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get dizzy when I tilt my head up, I've been going to a doctor for a while and said it's sinusitis, but for a while it calms down and comes back.

Hi, my son is 11 and says his right testicle aches. when he coughs it goes up higher than the left one in the sac.aches also right of stomach ?

I have had a lump at the base of my skull now for about a couple years and when I get migraines it swells and hurts more, it's getting worse ?

I'm on neplexanon & my lower left side on abdomen is hurting likea stabbing pain. and I'm also developin a rash. and I want to throw up and cant eat.

I've got an unexplained pain on the far left side on my rib cage, (not on the front) It also feels like there is a lump there. Also lots of anxiety.

Uhm i have been experiencing pain in the right side of my head that leaves me dizzy and nausea i was wondering if its severe or just a little thing?

13 wks pregnant Have constant pain on lower right side its hard to go #2 cause it hurts worse when I push Im taking diclegis but I'm nauseous again?

13 year old girl having pain right below her breasts. Pain so sever its maken her throw up. It hurts to move headaches , sick, pain increases with movement.

18 weeks pregnant with siatica nerve pain on left side. Its gotten worse to a point where it stops me in my tracks. Very painful! is this normal?

18yrs old- I have been experiencing random sharp pains on the side of my left breast. It has been going on for a couple of days. What could this be?

2 weeks ago I had a lot of testicular pain, I went to the doctor who checked and everything seems fine, I have now developed lower back pain almost more than uncomfortable when standing up, and on the right hand side from just above the hip the the l?

2 wks left temple aches !! Bad ! And random times my face starts burning and gets red. Like an allergic lower left side of abdomen aches?

20 year old male sharp pain above right hip makes me dizzy and sick ?

20 year old male sharp pain on left side in back sweating feels like im going to get sick ?

21yr f constant lower tummy pain! in c-section(2yrs old) more left side swollen feels like pressure! what could it be?

28 weeks pregnant, i can't sleep on my left side for long time as it pains me a lot. Sometime i sleep on my right side. Am i harming my baby? Pls help

28f no UTI yet lower left side of back hurts down my leg as well but I feel it may be my kidney. Went septic 4yrs ago from this.Other things possible?

29 weeks pregnant, I get a pain on my left side by my ribs. Is this normal? It hurts mostly after I eat something. The baby still moves during though

2wks ago over stretched and fell,major pain right side under rib goes to back. whole right side swollen and hard …painful all the time. Go see a dr?

3 months ago I was working at the saw mill and ever since I've been having really bad head pressure and tight chest and numb head should I be worried?

3 weeks ago spasm right on my right side of was quick but painful.. since have had some health problems...throbbing pains some burns and itch?

31 year old male pain in right side worse when sitting and after eating?

32 weeks pregnant - sharp pain in left lower abdomen, even when i lay on my right and the baby moves away from it. It keeps happening & getting worse.

35 weeks pregnant with bad pain on left side. When i walk it hurts even more. ?

37 weeks pregnant with muscle cramp on right side. Went to my doc & everything is fine. Just a pulled ligament. Even hurts when baby moves on that side.?

37w2d pregnant. Sharp horrible pain-similar to side ache but 50x worse. Hip level, mid left side. Should i worry about baby? What could this be?

38 weeks pregnant & have sudden neck pain (back, right side) for no reason. What can I do myself other than acetaminophen (which doesn't help much)?

39 weeks pregnant and started having lightening like pains in chest between boob area. More towards the right side. Also, hurts to press on it now?

4 days now with stiff/painful neck, it kinda hurts slightly into my head. Not bad. No other symptoms. Havent been around anyone sick. Menigitis ?

4 months ago i gave birth & after i gave birth i've been having a burning pain in pubic area on left side it hurts

4 weeks ago i had an emergency open appendectomy. Healing has gone well. The last two days I have been getting really sore on right side front & back?

4 weeks pregnant. Sometimes i get sharp pain on lower right side when turning or sitting for a long time then standing up last. Ectopic signs?

