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3 years on and off. Palps, chest pain, left arm and jaw pain. Which then spreads to left calf, groin, left leg, foot. Loads of investigations. Ideas?

I have excruciating pain at the back of my neck. It's an 8/10 for pain. It's been off and on for a few days. It's a constant, pulsing pain that feels sore. And today my hand/arm is starting to become numb and my arm has spastic movements. Advice?

left side of my body is in constant pain. LEg from the knee down goes numb & cold, arm from elbow down hurt. All MRI & cat scan are normal.

1 yr pain in left shoulderblade down arm to fingers. Now a squiggly pain through left breast while bending forward. PCP says heart ok. Ideas?

20 year old female. Shooting pain in my left arm from middle of upper arm to elbow, sometimes to wrist. Only happens with certain movements. Help?

21male right neck muscle pain right hand finger tingling right feet finger tingling pain in knee and hip right side sore throat is it MS or ALS?plzz

22 year old female. Two days consistently now, I've had a mild headache, neck/shoulder pain, throbbing arm and tingling fingers down my left side.

22 year old, male. For the last few days my left arm has felt weak. No pain. I haven't done any exercise I noticed the back of my neck had discomfort?

22y male, left neck and left shoulder stiffness; left jaw pain. It's been weeks close to 2 months. Have not exercised for a more than 2 months. Dx?

23 years old. 24 weeks pregnAnt. I began having severe pain in my left arm. Mostly in elbow area and palm. Left palm is purple, on and off chest pain.

25 weeks pregnant woken up with shooting pain in left arm its aching mostly from elbow to fingers and still have it this morning. ?

28/f. Dull ache in left arm starting from elbow to wrist sometimes in upper arm. Dull ache in left thigh also. Could this be heart related?

29/f. Left arm pain sometimes starting in shoulder down to hand and sometimes vice versa. Shooting\achy pain. Had EKG last week and came back good.

29/f. Ekg a few weeks ago.Came back.Good. Been having left shoulder/upper arm pain? Dull achy pain goes to fingers sometimes.

29yrs old with Pain in my left arm,hand &fingers also sharp pain on left side of chest. What else could it be besides Costochondritis?

30 yr old female. Left chest pain on and off for 2 yrs. It comes at rest and with exercise. Get Left arm and neck pain also. can last for weeks.

33 year old female, been experiencing extreme pain in left arm from shoulder to fingertips. Aching pain and comes and goes. What can be wrong?

35 yr old male. Dull aches in right peck and arm. Swollen legs. What could this be?

37 years old and I am having a burning pinching feeling in me chest in the heart area and a pain on left arm in the region of elbow and wrist should I?

38 weeks pregnant sudden left shoulder pain what could be the causes?

44 yr female, pain in right hand, head, face shoulder & neck. Unexplained bruising on right leg, foot and arm.

Aa throbbing/pulsating dull pain in right arm anove the elbow woke me up in the middle of the night and continued. should I be worried?

About 6 months ago i had shingles om my right shoulder. For the past 3 days the same shoulder has been cramping and aching, stiff. Why might this be?

Aching in my left shoulder for months. I can lift my arm just high enough to apply deodorant. Excruciating to sleep on my left side. Aches constantly.

Always going numb on my lower left leg and most of the right side of my body (arm, leg, face, neck, rib cage). Seen many drs. Any suggestions?

Any non-cardiac issues that would cause variable pain in left arm, front of left shoulder, both sides of neck, headache? I do have fibromyalgia...

Arm pain starting in left shoulder to hand on a 37 year old femal. Pain is very sharp and keeps waking me up.

Aswell as abdominal pain which has me curled up in pain. my back legs and right arm get painful. and my arm usually goes numb why?

Back pain in lumbar area, woke up out of a dead sleep with sharp pain in left forearm and left tingling hand and pain goin into hand. Cause/related?

Back pain on upper left side until my left arm. Left hand sometimes feel numb and sometimes can feel the pain until left subcostal. Wht could b wrong?

Bad bicycle fall, severe chest pain in my left side, under arm and arm, nauseated, can't sleep, it's been 3 weeks?

Been having a strange, stab pain in my left arm for a month now and I can feel the same pain in the right arm followed by nausea and a headache. ER?

