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BACK Pain under shoulder blade a Little more below it and upper arm pain worser in the morning hard to move. Started next day after moving?

pain in my left shoulder blade, along with swelling around it. I cant move my arm, lift things, sit back or lay down. Did i tear something?

Seven yr old boy has a pain above his groin and in his under arm hurts more when he stretches?

3 days ago my right shoulder hurt today it turned from my shoulder to my elbow it hurts and now between my boobs my chest feels tight/a bit of pain. ?

6 months ago i fell and hurt my wrist. Now i have slight swellng on my right scapula. Help?

A year ago I fell and hurt my left shoulder blade and since then I have this tiny unseen bump on my shoulder what is it?

About a 10 days ago i had what i thought was a knot under my right shoulder blade with pain going into the underside of my right armpit. 3 fingers nu?

Agony under my left shoulder blade when i look down or have my left arm in front. What's this sound like?

Any ideas why is it that I have pain in my left shoulder, that shoots down my arm making my thumb hurt really bad?

Back bones of head at bottom hurts. Fingers, hand, wrist hurts. Back hurts. Eye pain. Shoulders hurts. Achy. What could it be?

Bad Mid & upper back pain hard to breathe chest hurts when pressed pops when I pull shoulders back shoulder pain when rubbed what is it?

Both arm muscles hurt had rotater cuff on right shoulder but very painfull?

Both of my shoulder blades hurt only when i move or stretch them. What could be wrong?

Bump on left side between shoulder and clavicle, hurts when lifting laterally, the bump moves with the arm, when moving up and down?

Bump on top of shoulder? Concerned, should I go to the doctor? Injured it 3 weeks ago, pain only for a few days.Now it just cracks when i rotate it.

Burning pain underneath my right shoulder blade on the inside hurts to the point i can't move but when I do it goes away. I'm only 20 what could it be?

Can acid reflux cause burning sensation in left shoulder and arm pit chest area. If I touch where it hurts it hurts worse?

Can shoulder impingment have days with no pain then the next day lots of pain?Some days can hardly move arm 4 days, then have a good day can move it

Chest hurts down left arm and neck when i bend it for two weeks. When i push in on my brest it hurts?

Collar bone clicks/pops in and out on top sholder. Can that cause arm pain and back sholder pain? If I touch to of sholder I can push it in and out.

cont. pain in my upper arm after 2 mo. & 0 injury if i extend my arm in front of me and rotate my hand inwards the pain is horrible any ideas?

Could a shoulder dislocate and go right back in?

Could you please tell me what bone on the left side on top sticks up and then the front and the shoulder and arm are quite a ways apart and hurts ?

Ever since i woke up my upper back hurts, it really hurts when i turn my neck or move my left arm. Is it the way i slepted? If so how to relieve it?

Every time i move my arm, my chest hurts. Why does this happen?

Everytime I lay my upper arm on something hard whole hand goes tingly and when I bend elbow what is it and bicep hurts like the muscle if that helps?

Everytime I move or rotate my right arm my shoulder grinds. What should I do?

Excruciating pain in the left arm from shoulder to elbow so much im nauseous. Screaming when i try to lift it or move it?

Extreme upper back pain for 3 days it hurts to move especially if I move my neck down/move my arms what would cause this and what do I do to treat it?

Feel itchy all over my body, upper and lower back hurts, left elbow hurts, right thumb joint hurts, right hip hurts, both ankles hurt, why?

Feel pain in right arm when pressures is pushed on it or when rotating it.

Fell 2weeks ago, dislocated rib on Lt. side, collarbone, shoulder blade& shoulder hurts& swollen the more I use it the more it hurts. what could it be

Fell 2weeks ago, dislocated rib on Lt. side, collarbone, shoulder blade& shoulder hurts& swollen the more I use it the more it hurts. what could it be?

Fell and hurt shoulder and ribs 3 weeks ago now I have numbness below breast that wraps on left side. What should I do.

Fell directly on shoulder with arm twisted behind me. Pain is getting worse. Hurts to touch and use arm. Radiates up neck and down arm.

Fell down in the driveway. Went face forward but mostly on the left side. Painful left wrist but most painful are my ribs on the left side.

Fell in shower two months ago only hurt wrist. Now left shoulder pain, stiffness, weakness in arm, can't lay on it, pain 8/10, hurts to move it. ?????

Fell on my shoulder and the upper part of my trapezius is swollen and feels like it's broken right there. What could it be and what should tell a dr?

From two months my right arm from shoulder to elbow have too much pain i can't raise my arm even can, t move what does it mean...I am so upset.?

Got off phone. Put arm down and intense pain happened. Now it hurts to move my arm. Pain located on inner right arm slightly above elbow.

Groin was hurting when I lift my leg towards my chest it's got better but still abit achy also clicks when I lift it and move it left to right?

Had an inflamed shoulder a while back now it constantly aches. Hurts when I move it sometimes a certain way.

Had pain in left shoulder 2 wks. Now it's moved down and it hurts to breathe...

Hallo there are sometimes that my right arm hurts for no reason and its always that arm not both arms & hurts shoulder-elbow?

Hard lump on collar bone. Pain runs from chest to arm. Dosent hurt when moves it. Fatigue and naseau. ?

Have area on upper arm that hurts. It hurts worse to just barely touch it. And the pain goes down my arm occasionally. What could it be?

Have pain in left shoulder (top) not blades made worse with breathing coughing can move arm slight pain when lift arm high but worse if i bend down ?

Have pain in the front right chest muscle that shoots down back of arm to top of forearm to fingers. Help?

