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10 year old girl w/ pain to right of belly button that worse when she moves but pressing on her belly doesn't effect no fever or vomitting appendix??

10 yr old child has stomach pain - said it aches - from belly button upward not sure what to give him

11y son, very bad abdom pain belly button area, only lasts severe 1/2 hour then feels neausa & contents refluxing to mouth. Pain comes & goes, gassy?

13 yr old daughter with mild constant tummy pain just above her belly button. Has been going on for several weeks. Nothing seems to help.

15weeks preg, im having strange pains in my stomach right next to my belly button. What could it be? And should I be worried?

19 weks preg. A tightening feeling by my belly button kind of like a knot then it releases. doesn't hurt tho.

2 weeks ago I had a UTI & a PID. I still hurt on my right side a little by my belly button. I was prescribed 800 mg of ibuprofen. Is it something else?

21/m have no medical conditions, but for a couple of weeks I have vibration on the to the right of my belly button that comes n goes. Anything serious?

25 f I have a bulge right above my belly button. I believe is a hernia i got from my pregnancy. I think it's causes me pain? What u think it is an need do? Thanks!

27 year old female. Dull pain a little above belly button . Normal bowel movements, no medications. Hurts worse when laughing. Same spot for months.

28 weeks pregnant and having a hard and tight belly. Not all the time but once in a while. I've also been having sharp pain in belly?

29 weeks pregnant. Cramping/knotting behind belly button and throbbing in vaginal area. Breath taking last about a minute or two.. Happened twice?

37 weeks pregnant, why do I feel pulsating in my belly, it's more frequent then hiccups?

38 weeks pregnant sevre back pains and tender belly area?

39/F w/ache above left hip & "pulling" feeling 1/2 way to belly button (but lower). Where ache "ends" feels tight. Had colonoscopy & all ok there. ??

3days ago i had a bowel movement an got nausea since then i've had constant nausea and a tight knot feeling about 2fingers above belly button?

6 months pp from c-sec I get stinging sensations on my scar and my lower abdomen below the belly button sometimes is than normal ?

9wks pp c-sec have weird tingly like sensations inside my stomach around the belly button area. Feels weird no pain just tender when I put pressure?

Abdomen pain around & behind belly button. Felt something pop there a year ago. Now painful. Low appetite, no appendix. Feel feverish & dizzy. Help!

Abdominal pain started 2 days ago on and off getting worse each time- by belly button and on r side. Now my who abdomen has gone hard and sore.

Abdominal pain started at belly button , comes and goes, feel sick, and now pain on right side?

Abdominal pain started last night. I vomitted one time but don't feel sick. Today stomach is very tender in lower abdomen under belly bottom on some o?

Ache discomfort left groin, hip sometimes around belly button. Doc says not hernia. Could be IBS? Stomach popping time to time. Easy test to find out?

After having my hysterectomy 4weeks ago I had a abdominal incision at the site its numb like it has no feeling at the bottom of my stomach is this normal?

After I eat, I get a pressure/fullness between my sternum & belly button. Why is that?

Almost 4 weeks after lap chole and still get occasional pain and soreness around belly button. Especially if I walk a lot. Is that normal?

Always get nausea/bubbly right across navel all down and my gas really smells bad? I do have ibs-c

Are middle cramps all the way to below your belly button symptoms of pregnancy. Also if I put pressure on the area it hurts a little.

Area to the right of my belly button and a little below it keeps twitching. I also have been having diarrhea ?

Baby age 2 month has severe pain in belly.Belly swing like a ball?

Bad pain above belly button, no appetite, chills occasionally. What is going on?

Ball looking thing in belly button, no pain, just went to the doc. Said it wasn't hernia. Any clue

Been sick with the flu for 5 days and now when i cough I have a sharp pain between my ribs below my breast bone like 5 or 6" above my belly button. ?

Been trying to sleep for the pas hrs with no success. Lower abdominal pain near belly button and towards the right, fever kicking in, can't walk. Help?

