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I have bad abdominal pain and tightening. When I sit down the feels like a knife going up through my bowels.

.2-3 years now I feel a pain in my stomach every now and then,my belly is swelling and when I lay on bed especially on my right side the pain stops.

1 week ago, I had got a upper endoscopy, they found bleeding and stopped it. But I have been feeling horrible stomach pain, coughing continuously.

11yr child havn pain n side(r) hurts whn pressed or walk no vomiting diarrhea or constipation started 1day ago hurts worst today then yesterday?

13 weeks pregnant, woke up with headache thought maybe allergies But an hour later I started with stomach pain had it all day now constant ?

16weeks pregnant have had diarrhea for 3nights so far. today afterwards i threw up with upper abdomen pain and migrane only happens at night though.

2 days ago I got really bad pain in my back and the next day I got diarrhea and since then I've been having the stomach&back pains, what do I have?

2 Days ago I threw up 1 time. ( Lot's of clear liquid) ever since I've had sharp pains in my upper stomach. I'm eating just fine. But what is the pain?

2 days ago I woke w/ diarreah/vomit/pain. Lasted one day. Felt fine for few days after then woke up again w/ similar problem. Any idea on why? See dr?

2 days I have been overly bloated after eating very little. have pain under both ribs and up at the very top of stomach. uncomfortable sometimes stab?

2 days now i've been feeling gas like pain a few inches above my belly button.Feels like bubbles. But i only feel it if i move a certain way.Just gas?

2 months ago and I am still having pain in the area and my stomach feels really tight with some pain in testicles they are trying to tell me that it i?

27 weeks pregnant Upper stomach pain that goes right in the middle of my upper back.. Feeling dizzy and feeling like I'm going to throw up?

27 weeks pregnant. My stomach feels like its going to explode and I have sharp pains below and on the side of my stomach is this normal?

28 weeks pregnant with chest pains, hot flashes and hardening of stomach (feels like contractions). What could be the cause?

2mos off/on dull intermittent ache bottom of left rib cage almost on top of stomach. Feels muscular but can also feel acidic in tummy. Any idea?

33 weeks pregnant woke up this morning to go to bathroom and while going sharp pain in mid stomach lasted like 1 min.

4 Day period just ended2/3 days ago.Today I've felt horrible out of no where Stomach hurts with likea strange nausea feeling. Really tiredweak. Bac pa?

40 yr old wh f. Got horrible stomach pains onset in mid last night. And haven't left? Vomit this morning. No fever? In bed all day. Still hurts. Tips?

6 days back, my friend ate something from a food joint and ended up vomiting the entire night. She has been feeling nausea since that day. Reason??

8wks preg, feel of constant tightness in stomach. doesnt come and go like contraction. not terrible pain but very uncomfortable. cause? need to worry?

9 wks pregnant and I ate out with a friend. Now I have very sharp pains(stomach and back)and severe nausea. Its midnight. Go to ER or sleep it off?

A few days ago, i got sick at work & vomited. I only vomited once, but the next day, i had a pain in my neck & 4 days later i'm still in pain.

A little below left rib there is gurgling grumbling feeling & sometimes sound. It moves down sometimes as well.Has been going on for weeks. Is it gas?

A stomach ache yesterday and continous fever till the morning and now just body pain all over what could it be??

A week ago I threw up a lot . I have had it on and off sternum pain since. Is this normal?

Abdominal pain after eating? Lasts several days. Sometimes feels like something is stuck and won't move in abdominal area.

Abdominal pain since yesterday. What should I do?

Abdominal/stomach discomfort ive had it for 5 days the whole area is feeling uncomfortable when i sit its more uncomfortable what could this be?

Ache pain just above the penis Lower abdomin? Also passing gas and feel I need to burb little burbs

Ache/pains below left rib cage.Gp felt nothing abnormal.Symptoms still here & making me feel nauseous.Feels like pressure and sometimes like grumbling?

After having bad upper abdomen pain for 3 days, taking a lot of ranitidine, i suddenly have diarrhea now and it's bright red. And now the pain is gone?

After having some spotting 2 weeks after my period left i had really bad pains in my back and stomach. And for the past 2 or 3 mornings i woke up sick?