Having left shoulder pain goes down my arm to my thumb and left side collar bone hurts and headaches?

Having pain from right shoulder to wrist, in my neck and across my back a little. Staring in left shoulder too. Should i be worried?

Hello, I have been having painful cracking/popping noises when i extend my left arm n now right too for a while now, 40-50% of time after being bent.

Hello, I woke up in the middle of the night in pin. My right shoulder blade hurt and I couldn't move my body without so much pain. When I look left it doesn't hurt but I cannot turn to the right without cringing and crying. I also cannot relax it hurts to

Hello, when I lift my right arm up it clicks or pops, what can this be .No pain. What?

Hello. I have been having pain on my collarbone and every time I been down and pick something up or raise my arm up past my neck it hurts really bad. ?

Help please. When I do benchpress only my arms hurt and not my chest. Why?

Hi i fell on ice landed on my back side ribs and can hardly move upper back around my under arm and chest what can I do to relieve pain?

Hi, I have had a pain in my shoulder for 3 months, feels as if something is under my shoulder blade eg a knot Painful to move my arm too, help?

Hi, 4 weeks ago I woke up with a stiff and painful shoulder. Since then I have had a shooting pain moving up and down my whole arm Can you help please?

Hi, I rotate my right or left arm in a circular movement I can hear it click what is it?

Hi..I have sle..But when i breathe it hurts on the left side and even when i lift my arms?

Horrible pain in left shoulder where the crease of the armpit start and back. Hurts to move.Can only bend at trauma done to this shoulder.

How do I treat pain in my neck left shoulder and arm feeld like its locked?

Hurt my left arm swinging a baseball bat. Left arm is now longer than my right even though i'm right handed.Pain in shoulder when i move it.Diagnosis?

Hurt neck, now upper arms/shoulders hurt. What do I do?

Hurt shoulder warm sensation hurts to move lift ectp ain through collarbone about a 6, pain through back and neck and runs down arm to thumb? Cause?

Hurts my left side when i breathe deep but not when I have my arm over my head?

Hurts to turn my neck all the way to the right pain goes down my shoulder?

I always have pain from my left shoulder to my neck. When i move my arm the shoulder makes a popping noise.The area is also swollen. What could it be?

I always have right shoulder pain when I am bench pressing. Is this bad?

I am experiencing arm pain and chest wall pain and my arm hurts to touch and move ?

I am experiencing elbow tenderness to touch and arm pain. My arm is hurting and it feels weak. Around my elbow hurts when I extend it. What is it?

I am having left shoulder pain in my back and every now and then my hand goes numb or tingles if i move a certain way. Help!

I banged my shoulder two weeks ago and now it hurts ?

I can't extend my right arm a full 180 degrees and theres a weird bone on the top of my right shoulder that hurts when i touch it.What could this be?

I can't lift left arm above head what possibilities of this?

I constantly have a knot behind my right shoulder blade, it moves when it is touched. Is it muscle related? Or should I have it checked out?

I did barbell curls and for about 2 1/2 weeks i'm having very sharp pain in my lower right for arm closer to elbow. I hurts when lifting and at random?

I dislocated my elbow a week ago and still can't move it it hurts due to the pain. Is this normal?

I don't feel pain when moving my arm but when throwing a ball I feel pain in my shoulder ?

I feel a sharp pain when i lift my arms or twist between my right shoulder blade and spine. It leaves an invisible bruise i can feel but not see.

I fell a week ago and left elbow went into side now I hurt under my breast to center of chest pain when I move left arm or just move and breath deep a?

I fell and landed on my right shoulder 2 days ago. not only is my shoulder hurting but today the right side of my chest starting hurting too?

I fell and landed on my shoulder I didn't dislocate it but it hurts to move above my chest what should I do?

I fell on my back at work and I'm having extreme pain in my left shoulder blade. I can't move it at all without bursting into tears. What should I do?

I fell on my left shoulder months ago. Didn't hurt but now everytime I rotate my arm I heard a click sound on the joint. Is it a dislocated shoulder?

I fell on my left side weeks ago and hurt my arm and I'm still unable to extend my elbow without severe pain ?

I fell on my sholder and it hurting in the sholder blade and up at the neck what should I do?

I felt a tearing in chest shoulder area when bench pressing right pec is swelled with lot of bruising to the upper arm and bicep what could injury be ?

I get a pain on the top, left side of my head, when I bend over or stretch my arms. The pain is towards the front and lasts less than a second?

I had a sudden pain on my left arm. What causes it? I did not knock into something neither did i hard press on my arm.

I had pain between my shoulders. When I bend, lay, or stand my chest head and ears hurt and throb. I have issues with knots in my shoulders. No fever.

I had pain in my shoulder for a few months & it hurt to reach up or out. Now extreme pain in bicep with a lump across my upper arm. What could it be?

I had pain in my shoulder for a few months & it hurt to reach up or out. Now extreme pain in bicep with a lump that now hurts. What could this be?

I had right forearm pain and wrist pain for a few days now . it hurts right in the middle of my forearm. What can I do for it ?

I have a bad pain under my left shoulder blade and can't move my arm without it hurting plus when i cough it hurts under my shoulder blade?

I have a bad pain under my left shoulder blade and it hurts when i move my arm or cough?

I have a constant burning in my right bicep and if i try to lift anything or put my arm behind my back its a piercing pain what could it be?

I have a dull pain in my right wrist, just about where the bone of the arm connects on the outside.

I have a funny pain when i move my right arm, need expert opinions?

I have a growing rock hard lump on the lower part of my left shoulder blade and if I press, lay down, or move my left arm it hurts?