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right frontal lobe sharp but bref pain. It only last up to 20-40 seconds come at random. Hard to think when accuring. ?

40 years,neck x-ray and ultrasound were clean but I have pain in ear, neck vein bounce &headache in the left part.dizziness, vomiting.What can be?

9 yr old with popping feeling followed by sharp pain on the frontal section left side of head. Should I take her to urgent care or regular dr?

during menses i have dizziness,vomiting,vein swelling of the left neck,half of head pain .no menses but pain in center forehead a bit dizzinessWhat ?

17 y/o female: neck pain, headache (constant), head/neck twitch from side to side & up & down. dont know what caused this but has occurred for 1 week.

18yr old recurring muscle knots trapezius area on left side&neck pain. Occas.base of head pain& headache. Now left ring and mddle fingers numb. worry?

2 days ago left ear bled due to excessive cleaning. Now left mandible has dull pain when pressure is exerted.

2 week with slight pressure on the top/side of my head and dull headaches that tend to move to different areas. Also been a bit foggy as well. Tumor?

27 years old, frm last 5 years I have sever pain in whole my left body side, from head to foot.I have bilateral maxillary retention cysts in both sinus?

29f pain under left ear lobe into jaw area. Also shooting pain in right temple area of head. Had EKG a month ago and came back good. Heart related?

3 months, pain in right side neck, migraines, lightheadedness, vibrating feeling inside skull. Is this a stroke?

31 y/o Fem.Bloodwork intermittent head pain allover, left ear pain occ., slight dizzy , cold sens legs.Brain tumor? Hist of bad anxiety

33 yr old F, left temporal severe pain, L eye pain, double vision, nausea, face pain, scalp tender to touch only direct pressure helps. thoughts?

36 weeks pregnant all of a sudden having severe pain in the back right side of my head. It is tender to touch in one particular area. Preeclampsia neg?

44F Causes of stabbing pain in right temple. Pain only lasts maybe 15 seconds but very scary. May have had in the past but not sure. Brain tumor?

A nerve in my right temple flutters, no pain just numbness & twisting sensation. I have severe headache mostly right temple & my eye turns half red?

A portion of my left side of my head feels numb. Its in the area where my left temporal lobe is. Its usually intervals of every 4 hours. Why?

A sharp stabbing pain in left temple lasting less than 10 seconds, then pressure in the area for 3 hrs now. Arteries feel swollen/enlarged. Help?

A year ago, i was diagnosed with disc protrusion at c5-c6 and foraminal stenosis. I still have a buzzing effect in my neck and head 50% of the time and heaviness in the right back side of my head with vision blurred slightly. Whatshould i do?

Ache(burning) in back right side of head for 3 weeks when i inhale through nose, no pain when i breath through mouth. Occipital neuralgia?

Aching around right temple.Crawling sensation.Throbbing pressure and pains around eyes and forehead pressure behind nose,roof of mouth, pains cheeks?

After a horrible pain in front &back of head, behind eyes&feeling if hot sensation i made a CT scan.It is clear that i ve an inflamed sac near my nose?

After having a inflammed vein removed in my head i experience headaches and pain two weeks later, is this normal?

After my experience with the car accident, I've had a small bump on the lower left at the base of the back of my head and experience headaches everyday?

Apologies 4 all my questions.On day 5 of right sided migraine.Jaw,face,forhead pain + feels numb at times.Slight swelling+redness comes an goes.Ideas?

Are 'shooting' pains in your head normal? Can you share some sources?

At least once a day.Headache, ear feels hot/full.Eye & temple pressure, jaw pain, shooting pain back of neck, occurs on one side only(right) please help?

Back pain, occ. Burning sensation on skin. Often headache, occ. Spasm(?) in pupils and pain in eyes, occ. Reduced hearing left ear (no wax). Tired.

Bad headache for 5 days concentrated in left temple area. Surrounding surface pain too. Have had this periodically for years but never this long.

Bad pulsating aches placed in one area over skull, feels like its in the brain on left side and middle of brain.blood taste in mouth.

Been having occasional mild pain (1-3 seconds) around right side of head and face for over two weeks. Shaking head fast makes it worse. Gp said might be pinched nerve, but i'm scared it's tumor.