Been having Pain and tightnes in my back . And pain and numbnees in my left leg and now my arm . And tingle in my neck. Can someone help me . Thank yo?

Been having pins n needles down both legs with muscle twitching and some shooting pain, now getting pain in left groin, should I go er? Pain not bad.

Been having shooting pain from jaw through shoulder/arm and hand only on the left side. No other symptoms except a bit anxious and happens at rest ?

Bilateral arm pain I have been experiiencing pain in both arms at different times for the last few weeks. The pain is either achey or sharp and shoots down my arm (left arm). My right arm feels like it has a blood pressure cuff on it sometimes. Like i sai

Bruises mysteriously found on the back left & right side of my neck, and left eye, plus ongoing pain in my left shoulder, what might this mean?

Buring sensation behind the ear, that travels down to the same arm or opposing arm, back, and leg. What could be the cause? And what physician to see?

Burning constant pain in chest across shoulders left arm and elbow also a lot of lower back pain left calf pain in leg when positioned certain way?

Burning dull pain sensation on right arm. When moved a certain way hurts too. on upper arm a little below the shoulder is this heart attack symptom?

Burning sensation left in chest, persistent. Arm pit and had some pain in neck and arm.. pain has been on and off wakes me while sleep short of breat?

C 5 disc herniated. It mainly effected my right upper back, shoulder, and arm. it suddenly worsened. both sides effected, arms numb hurts to breath,?

Can a steroid shot used for sinusitis cause pain? I have pain in my right leg, both arms (but mostly right), right shoulder, and left side of my neck.

Can back pain (the trapezius) make your chest tight and left arm have pain all the way down to ring finger? Also the left ribs feel weird from strain?

Can lipomas cause shooting lains in your arms and fingers on the sidr its on sharp pains?

Can my anxi be giving me chest pain fullness in head feeling and stabbing pains starting in my arm and radiating to leg whole and up to head?

Can the cause of left arm pain be associated with just having a pacemaker installed?

Can u advise getting pains in upper left arm for about 6 months the pain sometimes go down the arm ?

Can ulcer cause chest pain, pain dwn left hand n index r pinky fingers, dizziness, pain in leftside of neck......r its heart related?

Can upper back pain lead to left arm feeling heavy?

Can you give me suggestions on pain in my left arm when i smoke.?

Can't walk in morning after sitting. Buttock pain left side and knee stiffness right. tingling left arm thumb index throughout day. Which doc to se?

Chest and back pain, runs into left arm. Hurts with certain positions. Had leg pain but d diner negative. Pain in chest feels achy, pain in arm same, ?

Chest pain. Especially when using my right arm, lowering right shoulder, or looking to the right and lowering my neck?

Cleared by cardiologist. Throbbing dull pain under left shoulder blade with left arm numbness after eating and workouts. Weight lifting or 2 mile run.

Concern? Burning,pins and needles slight numbness in right shoulder radiates to let we're arm and collar bone ,breathing fine heart fine what do I do

Constant pain in left shoulder above fold of armpit. Pain increases when arm is raised up, and is the most pain is when i move my arm behind my body.

Constant pain upper left arm. Had flu shot 3 weeks ago could this still cause pain?

Constant shooting left arm pain for 2 weeks, left arm is tender to touch. Possible causes?

Could i be having a heart attack? This morning, out of the blue, my right arm was sore. As the day progressed the arm has gotten more and more painful - stabbing pain that radiates up towards my shoulder and neck. I have not done anything unusual in terms

Could the numbness I am feeling be caused by a pinched nerve? I am experiencing numbness on the left side of my chest, under left arm, and back. I have had a sharp pain for 3 weeks that goes from my shoulder blade through to my chest. I was sent to the

Crack/crunch sound in neck followed by sharp pain in neck shoulder chest on right side, dull pain in arm and arm pit. Tweaked nerve?

Crippling pain in my right heel and left hand. What is it and could the two be connected?

Day one: root canal on right(removed the nerve) day two: right arm and chest pain and heaviness day three: pain in right hip, are all these connected?

Deep aching pain in hand that goes up the left arm. No recent injury and started suddenly. What could it possibly be?

Deep bone burning and stinging pain that woke me up shoots throughout my whole arm.I did get arm tattoo last night.What can this be? Severe pain.

