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Had the flu yesterday, today i have a dull pain from my bellybutton to my lower right side, however no fever, should i be concerned?

I'm suddenly feeling a slight pain in my chest & getting some sharp pains on the right side a couple times. I had costochondritis back in Oct. & Nov.

My lower back makes popping sounds when I walk and the frequency has now increased. This never happened to until late last year. ?

severe pain on right side at waistline and slightly above started about a month-and-a-half ago then kinda faded but know back 55 yr old male?

started having lower abfominal pain in left desi in january still there now the right side is on fire feel like vomit stool blood nausea ?

Today I started getting pains in my lower right stomach, I don't know if it's appendicitis or not.

1 week ago got lower back pain with leg pain on one side, sometimes on both sides rarely. Don't know what this is from seemed to come with period pain?

13 year old son has stabbing pain when he pees

13w6d pregnant, have had diarrhea& an upset stomach for 2 days now. should I be concerned? also left side of jaw hurts to open.

13weeks preg. Having sharp pains on my lower and top area of stomach. Is this normal? I had a c-section 10 months ago.

15 weeks pregnant. Random dull ache in left side of upper back that causes me to cough? Sometimes same dull ache in ribs? Just started today.

15 weeks pregnant. Back aches wake me up from sleep. When using rr there's pressure on my lower left back (kidney area) & abdomen. Any advice to help?

16 year old painful back pain, upper middle. No other sympts, occasional lift heavy goods. But haven't for 4. Weeks, pain started today morning.?

19 wks preg! R side pain above hip (does not feel like flank or pelvic pain) constant dull ache x 12 hrs. Of n on sharp, worse with moving n urinating?

1st period after having a miscarriage at 6 weeks on the 26th of Jan 2016. The pain is excrusiating to the point I don't want to move or breath. The pain is in my lower abdo on right side and goes into my groin and down my leg I also have pain in my side a

2 yrs ago i had abdominal pain in my mid abdomen that would come and go every 20 min and last for a few sec, for 3 days. Fine since what could it be?

20 weeks pregnant and having upper abdominal not too painful but uncomfortable but goes to upper back too is this normal?

20 yo female.. last couple months whenever I feel really stressed I get a really bad pain in my left lower abdomen.. it will last throughout the day?

20 yr girl. I have pain in my lower right abdomen and I've been having softer, mushier and smellier poops for a few months. What's going on?

20 yr old female. Lower back pain. Pretty uncomfortable. What could be the cause of this? Should i be worried?

21 wks pregnant and keep getting really bad pain in upper right abdominal area near ribs and excess thirst. Is this normal ?

21yrold female, have had constant lower right side dull then at time sharp pain pee is bright yellow no appendix and surgery last year been 6 days?

24 weeks prego. Nauseous entire time. Last 3 days a throbbing pain in left side where kidney is has begun and won't go away. Is this normal?

24f lower right sharp side pain an back pain. Gets worse when uses the restroom. Sudden, started today but back pain for awhile.?

24female active/healthy.Stomach hurts in the upper and lower abdomen. Also hurts near both side ribs usually starts after meals. Constantly constipate?

25/F. I know I have a sinus infection. I'm extremely tired&light headed. I am very bloated in stomach area w sharp pains on left lower back side?

26/wf sharp pain n right side of chest. Have been told I have palpitations b4 but I have never felt pain till the past 2weeks. Visit the er?

27 weeks preg. Every time I am getting up from the toilet, or a seat lower to the ground, my upper thigh hits the bottom of my stomach. Is this ok?

27 weeks pregnant. Spent the day cleaning now today im having pain in lower left abd when I move goes away with rest?

27+3 day preg. Today I've got lower back ache and tender stomach. Not felt my baby move as much and also frequently peeing. But no burning?

27weeks pregnant and i got lower abdomen pain with a really bad headache on my left side?

28 female.2wk back ache in lower back,sides,bloating,feel sick and full.tender t touch around belly button area.just had antibiotics for a water infection?

28wks preg.I usually sleep on my left side.Since last wk i feel pain on my left diaphram area.When i sleep on tht side the pain worses.Y such pain?

29/f. 2weeks constant achy pain in left thigh/left hip/left pelvic area. Nothing helps. Won't go away. What could this be? See dr next week.

29f. This afternoon i got up from my couch and noticed when i walk I have lower back pain/pressure and lower abdomen pressure. Just got over period.

