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For 9months had chestpain and from what I heard costochondritis goes away within couple of months but mine is still bothering me What is causing it?

getting cough lately than yesterday chest hurt right across it like a band times it's hard breathe in or eat. Is this heart burn ? Milk water help

I lay down I get a severe achy pain in middle of chest right below sternum. Worse if I lay on my sides. Hurts all the way to my vocal chords?

i see the lumps of my Adams apple getting closer to each other. Sometimes hard to breath and hard to sollow plus when i breath i hear veezy + pain

im newly on spironolactone. today i woke up with BAD pain in my upper chest when i breath. WHAT DO I DO i feel like im dying (not really but still)?

Was setting weights down earlier and felt a ping in my right side under my ribs i cant sit up and it hurts when i take a deap breath like stabed pain?

"Chest Pain" actually its mild up to 3/10 pain i feel. It hurts when I move sometimes but when im resting i cant feel it. No problem in breathing. The?

"i get a sharp pain in the left front of my chest & can't take a breath when i bend forward. What is happening?" i've cut back on my smoking.

13 year old daughter headaches and upper back pain 2 weeks stomach and pain under rt ribs hot and cold and hurts? Hurts to bend and move and cough?

18 weeks pregnant, pain in left side of chest that hurts more when I take a deep breath in comes and goes, goes to back like pitching of my nerves??

18. Iv had chest pains for the past 3 nights and they seem to just get worse every night IV had lots of stress but I get them even when felling calme?

2 days ago I had what I thought and still do believe to be the flu. Now my chest is hurting very bad when I lay down and I can't sleep? What can I do?

2 weeks ago i had phenomena , this morning i woke up with a terrible pain under my right breast , it's really bad when i take a deep breath!

21 yrsold, bodybuilder. Drank a lot last night (vodka) sharp left chest pains that reaccure every so often, especially when i take a deep breath.

25yrs. Use to smoke quit 50 days ago. Had left side chest/arm/neck pain, took goodys powder, went away now I feel nauseous and extremely fatigued?

26 yo fe having slight pain when moving or to touch at bottom of ribs in back bottom of ribs an neck also sore no issues urinating deep breaths hurt ?

26/f no insurance have bad pain under my right rub when I breath deep or turn or bend down!! Any ideas!! Home remedies!! Urgent??

27/female. Sharp pain in right chest when breathing. Hurts to lay down, sit up, reach across chest. Been going on since 6/2. What could be the cause?

29f and.Today i noticed when i breathe in my upper right area of my back hurts. Hurts when i movea certain way also? Heart?

2wks ago while walking up steps suddenly gasping for breath.Awful pain in right breath back and pain went.since feel like effort 2breathe?

3 broken ribs was doing ok The meds were helping fell again now nothin helps can't sleep hard to breathe. Should I go back to theER or make a doc appt?

32 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I got very bad rib pain about a day ago. I can't even take in a breath. I feel like my ribs don't want to expand!?

32 weeks pregnant and sharp I have a sharp stabing pain on my right side hurts to breath in and move to my sides for comfort. Painful to cough ?

33 f healthy 2 days now pain sometimes above breasts when i breathe out hard and when i move sometimes. I have asthma but i feel great muscle pulled?

3days ago i was in a wreck and my ribs hurt automatically but i haven't been able to eat normal and when I do I get a sharp pain in my side stomach?

4month cough, no asthma/allergies (went to specialist), no fever, right lung pain, right side of my bodys joints hurt, getting worse, possible causes?

5 weeks postpartum. Chest pain that wraps around to my back. Almost feels like gas bubbles and it gets sharper when taking deep breaths. Also the last?

6 mnth old just got X-ray cause of chest cough. What could the black dot be? Breathing from stomach just started now should we go back to hospital?

7yr/ o on 25 mg methotrexate after her injections she always says her heart/chest feels goey like when u have goe in back of throat. Is this normal?

8 weeks since I broke my 10 rib right side. Still popping out of place when moving or pick up things. Pain & hard to breath at times. What to do?

8 yr old daughter says her chest hurts when she takes a deep breath. Should I call pediatrician. She takes deep breaths for no reason, started tuesday?

A little short of breath while laying flat on back any ideas wht this could its winter right now where i live. My brain goes to the worst lung cancer?

About a mont ago i got hives, i took full course of prednisone now my chest is hurting, the back between shoulderblades hurts, it's hard to breathe?