Belly button pain and burning, for several days. Wouldn't I have fever if it was something serious?

Belly button pain and visibly pulling down on right side, belly big/tight/makes waves, nausea, hard to breathe after eating, bigger/pain on rt. Ovary?

Belly button pain when I bend over an some bleeding from the naval. Hurts when I sit up Had tests done awhile ago came back normal but pain returned.

Belly feeling a tearing or pulling in belly when coughing or snezzing

Belly feeling tearing and pulling in belly when coughing or szzing

Bloating stomach, pain 2 inches above naval and it feels itchy inside. Could it be hernia or ibs?

Boyfriend has pain 9/10 scale in lower right abdomen, near belly button. Should he get checked out at er? Is it gas pain? No nausea, diarrhea, vomit.

Brief pain left of belly button, lasted for under ten seconds. But i get it every so often. Some cramps followed it in my upper abdomen.Any ideas?Thank

Bubble like feeling when bend over while sitting below right side belly button, feel tenderness when press on area, no vomiting , just slight diarrhea?

Burning and hurting around belly button, bloated feeling, hurts in stomach to eat or drink, swelling in legs and feet and pain, nausea?

Burning pain in pubic area that comes and goes also pain next to belly button.

Burning sensation just three inches below belly button , two medical centers can't find anything ! what is it ! please help . Thanx

C-section 1mo1wk ago. How can I tell a problem on inside? Feel stinging/tearing sensation above incision below belly button on the left with movement.

Can a STD cause only one side of the belly to hurt for just 2 days ? With no other symptoms

Can acid effect the bowels? had a gastritis flare and now i feel like from belly button (right across) down is all stinging ??

Can an ulcer be perforated w/o active bleeding? Bad Lower Abd pain burning/crampy near belly button. Hurts to eat/drink & sometimes breathing hurts.

Can you tell me if i feel pain at my belly button. I went to arent even taking the pain away. Any suggestions?

Can't keep food down. No fever. Pain in my belly button and right side of my stomach. Gallbladder?

Concerned. I have sharp type of sort pains directly on my navel(belly button). Sometimes its around the navel area. Should I be concerned?.

Constipated and stomach is gurgling when touched. It was just pushed on gently and shot terrible pains down my stomach sides and private areas. help?

Contraction in my abdomen whenever i laugh or cough or tighten abs. 2 inches left from my navel, can be felt, no lump of pain. Could I have a hernia?

Could intense cramping around the belly button be a side effect of zpak?

Daughter complaung of belly button pain goin to groin area what can be the cause?

Daughter has terrible stomach pain. Behind her belly button, she flinches with pain?

Discomfort in lower abdomen(below belly button), becomes more painful when I sneeze, yawn, and pass gas. It started last night. What's wrong with me?

Do pinched nerves go away on there own my abdominal is numb but my dr says i'm fine and bellybutton keep leaking goo will a belly infection go away ?

Does getting your belly button pierced hurt, or does it depend on your pain tolerance?

Does PID feel like gas in ur uterus, farting does help, but I know its not my intestines because its way below my belly botton?

Dull constant pain 1-2 inches left of belly button. Sometimes goes lower..Advil (ibuprofen) does not help. Doesnt keep me up at night?

Dull pain an inch from right of my belly button. Underneath layer of skin feeling. Could this be intestinal pain I can physical touch? I am serious.

Dull/sharpPain below belly button and to the lower right abdomen started last night. Hurts to touch. Comes and goes. On antibiotics for 8 days and pain meds for somethjng else. Wbc as of 2 days ago.was only 8.5. No fever. Diahrrea. Nausaited. Cold and t

Every few days I get a slight twinge right of belly button, like 2-3 times. No pain when pressed, recent BM. Twinge is dull, near surface. What is it?

Everyday at different times, my stomach starts hurting really bad! It's from my belly button and down! It is a 7 on a scale. What could itbe treatme?

