else this could be?

Burning during urination?

Burning epididymis irradiating + pubic burning, irradiating in the rectum. Frequent need to urinate for 24H. ejaculation very painful (last 3 month)?

Burning frequent urination. Vaginal burning. On azythromycin and this normal? What to do?

Burning in vaginal area and frequent peeing without burning is a sign of what?

Burning sensation around my prostrate after urinating?

Burning sensation at urethra, tiredness. Passing small bowel when i urinate.

Burning sensation in urinary tract when urinating or mastburating. Is this serious?

Burning urinatintion..Saw doctor no bladder or UTI what could this..Feeling fatigue as well?

Burning vagina when I pee and I'm on my menstrual still burning sensation even when I'm not peeing need relief?

Burning when urinating from penis?

Burning when urinating?

Burning without peeing?

Burning/stinging urinating.urethral redness and very sore. Could this be bladder infection? Have been having problems since bladder sling surgery.

Can a bladder infection or pregnancy cause frequent and painful urination?

Can a UTI cause vaginal pain?

Can antibiotics cause burning urination?

Can bladder tumors cause frequent urination & a burning sensation before, during, & after urinating?

Can burning while urination be a sign of dehydration?

Can BV cause urinary discomfort?

Can dehydration lead to a slight burning sensation when you pee? I don't think I have a UTI.

Can I have a UTI without painful urination?

Can interstitial cystitis cause burning when urinating and burning in urethra?

Can just having an irritated urethra cause frequent urination symptoms?

Can spermicidallubricant cause urethral pain during urination?

Can urinary tract infection cause a burning sensation in the stomach?

Can UTI cause burning when peeing that come and go.

Can uti's heal on own?had burning feeling when urinating and discomfort for a week or so now it's lessening

Can vaginitis cause the feeling to urinate more often?

Can yeast in the bladder cause it to spasm and cause a burning pain even when not urinating? No UTI, on Diflucan, (fluconazole) still have symptoms. Thank you!

Can you have a bladder infection without the burning sensation when you urinate?

Can you have a UTI without having painful urination?

Chlamydia cured no ghonnorea. Frequent urination and vaginal burning for months leading to burning in the hip. No pain or sores. What's going on?

Cloudy urine and burning sensation when peeing. What is this?

Cloudy urine, burning sensation when urinating, what is this?

Constant burning in urethra with no UTI?

Constant urge to urinate still persists after UTI treatment, what do you suggest?

Could burning when i urinate mean I have an infection?

Could having a yeast infection also cause burning when urinating?

Could the burning pain in my urethra be related to conjunctivitis?

Dear Sir, I urinate frequently(in about 30mins) since 5 days. There is little burning sensation for a while after urination. Am i infected with UTI?

Discomfort after urination (female)? Should I get checked for uti?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with stinging urination?

Do UTI always cause discomfort?

Does a UTI always have more symptoms than burning feeling while urinating and urgency to go to the bathroom?

Does having a yeast infection cause constant urination?

Does Monistat 3 still work after urination?

Ever since sex yesterday: burning/painful urination, sore vagina and frequent urination. Help?!?!

Experiencing burning and itching of the urethra and burns to urinate? Is this a UTI or thrush ?

Extreme stinging/burning when urinating and mild itch. Almost unbearable. Is it a UTI?

Frequency and burning pee but no UTI and no std! what could it be?

Frequent urge to urinate constantly and pain in the vaginal area?

Frequent urge to urinate with no pain or bleeding. Infection?

Frequent urge to urinate, discomfort, discomfort surround urethra, vaginal discharge, no UTI, no STD, no cultures present. What could it be?

Frequent urination and irritating burning in penis. What could be the cause?

Frequent urination with burning sensation...urge to urinate even after urination...I had starterd Frequent urination since 2-3 today morn?

Frequent urination, and tingling sensation on meatus, what to do?

Frequent urination, urge to urinate only in urethra.not UTI/ its worst it was a constant pressure pain in urethra.what is wrong?2mnths duration.

Had sex for first time and now having burning sensation when i pee, is this a uti?

Had urgent urination for 2 days after Intercourse. No burning or pain. Could it be herpes?

Had urgent urination for 3 days after Intercourse. Then it just stopped.No burning or pain. Could it be herpes?

Having burning and pain during urinating after doing masturbation. Why?

Having cloudy discharge and ache in left testicle while urination what could this be? Is this an std? Why is the pain only when urination

Hello doctor, this is daniel here, I have problem while urinating, burning sensation while urinating, not every time , may be once for 2 days.

Hello I am having some burning sensations in my stomche and foul urine.. what might this be?

How can I treat my dysuria (burning pee)?

How can it be that my bladder stings really badly when urinating?

How could bladder/prostate/urinary tract infection cause 1. fatigue? 2. burning sensation while urinating?

How do I treat burning sensation with blood after urinating.

How much should I worry about painful urination?

How to lessen painful urination from an STI?

How to treat burning pain when urinating and I have no idea what it is?

I am 56 a female experincing night time ferquent urination

I am experiencing pain with urination (quality: burning or stinging). I've consulted my general doctor and they said I do not have a UTI. No STDs?

I am experiencing pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) , frequent urination and sudden urge to urinate. I need a prescription?

I am experiencing pain with urination, frequent urination, vaginal itching, bladder pain and pain during sex. 4 antibiotics not working?

I am experiencing penis pain, leaking urine and urethral discharge. The following also describe me: Frequent urination, Pain with urination, and S...

I am experiencing vaginal irritation, pain with urination (quality: stinging or burning sensation) , frequent urination, missed or late menstrual ...

I am experiencing painful urination, pinkish. What could it be?

I am male and have burning when i want to urinate?

I am on my period and now I am having a slight burning sensation while I pee. I think I might have a yeast infection or UTI. ?

I had a colposcopy 5 days ago and have been having sensation of increased urination in the last few days often right after I pee. Do I have a uti?

I had a UTI a few weeks ago and had antibiotics but it can still hurt when I urinate and there can be discomfort in me bladder. Is this normal?

I hav burning sensation in penis, also while urinating... Wat is it? I frequently go to urination

I have a burning sensation in my urethra NOT during urination. I have not been sexually active in 2 yrs.

I have a stinging pain in my urethra & urge to urinate frequently but don't have a uti. It's lasted 3 days & has been worse am. I am 29 weeks pregnant?

I have a UTI and it's painful, can you help me?

I have an on and off burning sensation while urinating, but no other signs of chlamydia. Is there a possibility that it still is chlamydia?

I have been having lots of bladder pain, cramps, frequent urination. What besides a UTI might this be?

I have burning and itching a lot of pain and discomfort when urinating ?

I have cloudy urine and nausea, but no need to frequently urinate or burning with urination. What are these symptoms of?

I have continuous urination with no infection. What can be causing this. Dr has no idea.?

I have frequent urination and vagina discomfort?

I have frequent urination and vaginal pain and I'm not sure how it can go away ?

I have frequent urination without pain or burning sensation. experiencing urination problem mostly during day times.?