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'i have swollen right testicle but there is no pain. Not sure what''s wrong but what should I do?'

17 y.o and experiencing a dull pain in left testicle. Noticed that my testicles are sagging more than usual. I can get an erection but they are weaker?

18 years of age Experiencing slight pain on the right testicle when touched Is it concerning?

47 yr. Old male has lwr. Rt. Side abdominal swelling near groin, next to penis. Feelis movement in groin when coughing-what's the cause?

5 days ago I had a testicular torsion operation but It turnt out I had an infection but I have a sharp pain on the other side now it's swollen?

7yr old son has pain in right testicle and near bottom of right side of ribcage. Possible causes? Possible left undecended testicle too.

About 8 months ago i had an infection in my testicles. Since then I have noticed my left testicle is shrinking. There is no pain or discomfort.

After doing housework all day had sex and had left groin pain when penis entered me. It then subsided. I was on top. After,same pain when sittingup?

After having sex, I am getting pain in left testis. And left testis little lower than right

After hernia surg. my testicle hurt for the first week. Pain was on the lower part of the testicle,after a month, it has started to hurt again normal?

After hernia surgery my testicle hurt for the first week.Pain was on the lower part of the testicle,after a month, it has started to hurt again normal?

After intercouse my husband has a sharp pain in his right testicle, what could this be ?

After masturbation I had a slight pain in my left abdomen and now I'll describe it as maybe slight numbness, could I have pulled something ?

After orchiopexy surgery for torsion I have extreme pain and swelling in my right testicle. Only hurts in my right and left testicle by my epidydmis?

Almost unbearable pain in the lower pelvic area, feels like connected to testicles. Testes themselves dont hurt unless touched, or while walking.

Been having slight dull pains in my testicle region, around there and around groin. I have one enlarged testicle, no tenderness, no pain to touch ?

Big left varicocele cause pain in right testis, and also have discomfort pain above right testis, when i lye on back symptoms on both testis decrease?

Big varicocele on left testis, since my symptoms on left testis have gotten worse, my right testis also began to get some discomfort/pain? pls explain

Burning sensation down left leg/left testicle. Swollen teste. Mild to moderate pain comes and goes. Tip of the tail on the left testicle is painful.

Can a large varicocel on left testis cause discomfort/slight pain above right testis? can the swelling on left push to the right testis and cause pain

Can a large varicocele on left testis cause discomfort/heavines/slight pain in right? can the swelling on left push to the right testis and cause pain

Can a varicocele cause referred pain or perineum discomfort. I have ache when I stand and small random pains around grade 3 on left testicle.

Can gas be trapped in scrotum. Coz I am experiencing on/off alternating testicle pain in veins. Pain occurs one side at a time. ?

Can pain in testical be felt in abdominal? I guess I should be asking if it is normal to feel it in the abdominal? Can excercise cause testis pain?

Can prostatitis cause pain coming directly from testicles (bilateral), thigh pain, upper left sided pelvic pain and/or varicoceles?

Can tight bladder neck cause right testicle pain? Been so sore

Can to much masturbation cause testicle pain. I'm 16 years old and do it freq. Today my right ball hurts along with inner thigh and low back. Advice?

Can UTI cause moving testical pain?

Compression like little pain in left side of testis?

Could I have a testical infection.My right testical, groin and knee are sore.Could it be a twisted testical.pain is there every few hours. Whats wrong?

Could my Inguinal Hernia be affecting my testicles? I feel random pains and sometimes they feel heavy or as if im sitting on them.

Could use your help docs! my brothers lower abdomen and left testicle is in pain?

Discomfort in right testicle and right leg?

Doc I had a testicular pain a week ago my right testicle is bigger than left.Nw I don't have any pain but m afraid if it causes any big prob in future?

Doc said I have epididymitis, but there's nothing swollen, instead pain from left teste then right teste, plus groin pain, can it be something else ?

