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: for the last 3days in the very top, center of my stomach in 1 spot below where my ribcage meets a mix of burning and ache usually when i lay down?

.Pain in my right foot at the centre and stomach pain with deficulty of digesting heavy meals the case is now 3weeks I feel my body is not symetric ?!

10 year old male throwing up no fever. pain in lower belly.. cant keep any food down.

15 1/2 weeks pregnant. Having sharp pains in my whole stomach. Do i need to worry or could it just be gas?

16 y/o male with stomach ulcer and testical pain. When i eat the pain is there a few minutes after i eat it really hurts. Pain killers don't work?

16 years old. Past few days I've had small dull and sometimes burning feelings in chest and abdominal. Sometimes after I eat. Small cough. Food gets s?

2 weeks, sudden pain & nausea, center upper abdomen has continued after eating. Can't eat much, lost 7lbs. Just noticed a fine rash on belly. ideas?

2 year post gallbladder op, i ate a bag of crisps earlier and now getting pain inbetween ribs same sort of pain i had before just not full on attack?

24hrs post endoscopy & biopsy. Having sharp back pains (near right scapula) along with stomach pains when i swallow, eat or drink. Is this normal? Thx

27yo- Upon restricting diet, a grinding pain in L side spleen area began, feel like somethings too big there- on/off & bearable, present upon eating?

2weeks ago I felt left side colon pain of10.It released and a warmth ran down my insides.Terrible bloating after eating now.Sore.Toxic megacolon?

3 weeks w/ sharp upper left abdominal pain that comes & goes, wakes me up at night, worse on empty stomach, periodically relieved if i eat. Help?

33 weeks pregnant ate two bowls of cereal now i have severe pain on the right side of my please?

35wks pregnant everytime i eat stomach hurts extremely bad in middle top, belching, pain, for hours..Gall stones? Should i go to the hospital?

47 old female. Why does my stumach swell no matter what i eat and pain in upper stumach.Also spasm. My dr treeting me for acid reflux .Med not working?

6 months old has reflux but in no pain. Breastmilk comes back out even after 2hrs of feeding. Is it still reflux? What to do? Gets worse when he sits.

6 weeks old girl, stomach ache, gassy, changed formula to soy(dr adviced) moves arms&legs wildly when hurt, will she get better soon? What can I do?

7 weeks pregnant not able to keep any fluids or food down for two weeks having chest pain and rib pain from all the throwing up what should I do?

8 yr old fell on her bike two days ago ..She hit her left mid section of her body with handle bars/no eating/she is vomiting she has not eaten in two days, lethargic, yellowish color in face. In pain.Nauseated, crying.

A last week i was eating some food. The next day my gums were swollen on my bottom right side in the very back. I though it would go away but it been ?

A moderate pain has recently appeared in my lowest right abdomen. It may be gastrointestinal from eating too much almond butter yesterday. Thoughts?

Ab.pain, burn from mid 2 right and in back. Fullness filling, can't eat weight loss doc said gastritis on patronix 3rd time n liver is enlarged again?

Abdominal discomfort and swelling make me feel bad every night after dinner. What is it?

Abdominal problems for 2 months recently getting worse when I eat. I get pain in upper left quadrant and lower left & dizzy. Would eating better help?

About 1 hour after eating.Peculiar ache in right chest/breast area and right shoulder blade.Almost as if a balloon was in there needing to pop.Gas?

About every 2 months i get this bad pain in my right gland and a little below the ear lasts 5 days can't eat or anything if i eat i would like a suggestion before its time to go through this again

After dinner, 1 sip cocktail. Burning sensation in neck, across shoulders, left arm for 5 min. 1 burp. Diarrhea after. Heart? Indigestion?

After eat gassy food i.E 'petai', feel minor pain like poke by needle at centre of my chess but after burp, it subsided. Is this sign of heart attack?

After eating a large meal I'll sometimes get a discomfort in my stomach- not real pain but a discomfort that goes away after2 hours. What causes this?

After eating a waffle, i had LUQ pain(worse when breathing),back pain & felt nauseous.Could this be connected to my borderline high lipase?

After eating certain food I get a really bad pain on the mouth of my stomach and the pain attacks my back.what is this awful pain?

