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A few days ago I got sharp shoulder back pain on and off. am. Right now it comes and goes and I even had it in my sleep. Should I be worried?

been having a sharp throbbing pain just below my belly button in the center. The pain increases when I take a deep breath. The pain comes and goes?

I have a pain that runs from my leg all the way up to my chest it started like two days ago. It is a come and go, but it tends to be very sharp.

I started getting a dull pain under my left rib cage its a come and go pain, usually when im done eating and sitting down. Please help. Thank you ?

would pelvic pain come and go ? Why ? How ?

1 am 37 year old male with pain in right boob it comes and goes and sore when i rub it it is not really a sharp pain but a pain that worry u

17 weeks pregnant and pain by hips that comes and goes but comes when moved wrong or laying down is that normal?

18 year old girl. Ache in middle of lower left arm. Comes and goes about every 30 seconds. What could this be? It's scaring me

27 weeks pregnant with bad hip pain on left side for 3 days, should I go see my doctor?

27 y old female, sharp pains in my lower back.Been happening for a few weeks. Several times a day.Stops me in my tracks every time, what is this?

29 yr old female sharp lower back pain on the left side comes suddenly and then goes away specially when i stoop down to pick up something?

3 days when I sneeze, cough, stand up I get this sharp almost ripping pain in lower right abdomin. Discomfort there all the time slight comes & goes?

48 yrs old. Pain that comes & goes on right side of abdomen. Bad back pain. Could this be related to ovaries? Very worried

A pain in my lower right side comes and goes everyday and only last five minutes to thirty minutes. Could it be a gallstone?

A shooting pain in my right arm, coming & going in intensity , sometimes it goes away completely but then it appears in my right arm what do I have?

Abdominal pain headache and fever of 102 pain is on left side and goes into my back. I have felt very bloated should I go to the er?

Abdominal pain in the top right but after urinating pain goes away completely should i be worried ?

Abdominal pain on right side in waves. It comes and goes every 15 to 30 min. Pain is very mild and feels sharp. What could be the reason. Please help?

After i go to the toilet for a wee i get a bad pain in my right side like a stitch pain what can it be.?

After Walking For Two Hours Extremely Bad Pain In Left And Right Legs That Comes And Goes.

All morning I've had sharp pain in my lower abdomen and around to back. It comes and goes?

Always have bad abdominal pain that comes & goes but I noticed/felt when laying down something is sticking out on left side of abdomin. Can't go to dr?

Am having like pinching pain on my right breast, it comes and goes and sometimes it hurt all the way up my neck, should i be worry or go get checked?

Appendicitis 5 months ago , feels pain in this area a week before my periods that goes to my right leg and this never happened before the operation ?!

Appendix removed 5day ago. Right side get some sharp pain if i lay on that side. Comes and goes. Why might this be?

Appendix removed 5day ago. When i lay on my left side i get sharp pain on my right side. Comes and goes. Hurts bad at times. Normal?

Bad pain when driving, starts in lower right back area then goes to right groin area, pain eases when I get out the car. Burning pain 8 out of 10?

Bad stitch pain in my left side when i go for a wee and sometimes its there when i don't need a wee what could it be please it hurts.

Been experiencing recurring niggling pain on left upper abdomen under lower ribcage for a very long time. It comes and goes. What could it be?

Been getting a pain, more like an ache cause its not a sharp pain, about an inch down from my right temple, above ear. Comes and goes. What could it b

Been getting some pain that comes and goes in my right temple. Is this a sign of a tumor?

Been having crawling sensation upper back on left side over two months now it comes an goes what shall I do?

Been having squeezing left arm pain that comes and goes for over two years, help?

Been throwing up at least 3 times a day for the past few days. Now her upper right back is hurting as well.What can it be and should she go to the er?

Both ovaries and lower stomach hurt, why? Not severe but from 1 to 10 I would give the pain a 4 or a 5. It goes and it comes now for a week

Brother is complaining of pain on upper right thigh.There is no boil and cant see anything.He feels shooting pain and goes & its not continuous.Help,?

Burning ache right side area above hip that comes and goes. I have had it on and off for a few months. Dr thinks musculoskeletal. What could cause?

Burning pain in lower back that comes goes for 3 weeks. Had a uti infection gone now. Pain in lower back still there. Comes at random. ?

Burning sensation on lower right side of stomache that comes out of nowhere and goes away when I change positions?

Burning sharp pain lower left side pelvic comes and goes any time of day only lasts couple of seconds?

Can appendicitis pain come and go or is it constant?

Can appendicitis pain come and go?

Can appendicitis pain come and go?

Can hypochondria make you feel pain in just one place? I have this one spot of dull pain upper right abdomen, comes and goes, with physical anxiety

Can nerve pain come and go ? I was almost symptom free for around a month but pain has returned. Prickly burning pain in inner thigh and upper back.

Can pleurisy come and go ( few times a month) ? Or is it constant and have it all the time?

Can someone help me? I get really hurtful pain in the bottom right of my head. It only stays at the bottom right. It goes away then comes back? Help.

Can you have a back problem but not be in constant pain but pain that comes and goes?But when it hurts it is very painful.

Can you tell me why I get random right breast pains. It doesn't matter what I'm doing and it comes and goes and sometimes it can be sharp?

Causes for pain behind the left eye? This pain comes and goes for the past 3 days...