7 hours every time my heartbeat I get a f slight poking sensation on the left side of my right breast do I need to go to emergency room or indigestion?

7 or 8 days ago It was my peroid , i feel pain in right half side of head and eyebrow getting worse with time vomit 2 times it goes when fall asl?

8 mnths post c section. Right side of lower abdomen still numb ,wierd sensation on touch. How long can it take to feel better.. a year? Help. .

8 yr old daughter. Had hit head. Small knot, tenderness still but pain going away slowly. No other symptoms. She is sleeping now. ?

9 weeks pregnant (baby in uterus) having pain in right side back under shoulder blade especially when breathing in and sometimes moving. Dangerous?

A constant ache like a stitch on my left side around the waist area. Any ideas what this maybe. Peeing is fine.?

A feeling of painful stiffness on the right side waist line comes and goes , especially when standing up.What might be the cause ?

A muscle on my torso's left side jumps/twitches when I sleep to left side. 1yr now, not gotten worse; no pain. Would a GP even refer to neurologist?

About 17 18 weeks now and kinda a cramp like pain in ny right side and its only that side .Would that be the baby moving (first child)?

About my left lower lips moment since 2 month now is that something serious ?

Aching pain right lower back and entire right leg. On/off. 33y old. No previous prob started 1 month and getting worse. OC meds help temporary. ?

After a cut on head i feel ok but when will the pain go away?

After a weekend of drinking pretty heavily, I have a pain in my right side. It is above my waistline and below my ribcage. Any ideas why?

After drinking alcohol today my lower right side hurt and got worse.Now pain is spreading around side and front.Its a burning ache type feeling.

After drinking heavily my lower right side is very sore, why is this?

After taking HIV medication i feeling pain under ribs and right hard stamach pain?

All day I've a terrible neck cramp on the right side of my neck. It's going down this side of my back. Tried massage & hot water bottle. What to do?

Always feel a heavy feeling on top of my head by hair line. Kinda like my hair is being pulled out of my head. Is this a headache or something else?

Am 59 y old. I feel that my legs are so heavy. Especaly the right side. What do you thing is my problem?

Am i pregnant?! I am in so pain feel like pitch and I do sick and pain at right side and left side and i eat lot

An ache on the back of my head, right side, confined to an area about the size of a half dollar. A sharp, stabbing/pulsing pain in the same place - comes & goes several times a day, started 2 weeks ?

An ant was crawling in my 4m old nose.thought I got it, but seem like his head hurtin cuz his cry different. Could the ant b causing pain in his head?

Anxiety and stress have the tiny bumps on head where i feel pain in head when i put pressure on them or massage them they feel better what is this?

Appendix seem on u/sound in 7th day healthy. All tests healthy. Lower right side pain near groin side for 23 days. Somedays it was gone.

As soon as I went out side I would sneeze but no I can't even thow I get that sensation to and my neck hurts and my shoulders my eyes hurt to ?

At night when I try and sleep my right knee goes kinda numb and seizes up. Its only ever the right side. Sometimes its worse than others. Any advice?

At times i get pressure and tingles in the back of my head. What could it be? It's lasts a fees seconds on and off.

Back, sholder, neck pain and headaches all the time. Now gettin this popping sound sometimes it's sounds like a thing of pop rocks when i turn my head?

Bad headaches. Constant throughout the day but gets worse here and there. Hurts in eyes, top of head and in my neck. few times it feels like ill crash?

Bad right wrist pain lately. Shoulder pain also (right side) ben gay all day today with motrin.. Helped somewhat could it be from running 5 day's wk?

Been having nerve issues in head and today it has been painful to the touch. Is it getting worse? Really concerned!

Been on 5 mgs of lisinopril for 5 days. Up until yesterday no side effects but late last night and this morning right side of chest feels tight. Er?

Been put on adderall, (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) works wonders except for a back ache in the lower left and lower right quadrant. Go off of it and back pain stops. Any ideas?