Excruciating pain above belly button below chest only when I'm on my. Can't work can't eat completely wears me out. Almost went to ER last night. idea?

Feel nauseous for 1week,hurts to press on lower right abdomen near bellybutton&hurts to suck in stomach.Regular bowel movements,no fever,appendix out?

Feeling a slight discomfort in the region above my belly button. It feels a bit like wind?

Felt a sharp knife like burning pain from my belly button to my lower belly randomly so I went to pee and it got worse I had to stop, to much pain:( ?

For 1.5 days, my belly button has been very sore (not sharp pain). The pain has not spread, gotten worse, or better. What might this be?

For 2 weeks i've been experiencing a slight dull pain that comes and goes with movement about 2 inched to left of my belly button with reg soft stools?

For the last while I have been getting electric like shocks through my abdomen belly button area they last only a few seconds and I am not pregnant?

For the last year every time I drink something hot or cold. I feel it going all the way down to my belly button sometimes lower down to my waist why?

For the past hour, I have been experiencing a pain in my belly button such as if someone is pulling on it with a string on the inside. Its gets worse ?

For the past week , 20 minutes after i eat I have diarrhea my gall bladder was removed march 1994... The stomach pain is underneath my belly button.

Four year old boy complaining of pains in his stomach left hand side towards his belly button and also says his genitals hurt he isn't circumcised?

Get pain from belly button nd goes above the stomach what is it?

Getting twinge/tugging by belly button for 3days it started as a big pain to the right painful now tugging behind. Not pregnant. What could this be?

Getting ultras for AAA 2morow. Have tingling sensation in abdomen belly button tip of penis. Feel need to pee. Also suffer from anxiety. Please help?

Good Evening, i have a pulling sensation just above the belly button, it is quite uncomfortable, what could be causing this?

Good night doc am having belly pains from last week on and off can u suuggest whats wrong plz?

Got a serious pain in the middle above my belly button. Should I see a doctor ?

Had a lump come up in belly button, about ayear ago I have a innie, but now it's getting bigger with sharp pains around and threw it.

Had a period from Monday 8/18 to 8/22 ben having sharp pains around belly button area now having cramps in back and lower abdominal what's going on?

Have a pain in my belly button, sensitive and sore when touched and cough or some sort of strain?

Have abdominal swelling/bloating on and off six weeks after lap chole. And I feel like there is a rock under my right rib. Is this normal?

Have always had a very sensitive belly button. When touched/poked, i feel a sharp pain that goes internally. Didn't know it was abnormal. Any ideas y?

Have discomfort in stomach middle area around and below belly button I feel bruised inside hurts cough or when I bend no other symptoms bowels fine?

Have sharp pain 3-4" above my belly button around stomach. It comes and goes and is to the point I'm in tears and can barely move. What could it be?

Have sharp pain between belly button and penis when i stools mucey urin is little and pain becomes very sharp when i need to go ?

Have slight pinching pain to left of belly button..Not terrible...Could it be diverticulosis or ulcers. I was diagnosed with both of these.

Having diareaha after eating with stomache cramping. It's real tender near my belly button especially if I been over or turn. Should I see dr?

Having dull like pains two fingers under my belly button and nausea when i woke up this morning ? Pregnancy? Last intercross : month and 2weeks ago

Having heartburns/indigestion. Off/on slight sharp pulling pain under belly button & wakingwith headache. What is it? Fyi i never move bowel regularly

Having pressure uncomfortable pain couple inches above my belly button, more pressure when bending over, felt some lumps All over abdomen?

Heavy feeling online with belly button more left side if i eat just makes heavyness worse not had BM for 3days??

Hello, i've been having pain on the right side of my belly button for over a week. I am still able to eat, have no fever or trouble using the bathroom?

Hi Im a 50 yr old male. Recently when I touch my belly button I feel a sharp pain in my penis. Thanks?