Chest pain comes and goes for past one year. What is it?

Chest pain since am. Comes and goes in centre of chest . Not excruciating but annoying. Feel nausea when pain comes. Pain 4/10.

Could grumbling appendicitis cause sharp right pain that comes and goes?

Could sharpness of appendicitis pain come and go?

Do I have pancreatitis I have had this pain for 3 weeks that is on my right side that starts in the front and radiates to the back. It is not a constant pain but gets worse when i eat. Should i go to the hospital?

Does appendicitis pain come and go or is it constant?

Does DVT pain come and go? Or is it a constant ache?

Does this sound like sciatica? Pain in different parts of leg (stabbing) last for 10 mins then goes only to come back later,

Does your back hurt of you have a pulmonary embolism? And does the pain tend to come and go?

Dull coming and going pain in lower right stomach and hurts when stretched and dull numbing pain in right leg that comes and go and 16 weeks pregnant.

Dull pain every so often that comes n goes about 3 inches to my right of belly and then from there go 4\5 inches down. What area is that? Could be?

Dull pain in upper right abdomen for a couple of weeks. It comes and goes.

Dull pain that comes and goes in left flank, and gas.. What could cause this?

Dull pelvic pain? This pain goes away during my period and comes back after. It's not terrible but just enough to be annoyed.

During my period and sometime before i experience pain in my back and goes down my left leg. What could this be?

Every month I have terrible menstrual cramps only on the left side. Do i need to go to a doctor or is this normal? This usually goes on for 2 days.

Every now and then I have a sharp stabbing pain in my lower left back, around the love handles. It stabs then goes away, maybe once a day for 3 weeks?

Every one in a while i get a stitch pain that last about a second in my left side. It may happen for a few days then go away for months. Why is this?

Excruciating sharp pain on the tip of my penis for about 2 hours. Comes and goes and sometimes travels to my testicles. Please help. Never had before.

Experiencing sharp shooting pain at the back of the head. Starts at the base and goes up. What does this mean? What should I do?

Extreme intense pain in right flank area comes and goes, never felt before. It's a sharp pain up down right side of back. Sounds like a Kidney stone?

Female discomfort right side next to belly button.No pain.It comes and it goes?

Female. Sharp pain in upper right groin abt 2-3 inches above leg crease. Comes and goes quickly. Hurts for 2 seconds then gone.

For past two weeks had sharp pain on side in lower by hip. It come and goes, but today i started to get fever and pain stay there.

For the last 3 years I've had short sharp pain in groin, right side when I put foot down, this comes and goes, also burning feeling in groin area?

For the last couple of weeks I've been having sharp. Pain on both ovaries it comes and goes but when it comes it hurts really bad?

For the past 3 days i keep having severe pain on the bottom left of my back. My thigh feel tingling. What should I do? Go to the drs or er?

For the past 8 months I have been experiencing weird swelling and pain on my right leg and my back, the swelling comes and goes a lot please help thanks?

For the past couple of days i've been having a sharp shooting pain the right side of my wrist i can't pick up stuff why? Should i go hospital?

For the past week I have had a pinching pain on right side it moves to my groan and up to my rib than my back it comes and goes what could it be?

Get pain near breast bone and on right side of chest. Had for a couple months now it comes and goes. What could it be?

Got a dull pain in my lower left leg that has been there for about a week. Pain comes and goes independent of rest. Should i worry?

Had chest pains past week very tired can't see doc till next week but now getting sharp pains middle left side near heart even when I move.go to ER?

Had for 6 years very bad pain on the lower right side of my abdomen that shots down my leg. The pain comes and stays for a while then goes away. ?

Had my left kidney removed do to cancer I have a snap stabbing pain that comes and goes in left part of my back comes and goes its been six weeks it j?

Half my body on the right side it swelling upper my medal my chest having pain doesn't go away painful or miles comes and go?

Have a pain over my left breast that comes and goes?

Have a vibration in my right breast that comes and goes for 2 days now?

Have had lower back pain for 6 mon 35 years old,my right arm goes numb at times also. Could this be serious?

Have had two prior lower back surgeries. Experiencing pain today that radiates into shoulders.. Should i go to er?

Have pain in left chest area but only when I sit and think about it only comes and goes and the pain is just uncomfortable and scares me???

Have pain in shaft of my penis, it hurts to start peeing. Also pain comes and goes, sharp pain?

Having ab pain last 3 days now having difficulty urinating. Also have sharp pain that comes right before and goes away after. When to see a dr?

Having pain that comes and goes on the bottom left side of abdomen. It's not severe but bothersome,It seems to hurt more with bowel movements ?

Having severe pain under my right ear going down my neck. It comes and goes, but woke me from a deep sleep?

Having very dull constant pain right next to my left hip bone on the front. Not like cramping. What could this be? Should I go to the ER?

Hello doc I get this pain on my lower right side I don't know how to call it but the pain only comes when I touch it.

Hello doctor , iam experiencing chest pain that lasts about 24 hours .Its like sharp and dull pain that comes and goes it gets worse with movements ?

Hello I am 16 years old and have a quick question on wether to see a doctor or not. I have a dull aching pain at the bottom left of my back. It doesn'?

Hello I have a sharp pain that comes and goes right under my right side of breast. Underneath. It comes and goes. I have to stop what I am doing.