29yrs old having pain just above my left hip. Feels bloated. Like i don't wanna lean in that direction. Also in the crease between my pelvis and left?

2days ago i got a lower back discomfort (not pain) on my right side. when i wake up im ok but during the day the sensation comes bck. when 2 see doc?

2months ago got pain lower back right side with pain in right lower and center abdomen had urine and blood test&kidney us. All normal. What can it be?

3 days ago i was hit with sudden upper abdominal, side&back pain. I began urinating blood that night. Husband says i need to see a doctor asap. Do i?

33 f lower left pelvis wrapped around to my right side under my rib cage started with my period,but 2wks and pain is getting worse.Difficulty urinating, night sweats,and am very thirsty.

35 weeks pregnant with rib pain on left side went away for a day now its back any idea what i can do to relieve the pain?

351/2 weeks. I've had mild cramping in lower abdomen and back that turned so painful it woke me up last night. Now it comes and goes. Is this normal?

36 weeks pregnant.Waters haven't broken but I am getting pains across top and bottom of stomach and really bad dioreah and back ache. Early labour?!

36 weeks with low right side back pain & more bowel movements is thi beginning of labor?

36 year old male has had diarrhea and recently started having sharp pains in upper back under shoulder blade. Could these symptoms be related? If so w

38 weeks pregnant stomach gets hard and heavy and having a little lower back pain?

38 weeks pregnant. Having some water like discharge, back pains, some cramping more on my sides, my stomach is staying really hard. What could it be?

39 weeks 4days pregnant constant lower abdominal pain on right side lower back pain making hard to walk had stretch and sweep 5days ago 3cm dialated ?

3rd time in2weeks I was hospitalized.This time for a on&off stabbing pain left of belly button and sharp aching pains under right shoulderblade.Doc said he didnt know, thinks constipation.Iknow the pain isnt from that, lasted 2yrs. Help?

4 mo PO Robotic Hyst - sudden pain upper left side of belly button for two weeks. Pain getting worse. Only hurts bending over or laying on stomach.

40 yr old female experiencing dull intermittent left sided pain (lateral, at waist), nausea and hot flash yesterday and today. Possible causes? Tx?

47 yo f.having pain in my tummy an lower back.peeing a tummy hurts real bad in the morning before I pee an it takes a while to come out.

4th day of iv sides hurt and lower back. Also started my this normal?I'm drinking as much water as possible.arm also hurts/burns.

4w 3days pregnant with 4th baby, have slight aching feeling on right side of pelvis and around back of hip bone and lower back. Is this normal?

5 mo's postop quad bypass n still having sharp stabbing pains on rt side that goes to arm, with movement and sneezing. What can be the cause of this.

5 mon no on period really bad low abdomen pain and back pain and when I lie down its like Somethin tightend in abdomen. What is it?

5 weeks pregnant. last night I had pain in lower side but after I vomited I felt better. Is it normal to have that pain?

5-6 weeks pregnant. I have dull pain when I stand up straight or make certain movements on right side by pelvic bone. No bleeding, etc. thoughts?

5m postpartum (vaginal) & had this since day 1 sharp pains in my lower abdomen when i move a certain way or a little faster than usual. Serious?

6 days post colonoscopy still pain on lower right side is this normal. Like period pain, feels very bruised & sore. No BM yet but not unusual for me. ?

6 months pregnant, I have lots of pressure in my lower abdomen and back, it gets worse if I lay down and sit, I also feel like my vagina is pulsing?

6 mths post hysterectomy. Lower abdomenal and mid back pain on right side. Pain is horrible. I went to ER and after CT and blood work I have NO answes?

6 w 2 days pregnant. . My lower abdomen feels sore when I move to stand up like I've done crunches.& little tender when I slightly push. Normal?

6wks pregnant n I have pains in lower sides of stomach between hip bones its not cramps feels almost like bruises is the best i can explain comes n go?

7 mnths preg. with bad lower back pain on right side & VERY frequent urination, but no burning. Had pain on/off 4 2 mnths.

7 weeks pregnant and achy dull lt shoulder pain I work as a cma but on the floor should I be concerned w this pain no other complaints tho?

8 weeks pregnant, had a sharp pain in my right ovary and lower back. Went away after a few minutes and area isn't sensitive or sore at all. Am i ok?

