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Adult circumcision women, can you tell me about this?

Any recommendations of doctors that perform circumcision in adults?

Are stitches needed after a circumcision on an adult? Will there be stitches used after a circumcision? .

Are there any benefits to retaining the frenulum after an adult circumcision?

Are you awake for an adult circumcision? Will i need to be awake during a circumcision or will i be under anesthesia? .

At what age is circumcision done on preemie?

Ball park figure for price of adult frenuplasty/frenectomy or for a circumcision ?

Can 95 year old male have a penis circumcision is it safe at that age?

Can a circumcision hurt as an adult?

Can a guy be circumcised at an older age and be completely awake?

Can any doctor suggest me some reasons why infant male circumcision is wrong?

Can anyone tell me a little about paraphimosis?

Can circumcision affect sexuality?

Can circumcision go wrong?

Can circumcision traumatize a male? I'm referring to circumcision at birth, can a male at any age remember the horrible feeling from birth?

Can I undergo circumcision again though i'm already circumcised just for revision?

Can male circumcision leave scars ? If yes how can they get ?

Can somebody explain circumcision to me?

Can there be anything i can do besides full circumcision?

Can you get circumcised as an adult?

Can you please explain why circumcision is important?

Can you please explain why circumcision is so popular in the u.S.?

Can you please tell me if i will be unconcsious during circumcision?

Can you suggest how to get circumcised?

Can you tell me about the point of circumcision?

Can you tell me anyone who was circumcised as an adult or did you get circumcised as an adult if you are a guy?

Can you tell me how being circumcised affect me?

Can you tell me how could sex feel after your adult circumcision?

Can you tell me how difficult is hypospadia to fix in newborn boys?

Can you tell me how is a high and tight circumcision done on an adult?

Can you tell me how to get over circumcision?

Can you tell me if male circumcision is a humane procedure?

Can you tell me if that hospitals should give male circumcision as an option for a newborn?

Can you tell me is circumcision the biggest mistake a man can make?

Circumcision and painful erections. How do you prevent those after circumcision?

Circumcision okay at older age?

Considering adult circumcision for aesthetics. How hard is it?

Could a micropenis be a consequence of a errored circumcision?

Could i determine which surgical circumcision technique was used to circumcise you?

Could i get a circumcision reversed?

Could it be too late to get a circumcision at 25 yrs old?

Could it really matter if i was circumcised or not?

Could someone please describe a female circumcision or fgm?

Could you tell me what is the point of circumcision and how do docs decide?

Did any country made circumcision of all males compulsory?

Do all middle eastern ethnic / religious groups get them foreskins cut off of their sons?

Do doctors agree male circumcision is a genital mutilation?

Do they put you under anesthesia when getting a circumcision as an adult?

Do they strap a baby down for circumcision?

Do western nations practice female circumcision? Are there medical reasons to do it?

Doctors, what are the health benefits of circumcision?

Does CIGNA cover circumcision for boys age 11 or 12?

Does circumcision at birth prevent penile cancer?

Does circumcision control masturbation?

Does circumcision really damage sex that much?

Does everyone have smegma?

Does having an adult circumcision leave you with a worse scar than a child circumcision?

For what reasons do you perform circumcisions?

For what reasons might an adult who is uncircumcised want to get circumcised as an adult?

Has there been causes of circumcision or circumcision-related issues that traumatized patients?

Have you heard about the alexithymia and circumcision?

Hello docs, is circumcision really just for cosmetic reasons?

Hello I am suffering from glanular hypospadias and I am 25 and circumcised can I do something to correct it .I m gay and it is hampering my sexlife.?

Help docs? Why is removal of the clitoral hood mutilation even though it's counterpart of foreskin in males?

Help please! is circumcision as a teen a good idea?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is circumcision and why is it done?

Hi im 45 years old and never Been circumcised is it a good idea to get circumcised at my age?

Hi, has anyone had clitoroplasty?

Hi, making a decision about whether to circumcise my newborn, is there a strong medical case for circumcision or is it just a preference?

How are circumcised and uncircumcised different?

How can a female circumcise themself?

How can I ask my parents to get uncircumcised?

How can I convince my boyfriend that circumcision is wrong?

How can I help my boyfriend through his adult circumcision?

How can I make it so i get uncirmcumsized without surgery if you are circumsized?

How can I tell what kind of circumcision I got?

How can you care for an uncircumcised toddler?

How can you properly care for a circumcised newborn?

How could fgm be compared to male circumcision?

How do fix the discoloration on my penis from circumcision dont tell me to live with it and yes im sure its a circumcision issue?

How do I care for my baby's circumcision?

How do I care for my baby's skin after circumcision?

How do I care for my son if he has phimosis?

How do I clean my newborns circumcision?

How do I decide whether or not to circumcise my son?

How do I get over anger about circumcision?

How do I tell if too much skin was removed during sons circumcision? Also will circumcision cause lack of sexual feeling later in his life?

How do we determine if the doctor should circumcise our newborn boy?

How do you know if they did a circumcision right?

How does a grown male go through getting a circumcision?

How does adult circumcision work and where can I go?

How important is circumcision?

How is circumcision done and is it painful.

How is it important for a little boy to be circumcise and preferrably at what age? Thank you in advance!

How long after circumcision can I masturbate?

How long will I need off work after an adult circumcision?

How much does it cost for adult to circumsized?

How much would it cost to get circumcised?

How to get over circumcision?

How to know what is better being circumcised or being uncircumcised?