After i ate thanksgiving dinner i started get major abdominal pain on my right side. It kept me up all night as well with gas and the feeling of vomit?

After i eat I have mild pressure on my left side under my rib cage, later i feel gas bubbles and a warm sensation, what's happening?

After sex, I got pain in my lower abdomen and it seemed to be tightening up. Then a wave of nausea hit me and actually made me throw up. Any idea?

All below ribs are stinging/uncomfortable & feel full straight away soon as i eat.. Can this all be my gastritis?

All Started since I started taking clindamycim I have watery diarrhea. It always feels like I have to go. Bloating and discomfort/pain in lower ab. Is there anything other than c.diff cause?

Almost feels like gas but have no gas... Started near my bellybutton last night then all day today very lower abdomina pain in the middle & dizzy?

Am I having appendicitis? I have a tender pain that comes and goes on my right abdomen. Does not hurt when I press down. I have GERD and anxiety. Gas?

An hour or two after dinner my stomach started to hurt a bit and more so if i lied on my left side..had painful stomach ache and green diarrhea?

Appendicitis or no. Got crampy feeling on right side under rib cage twice but hasnt came back. Dizziness. Going poop a lot more than usual, dark color?

Around my navel has been hurting for about 4days now and today i had a sharp pain in my stomach for about 2mins. Any reason why?

Ate steaks two nights ago. Ever since my stomach has been hurting. No throwing up. But really painful stomach pain. Comes and goes?

Back pain stomach ache n feels like going loose motion but goes after sometime.i went to doctor and he told that im having colitis is it realy colitis?

Back pain/ache/cramp hurting my stomach andchest, short of breath, gas, feeling full and rlly hurts in the evening. Is it a pinched nerve in my back?

Bad stomach and back pain. Stomach feels hard almost like a cramp or contraction that will not go away. Had this pain before and no one knows what is.

Bad stomach pain, puking, diarrhea, (puking and diarrhea stopped today) pain still there with trouble breathing. Should I go back to hospital? Pain ^

Been feeling a pain in my back that felt like someone punched me. Pain spread through to my stomach and felt like vomiting. What could cause this?

been feeling nauseous for the past 2 weeks, vomited once & alsowaking up with pain in the back and stomach I got tested for a UTI and it was negative.

Been getting a pinching feeling on both sides of my chest.Lots of gas.Going to the bathroom a lot.Pain in my back.?

Been having diarrhea for three days. My stomach was hurting badly day 1, hasn't been hurting since but diarrhea continues? Not painful or bloody

Been having sore stomach, abdominal soreness for last 3 days and it does not go away shall I worry??

Been having stomach burning and vomiting, and the left side of my stomach feels like something is moving it feels like a bubble or something ?

Been having strong tightening at the bottom of stomach with sharp pains all day. is this what labor feels like 38wks?

Been having this full feeling, like something stuck at the bottom of sternum top of stomach, like trapped gas not really painful, just not comfortable?

Bm woke me up last 2nights abd cramp pain a 10 then stops after a few hours. Bright blood yesterday. Chills. Fatigue. No ins. What can I do for pain?

Both sides and both ribs are hurting upper body feel like chills on the inside?

Burning feeling in pit of stomach with severe nausea. Comes and goes throughout the week. May be fine one week and next it hits again.

Burning feeling under rib cage in my chest? Feels like it's at the beginning of my stomach or end of oesophagus? What could this be?

Burning pain in LLQ. Goes away when I poop but then comes back. My stomach feels bloated and full at times?

Came home yesterday with chills and stomach pains felt like knots and nausea with diarrhea..still have stomach pain and diarrhea this morning..

Can a GI tell me why I have chest pain after I eat? it started on Friday night and this is the longest its lasted 1.5 hours also have headache nausea

Can ALS cause abdominal muscle spasms? Abdomen feels very tight and feels like a moving baby in my lower stomach

Can feel a hard lump just below left rib if I press it it's tender n make bubbly noises. Also stinging/burning feeling n acid.. is this hernia?

Can feel a pulsating in abdomen after i eat and when i lay down at night, I have no pain

Can gas give you side pains that you can't move or makes your feel like vomiting?