After eating sometimes i experienced pain at right hypochondria. Its like cramps. But when i drink water, the pain goes away instantly. What is that?

After eating, when walking back like 300m. I get some sharp pains on both sides of my stomach. What can this be?

After I drink coffee I often get this pain in my lower stomach, and it becomes intolerably painful until I go to the washroom. What could that mean?

After I eat I get nauseous and sometimes pain in the lower left side of my abdominal. My diet isn't bad. What could this be ?

After i eat some meals i get a stabbing/burning pain below my ribs in the middle. Its on a daily basis and is making me not want to eat.

After i eat, i get a stabbing pain in my upper right abdomen. I also feel sick and vomit if I try to eat. Elevated WBC count too causes?

After I swallow food or drink anything I have chest pain that burns and sharp. Goes away seconds after food passes. Started yesterday, acid coming up?

After long day driving through traffic, I ate some food and my heart rate was up to 110 bpm. I also have sharp pain in back left corner inside mouth when moving tongue too much. Are these bad signs?

After taking a liver tonic i started getting sharp pains under my left boob upper rib cage when i swallow liquids?

After teaching/talking nonstop at work without food and drinks, I felt very tired, weak and pain on the lower left side of my breast. A heart attack?

Agonizing pain in left side of my chest 5 mins after I eat any meal, even if it's light, everytime. I also spit out a lot mucus everyday. Bile reflux?

Agonizing pain in left side of my chest half hour after I eat any meal, even if it's light, everytime. I also spit out lot mucus everyday. Bilereflux?

Anytime i swallow anything water, food even my own saliva, i feel this sharp pain in my chest that runs down my back. Can someone explain this please?

Are beef short ribs healthy to eat? Are baby back ribs better for you?

Are flutters and bubbles in left boob food related?

As soon as I eat anything solid I experience really bad pain in the centre underneath my ribs. It also hurts the back of my throat along with fever?

Ate dinner, had 1 sip of cocktail.Burning pain: neck, shoulders, chest, left arm. Ended in 5 min. 1 burp, diarrhea moments later. Heart or indigestion?

Ate fried catfish now severe stomach pain that hurts through my back and hurts when push down on belly. What can it be ?

Ate potatoes just before bed and woke up in agony at 3 in morning with pain just below diaphragm right in the middle the pain is agony is it from food?

Ate something then hour later lower part of throat on right side aches & feels as if food is stuck there. Only two issues I have. Ideas? How to treat?

Ate spicy chips and guacamole. about an hour later i feel bloating, pain in upper abdominal area, pain when i move, kinda nausious. any suggestions?

Ate too much fish and shrimp for lunch and now experiencing pain to the lower right abdominal area, acute when I bend down and lit difficulty to void?

Been havin bilateral jaw pain in front and below ear area. intensified when bgin eat food. Almost like feeling of eating somethn sour.burning..causes?

Been having discomfort in left side under rib cage. feel dizzy and low bp. when eating feels like full after not eating much. dont have gallbladder. ?

Been having these lower abdominal pains for over a week. They are getting worse, and I can't walk/eat/sleep. My mom doesn't want to bring me to the ER. Help?

Been told I have fatty liver ive been eating just veggies durin day & meat during nights. How else can I make the discomfort go away under left rib?

Before sleeping I ate alot of food, and now diarrhea and stabbing/sting pain on left chest. Qhats wrong?

Benn having pain on the r ight sholder blade for like 2 weeks now dose not really hurt unless I take a deep breath and usually after eating greasy food?

Burning chest pain left side since yesterday after eating chicken alfredo. I'm 18, healthy, no history of heart disease. Please help i'm scared!

Burning dull pain below my ribcage after eating fried or tomato based food. Feels like the dull ache in my sides or back. Worse when standing. Last either hours or a day or so.

Burning in my upper back off and on for a few months from morning until night. Seems better with walking and massage. I take tecta, is this heartburn?

Burning pain under sternum,nausea when in bed. Ate some bread it stopped for 10 minutes then got worse. not much have dull ache in morning?

Burning sensation in upper abd. and sometimes chest with certain foods(ie. tea or tim hortons breakfast wrap). My dr thinks it heart burn. Right?

Can cashew nuts cause back pain?

Can G.E reflux cause pain in chest on left side? I have chest pain on left side while making movement & whatever I eat or drink burps start.wht it is?

