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I can see the veins in my left arm. They are not bulging and not painful. It comes and goes. Some days I don't see it. What could cause this?

All day Iv been getting sharp pain in my left knee should I go to the ER and get it looked at?

Allydonia back of thigh, foot/ank, and near vagina. Do I need to see a Dr about this soon ? If it goes away by tomorrow do I still need to see them?

Anything I can do to make my vagina pain go away?

Appendix is inflamed for a week now. Slight pain/uncomfortable. MD said 4 days ago to wait to have CT only if pain gets worse. When will this go away?

Are there ways to make pain in my heels go away?

Awful pain in my right shoulder. Been waiting a week to get into a orthopedic Doc. Is there anything I can do in the mean time?

Back pain for three months I just went to the doctor last week and he said I needed a MRI but I don't know if I can get one. Should I just do it soon?

Bad Back pain for 3 months I just went to the doctor last week and he said I needed a MRI but I don't know if I can get one Should I just do it soon?

Bad dizziness following car accident over a year a go, docs only prescribe pain killers, will it ever go?

Been having pain and swelling in legs also fever can not walk went to hospital the doctor could not find anything been 2 weeks like this help?

Bent over hurt my shoulder burning pain in back, pain ontop near neck Not sure if I go to er afraid won't treat cause I go 2 a pm I'm shaking lotpain?

Boyfriend in several pain and can't move, can't afford hospital. No insurance, burning in left buttock. Bad fall 2 days ago?

Can I work out or go to work right after my endoscopy?

Can levaquin (levofloxacin) cause tingling in hands and feet? Will go to dr tomorrow but want to know how serious this is.. Will it go away?

Can pain from a jone's fracture come and go? It has been probably six months since I had pain in it, but now it is hurting again.

Can the pain of my of my tourettes ever go away? I have bruises from it all over..

Can wisdom teeth pain go away and come back again? What can help the pain when you go to bed? And what the bad way to help pain? Just want to know???

Can you give me something for pain due to a fall, I don't want to go to hospital.

Can you tell me if you go to a chiropractor, what happens?

Chest pain getting worse (with movement) over a few hours after toddler jumped on my back. Should I go to the hospital?

Chest pain middle left under the beast bone. It is intermittent and moderate to severe. Gets better with rest. Should i go to ER or make appt with dr.

Constant headaches for about a week and a half goes away and comes right back the next day what could it be..I don't have a family physician to go to.

Dislocated finger with little pain at first, should I go see a doctor?

Diverticulitis pain has gone away, should I still see the doctor or wait to see if it comes back?

Do braces really hurt when you first get them? The pain will go away after a while right?

Do i need to see a doctor if i still have ear pain that comes and goes and is mild to severe after 2 weeks on antibiotics?

Do symptoms like ankle pain go away quickly?

Do symptoms like back pain go away quickly?

Do ulcers hurt really bad? I've had abdominal pain for months. Sometimes I want to go to the hospital. Pain comes and goes is worse lately.

Do you have to go to ER if left hand and foot has numbness that doesn't go away or can you wait for it to subside.

Do you think I should go back to the ER for my tooth/ear pain?

Do you think I should I go to the ER for my back/ leg pain?

Does an inflamation ever go away?

Does carpel tunnel come and go? One day pain being 10 and the next being 0.

Does it really hurt if you go get your tongue split? What is given for the pain?

Does pulmonary embolism pain come and go? Can it make your back hurt?

Everyday on and off pain/throbbing/tenderness in temples. Pain is not debilitating. Cant see doc till jan. Dangerous? Comes and goes.

Exhausted and severe pain in back and neck. Should i go to the hospital?

Facial pain after being punched sat night. Is there something serious I should have checked or is it normal?

Fiancee has chest pain, numbness in left arm, and is very out of it. He is saying he's seeing blurry. Bp 142/97. Can't afford er. Should we go anyway?

From last year I have ankle pain which comes and goes, the gp said its fine but i cannot sleep more than 2 hours what does this sounds to be I am 18?

Got second degree burns on stomach at work ER doctor said to see my doctor in 2 days to check on if heeling right. Should I see my doctor.

Had rhabdo and been out of the hospital for a 1 1/2 weeks. My legs hurt off and on, but at first it was constant. Am i/ will i get better?

Had twitching under my ribs on the right constantly for hours. You can actually see it. Have also not been able to hold food down all day. Go to ER?

Hallo my husband have bad ulcer it comes and go when its their is so painful he can't sleep. The pain goes all night.He's been using antiacid no help.S?

Have a red rash on chest and lower back. What is it and do I have to go to urgent care to get remedy?

Have Polynueuropathies and it's hard to raise my arm and I have a pain in my back. I saw online it could be a tumor. Should I go to the ER?

Have to wait to see my doctor next week and swelling on upper left arm spreading and arm feels sore, weak , shall i go to hospital and get it checked?

