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i have a bump in front my right ear for about a week now, i don't feel pain but i am concerned.

I have this constant stabbing sensation on the left side of my throat, the pain intensifies when I swallow, and my ear seem slightly clogged. Help!

left ear infection & jaw pain on left side. When I lay down on left side,hear what sound like a pulse top of ear.Stops when lay on other side.why?

28yr old f,recurring sharp throbbing headache in left side,discomfort in left ear,stiff neck now&then,pain/burning in left eye,it feels very weird?

2nd day of stiff neck behind left ear. Shooting pain when moving. Heating pad all night and no relief.

47 year old female, last one week sometimes whistle sound in left ear and leftside head pain and feel swalling around left eyes.?

47 yo female I have pain behind right ear towards the temple and down neck pain comes an goes all day.Pain is bad I have hbp an tmj?

5 year old blocked nose and caugh conplaing of lower front part of neck pain. Troat seems to be ok. Why this neck pain.

5 year old right ear pain, fever off and on, throwing up sometimes, and cheek pain on same side as ear...Also has 6 year old molars coming in?

73 yr old. Feeling pain that comes&goes behind right ear and neck (but not in the ear) and shooting pain on the bottom right side of head for a week?

Accidentally left Carbamide Peroxide in right ear for 20 min. Sharp pain in right ear this morning. Had an ear infection 2 weeks ago .

Aches in right arm, chest, and leg also having aches in temples and ringing in left ear?

Aching in my left ear and pain on the left side of my neck. There is blood on the q-tip when i clean them. What could it be?

Achy pain in temple just diagonally above right ear. Comes and goes?

All of a sudden the right side of my throat hurts really bad can't swallow right ear and jaw has like a stabbing pain and headache. What could it be?

Am 24, my right side ear is paining and also my right side of head s paining for last 4 days, When am hearing loud sharp voice am getting pain.

Appears to a bite behind left ear and i now have pain and numbness on ear and across back of head. Taken motrin what else can I do?

At night when sleeping on my side, i get this horrible pain in my outer ears. Seems to be the cartilage, but it hurts so bad. Please help!

Back behind my left ear on my head/neck area I feel pain and swelling when I touch it.

Bad pain in left nostril, way up. Pain in upper teeth, all the way to left ear. No congestion. "popping" pain in left nostril. N. Fowleri?

Been feeling like fluid in ears, throbbing pain too mostly right ear. Pain under right ear & RHS neck throbbing pain on right lymph node. ?

Been having a dull pain behind my left ear at the base of the skull. It is also swollen. Is this serious?

Been having bad headaches for 2 mths with pain radiating from ear to ear,front,top & back of head. Eyes hurt,irritated. Is this a sinus infection?

Behind my last tooth in the upper right side it hurts. I'm not sure if it's cut or what not? I have no idea. The pain is going to my right ear

Both ears popping and clicking. Right ear vibrates when brather thru nose. Slight headache. Also feel pressure and pain when right ear facing pillow?

Bump and pain behind lower left molar now temple hurts and feeling sick?

Burning and swelling behind left ear travels down neck what could this be?

Burning hot pain accompanied by itching and minor swelling behind my right ear for the past 10 days. sharp pains intermittent, swollen on jaw as well?

Can a head cold cause ear pain on one side?

Can a inner ear problem cause you to have warm sensations on the left side of your head and or spasm's?

Can acid reflux cause neck and ear pain one just one side? Been having a burning sensation in my right side of neck and ear and sometimes chest.

Can left side head spasms closer to upper left eye be related to the inner ear? Or an ear problem?

Can tmj cause difficulty swallowing ear pain headache pain at base of head like where the little nubs as i call them stick out on one side espically when ear starts to hurt?

Constant painful ear pain what can I do it really huts bad?

Day 2 of neck pain: Tylenol (acetaminophen) hasn't helped & moving the left side of my neck hurts. Also have chronic ear pain, currently in both ears. What's wrong?

Deep intermitten pain in my right inner ear then generates into my throat what could be the problem?

Diagnosed with sinus infection. Sudden sharp left ear pain that comes and goes started after appointment. What is the cause?