Been having swelling/pressure behind eye and causes discomfort. I have had a small head cold and have had head cold b4 but nvr this. Is it a tumor?

Blocked sinus on right side, pains in temple and top of head, also feeling numbness and tingling? Would sinus infection cause this?

Blocked sinus weird pressure and aching pains in upper right face and numbess and tingling spots on head?

Blurry left eye, pain left side of head to fingers (mainly shoulder and neck). Breathing difficult when in pain. Normal head/neck mri. 2nd opinion? ..

Brain tumor symptoms.? I have dull pressure.On left side top head and my left eye is foggy and.I feel pressure around that area?

Brief, severe stabbing pain on outside of head for a few seconds just behind right temple. Happened 3 times with about 1-2 mins in between each. ?

Burning behind left ear on skull some neck pain on same side left cheek keeps feeling heavy and pressure in nose and eyes left foot keeps tingling?

Burning headache on right side. Varies in length present. Pain Can be recreated when pressing above the right temple. Has been daily for 2 months ?

Burning in left side of head has turn to a slight discomfort like pressure had a CT of head 2wk before these symptoms started and it came back normal.

Can benign lesions on penile head cause jabbing or dull pain sensation?

Can hypotony cause pain around eyebrow and back to temple?

Can lightly touching my eyebrow that causes a strange ache be something more simple than trigeminal neuralgia ? My pain isn't intense. Only when touch

Can tension cause sharp localized pain on left side/skull behind ear and a little down neck? The pain lasts about 5-20 seconds and went away w/ heat?

Can TMJ issues cause moderate feelings of numbness, tingling, pressure & pulsating unilaterally in temple & vein on side of forehead? My jaw pops too.

Can you go back home after a left temporal lobectomy?

Can you please tell me if carotid dissection artery pain is constant or intermittent?I have pain in front, right side of neck and mild headache

Carotid artery pain right side only hurts wehn touched - also jaw pain, facial pain and around ear and top of brow when to seek medical attention?

Centralized head pain, painful headaches, small bump behind right ear on bone. Pressure also.

Chest pain left side-kind of a dull ache in armpi, head/ears/nose, stuffed up, and migraines. I have gut issues but they are being looked into.Ideas?

Chronic pain in the procerus muscle region. Pain is always there 24/7 for 7months! It's not sinus pressure. It feels like an electrode on my face ?

Clear CT 10/2011 for headache an tingling left foot.No probs for 1yr then 2/13 came back.Constant headache, tingling, weak, stiff left side.Brain tumour?

Constant headaches right across my forehead like a tight / squeezing feeling but am having the a lot.. CT scan and MRi all fine ??

Constant pressure at the base of my skull, just above my hairline. Periodic throbbing pain in the same location. Going on about 3 years. Thoughts?Thx.

Constant throbbing pain top left hand side of head during the day, pain disappears while jogging & at night. Prev diagnsd as tension head. Tumor?

Constant throbbing pain top left hand side of head. Comes on during day, pain alleviated during jogging. Diagnosed as tension headache by GP. Tumor?

Constant throbbing pain top left hand side of head. It comes on during day, not apparent at night. Pain alleviated slightly during jogging. Tumor?

Could a burst blood vessel in the scalp be the cause of a sharp shooting pain in the head? Is th dangerous?

Could acute sinusitis include just facial pain, terrible headache /forehead sides &back of head&neck, pain behind eyes, heaviness in head?I've these?

Could I have a cancerous tumor I have bad migraines nausea poor balance pain tender to touch onu right side of head?

Could I have trigeminal neuralgia or occipital? One sided eye socket pain & temple sometimes radiates behind my ear and into back of neck by hairline.

Could pains in the lower part of the head behind the ear show signs of an aneurysm?

Could sharp pain in top of head and lihgtheadedness be caused from allergies?

Ct scan shows blockage in left maxillary sinus. But have pain and pressure on right side above and behind eye and ear. Is it caused by the left side?

Daily headache localized at the back of my head on Rt side. Causes pressure in my eyes and ears. Worse in the am after laying down.