Have under left arm and breast pain is there something i can take for pain or should I go see doctor?

Having an angiogram soon. What will i feel afterwards? Extreme pain? Dull pain? Will i be able to walk? How long before i can go back to work?

Having pain in left shoulder, BP 179/117. Should i go to ER or see my pcp in am?

Having really horrible back pains. Who can I go talk to about this?

He had hydronephosis and was operated at 3yrs old but now he complained of back pain that radiates to front should I go to the er?

Head and stomach pain ( it starts today at night)it comes and goes...when should I see a doctor ?

Hello I have been to the doctors and was told I had a uti ,the pain has got worse but have no tempreture should I go back and see my doctor?

Hello, I was wondering if the symptoms I have can be serious. I recently hurt my elbow and now the numbness and pain will not go away..

Hello, I have a question? I keep going dizzy and can't see properly and getting back pain and belly pains? Any ideas? Need answers ASAP

Hi ! I got a filling 2 weeks ago and sometimes I feel a stinging pain but it goes away in about a minute. Should I go back to the dentist?

Hi had tnr 4 months now.Had my check up with surgeon who said my walking and pain will get better when the swelling goes down. Now have pain in calf?

Hi I have been having problems with being able to go poop. Whenever I try it hurts to much to go. What can I do to stop this severe pain?

Hi I have palpitations and back pain, should I go to the hospital ?

Hi mis my side hurts bad should i go to the er?

Hi ve had a pain on my chest in hurt in the s in the same place as my heart and its a pain that goes comes and goes,is it because i rest my laptop on ?

Hip pain that has been here for months suddenly worsened. Should i get to the er?

How am I gonna be able to go nine months without opiates? I have a lot of pain everyday and can't go without them. I have bad injuries.

How can I get this damn ear ache to go away asap?

How can I make pain around my left femur go away?

How do I get my doctor to admit me to the hospital for back pain?

How do I make the pain in my gums go away?

How long can I go with a headache pain?

How long can I wait with upper abdominal pain to see if it goes away without seeing a doctor?

How much would it cost to check my heart? I get heart aches every now and then. It hurts but then goes away. Should I go? What can it be?

How severe / persistent should leg pain be in order for me to go see a doctor?

How soon can I go back to work after getting a fractured rib?

How soon can someone/go back to work after appendicitis surgery?

How to make pain in your jaw go away?

Hurt my wrist and am kind of worried. Should i go to the hospital?

I am 24, I get a bad pain that starts in my jaw on the right side and goes to my chest, lasts about 20 minutes and then goes away. What could this be?

I am having horrible back pain and cant walk. ER did nothing. what should i do?

I am having pain from my right upper side with sever back pain. Idk if I should wait for my drs app Monday or go to the er?

I am having pain in lower left back and left testicle should I go to Urgent Care or emergency room or just try to make an appointment with a doctor?

I am having really bad stomach pains should I go and get it checked out or take ibuprofen?

I am having severe arm pain. It hurts to move it or anything. Should i go to the er?

I am in major pain right now with what feels like a kidney stone. Can anyone help me with the pain without having to go sit at the er?

I been having pain and burning sensation in my left breast. The pain is all over my breast and arm? Should i go to ER i made a appt to see my doctor but wont be able to see him till 2 weeks should I go to the er?

I believe after many trips to ER and doctors I have Floating Kidney.Seeing Specialist soon-But the pain is bad when I stand or sit.Any suggestions?!

I believed is extensor tendonitis would it be a good idea to go to ER it hurts alot and can see doctor until two weels's?

I can barely sleep because the pain is so bad, especially in the knees. Should i go to the hospital and ask if they can do anything about it?

I cracked my neck and now i can't move it, should I go see my doctor or is there something i can do?

I don't have insurance to go see a dentist but the pain onthe left side of my cheek is driving me crazy. I can't take the pain any more. What should I do?

I feel weak that i can't take care myself. I have weakness & pain.Chest pain to.Will the ER keep me, to see what wrong.?

I fell down and hit my back. I'm experiencing some pain, but I have complete range of motion without pain. Should I go to the er?

I find a lot of pain in my finger joints every morning when i get up bt this pain goes away in about 2 mins. Please suggest that what can it be?

I get a sudden hot flashes in my left foot. It goes away quickly and there is no pain.

I get sharp pains in my head from time to time it lasts a couple seconds n goes away? Is that normal or sign of something serious

I go to ER some when my meds don't help my migraines and get shots in butt and after 2 months butt still hurts why?

I go to the gyno a lot, is the pain all in my head?

I got into a car accident and hurt my back now i the pain is in my hips who can I go see to find out what's wrong?

I had twins 7 months ago and i had siatic nerve pains they told me it'd go away after having them but it still soo bad! will it go away? What do I do?