Do you now what can be causing my cramp like headaches?The main pain is situated behind the right ear and I get sharp pains that last about 10/15 secs

Doctor, I frequently have constant pains in right pinna ear? The pain is serious. What s the cause and treatment? Thank you. Its Cecilia.

During an airplane descent,I suddenly woke up to excruciating pain in my left jaw,my teeth felt as if they were being hammered,what's the cause?

During sleep, my right ear pains when i sleep on that side. This is like a stinging pain inside the ear. Is this something I should worry about?

Ear ache sometimes in both ears, teeth sometimes hurt, very sharp jaw pain on right side of mouth mostly happens before bed, get it daily what is it?

Ear ache with sharp pain in left ear, moderate to severe in my 12 year old son who has history of surgery in left ear.

Ear lump behind left ear causing shooting pains even with movement and touch causing unbearable headaches and hard to swallow should I go to hospital?

Ear pain and pain under jaw pain even in back neck all left side. Dr said no ear infection just red. But i can't even sleep it hurts so bad?

Ear pain and sensitive scalp right side what it can be?

Ear pressure both ears,pain,sinus pressure.when I swallow I sometimes feel something on my right side in back of throat that makes my right ear tingle?

Every time i yawn, i get a sharp pain in my ear and it's so sore, what is this, what to do?

Everytime I have sinus issues i get a stabbing pain in left side of neck. Accompanied by ear pain. I've token antibiotics but it still comes and goes.?

Experiencing about one week of tingling on the top of and behind my right ear in an arc about one inch wide & four inches long. Ideas?

Experiencing sinus pain/he aches, neck pain, vision issues, extreme sleepiness. Right side eye pain and ear pain. Ear feels full or stuffy. Ideas?

feel like my right side of my head is swelling & when i touch i feel slight pain my right ear is in pain and i feel something draining in my throat

For few wks, severe pain behind right ear, swollen lymph nodes in neck, severe fatigue.Yesterday, sharp pain started under left rib. What could it be?

For last 2 weaks i feel teeth pain at the left side end up and down teeth..then the pain will mooves to my left ear and left side of head?

For the past 2/52 I have had regular left sided dull ear pain with left sided upper and lower teeth pain. Today below my right and left ear lobes has begun to pain as well. I have seen my GP who says my left ear is a bit 'dull' but otherwise ok and have b

For the past two days I have been having very sharp pains above and a little behind my right ear. The pains are so sharp that I wince when I get them.

For two days now almost three I been gettn severe/sharp pains behind my ear all behind my ear pain goes up my head comes n goes hurts. Help please.?

Frequent sinus headaches, occasional sharp pain in right ear, feels like something in right eye, pain in jaw and back of head/neck. What is this?

Got hit in jaw. Pain in left side of lower jaw and ear. Hurts to eat on that side. Can't close it all the way. Have movement but with pain. Help?

Had acute mastoiditis months ago.I occasionally get sharp pains in/behind ear and temple.Does that sound like it's coming back?unrelated?thanks.

Had mastoiditis bout a year ago now my throat ear on right side hurt bad with headache could this b from this?

Had pulsating pain in my right calf, as a thick needle throbbing from the inside. Pain passed.Now it started on the right side of my neck below my ear?

Had the very back upper left molar pulled friday. Still a little sore, not bad. Random, intermittent pain in left ear and temple. Normal?

Have a lot of pain behind left ear and and down my shoulder?

Have a throbbing hurting pressure on left (middle)of head with a plugged ear(left)with a constant hurting pressure on left side heart n gas-diarrhea.?

Have bright red fresh blood in my right ear. I push on the out side of ears & swollow to releive pressure but it comes right back. No pain or fever.

Have constant pain( pressure) above my left ear (hurts to touch) when I move left eye I can feel that area above ear move as well. Warm feeling too?

Have perforated right eardrum & left is normal when last checked. When I burp air always escapes from right and at times left. Left never did this b4?

Have shocking stabbing pain on back of left side of skull ringing in both ears, no trauma injury happened?