9 wks pp c-section & have been having these little electric shock feelings they feel like stings lower tummy. Also get stings on right side pelvis?

9wks preg. Had mild pain on my upper stomach w/c worsen after dinner & had sharp pain on the lower abdomen. Pain subsided after an hour, shud i worry?

9wks5dys pregnant started having stomach pain when I move around pain like sharp pinch and than lower back pain for few minutes.What could it mean?

A couple of days ago i started to feel a pain in my lower right side when peeing. Today is has become a pain all day a burn in my lower stomach.

A few seconds before i burp i get this mild sharp pain in on my back, mid left side. I've had this for almost 24 hrs now. what can this be? Thanks

A friend had renal transplantation 1 year ago.he said lately ,if he walks he can feel something is moving in his lower abdomen,on and it normal?

A here and there pain for years if I moved the wrong way, but today, stabbing, very pain full, and slightly inflamed have pics cough fibro?

Abdomen pain now moved to lower back its severe shall I call now gp I'm very scared?

Abdominal pain feels like weights in the lower part of my stomach hurts to try stand up long period of time had complete hysterectomy 10 years ago?

Abdominal pain left Lower side, only really hurts when I'm thinking about it, during the day it doesn't bother me too much.came after shoveling and went away, then came back after work,no fever, help?

Abdominal pain lower left side started after shoveling went away and came back after working at staples. I also have a little lower left back fever or any other symptoms. What could it be?

Abdominal pain right upper quadrant iam twenty years old. Hurts worser when iam on my elbow bearing weight on that side. I get nausea thst come n go?

Aching pain on and off while at work in my lower back I lift heavy items all day but it feels like I need to defecate also but having no constapation?

Achy pain in lower abdomen, left more than right, it feels like an oncoming bm but nothing, pain in calves, should I be concerned?

After 3 weeks off with a bad lower back I have pain in left bum cheek also a change in bowel habit with nausea and headaches. Is thjs from my back. ?

After delivery for 1 month, i need to push hard to pass gas. Also pain in lower abdomen with low back pain feels like strain. Panadol (acetaminophen) not helping

After drinking coffee i get bad burning pain and smarting pains in pelvis/groin its seems to be where my ovaries are also burning/pain in top ofthighs?

After drinking water I got sharp stabbing pains in my upper mid and left abdomen. Left abdomen is tender. No relief from BMs. Not gone after 5 hrs.

After having an MTop 3 weeks ago my lower tummy is really swollen and I have really bad gas that seems to make me more bloated which is painful .

After I had sex with my boyfriend I started having severe abdominal pain . I can't walk right, and now the pain is in my bottom too what's wrong ?

After I have sex I get a pain in my lower right bit of my tummy. It lasts a few hours but the pain can also come out of the blue (female)?

After masturbating i mean after reaching dat point.slowly pain in lower abdomen has been 2 days and still i have stomach pain.anything wrong?

After my period i spend two weeks in excruciating pain from my lower left abdomen. It wakes me up at night & comes back for 6 hrs during the day. Why?

After sexing with my husband 5munutes later I start experiencing sharp and serious pain on my lower abdomen .pkease help?

After swimming in the sea sometimes feel lower back pain and have red stools. Is this something to worry about?

After the food poisoning my lower back on my left side has been in pain a few times plus I think the reason my pee isn't clear is that i'm dehydrated?

After using the bathroom I came back to bed and laid on my back. Instead of being in the middle my uterus was on the right side of my abdomen! Normal?

Age 62.Have inflammatory Spondolitis. Is a quick double over sharp pain in upper mid back then into stomach normal?Happened a couple times. Or??

Agonising pain right side if neck going down arm any movement is painful lyin dwn painful pain wakes me up came on an off durin day now severe constan?

Almost 26 weeks pregnant.On bed rest cuz of lower back pain and strong contractions.Now feeling really strong pelvic pressure in the bone. Normal?

Am 16 yrs no period 4 months abdo pain n lowr bck pain espon left side, what could it be???

Am 26yrs old and i was diagnosed with gallstones and i didn't know i had them but for the past two weeks I've bein having pain in my left lower side?

Am 27 years female,3 days back i had diarrhea then it stoped was left with stomach tenderness yesterday had a very sever lower right abdominal pain, very sharp. Reduced after a voltaren dose 50 mg. Today the pain was slight to moderate goes and comes in t