Doctor felt a hernia around left groin. Can this be resulting in left testicle pain+burning sensation in tubes in groin area. No urine infection.

Doctor I have got pain in left testicle ?

Doctor said maybe varicoceles or nothing.few months now ive had dull pain and lump on right testicle. I can tell if it moves on its own. Is it cancer?

Doctors won't scan my testicles?! I have lower back pain and pain on my right testicle he said I have an infection of my tube but I haven't had sex

Does groin strain cause testicular pain? It's on my left side by my hip flexors. Eating makes it worse. Also my left testicle is sitting slightly high

Dr i just had a left varicocele operation before 1 week.So today i m felling uncomfortable at left testis i mean it gets pain when i touch left testis?

Dull aching pain in left testicle. No swelling, tenderness or lumps, but uncomfortable. Had in past and goes on its own. What could be causing it?

Dull pain in left testical and groin? No obvious sign of swelling

Dull pain right testacle , no blood in pee, not SEVERE pain, so no torsion ? No lumps or bumps eiter ? Can I take pain relievers?

Dull, heavy ache in scrotum or testicles. It doesn't hurt it's just an annoying ache. What could this be? I've had it for months now.

Every once in a while i get a mild pain on my left testicle. I don't notice any swelling of any sort. What could this be?

Felt random pain in right testicle, aching right groin abdomen. No reason for cause. Discormort ache in testicle and right abb. Problem?Aches when sit

For appx. a month now I have had pain in my testicles. It feel as if they are being pulled inwards. Initially pain was intermittent now it is constant?

For the last week I've have pain in my left testicle and left leg. I've been doing a lot of heavy lifting. could the pain in feeling come from that.

From past 3 months I am experiencing on/off dragging like pain in my testicle.And which extends upto groin. Doc says no hernia is there.What shd i do?

Getting ache in groin, left testicle again. Especially with pressure. had left varicocelectomy few years ago. Always had groin issues from sports?

Getting pain in left testicular from four days and my age is 25 years?

Go for orchiopexy? I'm 21. I lost my right testicle 7 yrs ago. I'm not sure whether it is torsion. I experience sharp pains on right lower abdomen

Groin area above right testicle swell up and goes down daily. Slight pain when getting up or coughing?

Had protected sex with my gf and 2 days later we did it again. I have a dull pain in left side of my groin and testicle seems tender. Tips?

Had testicular torsion a year ago, and now have woke up with a servere pain and nausea on the other side of my testicals. is it possible i have it ?

Had torsion in the past, had an operation to stop. Now I have pain in both testicles and left side of abdomen. Have had azithromycin and trimethoprim?

Hallo Doc i hv a slight pain on my left testicle and thigh , the pain usually comes during daytime . its been there for a month now?

Have a slight varicossel in left testicle , when I run o walk alot or exercise, sometimes my testicles and groin hurt a little , how to decrease pain?

Have dull pain in right testicle & dull pain or tightness in area from testicle to lower abdomen area. Have had this for roughly 2 wks and never had ?

Having dull aches/mild discomfort between my lower abdomen and scrotum when i masturbate. Both my testicles are also horizontal. Any concern?

Having on and off pain in and around left testicle or scrotum. Pain was sharp 10 days ago..Now a mild pain occurs when putting pressure like runing?

Having on/off pain in both testicles after I masturbated 3 times on alternative days. Its mild aching pain no swelling. Feel hard tube below testicles?

Having slight swelling with aching to stabbing pain in my left testicle and into my left side. Could a vasectomy from years ago cause this?

Having throbbing pain on right testicle. Off and on for 2 years. Doc said it was stress related, is this true? Now it's happening to my left testicle

Hello Dr. Lin, everytime I play basketball there is a sharp pain in my scrotum area, especially my left testicle. It does this almost everytime?

Hello I have recently started having intermittent pain in my left testicle , thanks?