Have sinus infection, randomly while txting felt some popping sensation or like throbbing in back of neck . Would that have to do with sinuses? Ideas?

Having pain behind my ears, down my neck with a slight fever for a week. Nerve pain in my face has now started. Dr. Did not know what it could be.

Having right sided temporal headaches with pressure behind right eye and face. Suffering with ear pain and swollen lymph nodes on right side of groin?

Having severe ear pain (4 days) deep inside & behind ear into neck. No drainage, sharp/stabbing pain, worse if laying down. What can I do for relief?

Having severe pain in the left down side of ear.I can feel a internal meatball in that area? I mean the left side between jaw and throat swollen

Having sharp pain in my right mid ear and outer ear. It hurts when pulled and it feels like it's swelling entering ear. What is it? What should i do?

Having sharp pain just above right ear and jaw for 2 to 3 days. What could be the cause?

Having throbbing pain behind right ear lobe since yesterday and now the pain has spread to the cartilage around my entire ear, what could it be?

Heard a flutter deep in my ear the other day & now I have a sharp, stabbing pain that is getting worse. I don't see or feel anything in my ear. ?

Hearing is muffled in my left ear. Theres no pain in ear but it's causing a headache on the left side of my head & pain on the left side of my neck.

Hello ! I recently had my infected left wisdom tooth removed and now I'm experiencing sharp throbbing pain in my left ear. What can I do?

Hello doctor sorry to bother you but i have a pain if i can describe it as a pain right above my ear and in my ear what should i do?

Hello, I have been having ear pain since I woke up. It is in the left ear and its a very sharp pain. I dont know if i should get checked out or now.

Hello, pain/pressure behind right ear, tickle right throat, no fever, no lumps on neck. Feeling pain down right Neckar shoulder. Going on 5 days?

Hello. I have been having a sharp throbbing pain through out the left side of my head, neck, ear & jaw. It's prohibits me from daily activities?

Hello. I have been having ear pain-pressure for over a month in my left ear. Over a week ago I started getting bad headaches behind my eyes in the evening and at night. Now the pain is behind my left eye and has been for a week. The weird part is the pain

Help! ear infection like pain in ears, a strange on/off again sharp stabbing pain crown of head and like hair being pulled too tight scalp sensitivity?

Hi doc. I experieng,pain at the back of my left ear,the hard part at the bck of my ear.and its connected at my left nape and head.feel pain also in my?

Hi have dull ache/ or pressure above right brow close to temple, below right ear & back of neck & pressure in ear. Have sinus infection . Ideas?

Hi i an 29 year old male I have a dry tongue in the back left side for almost a year now and mild ear pain some times.?

Hi I have a dull pain in ear radiating down into jaw and neck no pain in throat slightly tender all on right side was a docs said I had a slight ear i?

Hi I have a intermittent stabbing pain in my left ear that is sharp and travels to my head.when it's not stabbing my ear causes an ache.

Hi i have a lump behind my right ear and ive had a migraine for two days now and pain killers arent working?

Hi i just recently started having pain behind my left ear which radiates along jaw and a sensation of crawling bugs along the hairline.

Hi there, I am suffering from sharp pain in head just behind my left ear. It's been 10 days the pain comes & go. No pain in neck, shoulder, ear or jaw?

Hi, I have pressure in my left ear with sudden random mild pain in both of my ears. Also a hard palpable lump under both ears. What can this be ?

Hi, i've had this earache and head pain on the right side for a week now. It hurts more when bending over. Could this be allergies?

Hi, I have had a slight sort throat, with shooting pain in my right ear, and the right side of my scalp is sensitive to touch? Any ideas doc?

Hi, i'm quite worried, on the back of my head-left side, in level with my ear... For 3 days now it has been a constant pain, bruised feeling? Help?

Hi. I have been having a steady off and on pulsing pain in my ear for four days now. What might be the issue?

How do I know if have vertigo or a bad ear infection? Diagnosed with vertigo a few days ago but now feeling pain to the touch below right ear lobe. Also bump behind right ear, and soreness on bottom of skull on right side. Started with a rash on the right