Can gas pains in lower abdomen feel like something moving around in tummy?

Can radicular pain cause upset stomich I've got radicularr pain what ever i eat i get stomich pain i don't no weather its bug because i got flu azwal?

Can the middle of your bellybutton hurt or feel a quick discomfort with constipation ?

Can the weather make your lower ribs feel achy?

Can trapped gas cause abdomen to feel like sore or tender ?

Can trapped wind hurt in the exact same spot of stomach and be stabbing in nature? Stabbing pain in left side and rumbly tummy.

Can you feel heartburn in your back?

Constant dull pain under left side of stomach. Feels like something is strained maybe? 2nd day this way. Was told had a small hernia notcausepainbefor

Constant gurgling in my tummy, no pain just annoying and uncomfortable

Could i be pregnant or is this a uti? I had sex two weeks ago, a couple of days later i got a horrible head ache, diarrhea, and a high fever. Since then I have had daily lower stomach pains, having to urinate constantly through out the day, a sight vagina

Could this be appendicities pain in lower right side, stomach hurts and i've been going to the bathroom but its not like diarrea. Its tender when you touch in that area. I don't feel sick to my stomach and i haven't thrown up at all.

cramp like pain on ribs/breast & other pains; lump feeling in throat that feels like something is in back/chest; weird abdmn noise; uppr bk discomfort

Currently 31 weeks pregnant. I feel tightening in my stomach and I feel sharp pains shoot through my lower part of my stomach everyday with pressure.

Daugther had bad menstral cramps took ibuprophen. Then Pain 2" above belly button. Felt like insides were ripping out. Ate spicy food recently. Could ?

Day six getting over stomach flu like symptoms. I feel better but I have a pain in the upper left corner of my stomach. What should I do?

Diagnosed with gallstones, last night had a serious pain in right side, felt very nausus and ended up dry heaving.Feel very sick today. What do I do?

Discomfort in upper middle stomach. Eating makes it worse,Kinda hurts to deeply inhale. Feels like fullness.Just gas?

Do colon, stomach cancer systems come and go? I've had some discomfet but it went away. Sypmtoms where sharp pain diareaha, I vomited once I feel bette

Does appendicitis cause you to feel full even for only eating very little? Is the pain always awful. I am having dull ache.

Does ranitidine help with gas pains? I've had them under my right rib for 15 hours straight just took a pill &its kinda going away not all the way yet

Does this sound like pancreatitis?I drank not much alcohol last night and my upper stomach/right rib feels sore right rib,mild pain,should I go to ER?

Don't no what's goin on my stomach has been having lots of pain &ive been getting real bad nausea & feeling i want to throw up but don't... 2wks now?

Dull ache area below throat and downwards till between breasts. Worse if i lay on stomach. Feels like its being pressured or have something heavy on. ?

Dull right side pain, as well as middle of stomach. Grooves in poop, having lots of gas. Stomach makes noises a lot, and is bloated. What's wrong??

Electric shock feeling lasting a second like 4 times in my stomach. Not really painful just weird above belly button on right side.

Endoscopy yesterday then accidentally skipped dinner today. My stomach felt sharp gassy pains so bad I had to bend over. Ate and it feels better. Ok?

Every time after i eat i have excruciating pain in my abdomen while i try to go to the restroom it feels like my stomach is being pulled down stabbed?

Everytime i breath my back & chest hurt my lower right abdomen hurts bad head aches gassy & well have to poop every 20 minutes i feel like i'm dying?

Everytime i breath my back & chest hurt my lower right abdomen hurts bad head aches gassy & well have to poop every 20 minutes i feel like i'm dying?

Everytime i cough, i get a vibrating feeling in my lower abdomen what is this?

Everytime i poo or pass gas I have this horrible burning sensation in my lower back and inside my stomach. What can this be? Can hardly take it .

Experiencing lower abdominal pains, also gassy. I had diarrhea once today and vomited a little in mouth. All this started last night. What could it be?

Experiencing pain below ribs centre pf stomach, feel full or over eaten, pain doesn't move to the side. Appetite has decreased, feel full quicker?