Been suffering with pressure top of head and behind eyes. This causes extra tension in neck. I feel like my head going to explode and my eyes will pop?

Besides back pain sometimes my left foot and toe feel like the rock of gibraltar. The pain on left side can get intense for a few minutes then go away?

Bf has short stabbing pains occasionally right side below bellybutton very short. Went away for a week, now back. Pebble like poo. 17 yrs old like me?

Black and blue mark on my husbands right side of his lower abdomen he doesn't recall getting a. Bruise and this never happens Has had lower back pain?

Blood pressure is 139/72..98 my left side ribs hurt real bad?

Blood while having sex? I also feel sharp pain on my right side belly bottom tha I am experiencing for almost a month. What could this be?

Blow to the top of temple several days ago. Headache resolved next day but has come back a lil more painful and spot still sore. Any worry?

Boobs hurt on the sides, what can I take for this?

Bottom row ribs staying sore. Lefthand side.

Bridge of nose go's tight both shoulders hurt when I turn my head both eyes hurt on and of all day been like it for months and I go light headed

Burning inside my head or scalp is this bad it feels like sore burning had mri&ct 5mths ago should I b worried shooting pains n my head lightheaded?

Burning pain in lower back from side to side. More so at night. Woke up out of dead sleep cause of the pain and no matter what I did it wouldn'tgoaway?

Burning sore feeling in right side.. Comes and goes worse some days then others.. What are chances of cancer? 31 years old

Burning/stingin near just below left rib nearer to side. Taken 60mg lansoprazole for a week now onto 30mg a day but still burning shall i go on 60mg?

Can a soar hip make ur right side swell?

Can sinius problem make feel tightness or pressure in the side or back of my head and nostril clogged. How long will it go on ! mine 2 months now?

Can sinus infections make your head feel like a bowling ball on your shoulders?

Can you contact asap on both sides in the back of my head I feel veins and its irritated bad what should I do I feel my head tense and pressured?

Can't get rid of this weird pressure in the center of my chest. It just sits there like i ate a rock. My head & neck get tight. Then i burp ;( help?

Cause of persistent ache in left breast on the middle side. Like there is an elbow pressed in it. Ache use to come and go, but now stays. ?

Chronic lower back pain since I was a teenager. Now I lumps on both sides. Pain happens if in same position too long?

Chronic pain back of head (both sides) last couple of days. Advil (ibuprofen) hasn't helped. When I lean over or pick up anything head feels like it will explode!

Constant gas bubble pain in lower left side adomen for 4 days now was given IBS medication but so far no luck my doctor was very dismissve what else could I have him look into?

Constipation. Took suppository to move along rocklike stool iut barely moved, now I have pain&numbness in my left entire left side. Wth?

Contemplating if I should go to the emergency room for a lump in my back that i believe cause great pain throughout my lower back, butt, & left leg?

Could a migraine cause my scalp to feel like it's crawling? I've never had it happen before. If i touch the area it stops but comes back

Could getting Lasix (furosemide) cause terrible leg and right side pain?

Could you explain what is it like to get a head mri?

Could you tell me why my head hurts everytime i move it? The pain starts in my neck and goes to my forehead it also just hurts when i'm not moving it..

Could you tell me why my head is always hurting on my ride side like its pulsing? Any home remedies?

Cramp left side by ribs then burns in the back. Every couple weeks and becomes stronger?

Cramp like pain right side. Back & front. Not constant, ruled out kidney & appendix. Aside from diet what can this be? Been a very long time.

Cramping pain under left ribs, down side, & around back. Worse in morning, esp. after sleeping on right side. Eating/BMs fine. Activity helps. Ideas?

Curious sometimes when i laugh heaps or run a lot i get weird pressure feeling behind my ears on my head i also get lot of headache n neckache.Answers?

Cyst busted right side in march had pain ever since waiting on op to look inside but last 3 days its a burning pain sometimes it's so bad i can't walk?