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chest pain, which sends a sharp pain up to the face and vision gets blurry ?

16th day of "headache". Right eye almost constant blur for 16 days. Been to all doctors. Right side temple pressure high. Eye hurts when moved or used?

20 year old male extreme sharp pain a little above left eye ?

8months ago i had bells palsy in right side & numbed left side,after recovery got pain behind left eye. now still have the eye pain & got blood spot i?

A pain in my right eye when I lie down at nights ?

Achy pain and numbness on right side of face; feel pressure on eye and zygomatic and orbital bone when opening eye. What kind of doc should I see?

After waking up for the last week my left eye is very swollen and sore. Laying on my left side cause pressure and sorness to my eye as well?

Around the inner edges of my eye is turning a dull yellow.. Sometimes have a dull pain in lower right abdomen..

Been having burning pain above right ear, near temple. Right side of face goes slightly numb, right eye aches. What could cause this?

Been to doctors about right eye, cheek and eyebrow pain, neurologists are struggling to find cause for it but pain is worse what do I do?

Brief on and off sharp pains in left side of head, some left eye mild pain, stuffy and runny left nostril? Sinus?

Can glaucoma cause pain behind left eye?

Can right ear ache be related to scleritis in right eye?

Can sinus infections cause sharp eye pain and sharp head pain?

Causes of pulsating headache on right temporal region and right eye?

Constant headaches that sometimes last all day long? Usually they are right behind my left eyeball.

Constant migraines always just above eyes in eyebrows (more left side) how can i stop them?

Constant pain behind eyes. What should I do?

Constant, throbbing pain beind my right eye leads to vomiting. Sometimes causes vision to be blurry. Pain lasts for days?

Could my eye pain (sharp, stabbing pain in one fixed point above my cornea) have something to do with my use of contacts?

Could tjm pain radiate to eye?

Could you tell me why my left eye is really blurry and had bad stabbing pain in it?

Cramp in left foot, right eye twitching, and severe headache. What can I do about it?

Daily twitching eyelid on left side with headache over eye that comes and goes. Sometimes neck pain or pain on back of head also. Eye is dry also.

Daily twitching eyelid on left side with headache over eye that comes and goes. Sometimes neck pain or pain on back of head also. Eye is dry also.

Dull ache behind left eye?

Dull ache pain behind eyes..Sometimes near temples...Possible causes?

Dull headache above right eye for 5 months. Occasional sharp pain. Right eyelid twitches sometimes right side facial muscles are constantly tight.

Dull Pain and pressure behind/above left eye that comes and goes where socket and eye meet. It is sore to the touch. My vision is fine. Causes?

Dull pain left side of forehead left cheeks feels warm and heavy left eye burning and watery and dizzy?

During masturbation i always get a sharp pain in my head and eye. What could cause this?

During the last 3 days I've had a creepy crawly feeling around my left eye, and headache that comes and goes, pain in my temple, what could it be?

Even gently Rubbing upper left lip causes mild pain in head/behind eye on left side for a month. Something serious?

Experiencing flashes of sharp pain in my right temple when I move my head vigorously. doesn't last long and hurts right eye too. ?

Experiencing throbbing pain in right abdomen with light headiness and blurred vision in right eye+ generalized numbness what could be wrong?

Extreme pain in left eye, what will be cause?

Extreme pain in right temple area & back of right eye. I have an astigmatism & i've seen an optometrist. I get headaches every single day. Help please?

Extreme pain on left side of forehead , above the eye?

Extremely painful headache once a week that is more painful on the right side of face especially behind eye. I wear contacts and have jaw pain

Eye pain eye pain right?

Eyes have sharp pain when moving them. The pain is in the back of the eyes. Both are sore and no sign of sinus infection. ?

Feeling like there's a bubble moving in left temple toward eye on and off. Dull headache in front of forehead. What is this?

For 1 day now, pain to the touch bottom left ear, behind more painful than in front. Also left eye has been irritated and mild pain when shut quickly?

Frequent headache over right eye brow and right temple sometims right ear what are some of the things that can cause this? Headache is always in same

Frequent pain behind my eyes. What is going on?

Hard knot behind left ear. Pain when turning neck, blurred vision right eye only, some headaches, feels like pressure in left ear?

Have headaches almost everyday and pain in my left eye and sometimes red.

Having pain in neck left side, lower left sciatic pain, blurred vision left eye, now numbness and nerve pain left foot.

Having sharp pain along the temples of my head till the back and in my neck and pain behind my eyeballs i get blurred vission at times. Why so?

Havng dull pain behind his left eye, what could this be?

Head ache when I woke up and it hurts in the interior of the right eye?

Headache in leftside, last month it's vry painful and my eye ball also pains a lot and left side nerve had swollen . Eye doc.Says its not coz of eye. ?