Dent on rt side of head and getting longer followed by headache, rt eye hurts, no trama or injury?

Diffuse headache for past 5 days, in eyes face, temples, back of head down into middle of upper back , varies in intensity, nausea, pain after eating?

Discomfort in neck and back of head, dizziness, left eye can sometimes feel cool to the touch and on rare occasion stings. Is it a pinched nerve?

Dizziness lasts for min along with Nausea Block in my right side of the nose Slight pain when i press in Temporomandibular jaw?

Do I have a brain tumor? I often have sever head aches on the left side of my head. With chest pains.

Do I have a sinus headache? The pain has lasted for over 1wk now & is primarily in the front of my head; sometimes radiates to other parts of my head

Do you have to have stabbing electric shock pain on the face to have ATYPICAL TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA? my face burns on the left side but not stabbing!

Does a sharp stabbing pain on the top of the head of a 11 year old boy that has been having for about 2 months now indicate a possible brain tumor.

Does heel pain cause headache in temporal area? Please help me doctor

Dont feel a part of my head(occipito-parietal, left side) for 2 weeks now.Its like having a local anesthesia or stopped blood circulation.No headaches!

Dull ache right side of head for 1 second, then goes away for 15 minutes, then returns again with same pattern. Pharmacist says it's...."nerves"....?

Ear popping and pressure (mostly around temples) along with mild headaches (usually later in the day) and occasional pain at the top of my head.

Ekg's are good. But continuing daily left side chest and breast pain. ? Also daily headache, usually in forehead, wrapping around head to neck. ?

Electric shock like pain at right side head along with jaw. Just for fraction of second the pain came and gone. What it can be? BP is normal.

Episodic inflammation / swelling temporal arteries, forehead, behind eye - swelling, burning pain rt side neck, severe occipital and cspine pain?

Every time I bite down especially on something chewy I get a mild pain down the right side of my head. What may it be?

Evry evenin i hav:facial pain, this includes:eye pain, a weird feelin at d top of my nose, slight stuffiness, left side of my head aches&extends to my ear?

Experiancing sharp shooting electrical pain on thw left side of neck below ear, only lasts a few seconds and frequency increased by stress ,?

Experiencing transient head pain behind both ears upwards especially when moving head positions. What's happening?

Extreme onset of pain right bottom of skull help?

Eyes not right, tension in upper back, an low belly fullness, off balance , ears ring. With upright pos. Daily for yrs........Why?

Face trauma to the maxillary area, experiencing global sinus pain to the side affected. eyebrow level to the side of my head and base of scull normal?

Faint headache heaviness, small lump behind the left side of my neck, had an eye infection few days back. Could be related? or is it related to stress

Feel slight pulling behnd left eye with some left on/off forehead pain. Have VP shunt with normal CT scan. Was worse 2wks ago w nausea, shunt related?

Feeling dreaming reality, imaging, flash backs, sharp and constant pressure at top left back head pressure keeps worse, MRI clean and daydreaming help !

Feeling of pressure in right side of head in the areas of my temple eye? Could this be sinus related? Anxiety? Thank you.

Feeling waves of nausea constantly. (Not pregnant) and muscle spams on left side above ear and headaches in the same area. Should I be concerned?

Fly like symptoms for 4 days. No very painful head and neck on left side only. Can meningitis present with one sided pain and with no fever?

For 3 days I have been getting pain in the front left side of my head. The pressure is sporadic and painful its only in one specific spot. Aleeve doesn't work. What do I do?

For a week I have headaches all in different spots at diff. Times and diff. Types of pain mostly throbbing in left temple forehead and eye area?

For a week now I have been having short pains right about on the top right of my head, neck, and simotanioisly have had bloody boogers. allergies?

For last few years having intermittent throbbing in back of neck and shooting, piercing pains in certain areas of skull, could this be serious?

For three weeks, been having mild pain in right side of head (eye, temple, occipital area), now for a few days, right jaw clicks. What's going on?

For two days now when i move my eyes I have a pain like pressure in the middle of my head?

Frequent shooting pains from base of skull to left head,scalp sensitive to touch on left,teeth in upper left jaw ache,all ease with sleep but return ?