Can thrush in throat cause food to stick in mid chest It is releaved by burping but comes back again it hapeens after just one bite of any food?

Cant sleep at night, upper abdominal pain after eating chinese food, sour gummies, and cookies. Got dizzy, fast heart and head tingling, whats wrong?

Ccasionally I have moderate to severe pain that starts in my stomach and travels down, as if I ate a piece of broken glass.

Chest burning after eating very little for the past couple days, what to do?

Chest pain that radiates to back especially after eating. Can feel every bite of food going down throat but so painful..I'm very hungry but can't eat.?

Cholecystectomy 2 yrs ago but I've recently been getting pain in my back like gallstone pain after eat/drink also very tired and pain on left side?

Cn eating fast and being anxious whilst eating cause GERD in young adult if been doing for 3 years? Get chest pain/stomach pain bending over after eat

Concerned every time I eat in/ pm my left side under my rib cage starts hurting so bad i can barley breath, & I have heart burn I take acid reducer?

Constant back & lower abdomen pain. Worse in mornings but constant always. Bad whenever I eat, not specific foods- checked with food diary. No pattern?

Constant ruq pain increases on any kind of movement ,RT. shoulder pain, tarmind kind of taste in just 10 mins after eating anything sweet n heartburn?

Constant ULQ pain hurt worse after only little bit of water on empty stomach. Types of food (greasy spicy acidic) doesn't matter, all hurt. Help?

Constant upper left ab. Pain, Dr suspects ulcer but it doesn't feel better to eat, even hurts to drink water. Taking prescription PPI day 4 no relief!

Continued issue of pain on my left side&navel area (feels like pinching&cramping)seems to be triggered by eating a hearty meal to late at night.

Could a bad gall bladder cause soreness under right rib when pushed ? Have had CT everything fine ... Only hurts after i eat. Not during sleep

Cramping stabbing pain in my whole "stomach" (under sternum to lower abdomen). If I tried to eat, it would get worse. Laying down helped minorly.

Cramps under left breast and on side when hungry or after meal. Last few minutes. Breathing makes it worst even moving. Started a week ago. Cause?

Deep pains lower right side in evening after dinner x1 week. Doubles me over. Was worse after wine last night.

Did h pylori course. Still hav sharp right side chest pain. Caffeine,fried,make pain worse. Worse when I lie on my bak and stomach. Is this a symp ?

Do you have any suggestions for eating right during travel?

Does gerd/gastritis cause back pain?6yrs in pain. I eat healthy/exercise weekly+still in pain. Gets worse at night. What to do?

Downward pressure in lower abdomen past 3 days. Eating makes it worse as does coughing. Sometimes sharp pain but not bad. Cigs taste funny. ideas?

Drank alcohol saturday and had fatty meals since,now bloated feeling under right ribs and pain in right hand side of back also nausea andhurts to move?

Eat popcorn last night now I have pain right side of chest when I took a deep breath is it possible to cut your heart by eating something?

Eating 1 to 2 tins of peppermint altoids a day for over a year. Now have pain in the pit of my stomach and under right ribs. Radiates to back at times?

Eating lunch, leaned slightly over plate Pressure like pain at top of breasts in center of chest. PCP says heart ok. What causes this?

Every time I chew alot of meat/ rough food during the day I experience gradual intense pain in between my left molars. Not sensitive to heat/cold.

Every time I drink water, I get a sharp pain in my upper stomach below my diaphragm. It doesn't happen with food or milky liquids.

Every time i eat get chest pains with each mouthful?

Every time i eat heavy meal i get Palpitations and some chest pain. Why is that ?

Every time i eat or stressed, im suffering from stabbing pain in my stomach that last 1,2 or 3 minutes? more than 3x/day. Blood type O. Left handed...

Every time i eat something my stomach starts to hurt toward the middle of it. What could be the cause of this?

Every time I eat, my chest burns and it feels like the food just sits there and is waiting to come back up. What are these symptoms of? Thanks.

Every time I quit smoking I get awful warm swelling and bloating in back and lower stomach, can't eat or even lean on back area at times. Help :)?

Everytime i eat i get severe indigestion & pain down my right side & my right shoulder, i also get diarrhea.. Could this be my gallbladder?