Ache in left front side of neck on and off for 2 wks,no swelling or tenderness,mostly feel in when take a deep breath. Cant pinpoint location of pain?

Ache in upper right side of chest. Doesn't hurt when i breathe. Comes and goes Advil (ibuprofen) makes it go away. Had for two months. What could it be?

Ache under right breast , aches when I cough or inhale, even felt pain or air bubble move towards side. Idea? Hist: anxiety, going thru PMS

Achy pulling in lower back when I exhale for a few breathes when I do things such as lay down. Didn't happen until starting Accutane day 11. Serious?

Acid reflux? I drank soda for the first time in months, then woke up with chest pain on the right side and towards the middle. it's tender to touch.

Acute bronchitis. Today is day 4 of meds. Fever everyday coughing and whole body hurts. Like someone is sitting on my chest. Heart feels weird.

After a 1-hour MRI lying on my belly, I had very bad sternum pain. It is slightly better but still hurts sometimes months after. Which specialist?

After abt 20 minutes aftr exrcise esp running i would feel pain on my chest also difficult to breathe.Painful when inhaling n my throat is like cold.Why?

After exercise last weekend i now have trouble breathing am nauseous and have pain at the lower end of my ribs on both sides left worse then right?


Am on z pack for bronchitis. When i turn over to left side in bed, my cough gets much worse. Why?

Anytime i lay on my left side for more then a few minutes and then try to get up I have such bad back pain it goes through my chest and it feels like my bones and muscles in my chest are being stabbed through my back. Im in so much pain when this happens

At first slight back pain and I thought it was because I slept on a couch but then got worse and hurt through my chest and couldn't breathe! Why?

At least once a week I wake up with pain in my left rib cage. Sometimes the pain is so bad it's hard to breath. I d have a bad disk in my middle back.

At times when I inhale, I get a stabbing pain on my lower right back, it hurts to breathe. Pain 9/10. No smoking, no history of blood clots. ?

Awful sharp pain lower right ribs. Lasted 2 mins. Hurt to move/breathe way worse than when had spontan pneumomed but gone so fast... What was this?

Back pain left side, feels like a cramp all the time, if i put pressur between ribs it hurts, bad, also hurts to take deep breaths?

Back pain on left side...Deep...Seem like it comes from under the ribs...Wake up sore in the morning on that side...Car accident 1 year ago?

Bad chest pain where 3-4th ribs meet sternum both sides. Ice helps. No redness/swelling. When will this go away? prob a strain so why bother go to dr?

Bad cramping pain under r ribs. Stab pain where r collarbone meets shoulder. Hurt to breath and couldn't straighten up. Lasted 15 min. Fine now. Why?

Been coughing and sneezing a lot from a cold , developed a weird pain in upper left abdomen standing up it hurts when i lay down or bend forward stops?

Been coughing for 3-4 weeks, but worse @ night times, had meds but not working. Now when I cough I get sharp paints under my left breast and it hurts.

Been coughing white foamy then thick yellow blood tinged, now have severe sharp pain in left lower back when breathe in hard to breathe or even move?

Been getting cramp at right ribcage in around 1 minute when walking. Tried drinking water before. Deep breath in it goes away.

Been getting sharp brief pains in my stomach, when i move a certain way sharp pain in my ribs/back. I feel sore like i worked out but haven't.Any idea?

Been having pain in my lower ribcage. Feels like pressure/squeezing. Does not hurt with a deep breath. Better with laying down then starts upon sittin?

Been having sharp pain under ribcage on the right side.hurts to move, breath,and eat. when pain gets bad it spreads to right back. followed by nausea.

Been havinh chest pains for a few days that come and did ang EKG everythying is fine it hurts when ibreath deep any answers I have acid reflux dieaese?

Before bed lastnight II had a horrible sharp pain behind my right rib cage.. Under my breast. Ii had not been doing any activity before. Layn down?

Beniegn?Got a sharp pain under my right breast then it Went into my back a bit, only when I take a deep breath, having panic attack was just at dr

Bottom left lung feels like its not getting air. Sort of in the left corner. whole lung feels tight, feel kinda sore. Had an xray a month ago when it started came back clear. Could this be COPD or athsma or something. I a smoker with a family and medical

Can back problems cause problems with breathing? My back is constantly cracking. It cracks like every 10 minutes and i sometimes feel short of breath.