Headache on right side, eye pain and nose burning. What do these symptoms indicate?

Headache seeming to be behind right eye...Annoying type of pain?

Headache, neck pain, eye pain only in one eye and is always alla the pains are in the right side of my body?

Headache. By my right temple, above eye and behind ear. Gets a lot worse when i bend over. What could it be?!

Heavy pain in the middle of the head? Eyes are blur? Sudden sharpe pain?Also pain in the neck?

Hello docs. I was wondering can TMJ cause.Right temple and eye ache?

Hello, I was head in the left temple on Friday; I didn't pass out, but the next day I experienced a pulling pain in my right eye.

Help mu right eye pains whem i close or touch my eye lid very severe pain?

Help! pain behind eyes when upside down and sometimes while laying on side?

Help! what could be causing my lower left eye to have spasms?

Hi I have been having pain behind my eyes for about a week now sometimes dull sometimes shooting pain.Also after alcohol i get after images in vision?

Hi.Im 19 and having this weird pain inside my right ear and my right side of the face.The pain is intimittent.My vision is also bleached sometimes.

Horrible pain around right eye, in temple, in forehead and down the right side of nose, right nostril running,lasted 1.5hrs now hurts to move righteye

Horrible pain right side face, temple, down right side nose up to my forehead, behind eye,lasted 1.5hrs.aching next day hurts to move right eyearound?

How to treat this pain behind left eye and left back of head?

I am experiencing burning sensation on leg, bulging veins on head , back pain as well as red eyes and eye pain on the right eye. HELP?

I am experiencing a twitch at the top of my left cheekbone under my left eye, not painful. Not a continuous twitch but a frequent one. No pain.

I am getting moderate eye pain as well as eyebrow, cheekbone and nose pain all on my right side, i can't concentrate with my right eye, what do I do?

I am having excruciating pain in my right temple that radiates into my right eye and jaw. Does this require urgent care? Could be vessel or nerve?

I am having eye pain and headaches. Eyes are also itchy along with the stinging and sharp pain. Hurts to move/ sensitive to light. What could this be?

I am having left eye pain for the past few days! what do you suggest?

I am having pain behind left eye and its been going on for a few hours now and I have no idea why? Could this be serious?

I feel a sharp but not very strong pain behind my left eye only when I am jolted (i.E. Jumping)?

I feel extreme forehead pain on the upper side of eye brows, specially when it been touched. What kind of this pain and what is the solution?

I feel pain on my right eye. It's like the pain is behind the eye and on top of it. Is it some kind of infection?

I get a sharp pain in my right eye what could it be ?

I get aching eyes and random pains in my head?

I get periodic sharp pain in my eye. ?

I get right temporal stabbing pain that radiates behind the right eye, right cheek, and temple. Lasts anywhere from 15 mins to an hour.

I get terrible pain around my left eye which is constant. The pain is worse/triggered when the eye is forced to move a lot or look to the extremities.

I got a dull constant pain in the back center of my head. Also my vision is blurry?

I had a headache for 3 days and sharp pain in my left eye the 3rd day. What could be causing these symptoms?

I had a sudden sharp headache on the left side of my head, above my left eye. What is concerning is that my left eye blood vessels bursted. ?

I had migraine over a week ago.Pain in my left eye has persisted. It is a mild ache behind the eye, no visible symptoms but hurts to look up/down?

I have headaches associated with pain from my left eye but when I close my left eye the headache and pain gradually goes away. What's causing it?

I have a bad pain behind my right eye and across my forehead! what us it?

I have a chronic pain in the right side of my head causing my right eye to well and twitch, is this normal and what should I do?

I have a constant pain behind my right eye. rubbing the bone just beneath the eyebrow helps slightly?

I have a dull ache behind left eye. It comes and goes. Sometimes both eyes start hurting.

I have a flu. I get constant headaches and for 2 days now the pain has been concentrated in one place. Above my left eye, it is very sharp pain. Help!

I have a headache for over a week now. It's mainly on the right side temple/above eye. It's constant, throbbing and sharp. Otc medicines aren't working. What should I do?

I have a headache only on one spot on my head. On the left side above my eye. It's a sharp pain and last a few minutes at a time. Pain behind left eye?

I have a pain around my right eye feels like someone punched me! the pain is under the eyebrow and in putside corner. What could it be?

I have a pain behind my left eye every ime I bend over. ?

I have a pain developing over my right eye upper socket with a slight continuous tearing.there is no any material in side. What could be the reason?

I have a pain in my head on the right side and my right eye is blurry?

I have a pain in my left eye localized on my bottom eyelid. I especially feel it when it touch or put pressure on it. What could it be?

I have a really bad headache on the left side causing eye pain and blurred vision...and my left cheek feels numb. What could it be?