Hello m 23 male..I feel pain in my left testical..The pain is bearable..But when cross my legs or fold my legs..My left testical feel pain..

Hello sir I have masturbated last day but I am having a very very mild pain in my testis . But I am having a bit pain in my lower back is it normal ?

Hello, I'm having mild and persistent pain on my right testicle for the past two weeks and am worried what this could be please help?

Hello, I have been experiencing pain/aching in my left testicle for the past three weeks on and off about three four times a week?

Help please? What is the cause of my right testicle pain?

Hey!! I have been experiencing periodic pain in my groin that would radiate to scrotum and right testicle, the pain occurs and non uniformtimeinterval?

Hi basically I had pains in my testicles and lower right stomach which comes and goes, I have been to my doctor and he did a examination of that area and said my lower right abdomen was fine but I went back 10 says ago and he examined my testicles and sai

Hi doctor...For the past few days i'm having pain in left testicle and lower abdomen....But i masturbate daily once...Is there any problem with me...P?

Hi i am experiencing dull pains in my left testicle, groin and lower stomach. The pain is not severe and i have no lumps or discoloration in my testes?

Hi i've been feeling pain in my right testicle, in my pelvis, and in my anus does this mean I have cancer?

Hi my partner has complained of sore testicals for a couple of weeks now, he said the pain is a throbing pain that is at the back and tender to touch ?

Hi, starting of Feb 2015 i felt pain in my left testicle and i went for ultrasound of testicle it was fine. Then testicle pain stopped and pain moved to left lower abdomen and now the pain is in left lower abdomen and same point on the back and left leg

Hi, I slept on stomach and now my right testicular aches when touched/running there's is no lumps, but there Is some tenderness, what should I do?

Hi, I am experiencing pain in my right testicle and in my right groin. I have been ill for 3 weeks now(cold/flu) and am wondering what may be wring. ?

Hi, I have been experiencing an intermittent dull pain in my left testicle on and off over the last few days. I'm 32 and there is no swelling or lumps?

Hi, I have been getting testicular pain (left teste), I can't feel any lumps or abnormalities. What should I do?

Hi, i have pain in testicles and the tube behind them and in lower stomach, but the pain is not severe and only happens when the testicles move ?

Hi! i'm a 17 year old male and i've been experiencing slight pain in my left testicle.

How do you treat pain in left testicle?

How is it that my testicle and lower abdominal hurt after erection?

Husband has dull pain in right testicle when aroused. Had vasectomy 4 months ago. Should he be concerned?

Husband's left testicle is swollen with no pain. Has been like that for over a week.

Hye doctor, i feel a slight muscle strain like pain on my left testicle area. But when i check my left testicle, its not from the testicle. Help me~?

I am 23 years old boy I have left testis swaling and pain sometimes i woke up with pain is it dangourse for me?

I am 27 years old and have a small lump attached to my right testicle should I be worried? I get a sharp pain in my penis, and a dull ache in my testi

I am 31 yrs married man, i have pain in my right testicles when i am sitting only .. and little pain in my lower abdomen also, but no sign of swalloi?

I am 49 with occasional pain inmy testicles. What can I do?

I am 66. 6 weeks ago my right testicle suddenly swelled up with extreme pain. (still the same now). A few weeks before that painful urination, twice. ?

I am a 22yr old male in good physical shape. Been experiencing occasional sharp pain right above left testicle (still in sack). ?

I am a 25 yr old male have sort of sharp pain above the right testicle in the groin area. No pain on the testicle or the penis, just the groin. ?

I am experiencing pain in my left testicle occasionally but it is always sore and tender to touch, what are the symptoms for testicular cancer?

I am experiencing retraction of penis+scrotum, pain in testicles, painful erections, lower back pain and groin pain!(happening for almost a year now)?

I am experiencing right testicle pain and right thigh stiffness. I checked for torsion, i was in the hospital for intermittent torsion last month.