Did I have a stroke at 24? Upper back vertebrae is extremely painful to touch. Left leg and arm are weak and dull pain in them. Tngling headaches.

Discomfort on left side under rib bone and tingley feeling I left hand what does that mean?

Dull ache in upper left arm in tricep area, came on after i sat down after doing work where I use my arms a lot, what could it be?

Dull ache on left side of chest near arm pit and under left side of collarbone it bothers me when I lift with my left arm or pick up something heavy I?

Dull and achy pain started in right shoulder and moved down to right forearm. Also had a rash appear on chest?

Dull consistent ache down my left arm from muscle to hand, I'm 23 female what could this be caused by??

Dull pain in left arm and left leg for months, getting worse. New symptom is upper vertebrae in back extremely sore to touch. Worried about heart. 24.

Dull pain near my arm pit to the arm on left it will start from the stomach on left?

Dull tight pain in chest& left upperarm& armpit &lower part of neck. Hurts to use arm. Has going on for a few days each day gets worse. Is it my heart?

Dull, continuous pain in left arm (shoulder to forearm). Pain does not radiate or pulsate. 26 year old female. No previous accident/injury.

Dull/ weak pain in left thumb. Radiating up arm to behind collar bone. Seems to get worse as day goes on. Took blood pressure past week. Normal.

DVT and having sudden tingling and pain in left side of body?

Electric Shock to neck in '12. Past 6mo I wake up with swelling and throbbing most to left arm & rt arm will cause thoracic to burn bad! Opinions? TY

ENTIRE left side-only body pain(left head/neck/chest/thigh/leg/foot) 24/7.No pain on right.BUT it disappears during 3-day menstrual cycle,then returns?

ER said a virus but still having discomfort in upper abdomen with some tingling in my back and left shoulder as well as a cool feel in left shoulder?

Every now and then i get a really bad muscle pain in my lower left arm on the side of my ulna. What could be the cause of this?

Every time i lie down, regardless of position, my right arm goes numb and there is a dull but strong pain on my forearm right above my wrist?

Everytime I sneeze, I get a shooting pain in my chest, arms and neck that lasts about 30 seconds. What does it mean?

Experiencing burning sensation inside of my biceps (the area facing my ribs) near the elbow on my right arm, sometimes pain extends down to my forearm?

Experiencing chronic pain only my left side for over 10 years. Mostly the neck and shoulder, traveling into left cheek, head and arm. Numbness too.

Experiencing left shoulder ache, the pain radiates down the arm to the bottom palm of my hand? I'd describe it as a burning/shooting sensation...

Extreme sharp and stabbing pain in left arm tricep. Haven't been working out just came on suddenly what could cause this?

F24lower left abdominal pain now started radiating round to lower back, and left side. Earlier had pins and needles in hands, could not open my hand?

Feel numbness/tingling in right thumb as well as some pain stiffness in the upper arm when bending, reaching behind back. ?

Feel stiff in neck\shoulders and I have dull numb heavy pain in the whole of my left arm and fingers. Been doc but said not to worry! Left chest too.

Feeling lots of pain in left arm which starts at the tip of my shoulder?

Feeling lots of pain in my left arm and in my upper back. Are these symptoms of developing a blood clot?

Fell, hit left shoulder on railing 2 days ago. Had tingling in left arm immediately after. Have chronic right C5-c6 pinched nerve. Had headache since?

For 13 months i've had all over muscle twitching & left upper arm pain, last 2 mos i've had a lot of twitching/intermittent pain in ears & throat-help!

For 3 months i've had pain in my left thumb. Now raitiating up arm to behind collar bone. Dull ache. Leaves my arm weak. What could this be?

For a week I have had occasional left shoulder pain, left upper arm pain, and tingling fingers at night. Could these signal a heart attack coming?

For about 5 days now my whole left side of my body aches. From my shoulder to my ribs and down to my hip down the side of my leg. Also down my arm. ?

For about 5 hours, i had sharp pain in my left breast and under my arm that prevented me from sleeping. My left arm was numb. What might it be?

For just over a year, i've been getting pain at random times in my left arm and armpit and left side of chest, it's like a dull or numbing pain?