Can I get pneumonia from a massuese beating on my back?

Can pulled muscles in upper chest make it a little hard to take a breath in?

Can see my stomach and chest pulsating through my shirt everytime i look down. i have hyperthyroid and every couple minutes i get eye, kneee, and lowe?

Can severe acid reflux cause center chest pain?It hurts bad for a few seconds, goes away for a while then comes back.I had coffee this morning.Never do

Can u have a chest xray when 4 weeks pregnant. Had cold and now chest very tight, can't produce phlegm, pains in back, feels bruised.Taking pinaclav ?

Can you get an air embolism from a shot into your upper arm? (made really weird bubble/squeek sound) got chest pains same day but also have anxiety.

Can you get dull ache in middle of chest with GERD food going down ok nothing sticking chest xray clear dr?

Can you tell me docs, is it bad i never felt pain in my cavity before?

Can you tell me, how bad would it hurt to thrust a knife into your heart?

Chest feels very sore like I got punched or worked out ... Pain from top of my chest and the top of my back can't move from the pain ... Any ideas ?

Chest has hurt since saturday above the breast could it be stress or pluraey?

Chest keeps popping i don't know why went to the doctor and they said , y chest was inflamed is the anything that can make the inflammation go away?

Chest pain after smoking e-cig extra heavily yesterday. Feels really sore if i move around but if i lie still it doesn't hurt. Sometimes sharp pain.

Chest pain and trouble breathing directly after some meals,and after the pain goes away feel sick. Been tested for gallstones.Bloodpressurebarley over?

Chest pain centre under where ribs end/ meet, gripping pain very servere lasts 15 minutes goes through into back, hard to move or breathe its so painful.

Chest pain for last 2days. today after going on gym bikes when i swallow\move my throat and chest hurt will i be safe to sleep tonight thenget checked

Chest pain going into back both sides. Worse lying down on back. Hard to breathe. Sx better on stomach but still bad. R side worse than left. Ideas?

Chest pain left side 2 days now. When i move pain comes or i laugh or sometimes deep breath moving arm makes it worse sometimes.

Chest pain that felt like heart burn, next day felt pain on left side. Pain increases when taking deep breathes and laying down. What's wrong?

Chest pain when breathing. Whenever i breathe in or out i get chest pain. This happened before and stopped for awhile and now it's happening again.

Chest pain when I am getting into the sea and swim. Is this a problwm?

Chest pain when I lean forward goes away when I straighten up. It started when I got a really bad chest cold in feb that lasted over 2 monthes. Pneumo?

Choked last night on water now wondering if got in lungs and this morning woke up with slight chest pain in middle of chest only and still hurts now?

Choked on some tea about an hour ago and was coughing a lot, my body now feels heavy, i have chest pains that come and go. Short of breath. Am i okay?

Clean bill health yet when i do slight exercise i get chest pain n l arm tingles. Is it cuz i was so inactive for 2y?

Constant pain on left side of chest. hurting all day. pain wont go away. hurts more when i breath deep and littil movement. should i go to hospital?

Cough on off few days. Today my chest hurt, I tried working out and it was very hard to breathe and there was pain and BPM fast. Pulled muscle? ?

Coughed really hard and now left side of chest hurts, been hurting for 2 hours now, and may not be able to sleep with pain. Allergic to nsaids?

Coughing that comes and goes. Feels like phlegm in throat but no sputum. Mild heavy feeling in chest. Back pain. Xray came back clean. What is this?

Couple times today had nanosecond sharp pain under right rib cage. Went away instantly. No other symptoms. Voodoo doll? (Kidding) possibilities?

Crushed idx finger between car & car door.Felt dizzy as pain set in, is it normal to feel chest discomfort/difficult breathing also during the ordeal?

Currently on antibiotics because of chest and back pain and cough due to hard recovery of a cold. my chest pain and other pain have now gone but now ive got a pain inbetwen my shoulder blades only when i brethe in very hard or yawn it comes and goes is th

Dealing with arm pain and chest pain for the past 3 days. I have been breathing pretty fast which makes everything more painful too. What is wrong?

Diagnosed pneumonia in right lung 3wks ago.1wk ago began having awful pain on left side where ribs are.only hurts when I cough/sneeze/touch/move wrong?

Diagnosed w pericarditis 6 weeks ago. Doc told me I could start going out 2 weeks ago. Today I started feeling a lil' chest pain when coughing. Why?